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Retro games with the sexiest characters.

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Which is the closest you'll ever get since you're a bunch of fat, stupid, Sega System deniers.

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>you'll ever get since you're
lol you'll ever get since you're

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Retro games had to rely a lot on box art.

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lucca isn't sexy, the princess is, and the cave woman

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All I ever wanted was a paizuri from her.

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Jessica Rabbit with black hair therefore vastly improved

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Most fighting games

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Princess Daphne

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Dino Crisis

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B Orchid did things to my peepee

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Janet Jackson?

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Never thought a bug would get the juices flowing.

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Wow, she kicks high

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Its hip to fuck bees

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Mah nigga.

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Oh man, I had that as a kid. It had some really gruesome deaths. I actually would like to try playing it again because I never beat it.
I also had Spellcasting 101 as a kid and loved it. Actually beat it but I had to use a hint book to solve the Island of Lost Soles. Really loved it.

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How has this thread not been bombarded with Leisure Suit Larry yet? Unless you really like heroin chic or something pretty much every kind of sexy woman is represented. Even trannies and bull dykes if that's your thing.

Step it up, /vr/. Your zoomie is showing.

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This series needs a revival.

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At first I thought this was from some lost Space Quest game.

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I guess posting LSL7 is too obvious, and most here haven't played the earlier games.

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Why didn't you post it instead of ranting over hipster cred, dumbass

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There where a couple of those games made for the home computers with games like Entity, Lorna or Vixen. Let alone straight up erotic games like Biing: Sex, Intrigue and Scalpels (a hospital manager sim of all genres) or the many Strip Poker games like Samantha Fox Strip Poker for the C64, Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX and the many other games of that genre on the Amiga with digitized graphics.

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i was thinking about this, there is also amiga version

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3d outdoors in the jungle?

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>No one has posted Yuko yet

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Stevie.. my belladonna

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>PS2's Zelda killer
>Dark Cloud


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And there's gonna be a third elvira pin in the future, too.

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RIP Python Anghelo

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Orchid always reminded me of wanda de jesus

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I thought I was the only one.
Cassandra Peterson is sexier than Elvira. It probably shouldn't be that way, but it is.

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>stripper outfit with butt cheeks
adolescent me literally wouldn't be able to play that for 5 minutes without going to drop a nut

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It's probably the hair. But big hair was sexy in the 80s, so

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I've been trying to copy this game to disk to play on my amiga, but I can't get it to work. I haven't had trouble with other games. I'm not sure if it's because it's Spanish, or if the one adf filler that's out there is bad or what

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Many reasons can cause this. Either the game requires more RAM than the default A500 has and you need a RAM expansion. Or the other way around, some (or very few) older games also had problems if more RAM then expected was present (that's why many RAM expansions had an On/Off switch). Some very old Software had Problems with said Fast RAM. Trying to run older games on a newer model (other than an A500) can also cause problems, if said games have problems with the newer graphic chipsets. That's why you can downgrade the graphic chipset to either OCS or ECS on the AGA Amigas during the early bootup screen (right and left mouse button while powering the Amiga). Many if not most old games also can't deal with the processor cache of the newer models, which also can be turned off during early bootup. Fast RAM can be turned off as well this way.

Worst possible cause is when you try running old games with a certain copy protection scheme on an Amiga 1200 of the last batch that was produced by Escom. Since they changed the brand of the floppy drive most older games fail to load, since their copy protection was built on an undocumented feature, that wasn't present with the new floppy drives. I've got one of these A1200 and you can't do much about it other then hardware modifikations.

Or maybe you are trying to run an PAL game on an NTSC Amiga. I'm not sure if this also can cause problems.

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goth pussay

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Me first fap

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>perpetuating unrealistic beauty- and body-standards

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Natsune is the best PC98 girl

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Have sex.

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Bend over then.

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Have (straight) sex.

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birthing hips

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She looks like Trunks.

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I still find it funny that they had to rename the game Vixen to She-Fox in germany, since "Vixen" spoken in german sounds exactly like "Wichsen" or Wanking, which is kind funny in the context of the game and it's rather blatant marketing.

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Declicious muscles

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Based brap poster

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> since their copy protection was built on an undocumented feature, that wasn't present with the new floppy drives.
There is nothing undocumented about proper shugart drive disk change/ready signals and the drive could be just as easily modified to be shugart compatible and work properly instead of doing the stupid hack at the motherboard. Whole problem was just plain laziness/ignorance from Escom's side.

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Now that you mention it...

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I spilled too much seed to the Amazon island

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>twitch emote

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>Island of Lost Soles
Did you grow up to be a footfag?

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Had the C64 version as a kid and never understood what 90% of the enemies were supposed to be.
Seeing them now in full color, they actually make even LESS sense.

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I beat that fuck awful game with the cheat codes just to see this pic when I was little. As usual, we fast forward a few decades, the studio making the game is now infested with 250 pound pink haired cunts and her new model is some stubby bitch covered from head to toe.

There's nothing the liberal democrat cancer can't ruin.

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>give you cherry

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He has better odds growing up to have a pun fetish

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why is 16bit future so cozy?

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Yes I have it, for the 3DO.

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Bit of a controversial opinion, might want to sit down for this one, but I like Barker Bill's Trick Shooting more than Duck Hunt

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Were the sex scenes good?

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File: 2.96 MB, 480x360, Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel (Genesis, 1990) #1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 2.99 MB, 360x272, Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel (Genesis, 1990) #2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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i agree

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Fuck off, tranny tripfag

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It probably isn't very titillating today but in its time, this was young me's introduction to the concept of Amazon Snu-Snu

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what kind of wizzard is that??

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The kind that J.K. Rowling directly ripped off

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Too bad that I have to post the censored clip of the game Capital Punishment, since this is a blue board. Sadly I also can't post actual clips from the Game Biing: Sex, Intrigue and Scalpels here for the same reason.
Let the boobs swing free goddamnit!

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I have beat off to psm girls more times than I care to admit

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Gotta love that after all that happens to her in the intro, her response is:

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but why is her nose purple

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it's weird, she's not supposed to be black and every woman in the game has the same face anyway

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She's meant to be asian but they gave her westernized hollow cheeks which ended up looking like the jacksons 5.

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Shantae is cute.

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>T. Avery has a store

quite right

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Shantae is the cutest, I'm still holding out hope for her in Smash Bros. It'll happen someday, I can dream

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Indies will never be playable fighters. Maybe you'll get a Mii costume if Sakurai thinks to acknowledge a franchise that only exists for titillation further.

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Sakurai could change his attitude about indies, nothing's impossible. Improbable, unlikely, but not impossible

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Getting your literally who in is all about being loud enough. Keep putting your tart on polls and you'll win the war of attrition that is getting in eventually. I'm not sure if being a Spirit makes things better or worse for her chances.

>> No.5883046

There's spirits of fighter characters, so I don't think she has any less of a chance for that

>> No.5883053

Not being a Nintendo character gives her an edge over all the first parties to begin with, because this is the timeline we live in. Good luck.

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She's a pig.

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extreme banana tits

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She is only 10% furry so I'm safe!
... I think.

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Fat where it counts

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Lucca is the least attractive Jairpg party member ever.

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>She is only 10% furry so I'm safe!
>... I think.
way more than 10

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Ears, tail, paws and feet, the rest is all human.

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According to documentation from the latest scientific journals, you're over 10%. By my estimations, you're somewhere around 20-25%

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New Elvira pinball machine incoming.

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>no pro
The one new Stern I would consider and they pull this shit with me. If I'm gonna pay over seven grand on a game I'll buy a Scared Stiff.

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20 years ago Lula.
after that they released an episode in 3D but it was not so fun.
the first the better.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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The pinnacle of human civilization.

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>Indies will never be playable fighters.

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>Le happy Frankenstein
>Le happy Dracula

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I usually blame Elvira for my goth girl/big tits/femdom fetish. I still don't know if I'm alright with it too.

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Stupid fact: Back in 89-90, the school computers were garbage, even for the time period. However, the computers for architecture and engineering had to be near top-of-the-line to run all of the CAD programs. We're talking high end 386s & 486s.

Anyway, kids were sneaking computer games onto the computers all of the time. It was a constant game of whack-a-mole until one of the teachers got smart and just started playing them in front of the class as a reward if we all did our work. The Elvira games was one of those games. He'd play it in front of the class and get audience feedback as to what to do next. Imagine a 40+ year old guy being coached on how to play by a group of 20+ teenagers all at once. It was more hysterical than it should have been. Good times. I miss them.

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>beating off to PSM girls
Same here. I think I was about 12 or 13 when that particular issue came out. I ejaculated enough that month alone to repopulate the earth

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Fuck, Cassandra Peterson is like 68 and still hot as fuck.

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my nigga

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>nothing's impossible. Improbable, unlikely, but not impossible
Do you sit on your butt all day playing videogames?

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You're a man of great taste I see

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If I could enlarge this Marjoly I would.

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The blue shaman and successor from Populous the Beginning are also prime waifus

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And Giana

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I like new Giana but the original is the relevant one here

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what is with weebs and obsessing over not being furries?

like you just finished jacking it to a monstergirl voring a 7 year old but oh geez that monstergirl better not have a muzzle!! that's just dang too weird