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Even to this day I stil think Low Poly 3D is a really underated aesthetic

Its way better and interesting than 2D and modern 3D

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Much like limited console 2d from the 80's onwards, low-poly 3d can nowadays be considered an art style even if this was born out of necessity at the time. And it's a damn good one, depending on the developer.

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I think I'm actually going to buy these

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>Its way better and interesting than 2D and modern 3D
Than modern 3D for sure. 2D, nope.

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Games with 2D sprites and low poly 3D environments though

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No moving lips and the same expression on their face no matter the dialogue; Hell Yea! Final Fantasy 7

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OP from which game is that picture?

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Beautiful game

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Looks like one of the PS1 Clock Tower games.

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Would you eat low poly food?

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I like my fighters blocky.

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Best looking Sonic game?

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*tires screeching*

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Sega games used to be so beautiful

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I think it's more about seeing the effort put in than the "low poly". All the new stuff looks realistic, but it seems the work is mostly already done with the game engines nowadays. Back then, there weren't many generic game engines where any jackoff can just make a game. There was a time when under 200 people in the world can make game. I wish they would nuke generic game engines and give us a rebirth in gaming.

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>meanwhile, in western games

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Lol, what am I looking at?

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Super underated game.

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CRITICOM. That's what happens when west tries to get into low poly graphics and fighting games at the same time.

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I love it, better than your gaymoetrash

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/v/ is that way.

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i main blue lizard

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You mean Oliems, the chicken?

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Unique looking game, i didn't like it tho, maybe you'll like it if you liked Alone in the dark.

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Somebody better post Interstate 76 right now or I'm gonna scream

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Damn those models look great. Please tell me I can order them without having to resort to Yahoo or something.

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>low poly thread
>posts spheroid game
The great sacrilege.

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I woke up from a nightmare a few moments ago involving the low polly 3D zombies from the first Resident Evil.

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Ugly stretched and filtered screenshots everywhere.

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Rival Schools is some good shit

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Thank you. Every indie game developer that goes for a retro aesthetic always goes for 8 and 16-bit sprites. It was charming in the early 2010's, but now it's just kinda old to me

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based retards

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No matter what they do you're gonna bitch and whine it looks like cellphone shit anyway. Accept it's not for you.

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Indie devs are going for low poly now but some just dont get it. Just look at Dark Data. Not gonna post it here but look it up for yourself. It's just off.

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Games with this aesthetic?

My gripe with low poly modern games is that low polygon models have absolutely no benefit over a much more detailed model, because the underlying engines run like shit. A game that looks like something that would've run at full speed with a Pentium 2 would chug on a system with anything less than a modern quad-core because unity or unreal or whatever have to constantly calculate shit that isn't being utilized at all. This guy >>5881010 has a point, games aren't made by programmers anymore, the tools are strong enough for anyone to use and hardware is strong enough to run any poorly optimized game.

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It mostly has to do with shaders and lighting being much more heavier than pushing polygons and the hardware and API itself being much more optimized for pushing a billion polygons

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I feel similarly about raytracing; we've developed computationally lighter ways to simulate life-like lighting, and even doing a good enough job faking it, but the new technology will be significantly harder to run and just hold back progress from other areas of game design, such as AI.

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Like that hairworks shit nobody cared about but made a big deal anyway.

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AI is being used, to make better graphics.

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Wake me up when we get deep learning neural networks adapting on the fly. For fuck sake instead of that Denuvo shit can't they connect o a server, generate a deep learned neural code there then send it back to the game.

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>Windows 3/95 games

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That was the lsat game directed by Akira Kitamura, the director of MM1-2, and Cocoron.

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>CRITICOM. That's what happens when west tries to get into low poly graphics and fighting games at the same time.

The crash hit the West hard, and Japan took the reigns. Really it's Doom that started the Western comeback, and that started on the PC. It wasn't until Graphic accelerators that the West's PC games relaly took off, and not until the 2000's when the West really got legitimately good with console games.

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Why does that pic make me think of Riverdance?

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Great AI can be faked just like how great lighting can be faked instead of simulating light rays. Its just not seen as important enough so instead of carefully refining the carefully planning of finite state machines like the ones used in Doom, Half-Life, and Fear, developers got lazy with behavior trees.

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money for nothin and your chicks for free!

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Yet West still can't model women.

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They can they just choose not to

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No, their models always feel off.

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Yes. In byte sized chunks.

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>nippon superior
>t. weebshit pedo

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Unironically yes.

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Dr. Slump


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I thought western console games became comparable with 5th gen consoles. The PS1 and N64 both have an overwhelming number of western developed classics, the latter pretty much only has western games. The 2000s is when western developers started favoring consoles over PC, as either PC franchises got console exclusive entries (baldurs gait dark alliance, fallout brotherhood of steel) and former PC developers became full time console developers (LucasArts with Gladius, Angel Studios becoming Rockstar San Diego). Warcraft 3 is probably the only PC exclusive of the 6th gen that people care about, and then again you can lump that together with all your other RTSes.
Most 6th gen PC games were shared with consoles, meanwhile most console games were console exclusive. People tend to exaggerate that PC gaming was dead in the 2000s, when it was more like being in a coma. It wasn't gone, but it didn't do much either.

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Die Hard

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These models/textures were not made for screen resolutions this high

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Horizon Chase Turbo did a really good job of it. The game looks (and sounds) beautiful.

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Not great.

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way too many polygons

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This looks like a mobile game, and I bet it needs 4 cores and 8gb of ram to work. Why are modern games so poorly optimized?

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OS and framework bloat

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Modern web browsers also need that much to do anything.

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It looks a lot better in motion. I probably should have pointed that out.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZtck_VaLHY

If you still think it looks ugly, you're a fag. And I know the cars themselves are actually pretty high poly but I'm referring to the tracks and the background objects in particular.

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I would say yes if it weren't for the flat shading

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Is that a faked depth-of-field effect with the background texture? Neat.

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Looks gay. Not retro.

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This looks perfectly fine on actual hardware. Stop rendering things at such high resolutions on your shitty emulator.

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I agree OP, but at the same time I think the PS1 Clock Towers look like dogshit.

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Yeah nah, this looks like dogshit. It's lazy, low effort, flat shaded, memepoly garbage. Retro games never looked that bad. This is like pixelshit indie games with characters that are 5 pixels tall with 1 pixel noodle arms. And the high poly, shaded cars mixed in are like having mixels.

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Shitty clusterfuck of clashing styles.

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I have a guidebook for some NES era Dragon Ball Z game that has some low poly renders of characters for what I can only assume are bios. I can dig them out, but only if I'm motivated to by anons expressing intrest. Pretty sure the guide is for pic related.

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Do it

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Nigger. I was just about to go to sleep. Peep these. It's actually from the 2nd DBZ rpg on NES. I think these renders have something to do with the arcade cardass machines. It's kind of hard to tell that they're 3d poly renders... they look, flat I guess. But peep Mr. Popo. His render is obvious.

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Holy shit. Looks like Mega Man Legends

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It's because when you couldn't make a million billion polygons on the screen at once, you had to just use the few polygons you polygot to essentially showcase good 2D art in the form of textures pasted onto simple, boxy 3D models.

This allows artists to really draw visually pleasing 2D textures just like how they would draw on paper, and let their art speak for the "graphics" of the game, instead of having to dilute your art by drawing every frame of animation in a sprite sheet, or by using a ton of polygons to attempt to sculpt all the details in the 3D models themselves.

There is definitely a good balance between the two, but modern video games lean WAY too heavily on the polygon-counts, when detailed hand-drawn textures can convey an "organic" appearance even better, and convey an artificial appearance just as well.

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Modern 3D models are created by 3D artists that typically are trained in photorealism for CGI and various industrial uses. They start out with an extremely high poly art quality model first and then they just scale it down to target console or PC specs.
It's the same thing with textures which were photorealistic and lazily scaled down from 8k, and that's also why muddy PS2 games look better when theyre remastered with the original source textures.

Early low poly models and textures were made that way from the start so theyre designed in a way that reflects that limitation. 3D artists in early games learned a completely different skillset. Some of them were former spriters and some had training in computer animation that reflected the focus of 3D then being cartoons and the abstract.

A lot of these early modelers and texture artists didnt have any formal education in 3D modeling because it wasnt as big back then, but they were people trained and educated in animation, art, or nothing relevant at all that later picked up 3D modeling which gave them a unique approach you'll rarely see today.

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t. former artist

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Check if the book has been scanned before. Then do it.

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Tobol #1 and #2 are fantastic examples of low poly.


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The Datach cards are in a different guide I have, the one for Plan to Eradicate the Saiya-jins. There's barcodes and shit, plus stills of their in game sprites and character art. This stuff I posted, I'm just not sure. I'm only supposing and have no way of scanning any of it any way.

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It sounds crazy, but it looks like they were killed with a giant pair of scissors.

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Stop posting PGXP shit

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Modern character models don't actually use that many triangles, I think CSGO models for example only use a couple thousand. That being said, low poly will never be fiscally viable ever again because 1) millions of people have consoles exponentially more powerful than the rendering farms used for Toy Story, so artificially making low fidelity graphics is just a waste of resources, and 2) the fastest way to improve performance isn't dumbing down graphics, but by writing highly optimized code. No one's gonna bother writing their own engine when >Unreal and >Unity exist, and are friendly to non-programmers. So you'd get a bunch of shitty looking games that chug even on something like the Xbone X because the codebase is so poorly optimized.

>that's also why muddy PS2 games look better when theyre remastered with the original source textures.

Unfortunately it will never fix the inherent jankiness in models and animations. PS2 character models look very awkward, only heavily stylized games avoid jankiness entirely.

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>artificially making low fidelity graphics is just a waste of resources

How is it a waste of resources? Modern game character models have to pass through several hands using different tools before being marked complete. Retopologising photorealistic sculpts for animation and preparing different textures for albedo and then different kinds of lighting instruction can be very time consuming.

Using current tools to create oldschool 3D, a competent artist can use a sketch reference to box-model the major masses and then paint the details directly onto the model in the 3D view. If you go even more oldschool and make the limbs into separate detached objects you simplify things even more. We have tools and methods that game devs never had back then, and an artist could make multiple quality retro assets within the day.

Also, level design: A major reason why level design is so shit today is because modern art standards require levels to be built out of unique high quality assets instead of BSP shapes with reusable textures and decorative meshes added. It becomes way too time consuming (expensive) to adjust the level later in development. Meanwhile with old methods levels could have huge chunks refactored within the hour and still be passable as production-ready visually.

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If anything it's overrated, or rated the right way.

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Flatley, my dear, I don't Riverdance!

(give a damn)