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How do I end a combo with a throw instead of a knockdown hit? I've seen people on jewtube do two punches into suplex with Haggar even though they clearly never grabbed the enemy and are fairly far away. I feel like this would help a lot with crowd control if I could do this.

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You know, I decided I'm not going to tell you

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anon pls

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they're called jog 'n jabbers

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Nope. But if you come closer I might do you the favor of taking a huge shit in your mouth.

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By holding up or down while combo'ing. Final Fight's weird about this cuz it's slightly randomized so the throw can either happen at the end of your combo or at the beginning. I love this mechanic, whenever a beat em up lacks this it always feels extremely limiting

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Ah yes, I see now. I see that you are a faggot.

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Excellent, thanks anon.

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I know there's a shmupmame but is there a bmupmame? Because there should be.

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For what purpose? Shmupmame can already run all the notable beat em ups fine, besides some new ones like IGS stuff, and 3D ones like Spikeout that MAME itself can't run

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because if shmupbois can have their own mame then so can we

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wish more beat em ups where like cyberbots, just mechs punching the shit out of each other

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Go for it anon I'll be rooting for you. Only feature I'd like to have in a bmupmame is more hitbox scripts for games that aren't Capcom belt rollers

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Not quite the same, but Robo Army is good.

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>giving Haggar anything but a pipe

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Is Final Burn Alpha actually any better than MAME for emulating CPS boards and Neo-Geo?

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Nearly beat Sodom for the first time. Literally one punch or pre-emptive body slam away. The train segment just fucking wrecks me and all my lives.

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I hate the train, especially because I get unlucky with food drops. If the rng decides to starve you then it's harder than stage 3 and 5, especially that final screen. Atleast you can use some safe strategies against Sodom

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God damn I'm glad it's not just me then. Get fucking nothing most runs, maybe some grapes and/or a beer, and then in my last run I get two fucking turkeys and an apple all in the 2nd to last area right after I had already died and replenished my health with a new life.
>Atleast you can use some safe strategies against Sodom
redpill me on these strats anon.

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Yeah that's just the level, it has no guaranteed drops until right before Sodom and it can really fucking suck, you really need a good strategy for that last part of the train in case the game decides to deprive you of healing

There are several "safe" (most aren't 100% safe, he can break out of even the cheesy ones if he wants to) strategies against Sodom, this is one I use. The idea is to get directly above or below him vertically and grab him out of his dash, you can't be too far away or else you'll miss the grab window and he'll have iframes and retaliate. If that happens it's best to spam your special attack. If he doesn't enter his stun state after being thrown and instead starts walking around, that's also a good time to do your special. You can sometimes sneak in a grab when he's walking around but it's risky, especially if he still has 1 of his katanas.

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Oh nice, this should work great.

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If Sodom wills it

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What are some Guardian Heroes style bmups with fighting game inputs?

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Holy FUCK I just made it off the sub section with (barely) 2 lives left. I've never even made here with 1 before. Hope I don't miraculously fuck up and end up sodomized again.

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J's going to do his faggot footsies and sneak in a punch while you're mid combo, calling it

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I kept fucking dropping him mid grab, like several times. he should've been dead several times over fuck me oh my fucking god

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god damn, I am seething right now. GAY GAME I AM NOT PLAYING ANYMORE TONIGHT. Just fucking kill me.

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credit feeding just to show where his lifebar was at. I thought he was dead and let go of the controller multiple times like a dumbass.

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lmao, another credit claimed by based Sodom
super spam would have probably done it

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Trying out Blade Master, so far I'm enjoying it. Combat is fast enough and the sprite work & fantasy theme are great. Simple moveset, just how I like it.

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Wow, this is cool as hell. Wondering how on earth I'd never heard of this before.

Also dumb question but does anyone know of some beat em ups that did
>double tap forward/back to run
>dash attacks
>back attacks
>smart bombs (magic in this case)
Before Golden Axe?

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Kunio Kun had all the movement stuff, can't think of a pre-Golden Axe bmup with that kind of magic and mounts though

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How do you goys feel about Captain Commando?

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Cool game, but that faggot with the harpoon gun keeps fucking my ass.

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Dont like it mainly cause the hits feel like weak slaps and theres too much herding and shifting
>harpoon guy
You're in for a treat

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Is there a cliff to the right of the screen or something? It looks like the start of a bridge but they all fucking died.

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Nope. They died due to damage. Cadillacs & Dinosaurs is a damage-heavy game, especially with its hidden damage boost mechanic.

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Been trying some dorky Streets of Rage 2 romhacks - A ton are low effort spriteswaps but there's a good few that redo movesets/add juggle combos. The Final Fight X-Over hack is pretty neat, though I wish they just replaced Chun-Li with Maki or Lucia. I love Cody's air combo setups - heck, even being able to try Fight'n'Rage style shit in the SOR2 engine is dorkily fun. Was a recent Ninja Turtles hack for SoR2 that's pretty interesting, and people're learning how to hack more of it like the intro and title. Level hacks when.

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Tecmo Knight may have had a few months over Golden Axe, both were the same year. However tiny the protag is he still gets mounts and the game's based around them.

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Not at all what I had in mind... but you're right, techically you're the little guy riding the big guy so it's mount. What a weird fucking idea.

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pretty interesting stuff anon. update if anything else cool is discovered

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Imagine having a character literally named Anal Sex.

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Cool game but the final boss is garbage, buff character is shit as well

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What's the difference between regular MAME and shmupMAME?

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>belt rollers
you should stop forcing that meme, anon
its not gonna stick

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less input lag, obsolete now though by groovymame

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Why are throws in the Konami jog n jabs random?
Who the FUCK thought that was a good idea?

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Little late for it to be well known.

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Early Konami games are a dumpster fire, though if I remember right only TMNT suffers from that issue. Stick to Vendetta, Metamorphic Force and Violent Storm, much better than their early stuff

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>though if I remember right only TMNT suffers from that issue
X-Men is like that too. That game has tons of charm, but fuck me if the combat isn't bare-bones as hell.

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He's right though, its fucking gay.

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Oh right, that game sucks ass too. Metamorphic Force is pretty much X-Men but not shit

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Final fight games for NES are awesome.

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>t. can't beat Mighty Final Fight

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I'd rather play Mighty Final Fight than the SNES version at least.

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Has OP beaten Sodom yet?

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Mighty Final Fight is unironically good. Even though there's a 2 enemy per screen limit, the game is still a blast to play. The XP system makes you play a bit more strategically (to get max XP as soon as possible). I like the infinites too. Also, there's no penalty to throw damage like in the original, so Haggar's pile driver does massive damage and is satisfying as hell. Guy > Cody btw. Guy's secret "rebound" kick is better than Cody's fireball and you can do it at level 1. Also, better jab, faster speed, and easier to do infinites with Guy (easier grab --> vertical knees).

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Blow it out your ass

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It's "good for NES" tier, definitely way better than RCR and Double Dragon but overall it's meh. The EXP system sucks, especially the way it combines with other moves. It just gets you to use the most high EXP gain move like piledriver, even at the expense of efficiency. So with Haggar you just do a jump attack, grab, do a couple of headbutts and then a piledriver. Rinse and repeat for the entire game.
>Also, there's no penalty to throw damage like in the original

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>It's "good for NES" tier
No fucking shit, moron.

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Ah right, if you think its shite overall then we agree

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I've been dipping hard into the river city /kunio franchise recently and I got a weird question; anyone know of any way to listen to the original river city ransom underground soundtrack?

Some of you may know about it already but the original composer went on a dmca tirade over a contract dispute after the game released sometime in 2017 and managed to seemingly nuke their work from the internet. In interested in listening to it though, after playing rcru in really curious about it.
Anyone have any idea where to look /a link to anything relevant? I've tried googling for an hour with no results.

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Isn't it on khinsider?

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I'm pretty sure that's the new soundtrack on there, it sounds like what's on the latest version of the game. Maybe I'm wrong though

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No clue then anon, try soulseek

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