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Why don't you own the best controller ever made, /vr/?

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Because I've only found crappy knock offs.

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There's this really great site called eBay, you should check it out. This guy named Craig's got a neat site too.

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I just recently got one of these as well. I'm very very happy with it so far, but it feels kind of cheap so I'm not sure how long it will last.

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>complete lack of ergonomics
>stiff, hard D-Pad
I seriously hope you're not implying that controller was good.

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Because i already have one.

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Generally the way to go with retro controllers is to buy the actual controller and either mod it to support USB, or buy an adapter. raphnet is fantastic for getting adapters.

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But I do.

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OP here. That's a respectable choice, it's the second best. Doesn't lend itself well to fighters at all, though, unfortunately. For just about every other genre though, it's great.

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well i actually have a snes usb one since a good time ago and it is just perfect. I just found that one and it looks amazing, but is it really good? That is precisely my fear, that if feels too "generic" and cheap, like some disposable camera.

Yeah I know, it is just for the retro feel. But hey, ergonomics is not the only criteria here for "good".

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And put up with the dicks who put SUPER RARE and sell it for the price of an arm.

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You could always go hunting at thrift stores and garage sales too if that's more your thing.

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25 bucks anon
That was just the first hit I'm sure there is cheaper.

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Best controller you say?

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Only if you had rechargeable batteries. Still wish I had one, or four.

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Is there a decent usb version? I feel like those seen in ebay are some cheap failed copy but I don't have a valid point of reference since I never owned a genuine sega console...

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I still use this regularly. If it had rumble and there were 0 input lag (though the input lag it has is very minimal anyway), it would be perfect.

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The batteries last for at least a month or two of regular play in my experiences.

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I have three of them and they're all broken. They switch off and on randomly, which fucks up the analog sticks' neutral point.

rip wavebirds

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There was a USB version officially sanctioned by SEGA a while back that sells for upwards of $200 now, I hear they're perfect.

You can also get the newer SEGA Play controllers, which are basically Saturn controllers with a really ugly color scheme, on the cheap.

Or just go the controller + adapter route, which shouldn't run you any more than $50, which is the cost of a modern 360 or PS3 controller anyway.

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Yeah I've seen those white things but nah, theyre too ugly. And yeah, I guess the only decent option is the original pad + usb adapter.

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Erm, I do.

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Yeah, that's the route I'd recommend. Not just for Saturn, but for all retro controllers. Bought a SNES knockoff a while back that was supposedly the best knockoff brand, and it's nigh unplayable if you do any serious gaming (like Super Metroid speedrunning or precision-based Mario hacks).

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The triggers completely squander it, although I do find it the best solution for JRPGs.

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My only complain is that it suffers the same problem the Logitech clones do: They should have redesigned their controller back during the PS1 day just to accomodate the fact it has 2 layers of shoulderbuttons.

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I do honestly have some problems with the second triggers, putting it on my lap will sometimes set them off.
And it's the second best thing to a fighting stick when it comes to, well, fighting games.

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My main complaint is that on previous Dualshocks I always let me middle fingers rest on R2/L2, and doing that now is extremely uncomfortable and impractical to the point where I was forced to adjust to a different grip.

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>And it's the second best thing to a fighting stick when it comes to, well, fighting games.
Haha, oh wow. You do realize you're posting in a thread where the best controller ever made for fighting games was posted in the OP?

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I still use a Dualshock 2 and my SmartJoy usb adapter for just about everything. The Dualshock still works great, but the SmartJoy is starting to wear out and will disconnect if I knock it wrong.

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The OP isn't a picture of the Neo Geo.

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Yeah, most of those things are dirt cheap

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Yes, that's correct.

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But I already have a bunch.

also a second 3d pad is boxed underneath the pile.

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I wish the controller market were bigger. I don't understand why it isn't. It's basically Hori, MadCatz, and Logitech duking it out for . I don't understand why there aren't more general use controllers being made with different layouts.

I would kill for a modern variant of the 360 controller with a better D-Pad and 6 face buttons. I wish the 6 button layout had never been abandoned.

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You are a beautiful human being

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I think a small part of the reason is that everybody is trying to license their controllers, but that is not a huge reason.
I still agree that the selection is rather shitty.

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Truly, such a finesse with rubberbanding those cords.

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Sega and SNK could both make a killing if they started making accessories for modern consoles/PCs in addition to being third party developers.

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click click click click click click click

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It actually gets quite messy in that drawer if I DON'T use something to fix the cords. There are a variety of video cables underneath the pads as well.

The Japanese pads are rubberbanded because that's how they were when I bought them, and you can see that the normal eu/us black pad is just thrown there for the sake of the picture because it has a loose cord (it's my main pad for my Saturn).

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>implying the standard Sega Saturn controller isn't the best controller ever made

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I don't think the marked works eactly like that. For them to earn money, they need some form of retail, the easiest way would be to license them out to some medium chains, like Gamestop. But thats not really a issue for such large corporations.
I still agree with original quote, and I want to know why its basically Hori versus Logitech /w playstation clones versus MadCats making clones and some orginals.

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Outside of the color scheme, is there any difference whatsoever in the Japanese and US model 2 controllers?

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Because I'm unemployed.

I really do want a Saturn controller, but the controller, USB adapter, and shipping are quite expensive. Instead, I'm considering a PS2 controller + USB adapter or a PS3 controller. They're about the same price; why do people hate the PS3 controller?

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Also, one day I'll bother to unpack all of my Saturns into one giant pile. This is an older picture, I have 2x as much since then.

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>You are a beautiful human being

Nope, I'm just a total Saturn head.

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Why do you have so many saturns.

I want one.

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Are you the guy who started collecting them because you started modding them? So you wanted all the revisions?

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Yeah, I'm the guy collecting all the internal revisions.

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I can't tell what that is. Is that a Dreamcast controller or a Gamecube?

Regardless, not retro.

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oh god, why?

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It's the greatest of all time, that's what it is.

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Nice shoop.

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I'm getting handcramps just looking that that thing

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why does that Gamecube controller have a VMU type slot on it?

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>implying it would change the ergonomics
>implying you wouldn't have orgasms simply from holding for a few minutes

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What about those USB ones that they sell on Ebay, which are made in the Sega factories that produced real Saturn pads?

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That's what I did

>Playin emulator erry day with my glorious Sega Saturn pad

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They used to make some pretty tight copies. CGR reviewed them for use on the PS3.

Sadly, SEGA got on the company's shit over it, so now they produce ultra-cheap knock-offs. Haven't tried them but the quality of the build looks so poor that I really don't think they are much good.

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Because why not, nigga?

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>Best ergonomics
>Best thumb sticks
>Best D-pad
>Best buttons
>Best memory card
>This is the Triforce Controller

Can someone please mod some controllers and make this real?

>> No.588293

Okay, what happened to the billions of Saturn USB pads which were perfect, came from Hong Kong, and always arrived with flattened boxes for some reason? There used to be hundreds of listings, all of them 20 bucks or less.

Don't tell me they stopped making them, I could use a couple more.

>> No.588304

Need to make the D-pad larger, and maybe replace with Super Nintendo or NES d-pad. Other than that, I can say it's about perfect.

Also it wouldn't handle fighters, so you need a six-button controller too.

>> No.588308

>replace it with Super Nintendo
Confirmed for having never used a Saturn D-Pad.

Also, if that D-Pad were any bigger it wouldn't fit on there.

>> No.588315

>best ergonomics
No, that would be the original fat xbox controller
>Best thumb sticks
No, that would be PS3
>Best d-pad
>Best buttons
Hell no. That one is debatable, it depends on what buttons you're talking about. Shoulder triggers, maybe, but for the actual buttons the Genesis has better.
>Best memory card

>> No.588323

>PS3 thumbsticks
>better than GameCube
>any thumbsticks
>better than GameCube
Plebest of the pleb.

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Were these any good? I can get one really cheap

>> No.588348

I will always dislike having notches around the thumbsticks.

>> No.588359

I had one, comfortable but it's only got six buttons(two triggers on the back) so it kind of sucks for most games

>> No.588369

Saturn D-pad is truly excellent. IMO, it is the pinnacle of controller engineering.

>> No.588372

If they made a controller with the Vita's parts and maybe made everything just a bit bigger that would probably be the greatest. God I love clicky buttons.

>> No.588395

Really? I can't fucking stand them. They're really uncomfortable to me.

>> No.588408

I only have a Model 1 controller

>> No.588414

Why? It makes it a lot easier to move around, I think. On perfectly round thumbsticks I always find it more difficult to move in a straight line.

>> No.588427

So it will only be good for anything up to 4 gen consoles.

I think I'll get it, it's like 3 bucks anyway

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>why do people hate the PS3 controller?

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How do you get them so fucking filthy? I want to wash my hands just looking at that.

>> No.588547

The build quality on the Sega Play pads is absolutely abysmal. A million, billion miles away from the quality of the proper Sega USB ones from a while back.

They feel nice enough while they work and they're as cheap as dirt, but don't expect it to last long at all.

>> No.588559

They're almost 20 years old, it's impossible for dirt to NOT accumulate in that time span. I have old Genesis controllers that I absolutely cannot get spotless. It's a product of age.

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>Original Xbox controller
I agree! Let's play some vidya, bro!

>PS3 sticks
>Anything but shit
You don't even deserve thumbs.

>> No.588585

But I do, OP. A couple for my Saturn and a couple of the original USB pads. They're lovely.

Just not as good as a SNES dpad for anything but fighters, which you should be playing on a stick anyway.

>> No.588589

So if you rarely play games that use the triggers, the PS3 controller is fine?

>> No.588605

God no. The PS3's dpad is good in comparison to the 360's, but not in comparison to ANYTHING ELSE EVER.

Fuck Sony's split dpads in the ass.

>> No.588659

They're perfect for games with 4-way movement and lots of menu navigation though. Not much else

>> No.588681

Not gc controller poster and dot want to start a fight but i find your opinion interesting so wich one do you consider the first one?
Such a big king of the plebs even 36 controller is best

>> No.588686

I'm OP

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Unbelievably bad controller. Just about everything about it sucks.

They have the Vita D-pad out now which is the best I've ever felt. Hopefully the PS4 will be like that too.

>> No.588756

They came with a Saturn that retailed in 1994 November (one of the first few thousand units manufactured). They were like that when I got them.

Plus they are grey anyway, so can't really see much of the dirt on them.

>> No.588783

For people with giant hands like myself, yes, it was amazing.
As for the sticks, the PS3's are damn nice. The only reason I put them above gamecube is because I can't fucking stand notches on the sides like that.

Name me better sticks. Any of the dualshocks don't count cause it's the same damn thing.

>> No.588790

You need some high-proof rubbing alcohol, a small case of q-tips, and a large case of OCD.

>> No.588803

I'd argue the default 360 sticks are far better, and the sticks on the Hori EX2 that's come up in this thread a few times are leagues ahead of those.

>> No.588821

If anything they're barely on par, but the 360 sticks have a much shorter lifespan from what I've seen.

I have no idea what that other one is.

>> No.588828

oh i see.

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>implying the vita d-pad is superior to the DS phat's d-pad

nigga, get out of here

>> No.588841

You seem like an angry sony fag also like a pleb probably you would get a different opinion when you gro up an get adulta

>> No.588849

That is literally my most hated D-Pad of all time. I can't fucking stand clicky buttons/pads.

>> No.588898

Yet you like the clicky d-pad of the vita?

>> No.588917

I'm not the same Anon, I haven't played a Vita. I was under the impression they're an endangered species, I have yet to see one in real life.

>> No.588946


Don't be a dick, both d-pads are awesome, easily the best d-pads I've ever played.

Either of them could be industry standard, and fucking should.

>> No.589029

Haven't used one, but I'm sure it's good because Nintendo's D-pads are always nice.
I'd be surprised if it topped the Vita's though.

>> No.589059

I swear this is some sick inside joke I missed out on. The GC controller was garbage.

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>why do people hate the PS3 controller?
People who don't have anorexic hands hate the PS3 controller.

No, seriously, if your hands aren't the right size, it's awkward as fuck.

>> No.589062

You'd certainly hope so.

>> No.589069

But then if your hands are too small or too big for the 360 controller then you're just plain fucked. Playstation takes all sizes.

>> No.589079

The funny thing is that controller-wise, it's the same as SNES vs Genesis

>> No.589083

Woah, now I actually feel kind of lucky because my hands are just the right size.

sage for off topic

>> No.589091

No, because no matter where your palm has to rest in order to reach all of the buttons, it will fill your hand.

If your hands are too thick, (i.e. Irish) you have to hold the ps3 controller between the base of your fingers, rather than resting the handle in your palm, else you can't reach the analog sticks properly.

>> No.589093

I'll never understand this. The only thing it's good for is games specifically made for the GC, everything else feels awkward as fuck.
L, R and Z feel awkward and you have to press real hard, not just casually like any other shoulder button ever. The analog and pad are alright but why the fuck are they placed like that? I enjoy using a pad in 3D and fighting games, whenever possible, this one seems to be designed only with modern games in mind. The C-stick is fucking weird and pointless, and don't even get me started on the deformed buttons.
Again, only good for GC-specific games, if there's a multiport, I'll aways pick the PS2 version for the more natural controls.

>> No.589106

If you would lay off the Twinkies your hands would be back to a normal human size instead of a gorilla.

>> No.589119

That is in no way accurate to how you hold either controller.

>> No.589120

Don't forget that the D-pad is even smaller than the designer's penis. I could crush that thing with the end of my pinky finger.

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File: 130 KB, 1024x768, 0501132107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obviously it won't be the same for everyone.
I literally made that by holding both controllers the way I have to and drawing out where it made contact with my hands.
My hands aren't even that fat, but apparently they're too fat for the PS3 controller.

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File: 480 KB, 1024x768, 09841092841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's obviously not the same for everyone.
For that image, all I did was hold the controller how I normally do and drew where it made contact with my hands.
My hands aren't even that fat, but apparently they're too fat for the PS3 controller.

>> No.589259

>My hands aren't even that fat

They look pretty fat to me.

>> No.589268

That will destroy any kind of printed anything on a controller.

>> No.589279

You are either the greatest person ever, or a monster. I'm still not sure which.

>> No.589292

You are going to be rich once people actually start giving a shit about the Saturn in the future.

>> No.589303

>Why don't you
but I do

2 MK-80116
1 gtron stuffed inside HSS-010

Lets be honest, ebay is shit. It's full of overpriced scalpers, counterfeit goods & cons driving up the price of their own shit.

From what I've seen, the Play Sega model is a POS counterfeit with branding. The one I saw internals of has the same PCB found inside the shitty gtron/retrotech counterfeits.

>> No.589390

Honestly, when I'm holding the PS3 controller, just about my entire hand is making contact with it, save for things like my index finger, etc

>> No.590129

gotta second that

>> No.590437

Fat, but not uncommon for 'murricans.

>> No.590684

That is the standard pad.

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File: 19 KB, 450x300, segasat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do.

In fact, I even have one of these things. I just wish I had another one.

They stopped existing some time after I bought one.

>> No.591945

D-pad sucks

>> No.591954

Now that's one I don't have. I haven't found any cheapo PS2 Saturns thanks to it being more obvious what it is. Got my mint SLS for a mere 20 bucks and a ton of other stuff because most people don't take note of Sega printed on the USB mold.

Really wish Sega would release a PS360 version. Preferably with with select/home/start where Sega is, change the trigger mapping to L1/L2 & Z/C to R1/R2, along with a switch to change the L1/L2 & R1/R2 mapping to L1/R1 & L2/R2, a switch to change dpad between digital & left/right analog emulation and a switch to change between PS3 & 360 compatibility.

>> No.591969

1/10 replied

>> No.592026

Because I wasn't foolish enough to buy doomed Sega console part 1.

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File: 227 KB, 449x401, 0363138cc18c5db9b0a4b254a5ff3943c6185e13 copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>will never know the superiority of the saturn dpad
>tries to sound edgy, yet wasn't even a sperm cell when console released

>> No.592115
File: 138 KB, 640x480, 4613408244_4dbf27420b_z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My job is sitting on a couple of these and I was wondering if they were any good? I love the way they feel in my hands but I can't find any info about them online.

>> No.592161

Why don't you make your own controller, /vr/? Too casual?

>> No.592172
File: 2.98 MB, 3700x2080, SNES-Controller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I really the only one?

>> No.592174

Was wondering why it took so long to pop up, actually.

>> No.592185
File: 8 KB, 183x275, 19930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Playing saturn games on a LCD.

>> No.592195

I've never held one but I really want to. They look great.

>> No.592196
File: 20 KB, 791x523, classiccontroller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do OP.

>> No.592198


>> No.592202

Did you? Can I see it?

>> No.592204

>I've never held
You either had one hell of a shitty childhood or you are currently experiencing a shitty childhood.

>> No.592206

I fucking love this controller.

>> No.592207

Isn't it supposed to kick ass? I've heard really good things about it.

>> No.592210

My childhood was PC and a bit of PSX and N64, unfortunately. Could've been alot worse.

>> No.592226

It does kick ass. It kicks lots of ass. I only use it for Wii emulation, but did play through Xenoblade with it and it was great.

>> No.592229

Have you never played an snes game?

>> No.592238

while better than wiimote, it still sucks. would rather have classic pro.

>> No.592240

Only on emulators, and mostly just the big titles. Earthboud, DKC, Chrono Trigger, SMW etc.

>> No.592246
File: 689 KB, 1799x975, master-race-of-controllers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.592247

That's actually disgusting. It doesn't even look like a good keyboard.

>> No.592253

>razor product
only the master of shit

>> No.592260

Particular reasons?

>> No.592271

What's a good keyboard to you guys, then?

The first time my friend let me use his, I had finger orgasms. It's mechanical, the keys feel nice, it has anti-ghosting and there isn't any of that macro/LCD screen bullshit you find on logitech keyboards. It's dead simple.

>> No.592272

Plain white microsoft keyboard from the 90's. I'm not even joking

>> No.592275

Well, if you're going to use an older keyboard, then at least make it a Model M.

>> No.592283

Of course, but the M$ ones from back in the day are still great.

>> No.592289
File: 647 KB, 867x385, Classic104 BLK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

may as well get the enhanced ver

>> No.592294

Yeah... My only complaint about the Model M is that the lack of anti-ghosting tends to fuck me up in games.

For programming it's god.

>> No.592296

I have a stock Dell one that came with my old computer. The computer sucked but the keyboard for some reason kicks ass.


This is the keyboard in question.

>> No.592301

Good luck finding one of those these days, though. The word's been out on those things long enough that ebay traders and similar vultures are pouncing on them and charging crazy money.

The days of finding stacks of them in the trash are gone.

>> No.592303

It's EXACTLY the same size as the GBC's D-Pad.

>> No.592308

Oh dear.
I'm glad I never had a GBC, then.

>> No.592315

Every Game Boy model before the GBASP, excluding the original fat Game Boy, actually.

>> No.592321

For a while I worked for a charity that recycled 'redundant' IT gear. You wouldn't BELIEVE the number of these things that came through the door. It seems like literally every school and office we cleared out was crammed with the things. We had those big warehouse bulk-bags full of them.

I was using one for a good while until I eventually sprang for a mechanical. Not an even match for a good mechanical keyboard, but bloody magnificent for something you can pick up for pennies. Head and shoulders above most other dome types.

>> No.592331

No, you're not. I'm with you now.

>> No.592335

If it had a second row of shoulder buttons then it'd be perfect.

Part of the reason I prefer the original PSX controller, D-pad aside.

>> No.592341

That's odd. I don't remember the GBA one being particularly small, but then I was 7 at the time and didn't have to move my thumb 2 inches every time I wanted to use it.

>> No.592347

Just checked. GBA's is actually slightly smaller.

>> No.593529

All the USB pads on ebay are shitty knockoffs. Even the new batch of official PlaySega USB Saturn Pads are based on the knockoffs and not the real deal.

An actual USB saturn pad would run you an obscene amount of money.

>> No.593531

Again, those are knock-offs with a far inferior d-pad, especially if you're using it for a fighting games.

>> No.593534

>Why don't you own the best controller ever made, /vr/?

I've got like 6 of them, including the impossibly comfy 3D controller.

>> No.594101

When searching online, how do you know when you're getting the good kind and not the knock off?

>> No.594109

If it says "playSEGA", it's a pile of ass

>> No.594119

Mine had the same problem. I ended up throwing it away. Should've kept it and repurposed the shell.

>> No.594462

>Unbelievably bad controller. Just about everything about it sucks.

Your god-awful opinions are noted. Due note that you're the minority in this situation.

>> No.594478

This, provided you don't get the cheap dollar store ones. Still, a set of 4 rechargable AAs plus a charger is only around 10-15 bucks.

>> No.594534

It doesn't have grips like the classic pro, so it's awkward to hold. The buttons are a bit stiff (albeit responsive), and the analog sticks are too far inward.

It's not a bad controller by any means, but he's absolutely right in saying the pro is better.

>> No.594614
File: 606 KB, 1000x750, 2832578254_849b34d704_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SLS has SEGA molded on the USB connector.

all shit tier knockoffs

Kockoffs all use inferior plastic shells, that easily flex and are not the same thickness. The dpad molding is widely known for breaking and sticking. They're shit through and through.

However the knockoff PCB does fit inside a REAL Sega Saturn controller. Just gotta swap the microswitches (requires soldering iron) & the reuse of everything but the original PCB.

>ORIGINAL Sega Saturn USB controller
rare and every expensive, you'll never get your hands on one

>SLS Sega Saturn controller
Officially licensed product, but not a perfect clone of the REAL Saturn controller. Plastic molding is not as strong & the texture is not as rough either.

>Mayflash 2 controller Saturn to USB adapter
Use REAL Saturn controllers without buying a knockoff and swapping the guts. Good solution for anyone wanting longer cord space and doesn't mind an extra attachment.

>> No.595708

>Kockoffs all use inferior plastic shells, that easily flex and are not the same thickness. The dpad molding is widely known for breaking and sticking.
Only if I knew this shit before I got one, though I got two for under ten bucks, but good lord the plastic sucks shit. For the D-pad, one of the directions is no good because the plastic bent out of shape and is breaking off thus I'd have to get a replacement pad. Just not worth my time anymore.

>> No.595828
File: 80 KB, 640x480, 13042908072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a dude on ebay, hit-japan, who is always listing nonworking white & grey Sega Saturn controllers at a fair price. $6.50+s&h get two of them and swap the pcbs. You'll end up with a pair of USB controllers that'll be figuratively better than even a set of SLS controllers. Right now there does not seem to be any listed, but keywords "Sega Saturn JUNK Controller" should bring them up under completed auctions.

I bought one myself and found that the only thing wrong with it is that it was a scuzzy mess. The guys simply did not want to clean it. Which was not a problem since I was taking it apart anyway. Just placed everything inside the sink (make sure nothing gets sucked down the drain!), mixed in some dawn dish washing soap, let it soak for a half hour and clean everything up with an old toothbrush.

BTW you can get away without swapping the microswitches. But you need to take the gel spacers from the knockoff a make them thinner, then stick them to the original's shoulder buttons.

Or you could buy a the Japan exclusive 'cool controller' Saturn controller and gut swap that instead. Shit'd look hot. But I don't think it's worth the money. Start paying too much and you may as well get a SLS or PS2 model.

>> No.595876
File: 409 KB, 1200x1600, $(KGrHqNHJF!FFwcJd6+(BRcrRnrpWg~~60_57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that said, this is the one I really want as part of my collection. the purple darkstalkers edition ps2 controller. that's one sexy bitch.

>> No.596164

My favorite D-pad controller for sure.

>> No.596251

That is super sexy.

>> No.597481
File: 32 KB, 640x375, 1363857589696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.598660

No, lets keep going.

>> No.598674

How does the WiiU Retro Pro controller work for emulation? I've been using a 360 controller, but I hate the dpad.

>> No.601119

I don't even know if there's a way to connect it to a PC yet.

Works great for Virtual Console games though.

>> No.601136

Well it's wireless so there's got to be a usb cord for it right? Or maybe a bluetooth hack like with the wiimote?

>> No.601246

No clue. Haven't seen/heard anything about it.

>> No.601281

>WiiU Retro Pro
it's a piece of shit. watch some review clips on it.

>> No.601282


>> No.601374

could i buy an av cable off of you

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