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Hey /vr/,

I'm kicking around the idea of building a MAME cabinet. Have any of you ever done this before? I'm concerned that it would just become a huge money pit.

The way I see it, there seem to be a number of different ways to go about this.

1) Cheap out and use an old PC and some cheap LCD monitor and a pre-built arcade stick
2) Get an arcade-quality CRT monitor and wire up my own joystick/buttons
3) Use a modern PC with an LCD monitor to play modern PC fighters and emulate 5th/6th generation consoles in higher resolutions

If it were you, what would you do?

If you've built one, I'd love to see some pics, here some stories/tips, etc.

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Number 2 is what I would do, assuming you're also pairing it with a PC that can play everything, but it's also probably the most expensive.

But I figure if you're building a mame cabinet you should go all the way.

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the joysticks should be the most expensive part.

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What? I thought Sanwa/Happ stuff was relatively cheap?

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I'm lazy so I'd probably just get a Candy Cab.

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Get a tri-mode monitor. Good for SDTV and EDTV frequencies, as well as Sega 24KHz games.

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Best pseudosetup (no cabinet) I saw was a 4:3 HD CRT with VGA in. It only supported 640x480 and I think 1024x768 via the VGA, but had insanely low input lag for VGA/Component, almost no ghosting, and did things like MAME and Stepmania awesomely. I forgot the model of TV it was, some big grey monstrosity. I suggested the guy put it in a MAME cabinet but he had no time. He had a PC, PS2, and Wii hooked up to it, mostly.

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>that tiny screen and massive bezel



Sanwa sticks run around $25. Happ's not expensive at all at $9/stick.

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I actually have a Sony GDM FW900 monitor. I guess that would be good for both low-res old games and newer games. It would probably be impossible to mount in any cabinet though.

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Heh. Better than nothing, I guess.

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Never heard of this. What are they?

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Japanese sit-down cabinets. Dirt-cheap if you can find some friends and buy in bulk ($200 or so).

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ExcellentCom has Sanwa sticks for $15 to $18.

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Ugly as shit though.

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FW900 has a minimum horizontal frequency of 30KHz. Not good for arcade games.

Desktop monitors that support 15KHz games are rare because VGA cards have always been at least 31KHz.

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I built a MAME bartop with a 17" LCD and wired up my own controls and a added a working coin mech.

I used 3/4" furniture grade MDF core plywood and stained it a dark cherry color that came out really nice.

If I had to do it again, I'd probably use a higher quality wood and somehow add a trackball to the control panel design. Total cost was about $350-$400, which doesn't include the motherboard/CPU/RAM or monitor (which I already had).

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What do you guys think of building a cabinet around an X Arcade stick?

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You're better off just building the control panel too.

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Nice. Been a while since I priced Sanwa stuff.

Seimitsu was always cheaper and better for shmups.

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How much do you figure you saved by building a bartop instead of a stand up unit?

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If you're building a whole cab you'd really be doing yourself a disservice by not just making your own panel out of quality parts.

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How feasible is it to implement a track ball though?

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I kind of like the look of candy cabs, actually. Maybe I just have bade taste, I dunno.

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I always figured the best way to build a MAME arcade would be to find some real arcade machine that someone was selling for $200 just to get rid of, then just stick a PC in it.

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Same. Being able to sit down at a cabinet is also a definite plus.

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Apparently it's UK only? Oh well.

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Candy cabs are the way to go.

I picked this up for 450$ a couple years ago. Tossed an old PC with MAME as well as a j-pac in there and I was set.

Since then I've started collecting actual arcade hardware and this thing has become a huge money sink.

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They're made from solid metal and ABS plastic. They're made to get beaten on for decades by angry kids.

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Wait, if it's a huge money sink, why are you recommending it?

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No more difficult than the other controls. They're sold as complete units you can hook up to an optical input controller.

Same with spinners.

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At least half, if not more. If I built a full sized cabinet I would have felt obligated to put a much larger monitor in it and additional controls like 4 joysticks w/additional buttons, a trackball and/or a spinner.

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I hate that shit were people actually put MAME on the cabnate, it's so lame, it makes me more angry than it should

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If you're on the west coast of the US candy cabs aren't too hard to find, go check around local arcades.

If you're near Vancouver, BC I can point you where to find em.

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stop posting pretty much the same exact post every day, it's getting old

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You can get cheaper ones for under $100 if you don't need it to be indestructible like a Happ trackball.

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Yeah, it's silly. My favorite MAME cabs are just painted a nice solid color with some accents here and there.

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For that much, I'll skip it. I don't need to play Centipede that badly. I mainly want to do this for fighting games.


Nope, Midwest USA.

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The actual cab isn't a money sink, collecting actual arcade hardware is. PCBs are expensive.

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Oh, sorry, I misunderstood. Do you have an MVS? That's probably the only arcade hardware I would buy.

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Last time I posted anything about having a cab was probably 2011. Must be someone else posting something similar

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Get Sanwa JLF sticks, then. Ideal for fighters.

Buttons are more preference. Sanwa if you hover your hand over the buttons instead of resting it on them. They actuate if you so much as give them a stern look.

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Now you say that.

Pretty soon, you'll be wading through a stack of Titan carts just to get to your bathroom.

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MVS is where it's at.

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yeah, really I like it best when some one either keeps the cab the way it was or makes some sort of fantasy cab, like, I know it's already been done and all, but I've kinda wanted to make a polybuis cab, lol

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Heh, that's pretty much how my console collection is right now. Luckily most of that stuff is small in comparison.

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Cut that out.

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that cab is ugly, yeah, but only because it's been modified to hell and back, actual candy cabs are pretty nice looking
see >>589412

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Has anyone ever bought one of those pre-made empty cabinets? Are they worth it?

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If you mean a home-made one, don't bother. Used candies are cheaper and better-made, and parts are widely available (swappable control panels, monitors, marquees, coin equipment, etc).

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How much is a Candy from that site? They don't list prices there.

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Don't know which site you're referring to.

WeLink has them for $500 shipped individually. A while ago they had a special where a container full of them was $200 apiece.

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over using lol is a bad habit of mine, I'm trying to quit, but still, getting angry just because I said lol is ridiculous /v/ tier garbage, no one has cared until tonight at all

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A friend of mine bought a cocktail kit from North Coast Custom Arcades and hated it. Some of the panels wouldn't line up correctly and were warped. He ended up spending so much time fixing the thing he would have done better just building his own.

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Hm. Yeah, considering how cheap lumber is, it's probably not worth it. I can whip something up in SketchUp and build form there. I'll get my handy friends to help me.

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nice one janitor, like how you delete the other post similar to this but left this one just because it hints at "self moderation", look this shit is rediculous, you don't need it here, fuck you

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My plan for when I move into a house of my own: use my current gaming computer which will be outdated by then but very powerful when it comes to playing mame games. Buy a cheap arcade machine with something disposable like golf or whatever. Replace the buttons and stick with an all-in-one set. Maybe (lowest priority) replace headers.

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I would want to get one with a pretty big screen like this one, but I would probably go with choice 2, I could always emulate higher end stuff on my main PC.

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>janitor getting this assmad

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>this one guy getting this mad

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OP do it you'll not look back, it's the sort of thing you keep for life. There is more work in it than you think and 80% of it is in building the cab after that it's clean sailing.


buy the best paint you can, don't cheap out on that. Don't use PVA as a primer (a lot of guys use that to prime their mdf. The best way to do the sides is blank vehicle vinyl wrap.

Use piano hinges for the front panel and any doors or openings

You can get marqee rail brackets, know one talks about that!

SANWA SDM-18 buttons are great for powering the system on, wire it to the mobo power button or standard push power button.

SANWA OBSF-30 and JLF-TP-8YT are the only way to go!

Good luck OP

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The reason I'm considering option 3 is because I think it would be really cool to play the Dreamcast games like Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2, Cannon Spike, and Project Justice on it. Having some modern fighters like Street Fighter IV would be pretty cool too.

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That's a bitchin' cabinet. What are you using for a monitor?

>> No.589593

Get a tri-mode monitor.

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I suppose so, it depends on what you want to use it for really.

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I want to use it as an all-in-one fighting cabinet for me and my friends, mostly. Neo Geo and CPS games are great, but I wouldn't mind having newer stuff on there too.

>> No.589614


Could you give a laymans explanation for what those are?

>> No.589617

Then That's probably for the best then, personally I dont play fighting games all that much and I would want to use mine for older games and load it up with lodsa roms, maybe put one of those all in one emulator programs on it.

But for your situation, that sounds about right.

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£25 cheap dell monitor only.


>> No.589630


>I would want to use mine for older games and load it up with lodsa roms

I mean, I'll do that too, but the main piority is fightan.

>> No.589632


And it's okay? It seems like the monitor might be the best place to save some dosh if you don't mind the loss in quality.

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>thinking that deleting shitposting is the same as getting mad
ur such an epic troool

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interesting that the janitor deleted the other post similar to this, yet not this one...

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They are typically large (25" or 29") CRT monitors that will sync up with either a standard 15KHz signal, a 24KHz "medium resolution" signal, or a 31KHz VGA signal. You can use one to play standard 240p games as well as 480p consoles (Dreamcast, Xbox, Wii) and arcade boards.

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Not who you are replying too, but that sounds perfect for me. Got a link to one?

>> No.589653


Too expensive for me.


Don't they make them smaller?

Also, how do you hook them up?

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I'm building a cabinet right now and am about to mount the pc inside. Is there any special considerations I should take as far as grounding? I'm going with just mounting the parts on an mdf board, and then mounting the board inside.

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>that price

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Happ Controls sells MakVision tri-modes for about $500.

There's no point to buying them new, however. Most places that sell candy cabinets will have some lying around. Lots of the Sega cabinets from the mid-90s onward had them.

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yea, ive been looking to redo the cab tho using a pvm and redesign and better finish, but i must say a cheap lcd will do the trick, looks fine, you could always get a Scanline Generator SLG3000.

>> No.589670



You know I never thought of that. Not a bad idea...

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Prices went through the roof when Wells-Gardner stopped making tubes. I had one of their later models (2002, IIRC) until it was destroyed in an unfortunate transportation accident.

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Just a reminder about arcade monitors, since people love to leave this bit out:

Proper arcade monitors don't have any of the protective casing that a normal television or monitor has. The back end of the tube is directly exposed, and the whole apparatus stores an amount of electricity that can easily be deadly if not properly discharged, even if it's unpowered, and for an extremely long period of time as well.

Make sure to take the time to learn and KNOW what the fuck you're doing before you fuck with one.

>> No.589720


This thread has been more discouraging than encouraging.

>> No.589724

>Make sure to take the time to learn and KNOW what the fuck you're doing before you fuck with one.
Step 1: Grab something metal
Step 2: Make sure the power is on
Step 3: Apply your tongue gently to the neckboard

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Reality is a harsh mistress, but it's better to find that out now rather than by accidentally brushing up against the wrong part and ending up on the other side of the room with your heart stopped.

>> No.589743


READ, thanks for reminding everyone. needs said more often

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Ballpark estimate. If you were going to build a sensible cabinet, how much do you think it would cost?

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All these MakVision CRT monitors seem shit. Everyone who buys them gets massive blurring in the corner, magnetic bleeds ruining the screen, or can't run the games they want in proper form or at all. Then they upgrade to a quality LCD and get rid of it.

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That's really dreadful news to hear, there aren't exactly many options for CRT arcade monitors anymore, and the fact that there simply aren't new ones anymore is upsetting. LCD is just wrong.

>> No.592376

Well define sensible. My friend spent £200 on a custom PC, the MDF and wood and the joystick and button set-up. After that he decided to cut his losses and shove in a flat screen monitor he had lying around rather than spending any more.

If I had to do it I'd look for a cheaper PC build, one that focuses on enough processor and RAM to see you through the roms without problems. A dual core should be more than ideal, the HD doesn't matter, 50 gig if that, you always have to the option of USB devices. so with enough savvy you can get a PC for around £50. That leaves you plenty of cash to look for a quality arcade style monitor. My friend was just rushing through it.

So yeah, I'd say £200 is a good estimate. The better the deals you find on wood the more you have to spend on trimmings like lights and speakers.

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I've always loved the idea of trying to do an arcade someday.

And out of curiosity, if you were going the emulation route, couldn't you also emulate the CRT effect as well? Not as authentic, I know, but you could use some better monitors (and less dangerous ones) but keep the same look.

Pardon the ignorance on the subject, I haven't brushed up on cabinet building.

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building a full-size cabinet, made this in preparation for it

>> No.592452

>couldn't you also emulate the CRT effect as well? Not as authentic, I know, but you could use some better monitors (and less dangerous ones) but keep the same look.
You can, but it's not so good. Things might be better once we get some higher resolution monitors, though. Light guns and the like will also not work, as well.

As for making an arcade, good luck with that. I was recently looking to see if anyone had attempted to set anything up in this area, and a post on a completely shit forum caught my eye about trying to set an arcade up very close by.

They talked about how their attempt was a complete and utter failure. The zoning laws fucked them over, the township wanted them to pay absurd amounts of tax per machine (which is something that most other places don't have to do), they got fucked on rent and their lease, and the city council consisted of a bunch of no fun allowed "think of the children" types who were basically dead set on not having an arcade in town.

Fuck, I hate this place.

>> No.592467

Where at out of curiosity.

I'm out in Idaho, and we actually had two arcades for a little while. Hell, one with an F-Zero AX machine.
Both are dead now, as of a year or so ago, but I'm not entirely sure what killed them off. Lack of popularity is mostly what I can think of, but like I said, no idea. The idea of setting up an arcade would mostly be for a side thing. Only when I had enough money that it wasn't THE money making business. But that's really if my other projects take off.
Kids need them arcades like we did, ya know?

>> No.592475

Pittsburgh, but from what I've seen, it's pretty much the same everywhere, from Chinatown Fair to Arcade Infinity, the problems are all the same. Rent jacking and shitty (almost to the point of being abusive) zoning, regulations, and other local laws.

The most asinine part of all of this is that a lot of these places NEED more local businesses, and do nothing but drive them off.

>> No.592502

A damn shame is what it is.

I wonder if that hugefuck Arcade near Toronto is still operating, or even Pinball Pete's in Michigan. I seriously wish Arcades were profitable enough that people stopped giving them hell.

>> No.592527

>I seriously wish Arcades were profitable enough that people stopped giving them hell.
Profitability has nothing to do with it. There's really no reason for anyone other than the owner to care about profitability other than making sure that the bills are being paid. In that regard, they're going to catch hell no matter what, making a good profit won't do anything but allow them to weather it.

What was really disturbing was the whole "We're going to treat your arcade like a daycare whether you like it or not and hold you completely responsible for any juvenile delinquency problem whether or not they're even realistic." attitude that the city council members had.

In the end though, it's not one individual problem that's damning to someone running an arcade, but the combination of all of them. It's all very self-fulfilling, and awful compromises like family fun centers and barcades aren't helping one bit.

>> No.592593

Barcade is awful compromise why...because you make money hand over ass in booze or because the clientelle who want to play arcade games are old enough to drink?

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File: 1.48 MB, 1024x683, insertcoins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because you're admitting that an arcade is a shitty business to run and that you're better off running a plain old bar, because bars and proper arcade games don't mix unless you're retarded, and because you've got drunks abusing your arcade games.

They're mockeries of arcades, but people seem to love them.

Pic related, it's the kind of thing that you think makes an acceptable arcade.

>> No.592648

But what if done right, out of curiosity.
I know it's an idealist view, but what if it was a heavy focus on the arcade feel and minimal alcohol. And maybe some food.

I know where you're coming from. The idea of a bar with some arcade games thrown in is shit. It shouldn't be done, but is.

So I guess what I'm asking is if there was one that was actually a good arcade atmosphere with low drink policy, would you still assume it was shit due to the bar?

Not trying to start shit, just curious as to what the stance is and where a balance could be reached

>> No.592660

Frankly, I don't think there is a balance. By accepting the "bar" part of the barcade, you're already admitting defeat, and saying that you've given up on making an arcade work. You're already pinning your hopes on having the bar, and you'll NEED the bar at that point.

Really, that's all a barcade is in the end, a themed bar. Trying to have ridiculous policies like a "low drink" policy just means people are going to laugh at your failure of a bar, and the arcade-goers will laugh at your failure of an arcade.

>> No.592665


Sounds like a bowling alley without the bowling.

>> No.592671

How else to get around the age enforcement then? A strip club?

Seriously though, some ideas would be awesome. A way to make an arcade a goddamned arcade and get around the idea of parents making it a daycare and not having to throw the dream of an arcade into the trash ala barcade. Comic shop arcade? Bookstore arcade?

>> No.592683

The way to get around parents using it as a daycare is to post notice that you're not a goddamn daycare and call the cops whenever someone leaves their little shit there.

Or just simply say "no children".

Frankly, I don't even know that you particularly NEED to do something like this. Just remember that the point of a barcade isn't age enforcement, it's so that the business is profitable. You have to put your all into a real arcade just to make it stay alive. Making an arcade themed bar is just the easy way out.

>> No.592685

>and some cheap LCD monitor
Why not just use a dirt cheap CRT? cheaper and better.

>> No.592693

> because bars and proper arcade games don't mix unless you're retarded,
That's ageeable.
Because arcades are for retarded people and bar are for retarded people.
It only makes sense that an arcade and bar would have doubly retarded people.

>> No.592697

>and saying that you've given up on making an arcade work.
Any sane person would. Because they don't work.

>> No.592742

Fucking butthurt assburger. You don't want kids in the arcade yet you won't admit that anyone who gives a SHIT about arcade games is old enough and wants to drink while playing them. Unless you picture some assburger fantasy arcade where no one makes eye contact or speaks to one another, like C.S. Lewis' vision of Hell.

>> No.592752

>anyone who gives a SHIT about arcade games is old enough and wants to drink while playing them
Anyone who gives a shit about a skill-based pastime wants to decrease their skill while playing them?

Goddamn, no wonder you idiots think you're supposed to continue when you get a game over and act like arcade games "eat your quarters".

>> No.592781

Because skill-based games are only playable around other like-minded people, in person, at events hosted by and profited on by a third party institution.

>> No.592806

I built one and helped two best friends build one about a decade ago back in our post-university days, and there's four pieces of advice I'd give.

1. Don't cheap out on materials. There's zero point putting together a machine if you're not going to put any effort into it. I've seen people who didn't even install coin doors for their machines. Why? Why have zero fun with a project and put the minimal effort into it? Just play the games off your computer if you're going to be a lazy cunt about it.

2. There's tons of sites out there to help you do every little thing you'll need to do to put together a proper cabinet. Do your research.

3. Somewhat related to two, while doing your research, visit actual arcades (or go on Google Image Search if there are no live arcades near you) and study real arcade machines. Make observations, take notes.

4. Come up with a theme and stick to it. If you want to do an all-purpose machine, do that, and paint a bunch of characters on the side of the machine (or, if you aren't a good artist, hire/beg a friend who is to do it for you). Personally, if I were to do another cabinet, I'd probably replicate a real arcade machine (like the TNMT one) and get it as close to the real thing as possible, but it's really your call.

Ultimately, this is a project you should take pride in and have fun with, not some slapped together job. Take your time, do your research, and don't cheap out on it. Otherwise, you end up with a big, ugly, piece of shit that wastes space in your house and eventually gets curbed when your lazy ass doesn't care for it.

>> No.592828

>Take your time, do your research, and don't cheap out on it.
This is a perfect summary of things, and the reason I still haven't built a cabinet. To be honest, I probably never will, I'll more than likely just get a candy cab and go from there. No construction, no worrying about what monitor to use.

>> No.594696


>Pinball Pete's

It's still open. It's just as shit as always, though.

>> No.594863

Candy cabs can look hella slick though.

The ones I saw at Civil War V in particular were some really nice ones.

>> No.594893

Also because this is totally obligatory


>> No.594974

So... bartop or stand up?

>> No.595008

Buy a working cabinet and get a jpac and arcacde vga. If your gonna use a lcd and pre build stick you might as well be sitting at your fucking computer. Ive got a astro myself. can post it when i get home

>> No.595016



>> No.595047

Probably means a Sega Astro City. That's what I've got too. It's a good cab, but I want to find a Sega Blast City cab sometime. The monitor has native VGA so you can hook an 360/PC/Dreamcast directly to the monitor.

>> No.595053
File: 2.29 MB, 3888x2592, IMG_9181_small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Full size cabinet is cool, but you have design options. Pic related is the first arcade machine I built with no prior knowledge of woodworking or anything else. Inside is a computer and it plugs into a stereo receiver via HDMI for wall-sized arcade games. The end goal was to make two units for 4 player arcade games (TMNT, X-Men, etc.), but we only made the one. Total price for all parts, wood, and supplies (not including the cost of the computer inside) for two units = $450.

Nothing quite beats the cabinet for atmosphere and ambiance, but something like this trumps it for size, weight, portability, and wall-sized Street Fighter 2 or Simpsons arcade.

>> No.595073

>Maddox-lite humor


>> No.595080


Yeah, astro city. Being the comseticfag i am i decieded to go with the 1st gen one because i thought the speaker box's on the 2nd gen ones look shit.... AND while i still rekon they look like shit, im sitting here with my 24k monitor like a pleb and cant play any of the new shit. Oh well

>> No.595092


Cosmetic* That, and i hardly play it any more because i think my monitor is dying/needs a cap kit. Somtimes its fine but other times its really gritty, bleeds like a bitch and has lines all through it ;_; and im not strong enough to lift that bitch out on my own to check

>> No.595104

Shame that it's so difficult to find a candy cab at a decent price around here. Being not-quite on the east coast is suffering.

>> No.595117

totally just took a look through it again and noticed that for whatever reason after 9 it loops back to 1 even though there were more before.

maaaaaaaaaan and those afterwards were the best ones.

>> No.595154

That's a real thing of beauty- good for you for making it.
If you documented how you did it, please share- that kind of a MAME setup would be a blessing.

>> No.595171

>realizing you responded to the wrong post a day later...
oh well

>> No.595181

Honestly, it would just be easier at that point to have a normal old HTPC with MAME on it, and just use a good, high quality arcade stick. It's not like you're going for any real kind of arcade experience, so...

>> No.595223


Thanks, but it wasn't an original design. I basically just did what this guy did: http://www.carnine.net/mame/index.html

I took a few pictures during the making, but that guy took way more when constructing it that should be enough to get an idea of what kind of work would go into it. One thing I do recommend is to get familiar with SketchUp and plan out your design in there first. You'll iron out so many design pitfalls this way.

>it would just be easier at that point to have a normal old HTPC with MAME on it, and just use a good, high quality arcade stick

That's a fair point. There are lots of different designs that could all give you varying degrees of arcade feel. For this unit, I wanted the trackball, which would be difficult to do with a high quality arcade stick. It all depends on what you are going for, what you want to build, what your budget is, how portable you want it to be, etc.

>> No.595271

OP here.

If I had to build one today, I think it would go something like this:

Two-player bartop
4-way/8-way joysticks
7 buttons to accommodate Capcom and Neo Geo setups
No trackball
~19" CRT PC monitor

I think that would be a decent compromise. I really don't want to spend a grand on this thing.

>> No.595408
File: 35 KB, 800x467, 08lcdkm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This looks pretty bitchin'.

>> No.595449
File: 12 KB, 800x402, 08layout.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How much would this piece of wood cost?

>> No.595454


Where does the PC go?

>> No.595465

you can get wood for dirt cheep if you know where to look

>> No.595474

I think that mame console is using a.... mac....

>> No.595476
File: 18 KB, 460x288, bird_1415653c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Where should I look?


>> No.595479


Still doesn't explain the lack of space for a computer.

I would just scrap the keyboard tray and use the space for the PC.

>> No.595483

>Still doesn't explain the lack of space for a computer.
urrrm... Mac PCs are housed in the monitor.... so... yes... it does

>> No.595486


That is clearly not an all-in-one desktop. It's just an LCD monitor.

>> No.595493
File: 178 KB, 416x501, mac_computer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.595496

>implying you can tell the difference between a Mac and a monitor.
Well besides the big ugly Apple of course.

>> No.595624


The plans show an opening for a 19" 4:3 LCD.

>> No.596653
File: 203 KB, 640x480, elite fight stick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not swag enough.

>> No.596671

>I wonder if that hugefuck Arcade near Toronto is still operating

The Playdium? Yeah, it's still there. I think most of their revenue comes from selling parts to vendors and hobbyists rather than their arcade floor though.

>> No.600352

I went to the local shop to look at their crap mame. The obese man working there recommended that I just hook a computer up to a TV and use Xbox 360 fight sticks.

>> No.601201

Would an old Commodore monitor be good for a MAME cabinet? Those display super low resolutions, right?

>> No.601214

Whatever your build, don't forget a second sound card for this:


>> No.601351


That just sounds like noise. Distracting.

>> No.601410

I've been thinking about it..

I already have a few crt monitors laying around that i've been saving for mame cabinets. I also can pick up an old keyboard and use that to hook the joystick and buttons up.. Only thing I'm missing is the wood to build it, a router for the T-molding, and the knowledge/hardware to mount a crt monitor into the cabinet.

>> No.601449


>knowledge/hardware to mount a crt monitor into the cabinet.

Just set it on something?

>> No.601476

I want to build it into the cabinet, though.. if you just set it on something in there it would fall.

>> No.601550


If you say so.

>> No.601581

I say so.

I'll probably just weld something together to mount it.. I plan on removing the crt monitor totally from the plastic, and replacing the capacitors before doing so, since the one monitor is rather old and becoming fuzzy.

>> No.601623


Don't electrocute yourself.

>> No.601648
File: 49 KB, 691x899, Bartop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I couldn't really make sense of these plans.

They tell you the wood is 5/8" thick, but the design assumes it's actually 1/2" thick. There are way more rectangular pieces in the plans than are actually used in the render, and even then, some of them aren't the right size.

This was the best I could slap together based on those plans, but I had to tweak a lot of stuff.

>> No.601686

What do you do if you want to make an arcade monitor that plays games with normal resolution but also in tate mode?

>> No.601704

You... turn the monitor?

>> No.601715


But how, it's behind wooden planks

>> No.601717

I'd make a lower portion of a cabinet to lock onto that type, for LOCK-ON TECHNOLOGY and also to have a more-portable fullsize cabinet with coinbox and all that jazz.

>> No.601723

...it is? Well then don't put wooden planks in the way I guess?

>> No.601730


Am I in the arcade cabinet building thread? I am! Why are you acting like an idiot then?

>> No.601737

I'm not acting like an idiot. You're asking vague, and quite frankly stupid questions. There are no proper answers because you haven't asked a proper question yet. All you've asked is "How do I turn the monitor sideways?" and then talked about "planks". What "planks"? What the fuck are you even talking about?

>> No.601762

Know what I've never seen? An unpainted arcade cabinet made out of a pretty wood. Maybe like a couple of layers of something that looks like buckeye burl or some shit. Is that a thing people do?
Spoilered for potential blasphemy.

>> No.601779

I'd do it if I had enough money to buy some good looking wood. Since I'm probably going to cheap out and buy plywood or reclaimed wood, I'd rather just paint it to hide the ugliness of the wood.

>> No.601784

I think that's probably the reason it doesn't happen. It's expensive, you need good quality wood, and it's probably more difficult to hide mistakes with construction.

That and it's blasphemy.

>> No.601829

I remeber building a MAME cabinet with my dreamcast as a teen in 2004. I finished it and it was awesome. Cost a shitload but my dad let me because I got an A on teched for my "creative" project

Also OP I remember reading about some MachineGun arcade machine where you could pop in actual arcade boards and play them. never heard anything else though

>> No.601932


>MAME cabinet with my dreamcast

How does that work?

>> No.602836

Someone recommend me a joystick and/or button set to use.

>> No.602861

dreamcast connected via VGA, shitty Mame4dreamcast disc, arcade stick from japan

>> No.602880


Oh. That sounds lame.

>> No.602920


Honestly, it would still be pretty fucking servicable given the amount of Fighting games available. Soul Calibur alone would have been worth it.

>> No.602973
File: 80 KB, 640x480, arcadeos1[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the easiest cheapest way to build a mame cabinet. First, get an old arcade cabinet. 1990ish is best, with four buttons each on two players. Then you take some $20 pc like a P4 and format it to DOS then put ArcadeOS on it. After that, you need tge cheapest ever piece of mame cabinet hardware, the PC2JAMMA card. Plug the harness from your cabinet into one end and the other end to the PC and you're done. The interface is pretty 90s (pic related) but isn't that sort of the point?

>> No.603000

Supergun, dude... Supergun. But that's pretty much the opposite of a MAME cabinet

>> No.603040

No no, let him keep thinking it's "Machinegun", and then wait for the hilarious news story about the ATF burning his house down and shooting his neighbors because he was building "Machineguns" that play Ms. Pac-Man.

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