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So, this is a question I've been wondering for some time now. Why is it lately that I've been seeing shade getting tossed on Link's Awakening DX when the subject of Link's Awakening comes up? They're both great games, DX added a couple of minor features and color. I don't believe this is a case of SOUL vs. SOULLESS as both versions are brimming with soul, so what's the deal here? It looks great with or without color, is it the lack of screen warp/keeping Marin with you forever by skipping the Walrus? Minor dialogue changes perhaps?

I'm a tad stumped if not that.

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Some people legit prefers the old aesthetic, but mostly it's just the old=good new=bad meme

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This is it exactly. "soul" and "soulless" are just reiterations of "old=good, new = bad", but for people that don't have the discursive tools available to them to articulate their opinions on aesthetics.

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Super GB, play that shit on the SNES

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They both look superb though. You can play DX on a pocket or dmg as well. At that point sure play the og for the glitches and such. I just really can't see either version as bad.

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the dx version casualized the game by adding more owl statue hints and the color dungeon that gives you op clothes

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They casualized my children's game!

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That monochrome image is aspirational. The real world was solarized faded calculator screen.

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Some people can articulate abstract concepts without the shackles of using many words. In two words intelligent abstract thinking people can convey a message that takes a brainlet like the anon I'm replying to a whole paragraph to describe. Brainlets will never understand abstract thoughts and the adaptability of the English language.

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the tunics are not mandatory. You can play the entire bonus dungeon, beat the boss, and exit through the front door without picking up any.

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>You can play DX on a pocket or dmg as well.
But then you still get the stupid beaks and the owl statues all over every dungeon instead of the stone fragment and single tablet in each dungeon. You also can't press B to skip dialogue boxes in DX, which makes the Pieces of Power and Guardian Acorns fucking agonizing. The DX version is just worse.

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>is it the lack of screen warp/keeping Marin with you forever by skipping the Walrus
what did OP mean by this

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they shouldn't be in the game at all

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It doesn't convey anything dude. Its a stupid meme for stupid people. It requires no thinking at all to use. for example, your whole post was SOULLESS XD!

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You can choose not to use them. The original game wasn't hard anyway, so I'm not sure what you are complaining about. I could play Perfect Dark on "Agent" difficulty instead of PA, but I don't.

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>Bro just skip the content, you're not allowed to think optional content is bad!
Someone playing the game for the first time wouldn't know what they were doing, would get a tunic, and would have a piss easy time because the colored tunics break the balance of the game. It's detrimental to the experience because it was badly implemented, you can't just say "but it's optional lol."

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the only soulless one is the funko's awakening remake

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At the risk of sounding like a moron, I think that game looks really soulful.

That said it's not what I was hoping for in a Link's Awakening either, and I don't think this very effectively suits how sad this game really is with its toylike aesthetic.

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But when you say soul vs souless you're not articulating anything meaningful at all. You're giving your opinion and using inappropriate yet loaded words to try and sound deep.

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See, you get it now. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Congrats on expanding your brain anon.

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I actually had my game glitch into the red tunic just randomly last week, haven't entered the dungeon yet.

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The lack of color in the original means it has soul.

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I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, if done properly there could be a great contrast drawn between the art style (original impressions of the world) and the underlying story

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He's right. Also, nice kym filename, dumbass.

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DX is good, but the original looks better and doesn't have the owl beaks dragging it down.

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Here is your remake.

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That game looks better in colour, but I'll pass either way.

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SOUL just like the devs intended. You can post this on reddit with an lcd filter and get lots of updoots.

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You're on 4chan, while not everybody here is like this, there is a perpetual subset of users who will argue about literally anything just for the fuck of it.

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>Wow! This looks really heavy! You won't be able to lift it with just your bare hands....
Wow! This looks really heavy! You won't be able to lift it with just your bare hands....
>Wow! This looks really heavy! You won't be able to lift it with just your bare hands....
Wow! This looks really heavy! You won't be able to lift it with just your bare hands....
>Wow! This looks really heavy! You won't be able to lift it with just your bare hands....
Wow! This looks really heavy! You won't be able to lift it with just your bare hands....

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original is comfier

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The switch version will unironically end up being the best. Now suppress your tears because we all know it's true.

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I can't imagine having corporate dick this far past your tonsils. It must be painful internally.

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The only really bad thing about DX is you can’t skim messages with B, it always takes a while for them to finish. It sounds like a minor thing but it gets really annoying really fast, it’s almost like putting in one of those talking partners in a remake of a game that didn’t have one.

I’ve played DX and if I ever play LA again it was bad enough that I’ll make sure to play the original.

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Just like hack your rom.

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>Wow! This looks really heavy!
>Press B, move on
Sorry, DX babbies.

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This is a big flaw when it comes to acorns and glowing cheese wedges, but that aside, I'm enjoying it more.
Have you tried not running into stationary objects like a spastic?

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The original has fun glitches, but that's it
DX has color and more content
The remake is better than both combined

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>the game's not out yet, it looks worse, and remakes are almost never as good as originals, but this one's better 4 sure guyz. trust me

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You posting a meme image pretty much proves the point I was making. You're a garbage tier troll.

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At least he has soul.

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>Get the Power Bracelet
>No more message

At least they give you that.

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>The remake is better than both combined
citation needed
>I don't believe this is a case of SOUL vs. SOULLESS as both versions are brimming with sou
Nah, the original is soul, the DX is a soulless port, and the remake for Switch is a soulless recreation. It's simple, the original was a passion project given the green light, with really neat stuff about it that no other Zelda game has. The new one is all plastic looking in ascetic, and has several things missing, various scenes and the picture quest from DX. There's no reason to remove stuff, there's no reason to rerelease the same stuff with one or two new things. The original is SOUL, the rest are soullessness.

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I think it looks fine for what is essentially a portable game. What I dislike is the price. How can an obvious portable game like LA's remake be the same price as the full fledged BotW? Highway robbery by Nintendo. I wont be playing this until it hits the Nintendo Selects line. I'll enjoy LA DX until then.

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>How can an obvious portable game like LA's remake be the same price as the full fledged BotW?
They should both be 40-50

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Lol he doesn't have anything close to a soul.

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Seiken Densetsu is better than either of them.

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Have to admit, the main thing I dislike about DX is all those clouds they put on the title screen. The starkness of the original image of the egg on the mountain was lost.

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>Someone playing the game for the first time wouldn't know what they were doing

How is that an argument? Someone playing the game for the first time wouldn't find the secret dungeon, most people used a guide to find it

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The difference between black&white and colour isn't even like in the case of a recoloured movie, where the argument could stand that the original is better. A black&white movie would treat light differently for instance, but in a case of LA there is nothing like that, the process of making the game would have been identical had it been made in colour to begin with, and the coloured version respects the original material as far as the art is concerned, which the comparison screenshot proves.

So it's litterally the same game but in colour, all the differences are incredibly minor, less glitches, and you have extra content like a new dungeon and a new quest that leads to new funny cutscenes which develops the characters more.

tl;dr only reason you'd like the original more than the coloured version is pure blind, or chrome, nostalgia. And I never use the "nostalgia goggles" argument, but in this case, frankly there is no other explanation.

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not to mention you can play DX in b&w too anyway

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I think the DX colors are great, but I completely see where people are coming from. I usually read manga instead of anime, and it's jarring to see full color versions of characters that look drastically different than I imagined. I've assumed characters to be blonde or brunette many times, and it turns out they dress in full neon and have green hair or w/e. I know it's the original intention of the artist and a limitation of manga, but experiencing something in monochrome can give something a completely different tone or cause you to characterise people slightly differently. It's a bit like movie adaptions of books. Like I said, I don't think DX has this problem too much, but for some people the colors might not be what they imagined as a kid and to them, their imagination is preferable. I know it is to me, I can't experience One Piece in anything other than black and white.

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The less information given the more things are left to viewers imagination and so the world feels bigger. The manga example is spot on and I have used novels to movies before.

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Definitely. I totally see why some people would find pic related too much compared to their original vision of a graveyard area. It's not that DX colors are "wrong" (grass is green, water is blue), they're just highly saturated and occasionally the sprites clash.

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compare that to the LTTP color palette

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and it's a flippin' graveyard

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i deliberately found the closest equivalent to their pic so you can see how each game chose to handle patches in grass and gravestone color etc

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The problem is that you are using an emulator or non stock screen. On original GBC hardware the cors look perfect. You literally can't emulate the slightly pastel reflective jewel tones of the original GBC screen. I'm not trolling, this is really the truth.

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Glitches, duh.

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Game looks fine, just wish they fixed the camera angle a bit to be similar to the other 2D games. I always wondered if this bothered anyone else besides from me

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Yes, you are retarded.

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Found the zoomer.

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the patchy white/brown/green sprites still look shitty. look specifically at that sprite of green blades of grass on a white background, and how link to the past interpreted the same light/dark color contrast as two shades of green. in that case the limitation of the GBC's graphics results in a messier final image as the player is still forced to make up the differences themselves, but this time for around 1/3rd of the ground textures in a seemingly random busy layout. that limitation doesn't exist on the original monochrome version as it's essentially colored by the player. a single sprite can be colored in a multitude of ways depending on how the scene portrays it. someone might see the cemetery as taking place during the night, or the forest as secluded by overhead trees and therefore darker. that nuance can't exist in DX since each sprite only has one set of color information. a patch of grass will always be bright green, and dirt will always look orange.

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It's just the kind of autism we attract around here. It's one facet of /vr/ autism anyway. It's in the same vein as the spergs who take everything literally and start throwing a tantrum if you say that games "age". Also the kind of retard who thinks that PS2 and GBA "will never be retro" and the manchildren who lose their shit and tell you to fuck off back to /v/ if you're even mildly critical of a game they're nostalgic about.

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>posts the DX map
you dumb fuck

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that's nice, now fuck off back to /v/

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I'm going to hack the DX game so it has stone tablets like the DMG game, instead of owl statues. My dad has been in prison since the late 90's. Is he gay yet?

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I tried colorizing the original just cause

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I like that map you soulless bastard

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It's really stupid. I enjoyed both versions. There's flaws with DX and there's flaws with the original. The difficulty point is stupid because nobody plays Zelda games (other than 2) for an actual challenge, they're all easy as fuck. That's like complaining about a different version of kirby because one boss has less health in a newer version.

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>he doesn't enjoy breaking his games with glitches on subsequent playthroughs
I spent so much time on Angelfire and Geocities websites looking up glitches as a kid. Anything to extend the fun of playing the few games I had. You don't have to become a joyless old fart just because you've grown up, anon.

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a big part of LA vs DX is that LA wasn't built with full color in mind so some color choices seem strange.
also with the monotone gradients it makes it seem like there's more detail. when you finally get a real color version that suddenly has hardware restrictions its not nearly as complicated.

a good comparison is one of those black and white movies and then a colorized version years later.

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>That's like complaining about a different version of kirby
It's nothing like that, sorry, you're dumb.

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One of the big things that killed me for DX was the oversatured colors. I borrowed both LA’s from a friend after the Oracle games which imo had way better colors. I ended up playing the black and white cartridge instead

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