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what are the best retro wrestling games?

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wwf smackdown 1 + 2
wcw mayhem

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No mercy shills can already fuck off. Wrestlemania 19, DoR 1 and 2 were amazing. Here comes the pain might just be the king of wwf games

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Based taste, wm2000 and wcw vs the world were great as well. I think we can all agree that Wrestlemania 21 for the Xbox was unredeemable dogshit tho.

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The AKI games, the Fire Pro Wrestling series, Saturday Night Slam Masters, WWF WrestleFest, and Jikkyou Power Pro Wrestling '96 - Max Voltage.

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not retro faggot

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That's easy, since the PS1 had the best wrestling games (if you ignore the barrage of shitty western wrestling games that is)
Best game of that era is AJPW: King's soul
IMO second best Fire Pro Wrestling G
Back than even Yuke's made adequate games especially with Toukon Retsuden 3
But I also liked the AJPW Women game Zen Nihon Joshi Puroresu: Joou Densetsu: Yume no Taikousen quite a bit.
Some also say the Puroresu Sengokuden games were pretty good too, but those are some of the few games I haven't played yet. And nothing comes close to the aforementioned AJPW: King's soul.
Stuff like WWE Warzone, Attitude, the ECW games using the same engine and the Smackdown games which used a gameplaywise castrated but in terms of graphics pimped Toukon Retsuden Engine were trash, let alone crap like WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game or even In Your house or the other WCW games

Does anything even come close to the brilliance of Fire Pro Wrestling 6 Men Scramble? Not even the other Fire Pro Game on the System Fire Pro Gaiden: Blazing Tornado (an Arcade port).
But Zen Nihon Puroresu featuring Virtua (the predecessor of the Giant Gram Games for the DC) is also supposed to be a good game.

Dreamcast was fine too with good games like:
Fire Pro Wrestling D
Giant Gram 2 and Giant Gram 2000
Toukon Retsuden 4 (Yuke's also started to fall apart qualitywise)
Too bad not a single good western wrestling game came out for it, beside ports of the worst of the worst WWE and ECW PS1 games.

I don't know. Never had one. Some people say No Mercy is good, but after all it's just a conversion of Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. Also people compared it's fighting systems with that of the later Yuke's game like Day of Reckoning or Wrestling Kingdom 1 and 2 which used the same engine as DoR - I fucking hated that system and never touched a Yuke's game since.
There also were the Toukon Road games on it, but again, these were just Yuke's games after all and who good can these actually be?

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wrestlemania 18 +19 for GC.
Smackdown 2 for PS1

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Some vids of the mentioned games

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File: 2.99 MB, 512x384, Zen Nihon Joshi Pro Wrestling - Joou Densetsu - Yume no Taikousen #2 (PSX).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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WWF Wrestlefest will always be my all time favorite

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I'm really impressed at how fluid but still impactful the animations are,puts modern 2K titles to shame

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Indeed. Very impressive.

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why are these so good looking holy crap

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Maybe indeed this was the game with the best animations (...of that era, the three All Star Pro Wrestling games from Squaresoft looked even better in this department, but those PS2 games aren't considered retro yet). But I didn't like the fighting system that much. I'm not a fan of those systems with varying groggy states, since you usually just punch until you opponent is dizzy so you can finally do one of the better moves. The Toukon Retsuden games had a similar fighting system (but with Yuke's games the animation were notoriously ugly and stiff), were you pretty much just punch, slap and kick around hoping that the opp. finally gets into one of the groggy states. But those early Yuke's games additionally on top of that had an Rock-Paper-Scissor system, with either Punch/Kick, Submission or Power Move which could override each other. But again I didn't liked it that much. But of course when they used their Toukon Retsuden Engine for the WWE Smackdown games, they even scrapped this in favor of an even more toned down fighting system (not counting the two budget games "The Pro Wrestling" ("Simple 2000 Vol. 22" and Vol. 52 in japan) with the same engine that came out between Toukon Retsuden and Smackdown which already played and looked like Smackdown, but just without the WWE license in favor of fictitious wrestlers).

I still prefer the timing based AJWP King's soul and Fire Pro Wrestling over this any time, despite that it too had dizzy states, but wasn't that much centered around it. You basically could initiate any grapple or move anytime in the match. But you just got countered early in the match when the opponents stamina was still strong, so that you essentially had to weaken the opp. first.

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No Mercy. Its been awhile, but I couldn't get into VPW2. Felt a little like WM2000, which I always thought was inferior to No Mercy. I couldn't get my head around having no running grapples.

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SYM and HCTP were amazing when I played with friends and we fucked around with all the weapons backstage. I'm not sure the rest of the gameplay holds up super well (I mean they were easy games when I was 10), though the story modes were cool

motion capture was a mistake. There are still some really cool brutal moves in 2k games but the huge majority look fake as shit

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But what about the worst?

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The PC-FX was such a dump

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Like your mum

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Kept waiting for her clothes to get torn off

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And people say that WCW SNES game was bad.

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Royal Rumble for Genesis

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WCW vs. nWo World Tour had the best wrestling game OST.

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Any games based on what happened at Sunmerslam 1992?

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Nwo vs wcw, custom fighters was fucking hilarious to us as kids. We have them very racist names and the fight mechanics were fun

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The same reason as to why fighting games in that gen had usually good framerates. You're not rendering much.

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Unironically this.

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wcw nwo revenge

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The WWF Wrestlemania Arcade game es well as In you house were two of the worst wrestlinggames that I ever played. They didn't even qualify as wrestlinggames but rather were bad Mortal Kombat clones. Even judged by fighting game standards they were really really bad.

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>popular thing
>I must shit on it and call the people who like it shills while spamming the board with non retro shit
What brings about this deranged behavior?

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Okay friend. But let's imagine for a moment that this board had actual common sense rules of discussion instead of the weird arbitrary laws that cater only to hyper spergs such as yourself. Okay ready?

Pic related is the greatest wrestling game ever made. The only downside is that it doesn't actually have real wrestlers in it, but rappers instead. The core gameplay is leaps and bounds ahead of the vast majority of wrestling games that came before and after.

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muscle bomber

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such a shame. PC Engine was a great console but it devolved into more and more niche games once than super famicom overtook the market

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>"what are the best _____retro_____ wrestling games?"
>posts non-retro wrestling game

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>SYM and HCTP were amazing when I played with friends and we fucked around with all the weapons backstage
>fall off the cell
>hilarious bouncing all over the place

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The real question is, which are the best ones with women, because if I'm going to watch two sweaty half naked people grope each other, they might as well have tits.

Fire Pro Queen's Special, Fire Pro Returns and Rumble Roses are pretty much the best options I've found. Most Fire Pro games don't have female wrestlers in them from what I've found. Any good WWF games with women?

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Beside Queen's Special from the Fire Pro Wrestling Series there also was Wrestling Universe: Fire Pro Joshi - Dou Yume Chou Onna Taisen - Zen Onna VS J.W.P. for NEC PC Engine Arcade CD-ROM2 btw.

And another long-running wrestlinggame series like Fire Pro was Wrestle Angels with only female fighters. But I don't know if these qualify as true Wrestlinggames, since they're more card based strategy games with a wrestling setting. Additionally some of the older games of the series for PC98 and X680x0 even were straight up Erogē games (but pretty softcore ones). Later games were of course toned down considerably in that area.

But Wrestle Angels wasn't for me. I certainly like me some wrestling sims like Fire Pro Wrestling or King's Soul (I often cringe when people call off all games WWE Smackdown/SD vs. Raw/WWE 2K Wrestling sims), but Wrestle Angels was just too complicated for me.

Then there's Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel (Sega Genesis) which looks pretty good, but kinda stiff.

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>You see, Akiman..

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I like the Aki made ones. Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 has a great character creator which allows any move to any slot like 2000, but has running strikes and grapples like No Mercy, plus it also has chain strike/grapples which neither have.

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File: 2.99 MB, 400x296, All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua (Sega Saturn, 1997).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I agree that it's still the best though.

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Nah not really. HCTP was indeed one of the better games of this mediocre series and the uninspired developer. But with the next game (WWE SD vs. RAW) I decided that I finally had enough of their games. IMO Yuke's games peaked during the 5th generation (with Toukon Retsuden 3, which also was the base for the Smackdown Series) but it went downhill fast from there. And their current games I wouldn't even bothered playing if they were free. Yuke's are definitely the worst wrestlinggame developer of the current gen... to bad that they also seem to be (with one exception) the only one. The annual releases of such games were a really bad idea.

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We get it: you're a weeb.

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>what are the best retro wrestling games?
WWF Wrestlemania 2000

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But you know that Yuke's is a japanese developer too? Aren't there even any western devs left that make good wrestlinggames? I can only remember Midway Studios Los Angeles who did the TNAimpact game (which also wasn't a good game) that closed shortly after and that mexican dev team that did the Lucha Libre game (which was even worse) during the last generation. Btw. I just remembered that there's another team who did Action Arcade Wrestling, but I can't judge said game since I haven't played it because I didn't have a XBox. But after all this was more of a very small indie developer, who also announced a Chikara game years ago, which hasn't surfaced yet. But this isn't the right place for it since it's certainly not retro.

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