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Is the first game worth playing or can I go straight to the second?

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Their both fantastic games that were ahead of their time, if you're new to the series I would actually say play SO2 first. SO1 can be a bit cryptic. Make sure you pick Rena in SO2 in the beginning of your campaign or you can't get one of the best/coolest characters in the game and instead get stuck with a useless spell caster. Killer Moves are your best friend, and make sure you actually read what Skills do before you spend SP on them, and most importantly have fun and enjoy.

People say the Universe is a Star Ocean.

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1 is a pretty decent Tales of clone 2 is actually pretty good I cant speak much for the PSP remakes but the SNES verion of 1 id very much playable youll although probably need a guide for some parts

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>1 is a pretty decent Tales of clone
Wrong. Star Ocean is the game that executive members of wolfteam had in mind/wanted to make, incorperating a real time battle system where you run around an entire field, not just having an X-Axis for horizontal field and jumping to hit flying enemies. Thanks for outing yourself as someone that didn't actually play either. Go watch another 'Gaming Historian' episode or whatever zoomers do.

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well excuse me princess, I played Star Ocean 1 much more later after I had much more experience with the 3D Tales Of games not everyone had the privilege to play these games in release order

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Thanks, I'll jump into SO2 then.

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Looking at them without autism, they're pretty functionally similar. It's not like you spend massive amounts of time moving up and down and it's a defining characteristic of SO. Like Tales it isn't turn based and you mostly attack until wiping enemies out. I mean it's not set on the same world either so THEY ARE NOTHING ALIKE! Chill.

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Then don't make retarded statements.

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Why do people like you always resort to calling someone autistic just because they're not nearly as brain dead as you? Is this what a normie is? I guess Dragon Quest 7 and Final Fantasy 7 are the same thing too then, dumbass.
see >>5872798

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Play psp remakes of 1 and 2 in order if you're not obsessed with authenticity. They look and play great.

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What are you talking about?
>Worse sound quality
>Some songs have been pitch shifted due to audio inaccuracies
>English dub ruined by modern SE cheap voice dubbing
>Script re-written to avoid controversial topics such as The Ten Wisemen's names originally being references to jewish satanic angels
>Rewritten script completely fucks up names to items, weapons, armors, and other descriptions.
>Mash X instead of using KM's and managing your MP/item useage thus making alot of items such as various syrups pointless.
>Stretched resolution
please don't listen to the guy above OP.

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Oh and how could I forget? Every single Item in the game including equipment has been replaced in the menu with a generic picture on a 2D card graphic, sans de la SO3 in the PSP remakes. The amount of magic you feel when looking at any item in the PSX SO2 as it spins in its amazingly detailed low poly glory is more then you'll feel after even completing the entire game two times on the PSP.

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the fuck? how is that retarded? its the only frame of reference I have what other current JRPG am I gonna compare it to? fucking FF? FE? Pokemon? fuck outta here nigga, you boomers are as autistic as they come

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I guess I'll entertain your retardation for a bit longer, just to start:
>what other current JRPG am I gonna compare it to?
Why the fuck are you comparing video games?
>fuck outta here nigga
there it is. later zoomer. this board isn't for your pea sized brain, go coom on /v/.

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so what? you're gonna get mad at me if I compare SMT to Pokemon and say they're not the same too? even though one is way more popular than the other? ok go ahead, youre the one getting mad here not me, I just made the comparison because Tales Of still has modern sequels people still play meanwhile Star Ocean's last attempt (the gacha game) flopped hard

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Do you want me to kick your ass?

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Take a break from the internet and go outside, your attempt at trolling is getting sad. Everything I've said is objective, theres not much to argue and anyone reading the thread thats actually ever invested in this game would agree with me. No one knows who you are in real life so stop trying to 'stand up' for yourself. you just look like a 12 year old with the way you're responding. Now that you've shown your vulnerability and your true colors its safe to say your posts warrant no discussion but are leftovers of your unsatisfied urge to be recognized whether its through just getting a reply on the internet or someone believing any amount of bs you've typed up. I highly recommend going outside if objective discussion isn't really your thing, or maybe look into the arts.

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yeah do it I dare you

I dont care what you think you can shove your "objective" right up your own ass for all I care Im giving this guy my experience and letting HIM decide if he wants to play it based of MY experience on the franchise and the closest ongoing popular JRPG out (other than itself) that plays like it is Tales Of seriesn and no im not trolling or standing up for myself this is a anonymous message board who give a fuck about what I say 1 week from now

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Be sure to play the PSP version. It's a fantastic game.

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Why are you still typing? First you called star ocean a tales clone, now you're trying to say you don't care about objective fact/properties because you subjectively view something a different way based on how you received it? lol. you suck at trolling.

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yeah I don't, why the hell would you care then? you're the one who got all butthurt cause I compared it to the Tales Of series not me, guy wants to know if the first SO is worth playing and I told him my feelings of it when I first played it having only played Symphonia at the time I made the closest comparison to that game now you can shut up about it you dumb autist? no wonder this board is close to dead

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>Can't accept being wrong
>"You're butthurt!! Even though I'm wrong, you're mad!! freaking autist!! wow what happened to /vr/ its dead now!! and its not because of shit posters like me, its because people want to actually discuss the accuracy of a product!!

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>still thinking im offended about that

based schizophrenic /vr/ fag

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PSP remake on 1 is fine, but 2 is better played on playstation.

There was no western release of So1, but some autists are obsessed over the fan translation super famicom rom they grew up with. They will never be happy and they will die alone, so disregard them.

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we get it, you're mad.

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What are the differences between psp remake and psx version?

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2 has a different dub and redrawn portraits for characters but since the original was meant to be played on a 4:3 TV the backgrounds and sprites are zoomed in and streched, a few other fixes too someone more knowledgeable could tell you

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The second is worse in every way, but it's not like 1 was great either. Even for mid-90s SNES RPGs there were better choices available. Just keep expectations low and it might be okay.

Then again the only SO I liked was 4 which everyone else seems to hate so maybe I'm just an uncultured pleb.

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>maybe I'm just an uncultured pleb.

Yeah, that's probably it.

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Imagine trying to bait and this is what you come up with.

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>the only SO I liked was 4


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If you've ever watched star trek, you pretty much know star ocean 1

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It's like a star trek away team lands on catgirl planet, where swords and magic exist. So you have a party mix of energy weapons, magic users, swordsman, catgirl claw fighter, etc. Its actually pretty comfy.

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I really want to like SO1, but that damn encounter rate is just too heavy for me.
I wish someone made a hack that just disabled it and gave you enough strength to take on the bosses. would play through it just to experience it.

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the first game is good, the second game is 10/10, the PSP port of the first game is great but the overworld feels a bit empty at times, and the PSP port of 2 is almost a downgrade

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Can't speak for part 1 but Rena's redesign alone is enough to kill the PSP remake of 2.

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for SO2?
all melee characters now have a 3 standard attack combo rather than one attack, don't remember if mages can do it
the cool 3d portraits for items are replaced with kinda generic 2D portraits
name changes, ronixis is now ronyx, etc, voice actor changes, a different, more bland art style for character art
a new added character, welch, who also adds new private actions for everyone

that's all I can remember
star ocean 1 however was remade in SO2's image and plays exactly like it but with all the stuff mentioned above as well

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star ocean 1 and 2 are just really long star trek episodes, honestly

blue sphere translation when

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SO2 was shit though. Trying to do crafting stuff and there's a failure rate and all your items vanish. Screw that.

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So basically, psp version for SO1 and psx for SO2.

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pretty much, yeah
the PSP version of 2 does have some nice things and I like rena's voice actor but the original voice acting is quality stuff
were you born with taste this bad?

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You can easily save before crafting and reload if you fail. Money's no object anyway once you can start duplicating your pricier items.

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>Then again the only SO I liked was 4



THIS game is the only one you like?

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Amazing game, just beat it recently. Some things can be confusing and cryptic though so you should refer to a guide for any concerns or questions.

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>The game won't let me cakewalk the some of the deepest parts! its fucking terrible wow who would play this shit!?

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it's fine
you might wanna check a guide or a wiki to pick the companions you like before playing though

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I just don't get this game's story. There is literally 5 minutes of Stars in Star Ocean and hours and hours of recycled plot from Tales of Phantasia.

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>Reloading a save file over and over again until the game randomly rolls a success is a good mechanic that takes skill!

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>Reloading a save file over and over again until the game randomly rolls a success is a good mechanic that takes skill!!
I can play this wojack game too.

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think of it as a star trek episode, anon

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Still has nothing to do with it since the federation doesn't influence the planet natives lives in any way and then they have to invoke the prime directive and conclude that technology is bad.

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