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Reminder that PC-8801 is actually one of the most content-rich and influential platforms ever.

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never played it I should look into it

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On the Otaku no Video special DVD booklet, there's a timeline between 1982 and 1985 that shows the most important events in history regarding general world news, cinema, animation, manga and technology
They mention both the Famicom and PC-88, not anything else. I think those 2 are the most iconic systems for the japanese.

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Wasn't there someone in the OVA playing an 88 game?

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Honestly weird they glossed over pc engine but ok.

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Cool but how do I play this thing and its games? And in a language that isn't cryptic symbols?

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gif is perfectly acceptable. It's capable of displaying 256 colors simultaneously while the PC88 only used 8 colors. If you look closely you'll see that nearly all games in the chart use the same 3bit RGB colors even when they nominally had the expanded palette of V2 mode at their disposal.

He was playing Cybernetic High-school on a PC-286.

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Goddamn, that shit looks ugly, Too old for me, kek.

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Goddamn, that shit looks ugly. Too old for me, kek.

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Just because it is interesting or important doesn't mean you'd actually want to play the games on it. It is still an 80s home computer, with the sort of responsiveness and framerate you'd expect.

You can play the games on a PC-98 emulator, if you don't believe me.

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You download the games:
You get a PC88 emulator for your OS, for instance XM8 or M88kai.
You insert disk 1 into drive 1 and disk 2 into drive 2 and restart the system. Try 4MHz V1 mode first and switch to V2 mode if requested.

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are they in english though.

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You might be able to tell based on the picture.

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he asked to play them in a language that wasn't cryptic but thanks anyways.

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Are you blind? Where is the cryptic language for Sokoban, DoorDoor, Dragon Slayer, Hydlide, Thexder, Xanadu, A-Train, SeeNa, Blassty, Final Zone, WiBArM, Silpheed, Valis, Ys, The Scheme, Final Crisis or Popful Mail in the image?
Now obviously some of them like Ys or Popful Mail actually have Japanese text in the game but you should be able to find out that much yourself.

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Nice macros, where did they come from?

Bouken Roman remains my go-to recommendation for anyone wanting a great PC-88 action-platformer. It's a long-forgotten precursor to Commander Keen, but from an alternate universe called SystemSoft Japan.

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EOPs are like spoiled brats, not even worth responding to.

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my apologies I just saw the picture in the link above and assumed it was all in Japanese. sorry about that.

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looks like a bunch of moonrune weebshit

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Any doujin recommendations ? Preferably stuff playable without Japanese knowledge.

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The thing that's really good about these old japanese computers is that most of them are uncontaminated by western filth unlike the consoles.

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It covers 1982 to 1985.

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i dont speak japanese though

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>Dragon Knight
>Cover up the titties but leave the cooch exposed
Japan is weird.

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It was definitely some kid's first fap.

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You must be 18 to use this website.

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It's a weird game. They tried to transfer strip game logic to a RPG so the girls you rescue in the tower become less and less dressed. You don't have sex with any of them.
Chaos Angels, where you fight and ravish monster girls, and Rance, where you can rape almost every girl in the long run, did it better.

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Needs Princess Tomato and ズニッグィ.

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>On the Otaku no Video special DVD booklet
>the most iconic systems for the japanese
This suggests at most they're the most iconic systems for otaku in the early 90s. That's a sub-subculture of "the japanese".

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Thanks, dude
Which emulator would you personally recommend for Windows?

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I assume the issue with .gif is more that the file could be animated and include a jumpscare.

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a good one

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Princess Tomato was dropped from the list since the original platform was PC98.

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>the original platform was PC98
What do you mean?
The PC-88 was also 'iconic' for Japanese salaryman, as it was a popular office computer.

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It came out for the PC98 four months before the PC88.

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Oh, interesting. I thought of it as an iconic PC-88 game.

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M88 fmgen is nice : http://nenecchi.php.xdomain.jp/
I also use X88000 for a few games because of its better tape support :

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PC-88 is super comfy, a z80 and lovely FM synths. Dragon Buster is a particular favourite of mine.

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>This suggests at most they're the most iconic systems for otaku in the early 90s
What would you suggest were the most iconic systems released between 1982 and 1985 for non-otaku japanese, then?

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PC98 for its role in business.

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Actually, I think I was wrong, and the booklet mentions PC-98, not PC-88.

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So, there WAS a time that Japanese men and women fucked!

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otherwise that island would be empty.

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Much like its becoming now.

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