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Best Super Mario game of all time?

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That's more a Yoshi game

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PAL master race

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Why, 7 Grand Dad, of course.

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>ever using the smaller tv
Muh pixel density

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I wouldn't consider Yoshi's island a Mario game but more of its own series, like Wario land.
My favorite it's Mario land 2, it's the perfect middle point between 3 and world

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best mario game is world. 2nd best is SMB3, although its one fatal flaw is being too big for a game with no actual save or password feature. No, warp whistles do not make up for this.

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t. Eurofag

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Being a Eurofag is embarrassing, but the PAL version looks objectively better.
t. Murican

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Super Mario Bros.

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>Mario land 2, it's the perfect middle point between 3 and world
It has almost nothing in common with those two masterpieces. Land 2 isn't even as good as Land 1.

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Mario 3 is best Mario

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Super Mario World

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nice shit crts lolz

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SMB1 for NES is the best one

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Yoshi's Island. Nothing else comes close. SMB3 and World had some great ideas, but the levels are ultimately too short, and the presence of time limits only discourages exploration. There are a lot of fine details about YI that I like as well: an in-level inventory, a scoring system that isn't arbitrary, a map system that doesn't involve tedious manual backtracking like SMW... It's just a way more polished game overall.

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>I wouldn't consider Yoshi's island a Mario game
It's clearly labeled Super Mario World 2, in all regions. It wasn't until the GBA port that SMW2 was dropped from the title. Of course it's retroactively assimilated into the Yoshi series, but it's still very much a part of the mainline Mario games as well.

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That little one ain't shit. I'd love to have that old Sony.

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>Best Mario Platformer
Super Mario Bros 3

>Best Mario RPG
Legend of the Seven Stars

>Best Mario Racing
Mario Kart 64

>Best Mario Sports

>Best Mario Fighting

>Best Mario Puzzle
Wario's Woods

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>>Best Mario RPG
it's paper mario actually

>>Best Mario Racing
actually it's double dash

>>Best Mario Sports
bro it's mario tennis

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Yoshi's Island is a Yoshi game, not Mario.

Probably SMB3 on All-Stars or SMB2 on All-Stars. Generally mario is graded like so:
SMB3>SMS>SMB2LL(AS)>>>SMW>64>>>>>SMB2USA>>>SMB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Donkey Kong (Arcade)>>Mario Bros. (Arcade)
Not a mario game.

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>Best Mario Platformer
Super Mario Bros 3

>Best Mario RPG
Close race between SMRPG and Paper Mario, with Paper Mario just barely winning out.

>Best Mario Racing
Super Mario Kart

>Best Mario Sports
Mario Tennis

>Best Mario Fighting
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

>Best Mario Puzzle
Mario's Picross

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More like double ass
Suck my dick

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It’s a Sony PVM a nice CRT

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The first Wario Land was also labeled "Super Mario Land 3", but the sequels all dropped the mario connection.

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It's shit. Go shove your curbside crts up your fucking ass you faggots.

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For me it’s SMB3

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Yoshi's Island has great visuals and music but is really slow and awkward as a platformer, with meandering level design.

the best Mario game will always be 3

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