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Why is it we lavish 2D games from any era, with warm fuzzy nostalgia.
Yet we shit all over 3D games, prior to the 6th generation?

I see no difference, they are outdated yes. But that doesent make them any less appealing.

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I don’t know who this “we” is but I enjoy many games from all generations and dimensions.

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People love 3D games from before the 6th generation. What are you talking about?
It is admittedly easier to fuck up a 3D game graphically, but if you can reproduce it right/have the good old equipment for it it's great. But 3D graphics look like blurry shit without the right upscaling or original hardware. That might be why you're confused.

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5th generation to 3D is what Atari is to 2D. There will always be old people that like it out of nostalgia or hipsters that convince themselves they like it for cool points but ultimately it's objectively shit

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I wonder why people don't consider games that were ugly in 1995, but played anyway because it was a novelty, to be great in 2019. Truly a mystery.

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because 40yo neckbeards who grew up on the SNES are the harshest critics on the 3D games. Those early 3D games admittedly didn't age as well visually, but they do perefectly capture the look of 3D at the time which in itself is very sentimental for me. In terms of everything else, they're on par, if not better than all the 2D classics of that time.

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It all depends on the game, Tekken 1-2 look like shit but they were probably shitty even for it's day, but games with great art that use hardware well will always look good, there's nothing "dated" about them.

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So, nostalgia, gotcha.

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I remember when the PS2 came out, everyone was still playing SNES games on emulator all the time. But 5th gen games were dropped overnight, because they were made completely obsolete.

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Better graphics than Crash desu

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Don't say "we" for a statement like that please.

Most N64 3D has aged very well, PS and Saturn, not so much.

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Rubbish in every way.

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When they pushed for realism it got ugly real quick and that still holds true for the current generation. And was true for 2D as well. Just look at games like Mortal Combat and that Steven Seagal game.

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Nobody shits on 3D games. This board is full of appreciation for 3D PS1 and N64 games.

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>blurry collectashit has aged very well

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>5th generation to 3D is what Atari is to 2D

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Which atari? please respond.

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Now you tell me, what have aged more, this or Tenchu Z for the 360? What's more pleasant to the eye?

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Bad example, because Tenchu Z is just ugly. It was ugly in the mid 2000s and it is ugly today. A better comparison is Tenchu Wrath of Heaven, which looks better than 1,2, or Z.

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My point is art direction is more important than hardware, a game doesn't look like shit just because it gets older and a modern game can perfectly look worse.

Also the most beautiful of all was Fatal Shadows.

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>Those early 3D games admittedly didn't age as well visually
It's not just visuals. A lot of 5th gen 3D games have very crude controls as well. Just for a random example I happened to play today: Hogs of War, which isn't even early 5th gen. It's is a turn-based tactical game that uses a 3D environment. It's not a bad game or anything but moving your units around is rather awkward by modern standards. If it was a 6th gen game you'd have dual analog sticks for movement and camera. Instead, you have tank controls with a D-pad and a lot of context-switching with different buttons to handle aiming and looking.

Also if you look at reviews from the time of release, every single one shits on the game's graphics, which are average/below-average for 5th gen for a game period, and it was released after the PS2 was already out.

>5th generation to 3D is what Atari is to 2D.
I'd say it's more like 3rd gen for 2D, with really solid entries into some genres but lots of experimentation and awkwardness as well. 3rd gen had limited controllers with not enough buttons (see Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Karnov, and Metroid for examples of games that had to use tricks to get around limited control pads). The NES hardware limitations frequently manifested in gameplay performance with sprite flicker, stuttering, and palette sharing.

The main difference though is that the 3rd console gen also had relevant arcade games that were more advanced.

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Also forgot to say that OP is a faggot.

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There's some polygon games from the 5th gen that look great. Like R-Type Delta. These games, are, however, a tiny minority.

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Have 5th gen, dare I say, aged?

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>This board is full of appreciation for 3D PS1 and N64 games.
>Nobody shits on 3D games.
Not true. 5th gen 3D games are a real mixed bag.
Yeah many people seem to think that 3D games simply did not exist before the 90s FPS games.

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I like 5th Gen 3D. It has a lot of charm and can look very aesthetically pleasing. With 6th Gen 3D, it seem the textures are way behind the polygons in term of detail.

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F-15 Falcon III was the first PC game my parents bought me. I've been playing polygon games since I started gaming. They were always ugly compared to sprite games, but the appeal was the extra dimension (literally) of gameplay they brought.

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"we" are retarded? And by "we" I mean (You)

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3D games sucked as a whole until Devil May Cry 4 came out

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The pleb level is off the scale

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>Yet we shit all over 3D games, prior to the 6th generation?
WE? You gotta mouse in your ass?

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Most 2D games are well made and hold up to this day and are still visually appealing. Most early 3D crap is janky and gives you eye cancer. 3D had a lot of growing pains and it a lot of them don't hold up anymore. It has nothing to do with nostalgia, it's just the nature of what 3D and what they were trying to go for at the time, with inadequate hardware and ugly artstyles to boot

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Some beautiful 3D PSX Games that control as well as modern games:

Wipeout 3
Armored Cores
Ace Combat 3
JumpingFlash 2
Gran Turismo 2
Omega Boost
Metal Gear Solid
Pac-Man World

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Well that's a bit of a silly thing to say.

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I, ROBOT was from 1983, the game plays good and I still enjoy it. First 3D polygonal arcade title.

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I would rather play early 3D games
SNES is the most oversted system ever and the PS2 was completely soulless

5th Gen was the perfect middleground of new and old

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meant the SNES was and still is the most overated system ever

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Because they always sucked

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>PS2 was completely soulless
This is wrong. Maybe later first party Sony games, but their early works and other developer's games were brimming with soul.

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>implying I only shit on 3D games made prior to the 6th generation

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thief, deus ex, system shock > any 2d game

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low poly takes a little more time to age into fine wine than 2d does

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and a lot of it just spoils

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You should have picked something like Megaman Legends if that's what you were trying to illustrate

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I've never been into it but I love Tenchu, also I think it's a good example because they have always been technically mediocre.

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GamePlay Vs. Grafx

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>is what Atari is to 2D
>throws in the aged meme for extra retard points
Glorious post

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