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/vr/ I'm a lowly /v/ cross-poster. Please permit me a humble thread with minimal roasting.
I've played several 3D shoot-em-ups and it's quickly becoming my favorite genre. I think Sin and Punishment is one of my favorite games period and I'm dying to scratch the itch. Someone recommended me Gungage and I'm loving it.
Is there one of those master-list recommendation images floating around? If not, could you guys help me collate a master-list of 3D Shoot-em-ups?

Also I'm having a little trouble with the genre classification. Rail shooters is like Time Crisis, where the frame moves and you pop in and out of cover, but otherwise you don't move the character,and you aim and then 3D Shoot-em-ups are like Starfox where the frame moves, your ship/avatar moves, and you aim ... do I have that right?
Anyway, because this genre is kind of between several genres you get examples like Gungage which has tank controls and mild platforming, but its still arcade-y and linear with its levels.

Things similiar to Sin and Punishment is mainly what I'm looking for.

I have a short list of stuff I know of:
>Sin and Punishment
>Star Wars Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire
>Star Fox 64
>Star Fox
>Star Fox 2
>Panzer Dragoon

I know this board isn't for anything PS2 and after, but I'm also interested in those games.
>Kid Icarus: Uprising
>Star Fox Assault
>After Burner Climax
>Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Pls helop and thanks

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Omega Boost I guess, but if you're looking for something like Sin and Punishment why not just play Cabal style shooters? They're 2D but they have very similar gameplay. Wild Guns (Reloaded is on steam) for example, or Blood Bros/GI Joe arcade. There's a new one called Bot Vice but you need an autofire button for that, mashing is a real fucking nightmare.

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I wouldn't play Kid Icarus for this. While most stages have a rail shooter segment, the gameplay is far more focused on the grounded third-person shooter segments.

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I have heard of Wild Guns and it looks great. What are Cabal shooters? Because if the genre can include Sin and Punishment/Starfox/etc. then maybe that's what I'm asking for?

This genre is so loose it's kind of difficult to nail down. I played and loved Starfox Assault, both the 3D shoot-em-up and 3rd person segments ... Star Wars Rebel Assault II switches back and forth between Starfox style 3D shoot-em-up and Time Crisis rail shooter style segments ... and then the other thing I like about S&P, KIU, SWRA2, After Burner Climax, Starfox 64 is how upbeat/fast paced the games are and how they usually have a fast paced storyline to go with them. Kid Icarus U checks a lot of the boxes for me, enough for me to include it.

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It just means games in the style of Cabal.


So either single screen or on-rails shooters where you're grounded and typically only have 2 directions of movement + jump/dodge, many of them have cover you can use. Sin & Punishment definitely fits neatly into that subgenre. Starfox, Panzer Dragoon and other similar games are 3D shmups since they have full 2D movement. It's definitely worth exploring if you like S&P, I'm not sure if there's many 3D games in this style though, and scrolling games like GI Joe are more of an exception.

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NAM-1975's a good one of these.

And you've already got Panzer Dragoon, but don't forget Zwei. Some people love Orta too (I don't, but some people)

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I've seen Wild Guns gameplay and it's definitely the kind of thing I'm looking for, especially in terms of art style and pacing.I have a boner for that 90's chunk tech aesthetic.
If there are Cabal shooters that have that kind of fast pacing/ubeat overarching story like S&P/Wild Guns/Rebel Assault 2/Starfox then I'm interested...

I wouldn't say S&P fits neatly in the cabal genre personally. It has cabal segments for sure, but the camera perspective moves around a lot, and there's lots of 3D Shmup segments. There's even a Contra style sidescrolling segment.
(on second thought, maybe S&P shouldn't be my main example of what I'm talking about)

Wish I could post this kind of thread on /v/ but they're too busy shilling/retarded to pay attention to a thread like this. I know there are some PS2 games in the 3D shmup genre because anons recommended me some, but I lost the recommendations.

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Star Fox 64, Sin and Punishment and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei are the holy trinity for me. If you only played Panzer Dragoon 1, do yourself a favor and play Zwei.
Also I'm going to make some odd recommendations, games that aren't really "rail shooters", but I think scratch the itch a bit due to certain elements.
Ghost in the Shell on PS1, this is a sort of cult classic game, and while it is a free-roaming 3D action game, it has some elements that might seem familiar to the 3D shooters you listed, for example the lock on system reminds me of panzer dragoon. It even has 1 or 2 levels that are actually on-rails, and it does remind me of PD a lot there, too, the way you have to watch out in all 360 direction and watch out the radar.
Again, it's not on rails, but I think you'll find enjoyment in it.
My other odd suggestion is Hi no tori/Firebird on MSX2. This one is a Konami game, and it plays like a vertical shoot 'em up, except the level design is seemingly endless, until you use certain keys and go through specific paths to reach the boss room. What makes me recommend this game is that you're controlling a human character, Gao, and you you jump to avoid enemy attacks, so there's a sort of platforming element to it, mixed with the shmup action. When I found myself shooting and dodging attacks jumping around in different directions, it made me feel as if I was playing some sort of proto 2D Sin and Punishment.
Another game that comes to mind is G.I. Joe on arcade, also by konami. On-rails 3rd person shooting game in cabal-style.
Also I assume you have already played Space Harrier? Maybe too obvious a suggestion but if you haven't, GET READY!
And the Ace Combat series, might be a stretch because it's not really a rail shooter, and not really arcade either, but it's a very arcade-y flight combat simulator with lots of exciting dogfight similar to the all-range mode missions on Star Fox 64 (like the Star Wolf battles).

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It's not exactly what you're looking for, but I think you might like Einhander.

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>Wish I could post this kind of thread on /v/ but they're too busy shilling/retarded to pay attention to a thread like this.
Just make the thread about saki in smash bros and you'll hit bump limit for sure.

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Finding games with a similar mood and art style will be a problem since the genre was popular in the 80s and early 90s and then quickly declined, before those sci fi aesthetics truly caught on. Try out Iwanga and Charge N Blast. Revolver 360 Reactor might up your alley its a shmup that borrows many elements from these kinds of shooters, except instead of controlling a reticle your ship itself is the reticle

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Awesome recs. You seem to be picking up what I'm putting down. I've seen the GitS game and it's definitely something I'm interested in in terms of aesthetic. Didn't know it had rail segments/Panzer Dragoon aiming, and that bumps it high up on my priority list.
Will check out Hi no tori, and GI Joe/Space Harrier are exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for.
I'm starting to think 3D shmups doesn't completely describe what I'm after. May need to revise that...
Ace Combat is definitely what I'm looking for in terms of pacing and aesthetic. I've played 4, 5, and 7, and love them. Gameplay might not be arcade-y enough? Not sure how broad this list should be, but maybe will throw them in for the hell of it. Also thought about the X-Wing games ...
That looks great.

Alright so thanks to >>5852681, >>5852708, >>5852714, >>5852719 (and as I was writing this, >>5852735 popped up, hey)
Panzer Dragoon (series)
After Burner (series)
Star Fox (series)
Omega Boost
Wild Guns
Blood Bros
GI Joe Arcade
Bot Vice
Ghost in the Shell PS1
Hi No Tori/Firebird (are these two seperate games?)
Charge N Blast
Revolver 360 Reactor
Sin and Punishment (and sequel)
Star Wars Rebel Assault (1 & 2)
Kid Icarus Uprising

Is the current list...

I had two or three recommedations for PS2 3D Shmups I wish I could remember. One had a steampunk aesthetic and was about airships ...

If the list gets big enough I might make an infographic, like attached.

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*Ace Combat gameplay might be too open ended/not arcade-y enough
is what I meant

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>Hi No Tori/Firebird (are these two seperate games?)
No, it's the same game, Hi no Tori literally translates to Firebird, which is how the game is known with western MSX users, not sure if the game was actually officially released outside Japan, I think it was, at least in Europe.
If I'm not mistaken, the version I played was a fan translation of the japanese original. It has a few lines of text here and there, that give you hints about how to progress in certain places.
It seems like a tough and disorienting game at first, but once you know your way it becomes pretty fun, I replayed it a big amount of times.

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Those sci-fi aesthetics were carried on into the present day, with the latest big iteration being Bladerunner 2049. Eva 4.0 is coming out, the GitS live action movie is, I think, underrated, Shin Godzilla kind of had it ... before that, Halo games, Vanquish (which almost fits into OP's category), Shadow Complex, all kind of had it ... there's more examples but it's hard to think of them off the top of my head. ZOE 1 and 2 have it...
Death Stranding has a great 90's sci-fi aesthetic imo, and of course Cyberpunk 2077 has it ...
The 80's and 90's were kind of the golden age for this aesthetic, and especially PS1/N64 games evoke that aesthetic, because the graphics kind of look like crude sci-fi holograms themselves, but the aesthetic is definitely still around. You have to look for it but there's people keeping it alive and doing original stuff with it.

Ah ok. I like that cover a lot. very soulful

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Fuck I need to go to bed. I repeated the word aesthetic like 5 times.

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Great Battle V has some cabal shooting stages, but it's more of a platformer.

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>Gungage which has tank controls and mild platforming, but its still arcade-y and linear with its levels.
Then you should also consider Doom, which is really just a 2D twin-stick shooter played from a first person view.
You'll probably also like Appokalypse and One on the PS1.
A list of rail shooters.

>What makes me recommend this game is that you're controlling a human character, Gao, and you you jump to avoid enemy attacks, so there's a sort of platforming element to it, mixed with the shmup action
I know there are a couple of games like this, like Isolated Warrior and Elemental Master.

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I also heartily recommend Space Harrier as well as Galaxy Force 2 which I'm shocked hasn't been mentioned yet.

I also strongly support Ghost in tge Shell. Another suggestion that isn't exactly one of these games but has gameplay with a very similar feel is Tempest. The original is still great, but Tempest X and 2000 are trippy and crazy. If you don't have epilepsy it's a great time.

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>I wish I could remember. One had a steampunk aesthetic and was about airships .

I believe you're thinking if Skygunner. Quite a fun game.

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What is that face meant to express?

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Disgust and refusal, like everyone should when it comes to 3D shoot em ups

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Why is that?

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Warning you to keep away 'cause he's shitting his pants.

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Tiny Tank

Alligator Hunt is a very obscure cabal shooter.

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OP checking in. Been playing Gungage and Omega Boost. Thanks for recommending me the latter >>5852681 It's great. It's like a better ZOE game lol
I think I explained that someone recommended Gungage to me in a /v/ thread and it's turning out to not be so much what I'm looking for. The aesthetics are nice, the enemy designs are very similar to Ruffians from S&P, but tank controls + platforming is a slow and clunky experience.
I tried playing GitS, but for some reason it won't load in ePSXe, I have a couple other games that won't load; it just sits on a black screen. If anyone knows what to do there I'd appreciate advice.

Nice recs. I quite like Doom (and Marathon) but I think both Gungage and Doom aren't actually what I'm looking for after all. I don't think GitS is either but I like the aesthetics, so I'm gonna play it. One looks very much to my tastes so I'll play it as well.
And thanks for the rail shooters list. Big help.

Galaxy Force 2 looks amazing. Tempest reminds me of REZ, and I might add both to the list.

Yes. That's the one. Thanks. Know of any other PS2 3D Shmup titles off hand?

Cool. I love the aesthetics of Tiny Tank, but Alligator Hunt is closer to what I'm looking for in terms of gameplay.

cont. (1/2)

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Why does nobody ever mention pic related?

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None of the games posted here is any good

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I think you have shit taste. Name 10 great games you'll stand behind.

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Try the Beetle PSX core in RetroArch, Pete's plugins haven't been updated in 12 years

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I don't know of any charts, but you can add Jupiter Strike, NovaStorm and Starblade Alpha to your list.

Probably because it never got a home port. Tragic. It seems like a solid game.

RetroArch sucks. He can just try different plugins in base ePSXe without the need for an additional frontend.

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Nuclear Assault

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cont. (2/2)
So I want to make an infographic or something...
Gameplay-wise the games mentioned so far are Cabal, Rail, shmups, 3D Shmups, run-and-gun, 3rd person shooters, arcade style flight sims, etc. so obviously gameplay is all over the place. Most of these games fall into the same /m//cyberpunk/chunk tech aesthetic, but Skygunner/Panzer Dragoon/Kid Icarus U/Firebird have fantasy aesthetics, Tempest and Rez are abstract, but I want to include games like those. So it looks like gameplay and visuals don't unify the list ...
One thing I'm looking for is for a certain kind of pacing. S&P, Starfox 64, Star Wars Rebel Assault II, Kid Icarus U all have light narratives which are extremely brisk and fast paced ... this is important to me: but it wouldn't be an easy to define category. I know it when I play it, you probably know what I'm talking about if you've played S&P ... but I'm not sure how to verbally define it. Ace Combat games have it.
The solution might be to make a Venn diagram, and the infographic might be like "So you played Sin and Punishment... here are some similar games". Categories might be "gameplay" "aesthetics" "pacing" (?) with S&P at the center ...
This might not show up for a while, because I intend to play most of the games recommended to me itt. All if I can.

what system, and where to get rom? (ah fuck. Looked it up and it's an arcade game. I'm really bummed about cabinet games for games preservation ... pls tell me there's a way to play this)

I just looked up RetroArch and I'm not even sure what it is. Is it just a UI to consolidate your emulators? What are the advantages to using it?
I'm currently leaning towards >>5854482's opinion desu. I like to keep things simple.

Been looking at the wordpress from >>5852804 and PS1's Philosoma jumped out at me due to the shifting camera perspective. Similar thing happens in S&P and I like it.

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What about light gun games?

>> No.5856032

There is a Yar's Revenge remake for the PC that was released almost a decade ago.

>> No.5856067

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles.

Gun Survivor.

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>>Star Fox 2

I thought that game got cancelled ages ago. Did a rom get leaked?

>> No.5856242

I love them. Not in a position to do so right now, but the dream would be to collect them. Are you suggesting adding them to the infographic? Because fuck it ... maybe ... not sure what this thing is even about now, but maybe...

>> No.5856245

There is an official release that came with the SNES mini and a subsequent leak. actually I think someone had a build that they released before the SNES mini that was almost the complete game

>> No.5858559

Saving this thread. If it dies again, I'll come back in a few days, and the new thread will include all the games mentioned here.

>> No.5858573

Yeah, Star Fox 2's ROM used to be online for a while. Nobody was ever sure if it was the final version or a beta, but I think it turns out the one released on SNES mini was identical (or almost) to the game everyone has been playing for at least a decade.

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Are the Star Fox games any good? I never played them
Also how well does Sin and Punishment emulate?

>> No.5859080

Starfox 64
the rest are neglegible
1 is like a proof of concept
2 is like 64
adventures is flippin' zelda
assault... it's kinda fun for multiplayer, kinda
zero... haha, back to proof of concept, the controlling takes getting used to for sure
64DS is a remake of the best one for on the go portability

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Op here.
I ran S&P on 1964, with english translation textures through a plugin. Game ran fine. Consistent framerate, but graphical glitches on menus and cutscenes. Not sure if that was due to the english textures.
There's also a virtual console version for Wii and WiiU that's already English translated and runs perfectly.

>> No.5860024

I should mention too that the english translation files aren't really necessary. The games audio is entirely in english.

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I really love this genre, lurking thread

>> No.5860772


The anon >>5854194 mentioned
but I guess he delet.
Posting for interest. I really want home console versions of several arcade games, including that Star Wars rail shooter game that had like ... Hoth and Endor, and at least one other level I'm forgetting. Hoth started on foot inside Echo base, and then transitioned into flying a snowspeeder/taking out an AT-AT.
@Disney ... PC/home console version plz

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>I know there are a couple of games like this, like Isolated Warrior and Elemental Master.
Yeah, there's also Knightmare from Konami, which was likely a direct influence on Hi no tori, but none of those games really have a jump button.
Hi no tori adds platforming element to the shooting, that's what made me think of Sin and Punishment.

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If you have access to a Super Scope, Yoshi's Safari is worth a play. Very simple and easy for the most part, but has fun bosses and some neat ideas on the levels. You can also jump while playing (and a 2nd player came join in to control Yoshi, not that big of a difference but still cool).
Also on Super Scope is Battle Clash 1 and 2, and the SuperScope6 Lazerblazer games.

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>is a /v/ poster
Better post and manners than 95% of anything I've seen in 4 years on /vr/.

I can't think of anything else similar that hasn't been mentioned, but if you want to dip your toes a bit more, I've always had good fun with both Raiden DX and one of its sequels Raiden fighters jet. They are more old school in that the enemies target you instead of bullet patterns.

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Since you have a Gungage in your pic, you might like PS1 GitS game

>> No.5862771

And also you will like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq7vyKj8SLY
This game rarely gets mentioned anywhere but it's good

>> No.5862772

Oh wow it was already mentioned ITT
Sorry for unnecessary posting lol

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the best games in this genre are Sin and Punishment 2 and Starfox 64
that said you absolutely should play Rez and maybe its spiritual successor Child of Eden

>> No.5863936

Don't post sluts on /vr/.
Also https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/576521-love-and-destroy/77916026

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And Speed Power Bike.
Or just play Ray Tracer.

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