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I think water and ice levels are swell and the people who say they aren't...are wrong!

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Yeah I’ve never understood the hate for them either. They’re a good change of pace and usually have nice tunes.

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people usually hate water levels because swimming is slow on most games. ice levels are fine by me, although I guess slipping can be annoying depending on the game.

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Oh come on you enjoy rhythmically mashing the b button to slow fish and spike mazes. You never noticed the drastic drop in pace and the completely different movement mechanics not used in the rest of the main game.

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For me, it's the minecart auto-scroll time limited stealth escort mission levels

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>music remixes itself when you go underwater

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I love water and ice levels!

It's sewer and subway levels that suck!

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I like how the easiest stage in the whole game happens to be an ice level. Having to avoid avalanches is nothing compared to what you've dealt with up to this point!

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that level is such a nice breather at the perfect spot in the game

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>It's sewer and subway levels that suck!

The worst sort of subterranean levels

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Some games do them better than others.
They're fine in Megaman X and Warioland.

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Imagine thinking the water temple is actually hard.

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Considering that water expands as it freezes what you say is actually objectively true.

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I understand people don't like them because they break the pace of the game and you sort of have less control over your character, but I still really like Mario water levels. Forest of Illusion 2 especially always stuck with me for some reason.

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Nobody thinks it hard; it's just objectively annoying as fuck

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Usually whether you have an oxygen limit or not is the deal breaker

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>moving underwater is different from moving while grounded or in the air

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always loved/hated them

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God I love Dino Crisis 2

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Ice Levels

>Music is based
>atmosphere is amazing
My only complaints are
>sliding block on ice puzzles
>every surface is a little slippery

Water Levels
>good music
>slow controls
>3d games have absolute dogshit controls that make you slowly drift into an enemy instead of an item you are aiming for

DKC has the best ice levels, and probably the best water levels

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this level’s great

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Difficulty Scale:

green/forest level < or = Fire Level < water level or Beach < snow level < Level Dark level < Swamp level < Marble Level < sky level < night level < sand/desert level < Ice Level

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Name 3 more games with marble levels besides sonic

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Calling water levels inherently bad is an opinion that still pisses me off to this day.

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If you want to figure out who the brainlet in a room of people is, just ask people if they think the Water Temple has bad level design.

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OoT, Ape Escape, King's Field

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They aren't bad, they are just hard as balls usually because they introduce swimmy puzzle combat mechanics that are a pain with any controller and monsters are usually harder to fight because the game throws a curve ball requiring you to re-learn how they move and attack.

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got stuck on the moving platform part of the water temple, as far as I remember its the only part of the game that's like that, so I completely missed the path that opened, and so goes my weeks of not knowing what the fuck to do. got hard stuck there for a while because of that bullshit, not an 'im playing the game for hours' stuck, more of an 'i have better shit to do then backtrack fucking again' kind of stuck.

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the level itself isn't bad, 1 moving platform section that is easily overlooked, and then the boots bullshit makes it poorly designed given the systems that had in place.

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water levels in a 3d game adds 6dof control, something you are not practicing throughout the game, and something that unless the whole game is based around it usually sucks.

majora's mask is one of the few games that has a good water level because they designed a character around it and it works.

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Ice levels are usually good. It's only water levels people really complain about.

Water Temple: tedious
DKC's snow levels: occasionally frustrating but mostly atmospheric
LttP: Don't remember, played it too long ago, but I don't think it was notable either way
Mario 64: The underwater segments are usually the most boring and spare, but not altogether unenjoyable.
Launch Octopus's stage is the most annoying IMO, but it doesn't really have anything to do with the water aspect itself, I just think the minibosses are kind of obnoxious damage sponges.

Now, honestly, you want a water level that truly sucks, here you go. Hate all the backtracking? Try doing it underwater.

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Was there a fucking marble medallion in OoT that I missed?

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The issue is that water physics and ice physics drastically change your controls.
Imagine you live in a world where inverted screen or inverted controls gimmick are not just common, but pretty much obligatory for an entire set of levels in every game. You'd really start to hate inverted screen/controls, wouldn't you?

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There are two kind of water levels: water levels where the gimmick is "you got slow" and water levels where you can go very fast but under very different circumstances.

I hated Mario water levels because they were almost always of the "you go slow" variety, but I liked DK and Crash water levels because they had some fun ways to go fast.

Fuck Ice "physics", though.

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Ganon's Castle and parts of the shadow temple, spirit temple and forest temple.

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Snow levels are comfy. Slippery stages in platformers that already have slippery controls are cancer though. Slippery stages plus wind hazards is pure aids.

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Ristar did both right.

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That's because Super Mario World has amazingly responsive underwater controls, with even some extra mechanics, such as being able to go faster by grabbing a shell, block or key. Also, the bounce physics when you hit a question block underwater is far less extreme than on SMB1 and SMB3.
All water levels are very memorable, I love the underwater fortress on Vanilla Secret, and of course the sunken ghost ship.

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yeah the water fortress stages in SMW were badass

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Honestly water tunes are so good though. Breath of Fire has an amazing set of underwater themes.

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>nothing but million seller entry-level nintentrash as examples

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It's true, I never hear people bitch about DKC water levels the way they bitch about Mario water levels.

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It doesn't have to be. In Megaman games it isn't. No reason why the character can't get a stupid "flippers" upgrade and be able to move fast, these are cartoony super heroes not real people.

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Remember ~50% of the population is below average IQ.
So people out-crying and memeing about ""how difficult and confusing"" the Water Temple was, is normal.

Just ignore them, because the rest ~50% is above average IQ and they completed that level normally, without getting stuck for a month

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best Paper Mario chapter

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i hate breathing mechanics because they're stressful, so water levels are usually a no for me
other than that they're great, though

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Hell yeah. I wasn't a fan of the Penguin mystery part but the frozen sewers, the pathway to the castle and the castle itself was fantastic, my favourite part of the game. That boss battle has the best music in the game as well.

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Only thing really annoying was constantly swapping between boots. 3DS version fixed that though by having the touch screen let you switch items around.

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