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Why were there so many caveman games in the 16-bit era?

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Wasn't there like three? Joe and Mac, Chuck Rock, and Bonk?

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Why are there so many military shooters but you play it and it's actually racially critical feminist theory in the modern era?

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Also Super Adventure Island 1 & 2, Prehistorik Man, Congo's Caper
Also other games like Chrono Trigger had cavemen/dinosours
Plus Mario World being Dinosaur/prehistoric themed

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>Also Super Adventure Island
How could I have forgotten.

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Maybe something to do with a revival of interest in The Flintstones during the 90s? I know I watched The Flintstones quite a bit as a kid in the 90s, plus they eventually even made those live action films.

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Prehistorik 2
Tar-chan (sort of)
Live A Live (one chapter)
Chrono Trigger (partially)
Flinstones games

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StonePunk is actually one of my favorite "punks" (there are many punks. Steampunk Dieselpunk, etc) and 90s were the golden age of Stonepunk.
I actually dug through stonepunk history and representation in pop culture quite deep. And im so sad i cant into Youtube otherwise i would make a video about underrated Stonepunk subgenre and its rules.
Because literally NOBODY talks about stonepunk these days.

But such games keep existing. Nintendo Switch for example has quite a few.

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>Maybe something to do with a revival of interest in The Flintstones during the 90s? I know I watched The Flintstones quite a bit as a kid in the 90s, plus they eventually even made those live action films.
a lot of happenings made a good soil for Stonepunk genre to grow in the 90s.

90s also had a lot of DINOSAURS movies and cartoons. Dinosaurs were so popular back then.
80s had a shit ton of dinosaur-based cartoons. Then Jurassic Park came out. Then the second part.
Stonepunk games obviously had to happen during such dino-craze

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That second game is based on tarzan and the others are only small segments.
That is really pushing innit.

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>90s also had a lot of DINOSAURS movies and cartoons. Dinosaurs were so popular back then
I forgot how dinosaur crazy the early-to-mid '90s were.

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Also no - the dinosaur craze started in the mid-80s

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The skateboarding dinosaur I posted > the skateboarding dinosaur you posted

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Dino Riders I remember, Denver the Dino Twink I do not remember, Dinosaucers...WTF? That last one is some serious focus group shit.

"Hey, what if we combine dinosaurs with ALIENS???"

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The Flintstones were actually the most profitable television cartoon for a long time. It wasn't until the Simpsons did they finally get outdone.

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It's also better than Dino Riders.

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I'll reserve judgement until I see its corresponding toy line.

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You never had those toys anyway, zoomer.

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The militarized dinosaur I posted > the militarized dinosaur you posted

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They sure don't make cyber dinosaurs like they used to.

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Unga bunga

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Strider by Capcom released in 1989 had a dinosaur level, complete with topless amazons. That stage was huge deal back then, because it looked extremely cool seeing those huge dinos.
Karnov arcade had some dinosaurs too as enemies in some levels, and battling a dinosaur in Revenge of Shinobi (that turned to be a Godzilla ripoff) was a major selling point of that game in 1989.

Also, there were a lot of reruns of the Flintstones in the 80s, and even new shows like the The Flintstone Kids.

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Good question, wish I had an answer

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Were there any games that had both dinosaurs and ninja in them?

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Caveman Ninja

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Everybody got up and got on the floor and then everybody did the dinosaur.

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>And im so sad i cant into Youtube otherwise i would make a video about underrated Stonepunk subgenre and its rules.
Please get into it anyway and make that video. I really wanna know more

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This military shooter shit is killing me. When will this meme stop so that we can have games like Croc 2 again?

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I wish people would make more caveman games.

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We have all sorts of games now. I haven't played a military shooter since the nineties.

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It's one of the remnants of the adventure genre and the lost world subgenre specifically. There was also a stone age subgenre that was popular at the end of the 19th and beginning of 20th century. Caveshit got popular around the same time pirates got popular and for the same exact reasons. Bit by bit both were devoured by fantasy and sci-fi. Why have sabletooth tigers when you can have deathdemoncats from bloodhell? Why fantasize about cave people when you can fantasize about spacemen visiting cave people and getting on with sexy cave girls? Who cares about a huge croc in a swamp when you have Jurassic Park? These are all sense-of-wonder-centric genres, and fantasy/sci-fi does it better.

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Why not both?

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Because of Encino Man

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Also Caveman Ughlympics for the C64 which was kinda like a parody from EA for their sports titles. And it also was ported to PC and NES as "Caveman games". I really liked the game of an era where EA games weren't shit.

Also (some very obscure ones):
Big Nose the Caveman (NES, Atari ST, Amiga)
Pinball Prelude (Amiga and PC) had an prehostoric table
BC Racers (3DO, PC, Sega SEGA 32X/Mega CD)
Cavemania (C64, Spectrum)
Dugger (Amiga, Atari ST)
Googootrops (PS1, japan exclusive)
Jurajski Sen (Amiga, Poland exclusive)
Prehistorik (Amstrad & PC)
Sapiens (Amstrad, Thomson MO6/TO7-70, Atari ST, PC)
Stone Age (C64, Amiga, Atari ST, PC)
Stone Axe: Search for Elysium (PC, south korea)

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a fad that lasted till mid 90s




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>Why were there so many caveman games in the 16-bit era?
Because dinosaurs were cool as fuck. Jurassic Park came out so everyone was hyped about dinosaurs, and they were these big mean looking reptiles so they were just inherently cool. A better question is why did they stop making dinosaur games?

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Nigger, as shown in this thread, it was popular way before Jurassic Park.

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Nigger of course Jurassic Park didn't invent dinosaurs being popular and I wasn't saying it was only because of Jurassic Park. But you're dumb if you don't think Jurassic Park kicked the dinosaur craze into high gear in the 90s

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Primal Rage

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These games are a meta-analysis of the relatively primitive stage of video game technology and artistic progression at the time

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It was at the end of the craze after Jurassic Park it only went down slowly

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I just want a DVD/Bluray release of Dinosaucers. The awful desynced audio VHS rips on youtube are terrible, and it's sad when the intro being "remastered" into "high quality 480p" is the best we get.

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Fucking Flintstones reruns

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Dinosaurs were huge in the 90s, they were fucking everywhere.
Also, rare game I haven't seen mentioned yet but played the fuck out of:
Trog for NES

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I downloaded SNES Online on Switch too

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Is this on that? That's pretty cool. I'm not OP but me and my brother rented the Joe and Mac games when we were kids and played the fuck out of them. If they're back on Switch SNES online we might play a bit over Thanksgiving.

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B.C. Racers is my favourite

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Do you remember the Flintstones cereal, Team?

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Oh shiiiit. I forgot that game existed until you mentioned it and sudden memories of the hours playing it came flooding back. Thanks bro.

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Check out the Sega CD version, imo it's the better one

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>ctrl+f tomba
>no results

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And the Vitamins
as a kid in the late 80s early 90s I didn't really get why the Flintstones were a thing being marketed since the original show was from the 60s, I assumed it was the old people (literal baby boomers) trying to force their things on us

I'm kinda nostalgic for it now

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KillYourSelf you DoubleNiggerFaggot

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>16-bit era

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I love caveman games. Actually i am a bit of caveman myself. Also lets not forget wonder boy 1!

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I actually never saw the cartoon for either as a kid (Dino Riders was home video only and Dinosaucers was probably shown at 7:30 am when I was riding to school) but Dino Riders toys were WAY better, the dinos were very realistic for their time

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Only had a VHS tape of the first 2 episodes of Dino Riders, but the toys were awesome. Especially when you started playing them with pic related. I wish someone would pick up Incredible Crash Dummies again, those toys that purposely broke apart were fantastic.

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Never really though about it, but you're right. Dinosaurs and caveman stuff was super popular in th 90s.

Capcom's Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is another classic.

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that's like asking why there were so many caveman during the prehistoric era because Homo Sedecium hadnt evolved to Homo Tribusratio yet

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lots of good stuff is locked forever on shit youtube quality because they are fucking normies who dont know any better, instead of, you know, sharing their original raw files on communities, and even those are ''locked to the public unless you get invited by a member, good luck with that asshole''

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>I'm kinda nostalgic for it now

10 million of us are too anon