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What went wrong?

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you didn't do a 30-melon run

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They shouldn't have locked the other 18 levels behind collectibles. I get what they tried to do, you play single player and each time it can be a different "story", but in the end, most people just played through single player once, thought the game was just 6 levels long, and never knew there were other 18 levels.

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side scrolling instead of 3d

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>thought the game was just 6 levels long, and never knew there were other 18 levels

Guilty here. I found maybe two or three bonus levels and thought that was it.

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What the FUCK was his problem?

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Imagine being so autistic you play a zero-challenge cringey toddler's game for score.

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He was too sweet.

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As much as melon runs suck it's still better than going out of the way for 1 red coin like in the 3DS yoshis.

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Wait so is it too hard or not hard enough. Doesn't matter though you're right.

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Holy shit anon, you're savage!
Calling someone autistic for playing video games on a video game board... savage, totally savage. I don't even know how you can sustain all that amazing banter at the tip of your fingers when you type. Simply amazing.

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They turned something beautiful into something hideous for one.

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good game

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Passive-aggressive seething is always the best kind of seething.

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imagine playing videogames at all lmao

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You don't need to get all melons but the game is like starfox 64 where you get a very slightly extended ending if you score 30,000 points by the final level. It's still easy as shit but it's interesting.

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I never heard that. Maybe it's because I'm not a native english speaker, but I only hear "ee ayee ooooo", not any actual words. Not even close to "eat asshole" or "the asshole" as many people claim to hear.

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Nah, posting in a thread of a game you hate to seethe is best kind of seething, IMO.

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>It's still easy as shit
It's not. Fuck up ONE melon and it's start all over again.
Still, melon-only runs are fine but I think the game would have benefited from 2 things:
1. Don't lock like 80% of the game
2. Don't make it a Yoshi game
The main reason people pretend to loathe Story is because of the comparison with Island.
If they used an original character instead of Yoshi, this would be considered a quirky little gem of side-scrollers from 5th gen, like Tomba or Mischief Makers. It still wouldn't have been popular back then because 2D, but it'd be more loved now.

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You also get some flavor text if you score less than 5,000 points. It's really obscure and kinda neat. Another game that rewarded lowest score possible was Keyo Flying Squadron 2.

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I personally enjoyed it, but I can easily see why someone would dislike it. Its literally "baby's first videogame" material. I'm pretty sure its the first game to use the "E" rating instead of "K-A" that was used before.

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Important note, the Japanese version there's no auto-save and "continue from page X" option. If you game over it's all the way to the beginning, you can't reset to start over from the same level.
They made the american easier and accidentally broke the score system since you can reset before Yoshi gets taken away.

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It's quite possibly the gayest N64 game of all time.

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Well, N64 didn't get a port of Cho Aniki, so maybe.

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It's better to wonder what went RIGHT with Yoshi's Island. It's the only Yoshi game that hasn't been hot garbage.

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Yoshi and Yoshi's Cookies are pretty good puzzle games.

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Okay but I'm talking about your "normal" yoshi platformer games. Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story, Yoshi Wooly World, Yoshi Island DS, etc.

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I don't think the other Yoshi platformers are "hot garbage", they just weren't as good as Island.

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they fucking suck

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Wooly World is alright, same for Story and Crafted World.
Island DS has awful level design and gimmicks, New Island is too forgettable and lacks polish and Topsy-turvy is just a gimmicky game.

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Nah. If they weren't Yoshi games, people wouldn't mind them. Maybe they wouldn't be masterpieces, but I don't think they'd be considered heresy.
The main reason for the hate of all the other Yoshi games is because none could top Island.

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Artoon killed Yoshi. Thankfully the Goemon devs were able to revive him.

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>What went wrong?
The damage was already done.

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maybe you're right with Story and the DS game but the 3DS and Wiiu ones are legitimately shitty

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touch & go is underrated

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>he didn't like Woolly WOrld
Nigga you gay.

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Haven't played that but the Artoon developed games are really trash.

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Woolly World was by Good Feel, the ex-Goemon team from Konami.