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better than id's dooms

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What a good game

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>To hell with you!
More like to hell with this gay thread!

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Actually played this before the original Doom (Doom II was my first), and this game scared the shit out of me when I was about 9. Haven't played it since, but remember liking it.

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It's funny what playing with lighting can do for atmosphere

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This and the PS1 games had the best soundtracks.

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try playing id's doom and see how wrong you are. 64 feels linear as fuck, like you are crawling through corridors, and there are way too many gimmicks

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how so

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>no archvile
>no revenant
>literally only one style of ambient music
6/10, it's decent.

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Fuck bland ambient shit

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The game is still good, it just needed a way more varied soundtrack.
Compare to Quake's soundtrack, which is all also ambient, but the tracks are distinct and memorable.

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neato opinion

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I really enjoyed Doom 64. If you haven't, try Hexen too.

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Some of the tracks are creepy as shit. One example would be "the rotted foul". This did a better job at horror than Doom 3 in terms of ambience.

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This is your brain on sòytendo

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Implying linear is a bad thing. I'd rather follow the path and kill stuff than run around an empty map for several minutes like a retard trying to find a key card.

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OP once again proving that no one can be as big of a faggot as him. Amazing.

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I enjoyed it, and the soundtrack

But rank id's IWADS

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Whatever happened to kill big guy and him dropping the keys, that's a game.

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In parts?
Hell sections are way better than OG Doom.
Techbase levels? Boring, bland, generic, and sometimes wolfenstein-ish.

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Non-canon crap. Same with everything after Doom 2

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as far as classic doom campaigns go
doom 1 > no rest for the living = doom 64 > sigil > plutonia > master levels > doom 2.

i completely forgot all about TNT.

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Doom 64 is canon. Probably because it was the first Doom game the co-director of 2016/Eternal played, and one of his favorites.

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[citation needed]

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The real Doom 3

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Don't like people who don't like doom 3
I like doom 3

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I like Doom 3 as well. It's no a perfect game, but I think it has its strengths and is a fun game to play.
The chainsaw is love.

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I felt that deciding whether you could see or shoot was fairly spooky.

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I don't think that mechanic was worthwhile, mostly because I don't think Doom 3 is all that great as a horror game, and it tries too hard without having a really good idea on how to do good horror, meanwhile it actually plays fairly well as a shooter, and I find that the fighting can often be quite exciting.

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better with DoomEX https://doom64ex.wordpress.com/

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>no arch-vile
>no revenant
>shitty monster design
>shitty tech base maps

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>no arch-vile
good, arch-viles are fags.

>shitty monster design
no worse than the silly designs of the original games.

>shitty tech base maps
what's wrong with them?

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Assviles are a great addition to the bestiary, despite was memes and fags on youtube tell you.

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>good arch-viles are fags
Nah, chaingunners are fags, archies are chads

>no worse than the silly designs from the original
The originals were cartoony but nowhere near as silly as D64 designs, the only monsters that look decent are the Mother Demon and Cybie.

>what's wrong with tech bases
They are repetitive, uninspired and boring, unlike hell levels wich were better than Id's hell levels.

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Archies are a great enemy, they offer a completely different threat from the other monsters and require a specific set of tactics, depending on what other monsters you combine them with, and what the battlefield looks like at the moment, they can provide some VERY interesting and entertaining encounters.
They're also spooky.

Chaingunners are a nuisance but they're at least pretty fragile and surrender some decent ammo on death, they're also a fairly big liability to the other monsters given how it lays down rather indiscriminate sustained fire, meaning they can help gun down some monsters for you, or get slapped in the back of the head by a baron they pissed off.

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