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This might be the easiest Zelda game in the series in terms of difficulty, but it has the most complex and immersive gameplay. The dungeons, puzzles, use of items, and the overworld is the most complex of any 2D Zelda game.

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what a soulful cover

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>The dungeons, puzzles, use of items, and the overworld is the most complex of any 2D Zelda game
Try again. Try Oracle of Ages, Seasons, and even Minish Cap.

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So where does the difficulty factor in in the other entries in the series? Only played LA and WW to completion.

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The two NES games are the only legitimately difficult ones. All the others afterwards are normie tier..

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The NES games are a good example of arbitrary difficulty. The NES games are not hard because they were designed to be hard; the NES games are hard because of how primitive and incomplete they are.

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*artificial difficulty

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>but it has the most complex and immersive gameplay.
What exactly does this mean?

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It has 4D effects in a primarily 2D game

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What is Mario doing down there

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So which is better, the original or the DX version?

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Do you want link to be red or blue
Or do you want to mf teleport

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You might have a point. LoZ1 would be greatly improved just by having diagonal movement.

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Doing shrooms XD

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ok now this is epic

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Items are useful in multiple dungeons . Not just the ones you found them in. An item from an older dungeon may be required in a later one. The game sometimes requires you to use two items at once. The overworld itself has puzzles like giant gaps that you have to jump over and flames that you can't walk through without a shield, but it's also really open for exploration. Some of the dungeons feel 3D with multiple floors and rooms that drop down into lower rooms. There are side scrolling sections. It's just a great 2D Zelda game that the other games in the series never really matched.

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I'm a massive purist who always advocates for playing the original game before playing remakes, but the DX version is actually pretty good. The game is beautiful in color.

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I don't understand why people gush over LA but dismiss the oracle games. I played OoS first, so LA felt basic in comparison.

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Speaking of difficulty, how do I consistently beat Blue Wizzrobes without taking damage? About to start Second Quest and they just reamed my asshole all throughout the First Quest. It feels like their hitboxes are lingering or premature or something or maybe I'm just retarded.

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its older so its better

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Indeed. Item acquisition and backtracking is actually better than LTTP. Even playing through as a child on a GB Pocket, every aspect and hint always seemed well thought out and with minimal exploration you could figure out what item you would need next.

The only place I ever got stuck was Turtle Rock; but eventually worked it out. Still the progression in this Zelda is leagues better than say Windwaker, etc.

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Oracle games are boring. The map design is pretty much a railroad with no room for exploration. The dungeon design tends to be convoluted to the point of tedium. They are competently made games I admit, but somehow Capcom just missed that spark that makes other Zelda games feel special.

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It is a bit more linear but offers a choice in companion that allows for a bit of variety.

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>offers a choice in companion that allows for a bit of variety.
Variety in literally 1 area in the game that you go to once and never visit again. Whoopie...

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it could have used some more sure, but that does add a tinge of replay value

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Link's Awakening is just so fucking weird. I love it because it's different.

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You can use them in a large portion of the map, meaning you can cross water or jump over holes and cliffs long before getting an item to do that yourself.

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I really love the surrealness of it and always hoped there would be a 3D reimagining of it, the remake will have to suffice. The notion that you're getting nightmare keys instead of boss keys, and the ultimate goal is to awaken the windfish is fantastic. I always liked the roc's feather and the sidescrolling sections of the game. It was also so cool to see chainchomps and yoshi make cameos.

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They have better dungeon design but the overworld is way too linear (not that LA isn't). But the main thing is LA tugs at your heartstrings in a way that Oracles don't.

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Mostly nostalgia, but there is something to be said for the development of Link's Awakening being a clear labour of love, love for video games, and love for the Legend of Zelda as it had been produced up to that point. The game was a love letter that was developed after hours for a good portion of its development. This had two major results: 1) the developers had fun with the design, they included Easter Eggs, offbeat references to other games, and a lot of humour. 2) they designed the game the way they wanted, without corporate oversight (though Nintendo definitely have their developers a lot more freedom in those days anyway), it wasn't a game designed to fit a mandate, or to create a product to fill a market gap, it was just some great game designers who had a passion and went to work on it, and that really shows.
All that being said, the Oracle games are great too, but they lack some of the freedom that Link's Awakening developers had, and that's something you can feel as you play.

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Nah, Wind Waker is still the easiest. But retro only, Link's Awakening is probably the easiest of the vintage games.

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>LA thread
every single time

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>You might have a point.
More likely, he does not.

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The oracles games are objectively superior. They fit OoT sized adventures with multiple overworlds and did it twice. LA is done and gone in 3 hours if you don't waste time. 5 hours at most.

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That's a very nice way to say "The Oracles overstay their welcome."

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>arbitrary difficulty
>how primitive and incomplete they are

"If only I could move all my pieces like the Queen, then chess would be good."

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Yeah, games should only be 3 minutes long

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Horrible analogy, try again.

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Original, because it's harder (if you don't exploit glitches) and more mysterious-feeling. DX was made easier in many ways and is somewhat more tedious, but it's still a great experience.

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I fucking love the Oracle games (especially Ages), but there's still nothing like Link's Awakening.

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Not the most complex, but the most compete zelda experience. It has a good mix of exploration, dungeon questing, quality characters and story, music, gameplay, and stuff to do. It's not especially heavy in any one of those, but it fits the bill adequately on all of them, making it IMO the most well-rounded Zelda game.

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hit them after they warp, use arrows if you want to keep your distance

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I dunno, I think OoT is the more difficult game of the two easy retro ones.

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I don't think length or size are great metrics for saying that a game is objectively better, but I can see why some people might say that. There is also the fact that Link's Awakening came out in 1993 and the Oracle games were released in 2001 on a more advanced handheld at the end of its lifespan, with a dedicated development team from the start, compared to Link's Awakening being developed as an unauthorized side-projecy on one of the first development kits for the GameBoy. That is to say, of course Link's Awakening is shorter and simpler, but that alone isn't enough to say it's better. I also know LA is nostalgia bait as a result of its development lacking a lot of oversight, and the flavours that were able to be added as a result.
All that being said, the Oracle games are extremely good as well, they just have a different and distinctive feel from Link's Awakening.

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>dat cover
kill it with fire

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>LoZ1 would be greatly improved just by having diagonal movement.
Is this bait or are you really just that new and stupid? LoZ1 would not be improved by giving link diagonal movement. His movement is very well balanced with other mechanics in the game including how enemies move and how Link's weapons work.

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Arrows don't work on wizrobes. The only ranged attack that works on them is the sword shot. The wand will also damage them but only the physical part of the wand, the magic shots don't work.
Arrows are great for taking out the like-likes though.
>how do I consistently beat Blue Wizzrobes without taking damage
Stay on the line between tiles they often won't shoot at you even if they're facing you (demonstrated by your picture in fact).
Other than that just git gud. You need concentration, patience, and fast reflexes to stay out of the way of their shots. It's definitely difficult.

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I'd like LA a whole lot more if discovering dungeons had more to do with turning over stones in the overworld and less to do with NPCs.

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>the developers had fun with the design, they included Easter Eggs, offbeat references to other games, and a lot of humour
It was the For Frog the Bell Tolls team. That game is basically nothing but 7 hours of that kind of humor. There's even a bizarre point in the story where you have to go to Nintendo HQ to get an item, and it's the only modern facility in an otherwise knights and sorcery style game.

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it's clunkier now that there's diagonal and three dimensional movement

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Definitely underrated

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fuck no, the combat and actual gameplay of loz1 is pretty much perfect. loz1 would be improved by fixing a lot of the cryptic shit. not saying it should be streamlined with a full map and quest marker mind you, but just better translation for a lot of the hints or perhaps less trial and error when it comes to bombing walls/burning trees in the overworld.

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Samefagging to mention I managed to beat Second Quest with 18 deaths, most of them were at the beginning though. One of those games where the difficulty is front loaded I guess.

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>and actual gameplay of loz1 is pretty much perfect
The painfully slow screen transitions ruin it. It's worse than Super Metroid in that respect.

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the idea that none of these older games would benefit from a face lift is incredulous

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Literally every console game would benefit from a 240fps remake.

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I would never trust the NES Zeldas to be remade by a man who actively hates them.

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nobody would pleb
with choices in graphical styles and resolutions

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What about IntiCreates remaking Zelda II? They're saying they gladly would if Nintendo would let them.

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>muh abritrary difficulty
>muh primitive incomplete NES games
What's a zoomer doing on /vr/?

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>perhaps less trial and error when it comes to bombing walls/burning trees in the overworld.
I'll never understand this as a criticism. To quote Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, "X never marks the spot". You should not expect treasure to be hidden behind a cracked wall or under an odd looking tree.

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>one second
>painfully slow

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he misunderstands the design philosophy of the original, and that's one of my gripes concerning nuZelda

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At least the director of Breath of the Wild (forget his name) seems to have a healthy respect for the original game. Aonuma just doesn't get it, and it's sad that they let a man who couldn't even enjoy the original game be in charge of the series for so long.

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>To quote Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, "X never marks the spot".
That was a joke. X literally did mark the spot.

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>muh poking every random wall for bombable passages is a good making
Why does that matter you'll all end up looking up a guide anyway. Don't lie, Jesus hates liars.

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Oh cool, I didn't realize that. For Frog the Bell Tolls... I'll see if I can dig up a ROM of that and try it out, thanks anon.

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Why yes, poking every wall for bombable passage is a good making. A very good making.
I've never consulted a guide for the original LoZ. Knowing where to bomb and where to burn takes away all the fun of DISCOVERING the secret.

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Are you retarded? I beat Links Awakening when I was like 6 years old without a guide. It's the easiest retro Zelda game.

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That's Tarin.

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>This might be the easiest Zelda game in the series in terms of difficulty
Did you forget about wind waker?

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