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No TR thread? Let's fix that. And since we talked the games to death already, why not bring up Level Editor?

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So go ahead and list three of your most favourite TRLE levels.
I'll start
>Tibetan Winter (the remake)
>Legacy of the Gods
>The Sanctuary of Water, Ice and Fire
Honourable mention of the Jungle Ruins series and The Plain of Jars

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And reposting the Polish dump. Whoever made the original one - you sir are a true saviour

>TR1 + GOLD (Unfinished Business)

>TR2 + GOLD (The Golden Mask)


>TR3 GOLD (The Lost Artifact)

>TR: The Last Revelation (TR4)
You need both, since zippyshare had 500 MB limit and the full installer weights 577 MB

>TR: Chronicles (TR5)

>TR: Angel of Darkness (TR6)
You need all four, for the same reason

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>TRLE Best Levels Edition

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90s map/level editors are easy to use, too bad no zoomer babby today is able to push three buttons in a row.

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Easy to use =/= easy to make good levels.
But hey, at least you found a way to post about zoomers

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Considering most of the best and highest rated levels made with TRLE came out in past 4 years - yeah, go fuck yourself.

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tr1- am i the only one whose game bugs after lvl4?
once i finish that it sends me back to lvl2

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Man, getting the tomb raider demo as a 5 year old and having to figure out how to play without instructions, step by step is something I’ll never forget. I was a savescumming bastard at that time

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Who the hell gives a 5 yo TR game to play? And I don't mean it in a sense "oooo, scary game with combat and dead bodies in it", but simply too hard for a kid that age

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lol, a friend of my dad's had some sort of subscription that mailed him demo discs and he would just give the game ones to my dad. To be fair I was probably at least 6 or 7 by the time I was able to beat the levels it came with

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>That selling pitch

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What are some good fan levels? I'm surprised to never hear anything about a TR mapping community when a bunch of them had editors and the spirit of classic TR (3D cinematic platformer) isn't being kept alive in any modern games.

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The list is not kidding with "top 100", since it's going on ever since the Level Editor was released and the sheer weight of votes is overwhelming. Anything that's above 8 is solid, anything above 9 is "must play" and 9.5 is pretty much mandatory.

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Egypt & Beyond. It's more like whole custom game than just a level. Also very hard.

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I had tomb raider as a 6 year old and didnt have much problems.

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C'mon TR1 is not that difficult. Although, this comes from the guy, who got stuck on the Colliseum demo level for TR5 (the part with collapsing bridge) for ages, because I couldn't for the love of me figure out that Lara can now drop forwards from crouch).
TR 1 is surprisingly disturbing, to be honest - weird character models and this black void that imitated the sky is still a bit uncanny.

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>tfw hate platforming but love Lara

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I think I would be part of that small percentage who never really understood the appeal of Lara herself, but enjoyed the shit out of the games.

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if someone could post some savefiles that might bypass the problem

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Love the original game, don't really love the tank controls, I put up with the tank controls to experience the rest of the good stuff

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You need save files for all levels, all games, or just for start of TR1's St. Francis Folly?

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I've cheat-skipped the levels and it loaded St. Francis Folly without any issue, but that obviously means no pick-ups and secrets in my save state.
So just go to Stella's:

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Nobody wants to talk about TR anymore ;_;.

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I want!

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I had a poster of this pic I got from some gaming mag....good times were had.

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I'm not sure if I wanted to know that from just about anyone. Especially you, anon

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I want classic Lara's fat jugs on my face

there, happy?

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i just wanted pictures

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You are the direct opposite of what everyone else wants here.

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i grew up with em but i didnt finish any of em and i kinda feel like i really need to play through the old core games once and for all... but i havent yet. sorry anon
lara's pyramid tits made me gay :<

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I started playing my sister's copy of tomb raider 1 at 3 back in 95. I made it to rome at that age, and pretty sure the only reason I didn't get further was lack of attention span being so young. I got the majority of the way through rayman 1 around that age too.

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this worked, thx

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Loved the game, ruins, temples, tombs.. never really cared if it's Lara or other Indiana Jones kind of guy.

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Imagine not caring about Lara.

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I never said I didn't care - I said I didn't get the appeal based solely on her and her alone

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I am kinda halfpoint on the issue. I don't adore Lara per se - I never found her as likeable as let's say April Ryan from TLJ as far as favourite female protagonists or as cool as Kain from LoK or Garrett from Thief. But I kinda got attached to her, simply because I spent shitton of time playing TR games. It's weird, really.

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Legend Lara > 2013 nu-Lara >>>>>>>>>>>>>> all other classic Laras >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest of the nu-Laras

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>At all
"Shit taste" doesn't even tackle it

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Imagine having such poor taste

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Legend Lara was ok but I dind't like mic/headset. It killed that feeling of alienation and being all alone. But again Legend had a shit ton on action/shooting so it makes sense tho.

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My problem with Tomb Raider custom maps is that a lot of them seem to be made by people who looked at Tomb Raider 3 and thought "this isn't obnoxious enough."

It's hard to find maps where the difficulty is more in line with 1/2/4. Here's one I like: http://trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=2459

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Most of the mini-campaigns are what you are looking for. OP even listed Jungle Ruins series

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Here's a good one that's pretty recent.


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Temple Ruins TR 3
That Russian submarine in TR 5 idk the name
Temple of Semmerkhet TR 4

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Nigger, do you even know what TRLE is?

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where is the TR version of this?

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or this?

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I jacked off to Lara sweety

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No need for this to ever exist, since the way how trle.net operated, anyone ever wanting to play fan-made levels was instantly presented with a solid list of "must plays" just by visiting their page

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anyone had any luck getting these to work with a 360 controller? the menus just spin like crazy for me

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Stop using shitty controllers and all your problems will be solved

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i'm guessing you use your personality as a contraceptive.

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Riddle me this: why would you want to play games flat-out designed for keyboard to be played with a pad? Especially a PC release of said games. I never understood how the fuck anyone can play TRs with a pad or any other controller. Yes, I know those games were originally designed for consoles, but it doesn't change the fact they play best on keyboard, where you make the most of the in-game controls

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because i grew up playing them on console so it's what im used to and due to disability, mouse and keyboard is barely usable

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Being retarded is no longer a disability, anon

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