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I'll start: Harry and the Hendersons by Technos.
It'd be a mix of beat 'em up and RPG, for the Mega Drive and NES.

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Obligatory Twin Peaks post

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reminder that we almost got a Twin Peaks game on the NES published by Hi-Tech Expressions

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I'm surprised no one made a total conversion mod for DN3D that replaced all of Duke's lines with the various things that Judge Judy says.

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I loved how just about every movie of the era got a game. Bruce willis’ Hudson Hawk and Charlie sheen’s navy seals both got one. In an alternate timeline we got proper looney tunes, roger rabbit and Calvin and Hobbes games all by capcom.

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>looney tunes
Konami had the license
>roger rabbit
stuck in licensing hell, Bonkers was a compromise who did have a Capcom SNES game
>and Calvin and Hobbes
Bill Watterson was a cuck who didn't want to cash in on his characters popularity, feeling it would devalue them or some shit.

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>an auto-scrolling level where you ride Harry through scores of Bigfoot hunters
It could work.

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Fat Albert Point N Click

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I was about to say ThunderCats, but apparently there was a PC version released for the Commodore 64, Amiga, and other Britbong computers.

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Is there a bonus scenario where you play Bill Cosby drugging women?

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Terrible Thunderlizards & Dennis the Menace (cartoon)

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>>if only this was a Konami game

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A Mega Force game
Either a vertical shmup or a strategy game (would be perfect for an RTS but those weren't really a thing yet in 1989, except Herzog Zwei)

no one here probably remembers these toys but they were great

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not the same property

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I know, I just think it's a cool oddball movie with the same name.

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I could swear there was an Atari game

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Google and my rom set says you are correct.
It's a shitty Defender clone and every time I fire a rocket and it impacts a target, I have an epileptic seizure.

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MacGyver by Lucasarts. A point-and-click adventure game that uses the Scumm-engine.

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This would have been cool as fuck.

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Did He-Man get a game?

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There's a shocking lack of games licensed from 80s action movies. Only a few of them ever really got adaptations.

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>just about every movie of the era got a game

That might have been true in the 90s, but sure as fuck not in the 80s.

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nigga, it'd need to be a crafting game

think Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empire

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I need this. Hell you could almost romhack the metal gear games on nes and get something neat.

Good thread BTW.

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Realistically it would be a bad Amiga platformer shovelware with an annoying single music for the whole game.

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Dinosaurs for Hire is pretty similar to Thundelizards.

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There was one for the Intellivision.

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Sumo Dudes.
Ideally: a fighting game developed by Capcom following Darkstalkers style
Realistically: a half-assed Acclaim action-platformer/hybrid jack-of-all-trade-master-on-none shit game with bad controls and abysmal level design

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How would've a Freakazoid game faired up?

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Ideally: Konami beat 'em up/platformer beltscroller hybrid, from the Goemon team.
Realistically: Some awful Virgin game

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Married with Children: Shoe Store Murder Mystery

"A very large women suddenly dies in the shoe store and everyone thinks you killed her! Play as Al(and Jefferson with a 2nd player) as you traverse famous MwC locations(Bundy residence, titty bar, mall, etc) finding clues on who framed Al!"

I imagine it playing alot like the Beavis & Butthead game where you need items from different locations to move the story forward and open up new areas.

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>pic related

by Sony Imagesoft for 3DO with Shadowrun(SNES) style game play.

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I could be wrong but I think there was a canceled one for snes.

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3D Playstation game like that shitty Batman Beyond game

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When did this talk about "IP's" even become a thing anyway? The whole term is just an excuse to bundle together a bunch of legislation about things that historically have nothing to do with each other and to generalize the worst aspects from any of those to every one.

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that show peaked in popularity in the early 2000s
It would be a PS2 game if it existed

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The Owens family has disappeared! You, Lynn Belvedere, the butler for the Owens family, must call on your inner Sherlock Holmes to unravel the mystery of their sudden disappearance.

- A twisting, turning story featuring you in the role as America's favorite English butler.

- The most detailed world ever created in a Sierra adventure. You'd swear you're really in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania and downtown Pittsburgh!

- New snark mechanic. Use Belvedere's English snark to embarrass and humiliate characters as you interrogate them.

- 15 (yes 15!) 1.44mb floppies of super sleuthing action, featuring real voice samples from Christopher Hewitt, Bob Uecker, and Brice Beckham.*
*MT-32 required

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>Tapper clone, but you got four corners to deal with instead
>Norm comes in at the end of a round and must be dealt more beers than the rest. Successful, you go to the next round.

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kek well thought out anon

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We never got an actual Twin Peaks game but it's funny how many /vr/ developers were inspired by it. Link's Awakening and OoT were both separately inspired by Twin Peaks, and of course there's Mizzurna Falls which is basically a Twin Peaks game without the IP.

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Nice. Diane might also act as an Evil Otto of sorts. If you're too slow, she comes out and bickers at you, which affects the speed and accuracy of your beer delivery.

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Monkeybone as a Banjo-Kazooie-esque collectathon platformer on the N64 or Playstation

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