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It's definitely up there.

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define "low poly" in a /vr/ context.
what are some high poly /vr/ games?

to me, it seems like all 3d /vr/ games get categorically referred to as low poly. it seems like a redundant term.

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RR 1 and Revolution look better than 4.

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Depending on your criteria, it could technically be some demoscene production that uses shaders and other tricks to render a whole scene with ridiculously low poly count (it's possible to do with just 1 quad / tri.)

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Probably Evangelion 64.

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>what are some high poly /vr/ games

Dreamcast and up?

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Microprose Formula One Grand Prix

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This is the part of the thread when the nerds with no aesthetic sense come around, breathing heavily and posting ugly computer games.

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lol cry harder

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You're a retard

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>low polygon
You're fucking retarded

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Impressive that I can tell it's Monaco

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Old driving games keep you on the road with invisible walls, so you never can drive up and see how bad any individual building or tree would look when you press your face against it.

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Nice story.

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>no texture warping
>no jittering
>60 fps
>amazing art direction
>no ones gives a shit

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Cute but wrong.


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It warps and jitters happily like every other PS1 title, the distant camera placement and constant moment just make it less obvious.
Fantastic game, but the checkpoint system meant it was never for normies.

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That webm is a pgxp showcase.

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>is this kino?
>what is the ***** *****, and why is it ****?
>daily reminder...
>aaaaand so on...
Who is the world's biggest faggot? And why is it you?

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I've played Einhander many, many, many times to know that it doesn't have texture warping or jittering on real hardware because of the camera

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>tee hee hee!
>teleports away

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>low polygon
>best looking

I'm sure there's an oxymoron somewhere in there. There isn't much you can do to improve the appearance of low-polygon graphics, except maybe to apply some convincingly high-detail textures to them.

That said, I always appreciated King's Field for its dark, muddy atmosphere. The games were also notable for having seemless environments with no (visible) load times. Actually, the load times were just masked by connecting regions through lengthy corridors.

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Low poly is all about:
1. object silhouette
2. quality & style of the textures(also best with a limited palette)
3. even texel distribution over available UV space

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what a game

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>There isn't much you can do to improve the appearance of low-polygon graphics
Hey, nerd, there is a way. It's called art. What are you doing in a thread about aesthetics? You're the deaf guy pontificating on the finer points of ASMR.

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>no Robocop 3

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That cutscene of the cop car pulling in at 12:23 is very cool.

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>Somebody mentions Ridge Racer 4
>Japanese Acid Jazz flashbacks
dem OST still haunts me

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That tranny thumbnail.

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>even texel distribution over available UV space
Unless I'm misinterpreting you, certain games like pic related would assign more density to key areas to give them more detail relative to the rest of the model. Like how here the face is given more space on the UV map compared to something physically larger like the chest.

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Thanks for the reaction image

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I bet you first came in contact to KF through the Souls series

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No sir, thank YOU for the reaction image

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Yeah, but that is sub optimal and just produces more shimmering on hardware that does linear interpolation without any form of mip mapping. On top it looks off having shaper parts and then a lot of blockier areas.

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I thought that was that famous PSx game where you could fight mooks as cloud or the hero from dragon warrior VII?

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agreed, that looks like shit

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Stop it Alf

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>Rollcage Stage II (PC) GamePlay 1 HD

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Sorry Willy.

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Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox are capable of "high poly" graphics. Usually when people refer to "low poly" they're talking about early 3D like PS1, N64, Saturn, and earlier.

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It doesn't matter. The characters are so zoomed out during gameplay that it's negligible.

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Only 328 triangles. That's a very nice work.