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Old video game ads

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Does anyone have the Majoras Mask one where you see the twin towers

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Had never seen this before, holy shit

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Cool ad and possible forshadowing.
However, the Star Wars Expanded Universe beat Nintendo to the punch of having a planet's moon crash into it via the book as a major part of the story via NJO: Vector Prime.

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I'm tempted to shop this a bit and use it for shitposting on /pol/

You have to admit it's a creepy coincidence.

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Find a better console war ad pro tip: you can't https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vngIgyCqGuY

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Yeah but Star Wars is fucking gay.

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I remember this, and the commercials, as a kid. I fucking loved how grim they were.

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No idea why Nintendo in the US was so weird in the 90s.


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I first saw it in a Batman comic that my dad had lying around. I read it so much I ended up losing it.

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>t.hardline trekkie

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W2c that sweater

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I swear there was a vague ARG they did that tied into the commercials where you could go online and watch/listen to clips of people talking about how, if the kid in the commercials doesn't beat Majora's Mask in 3 days, our moon would fall on us, too.

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In the mid '90s they briefly jumped onto the gross out bad attitude shit that was sweeping the nation, sadly. Early '90s Nintendo advertising was better.
Pic cool but unrelated.

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Nice mullet and stache

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In 1995 this provoked outrage in newspapers and the frenchies complaint through diplomatic channels.

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No fucking way lol. Is that and the other one actually real?

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Yes. I've seen them in magazines of the time.

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afaik the french got mad over the picture of Jacques Chirac. I think he fits just fine(nuclear tests, acting like an asshole in European politics).

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>dat mullet

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>old man hirohito fell asleep
Only nigga who's pic was taken 40 years after game over.

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>Virgin Games
Sounds about right

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The real ad does not say September 11, it says "The only thing worse than the weight of the world on your shoulders is the weight of the moon." Everything else between the real ad and the fake one anon posted is the same though. New York City is among the most famous city skylines so it makes sense it would be used for the image, though obviously the twin towers stand out now.

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I had all these old magazines and the ads were so good

Internet archive has lots saved, full issues

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You sure? Sometimes they ran different ads that looked similar

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That's a trip, I remember drawing the skeleton guy using that picture as a guide

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That nibba just got his nipples twisted by a 90s ad

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In the 90s the way to get a lot of attention was to shock people, dma design the creators of GTA actually paid for the first outage articles complaining about its violence

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Post more ads

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This is the ad that got me into the Quest for Glory series as a kid.
that and the Sierra Magazine article talking about the QFG1 remake.

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>so you want to an hero

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>In the mid '90s they briefly jumped onto the gross out bad attitude shit that was sweeping the nation
But they basically just ripped off a Monty Python bit from 1983

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dude, take your meme /tv/ post out of here no one cares about some british dog shit that stole skits from OTHER media.

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Perfect Dark

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Those are different ads, the moon is closer

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I've been looking for a high res version of this to have a print shop turn into a poster for years.

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>the frenchies complaint through diplomatic channels
that's probably because the 2nd starting from bettom right is Jacques Chirac, a guy who was the president of france for 12 years.
the authorities probably got triggerd real hard to see him alongside some dictators. i fail to see what he is doing there tho...
besides the incident of france not getting involved during the civil war in Rwanda in 94', letting people chopping down eachother with machetes for some ethnical reasons, French wasn't (direcly) involved in massive civilan casualties or waging war somewhere during this period...

fun fact: he died today.
RIP big man, your enthousiasm for the booze during the agricultural centre will not be forgotten.

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He was on the list because of the atomic tests

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there's probably one on internet archive if you go through some of the magazines from before it's release

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The game didn't even come out in September.

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If i got a higher scan version who can I pay to clean up the little issues in the scan? Like hairs or whatever that was in the scan

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What I would give to get my hands on the original models they used for ads/cutscenes and as bases fro the reduced in game models...

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>who can I pay to clean up the little issues in the scan? Like hairs or whatever that was in the scan
Blemish removal is one of three things I can do in Photoshop, it's not that hard. You can probably do it yourself.

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Pressing up when the cursor is on Hitler unlocks Dr. Mengele.

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Now something for the men.

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You think only men can appreciate that ass? Please.

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Does anyone remember the adverts for O.D.T? It was a whole series where they had what O.D.T could mean. I remember old dodgy tart was one of them but that's it.

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post your SFW bob and vegen

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He just died yesterday.

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flashing the tushy being absolutely unrelated to the game is rather hilarious tbqh

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>the most technically superb game in the playstation
For once that was used correctly.

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Oy vey

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What game is he playing?

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This is actually super disturbing because the OG goemon was boiled alive and you bet your ass some Cheeky Fucker did this on purpose.

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is this real?

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They call them "goemonburou" to this day in Jippong.

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tfw no dog collar with jean jacket style

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>This is Cool

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I want to push my tongue up her sweaty salty anus.

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I want to push you into a wood chipper

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What a weird way to market Final Fantasy. I'm not opposed to marketing a Final Fantasy game with humour as opposed to a straight-faced cinematic trailer, but very few of those monsters are ones I recognise from the game. The monster selection isn't even a particularly notable element. At least those FFIV ads where the kid ignores his Dad for an entire year (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpXFjZeA9Ps) are somewhat representative of a selling point of the game. These print ads are just odd.

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Probably the best way to market a Japanese game in the 90s, political correctness be damned.

>> No.5920252

Damn, did some fucking gaijin draw that ugly trash?

>> No.5920254

Fight me irl pussy

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reported to ATF

>> No.5920279

I like those Irate Black Man prank calls too lol

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From left to right, they look like doom gaze, ifrit, chupon, number 128, and mag roader, to me

>> No.5921957

This is fucking great.

>> No.5921993

Oh you're right. Haven't played the game in a while, I only recognised ifrit and the chupon. Still, weird way to market the game.

>> No.5922076

I think I masturbated to this shit back in the day.

>> No.5922097

he's so happy

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This ad was so gross I remembered the ad itself for years but not the game it was actually advertising.

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I was in prison with the guy who put his wife through a wood chipper. Nasty stuff

>> No.5923184

>we've got $10 million in TV, radio, print...
Are they seriously boasting about their budget on the advert? That's pretty wild

>> No.5923210

based, shame that the game flopped

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pic related

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwBblhHLjIQ also the trailer for No Regret, corny as fuck

>> No.5923292

Hey it's communist boba fett.

>> No.5923326

You are gay as fuck

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pic related might be the best I've ever seen

from the Japanese version of Loaded

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He wasn't even really a player, should have used tojo

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Nothing is worse than that Earthbound scratch-n-sniff ad that smelt like shit. Literally came seconds away from throwing up. As a result I never cared for it whatsoever and still don't.

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Checked the Wayback Machine but ray.com wasn't archived, shame

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While its fun and nostalgic checking out these ads, when I was a kid in the 80s and 90s I FUCKING HATED most video game ads. Only getting maybe 3 1'' screen shots that were fuzzy at best was so fucking annoying. And the back of game boxes were not that much better. With no youtube back then most of the time when you played something you had no fucking clue what you were about to get in to unless a magazine did a lengthy review with lots of larger images. I really don't miss that shit.
It was so fucking nice when around the mid 90s people started posting photos of games on their personal sites and you could get an idea of what the fuck something was, it felt like a whole new world of gaming opened up to me since stuff I passed over not knowing what the fuck it was and didn't want to waste my money turned out to be cool stuff worth trying.

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I’m having trouble finding them but when I was a kid I loved the Pokémon GBA ads that showed people next to Pokémon they resembled. Nickelodeon magazine had a bunch of good ones.

>> No.5924906

That was like 1000 years ago who gives an f?

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Anyone have ads for Working Designs games? I remember they would always include snarky jokes in the copyright text / fine print ("if you're reading this, you need a life, or a girlfriend, or both"). Also if someone has the print ad for Dragon Warrior VII, in the border of the ad were various screenshots of the game, and hidden in those screenshots were bits of text that formed a URL for the "Dragon Warrior VII Secret Site". I wonder how many others found that...

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tell sheldon i said go fuck himself. faggot.

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I want to go back so bad, bros.

>> No.5924995

>I ALMOST threw up guys
Yeah sure you did.
>so that means the game is bad
You must be some kind of super retard anon.

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I still can't believe new Star Wars has a jigaboo protagonist. Feels bad man.

>> No.5925049

Is that your YouTube account?

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LMAO I remember that

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He hated this ad if I remember correctly

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i guess id stopped getting it before the GBA era but Nickelodeon magazine was the shit

>> No.5926440

imagining mario loudly complaining about the fanook moolie from the new star wars in tony soprano voice

>> No.5926463

Anyone got a higher rez to make for a poster?

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sure thing, john

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Reminds me of:

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Stop posting shoops, pls

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>manlet criminals

>> No.5931531

Is that real? fuck

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>Is that real?

>> No.5931559

no man, anon just pulled that out of his ass/photoshop

>> No.5931580

Thank you. I hate seeing that fake ass September 11th ad passed around as if it was real.

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