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Build Engine Thread. Discuss the games at your leisure.

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first for fuck doom trannies

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>Favorite Levels
>Favorite Episode
>Favorite Pistol
>Favorite Shotgun
>Favorite Submachine Gun
>Favorite Explosive Weapon
>Favorite Gimmick Weapon
>Favorite Protagonist
>Favorite Game

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Blood looks like shit. Every level is the same shade of brown.

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Not a very good argument.

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What's the best way to play Build engine games on Linux (Ubuntu)?

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EDuke32, NBlood.

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>Favorite Levels
The shining hotel from Blood
>Favorite Episode
Ep1 Blood
>Favorite Pistol
Duke Nukem Pistol
>Favorite Shotgun
Duke Nukem Shotgun
>Favorite Submachine Gun
Tommy Gun from Blood
>Favorite Explosive Weapon
Dynamite from Blood
>Favorite Gimmick Weapon
Voodoo Doll
>Favorite Protagonist
Duke Nukem
>Favorite Game

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tommy gun is terrible

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It's the best weapon against cultists, noob.

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>Favorite Levels
Death Row, The Overlooked Hotel & Dark Side
(Honorable Shoutouts to: Hollywood Holocaust, Red Light District, LA Rumble, Phantom Train & Mall of the Dead)
>Favorite Episode
Episode 1 of Duok hands down
>Favorite Pistol
Loverboy from Ion Fury
>Favorite Shotgun
Sawed-Off from Blood
>Favorite Submachine Gun
>Favorite Explosive
Dynamite (also probably my favorite build engine weapon period)
>Favorite Gimmick Weapon
>Favorite Protagonist
>Favorite Game

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Are there any actual comprehensive lists of every game made on the Build engine? It seems like every week I find some absurdly obscure Build game that I haven't heard of before.

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>tfw I really wanna play Shadow Warrior but the shit mouse support in Redux completely turns me off

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>Favorite Levels

>Favorite Episode
Life's A Beach

>Favorite Pistol
Duke's Hi-Point/Glock abortion.

>Favorite Shotgun
Duke's Winchester 1300.

>Favorite Submachine Gun
Lo Wang's Uzis.

>Favorite Explosive Weapon
Caleb's Dynamite

>Favorite Gimmick Weapon
Duke's Shrinker

>Favorite Protagonist
Duke Nukem

>Favorite Game
Duke Nukem 3D

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>Life's A Beach
I still haven't even played this. I really should, I keep seeing people praise it. I was initially put off by the fact that it was a total conversion but seeing people praise it over and over again maybe it's time to give it a shot.

Also I never played Freeway, and I hear that's a good level.

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Lol what's the drama with Ion Fury?

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not that much

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This game is too insensitive, it needs to be censored.

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Duke Caribbean is pretty much just a reskinned Duke Nukem 3D with a new episode of pretty good levels. The gameplay will basically be the same only with a fun and lighthearted tropic vacation theme that it mostly sticks to.

It's actually a pretty good contrast to normal Duke Nukem 3D, which at times actually is rather dark and gloomy.

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Now that the dust has settled... which had the best opening level?

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Have been trying to modify Duke3D audiolib to use newer version of AWE32 library and load a decent soundfont. No luck so far, mostly because I really have no idea what I'm doing. AWE32 library version 3.01 breaks sound effects but manages to load and play music with standard SYNTHGM.SF2. Manages also to load samples from 8MB soundfont to AWE32 ram, but crashes after that.

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Blood's opening level is underrated. It's too short, though. I think it does a fantastic job at setting the mood. Level 1-2 together are also a great fit, they're so seamlessly connected that it feels like one big level.

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/v/ manages to ruin everything, again

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After trying every major build engine fps last week, I can decidedly say I hate how shooters play in the engine.
Grafix are sex tho.

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I personally enjoy most Build games despite their flaws, but the one flaw I can't overlook is the fucked up hitboxes. The flare gun in Blood is a pretty major offender, along the way the engine interprets enemies' hitboxes behind waist-high walls in general.

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Fuck, those games look awesome side by side. Don't tell me this isn't the best game aesthetics.

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Ion Fury map designer explaining the basics of Mapster.

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>quake 2


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There is literally nothing wrong with Quake 2.

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>Favorite Levels
Hotel Hell and Subpen 7
>Favorite Episode
Shrapnel City
>Favorite Pistol
Duke's Pistol
>Favorite Shotgun
Riot Gun
>Favorite Submachine Gun
Chaingun Cannon
>Favorite Explosive Weapon
Nuke and Devastator
>Favorite Gimmick Weapon
Ripper Heart and Rail Gun
>Favorite Protagonist
>Favorite Game
Duke Nukem 3D

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Is the Build Engine the perfect "sweet spot" between the obvious limitations of Doom (and other earlier FPSes) and the sometimes unnecessary complexity of later FPSes (even by the late 90s)?

It seriously seems like the ultimate middle ground where it was the first time that it seemed like you could do ANYTHING (or at least as much as you needed to) in the FPS genre, but before devs started trying to do shit they really didn't need to do at all. This isn't even to say that the Build games were "the best FPSes ever", just that they're arguably closer to an ideal of what the genre should be like both in terms of gameplay and of content.

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What's the "correct" way to play Blood?

I'm used to playing Doom and related games on whatever their equivalent of Ultraviolence is. Basically, the hardest difficult without just being annoying or gimmicky, or requiring savescumming. I'm also used to no saving - you have to beat the level with a single clean run. But in Blood on Well Done I feel like I'm getting unavoidable damage from a lot of enemies, so that it's less a matter of skill and more a matter of "I guess I'll know to prep my shot against that guy, next time." Which obviously isn't fun.

Savescumming would alleviate it a bit but that just doesn't feel fun to me. Might as well have godmode on.

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dont ever go guns blazing, always hide and if you hear cultists just throw dynamite on their direction.
Seriously, don't storm into places, be careful whenever you go to a big open place, always stay close to a wall to take cover.

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Use cover to avoid being shot at, and use crouching to confuse the aim of cultists. Mobility is important too.

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Just play on medium and get the ropes down. Then replay it on well done. Even one of the lead devs said they made the game overly difficult.

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Well done is doable blind, if you are a really goof fps player and experiment for a couple levels and understand the game, problem is the very difficult first part.

Most people should play on lightly broiled.

I think one of the problems people dish on blood is that Blood is not a Duke or even Doom run and gun, you can run and gun in some necessary situations, but most of Blood is using the best weapons for each type of enemy, and playing like a much more slow and pre planning game. Sort of like a Deus Ex on realistic.

The arsenal of Caleb reflects this swiss knife commando approach, there are four types of dynamite.

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Interesting. Why Subpen 7 ?

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>beat ion fury on highest difficulty without much trouble
>maybe i should try blood again

even on medium this game doesn't fuck around.

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Quake 2 is only fun in multiplayer, singleplayer is boring and uninspired.

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What's the best engine for Shadow Warrior? or is the vanilla game on GOG alright?

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Highest skill in Blood wasn't made for single player

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Another uninspired autistic post:
Favorite level per episode, do as many games as you have the energy for.

>E1M3 - Death Row
>E2M8 - Dark Side
>E3M4 - LA Rumble
>E4M6 - Going Postal
>E5M6 - Golden Carnage

>E1M3 - Phantom Express
>E2M4 - The Overlooked Hotel
>E3M4 - The Sick Ward
>E4M9 - Mall of the Dead
>CP03 - Gothic Library
>E6M3 - Public Storage

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Me and John Romero like Quake 2

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there were no Quakes after Quake 1

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>Literally Nothing Wrong
The game was rereleased with ray tracing. I pity the fool who doesn't Quake 2

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Quake 2 starts slow, it gets better as you go.

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it's fun to find the secrets and everything just wish I had the expansions

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KenBuild's textures are top tier comfy

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Quake 2 should have been named something else, I'll concede that part.

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I love how you just are pretty much blowing up everything all the time in that one.

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I came here to post the same thing. Shame we never got another Ken's Labyrinth using the build engine.

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I've been porting them into the Source Engine too just because they're so nice

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You're clearly into Blood, but you pick the shotgun from Duke over Blood's double barrel?

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I played through the entire game and I never found this area. Did anybody else? It even has different color enemies, I for sure thought this would be like an upcoming level but it never happened, so I assume it's some super secret area?

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It's just reference to another game.

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Which is better: Shadow Warrior Classic Complete or Shadow Warrior Classic Redux? And where the fuck do I get Classic Complete without having to have an account with anything?

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Time to make another Ken's Labyrinth in Kens own BUILD2 engine


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BUILD2 was never meant for producing any games.

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Wrong. It's fully functional and the source is available. It's also not necessary anymore to have tedious converters and middleware to bring in assets.

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Unlike Build which has a base gameplay code which allows each game's coders to build from, Build2 is pretty much just a renderer.

So yeah.

>> No.5835076

So no. Like with original BUILD you will have to build your own underlying game logic.

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I was agreeing with you here you know. As in, so yeah, it's not fully functional to make games

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Hnnnnng, add your own code then you spaz.

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no homo

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>Nothing beats cock

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give me your best duke nukem 3d mapsets to play while I wait for ion fury mapsets. Multiple levels preferred.

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the redux port is so bad I just used dosbox.

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I liked that game.

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Apparently Episode 3 of Duke is Civvies favorite.

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[autistic babe saving intensifies]

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Is Fresh Supply the best way to play Blood or does it still have issues?

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It's still incomplete and the development has ended, thanks to Atari.

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It's better than ZBlood, but that's not saying a lot.

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>easily 1 shotting every battle lord
what a bitch

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You seem to be confusing the concept of mods and games.
Alien Armageddon

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I'm young enough where I didn't play Doom 1 or 2 growing up, but I did play some Duke.
I have a hard time going back to Doom 1 and 2 now, not because they feel bad, because they feel pretty great playing, but things like secrets and the settings themselves are bad/boring.

There's so much more character to the build engine games, it's hard to go back further.

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Doom 1 has charm and its not overly long.
But I mostly agree.

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Time for modding then

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>lot of the devs were revealed to be blatant bigots
>lotta people get pissed
>Voidpoint says fuck it "pirate the game if you don't like us"

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Shrinking them kinda kills the challenge they're meant to provide, hence why with the original auto aim the shrinker will miss them.

>> No.5836490

The shrinker was made for that, to level the playing field, since BLs are overpowered even in their mini form. You also never get that much ammo for it.

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Anybody know how I can get rid of the screen tearing I get when I run Ion through eduke?

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they're a pain in the ass
I don't care

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The Birth is the best Duke episode right?

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>Well done is doable blind, if you are a really goof fps player

do you find it's doable without quicksaving?

i find the one thing that kills blood for me is: unavoidable damage. there is a lot of hitscan damage in the game that you're simply GOING to take, the millisecond you round a corner, unless you already know where that guy is and can preemptively dynamite him. if you take the latter possibility out of the equation, and especially if you ban yourself from quicksaving and play the game blind, it's extremely tedious to play

i'm playing through it right now on well done and i'm several episodes in, and it's just not very fun. no real problems with it other than this, it's a fun game and the mechanics work great etc., the only problem is just the insta-reaction of most hitscanners, meaning you are guaranteed to take some damage no matter your skill level in many instances

>> No.5836835

to clarify, i don't even mean that the unavoidable damage situations make it impossible - i just think it's sloppy game design in general. there are many instances where no amount of pro reaction time or strategy could have saved me, let alone a reasonable amount. the only real thing to do in those situations has been to pre-plan/savescum.

>> No.5836851

>to clarify, i don't even mean that the unavoidable damage

Yes its doable without quicksaves.

Its not unavoidable that is the thing, at first I felt like you but then I got gud real fucking fast, you can avoid cultists. Its just a very hard game. They need to be taken seriously. I usually save 2 to 3 times in a mission, even the longer ones.
I do feel the first chapter gives the players a wrong impression.

Cultists really are fucking hard, crouch and stunlock them. Dont be afraid to waste rocket and tommy gun ammo is my advice.
Funny enough missions without them are a breeze.

>> No.5836854

It's not a pleasant experience

>> No.5836868

i agree with you in a general sense. but i'm pretty good at these games and also very willing to git gud and blame myself when i fuck up, AS LONG AS the mechanics are solid themselves. it's this that's the problem:

>[hitscan is] not unavoidable that is the thing,
build engine games genuinely have difficulties with hitscanning enemies that don't have wind-up/telegraphing animations, this has been griped about on and off for years. there are a few tricks i've found in blood, mainly to trigger the "pursue player" animation by corner-peeking AI for a split second without taking a shot, but even THAT is imperfect. sometimes i simply take unavoidable damage no matter what, especially when i'm playing levels blind and can't tediously peek every single corner one by one.

or worse, when there are rooms where large groups of enemies are suddenly revealed and you have to make fast decisions about how to take cover and stunlock them etc. in doom, those set pieces are the most fun and require the most skill, but in this game it's just "ok, guess i'd better run behind that pillar right as the set piece starts, because i got insta-hitscanned by 6 enemies whose positioning i couldn't have predicted. time to reload."

>> No.5836872

When you strafe crouch. I fucks up their reaction.

>> No.5836887

Whats the best way to play SW? SWP has too many Issues the re-release looks like garbage.

is dosbox my last hope?

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What is this? I can't check because mega's won't even display for me right now.

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What EXACTLY are the differences between Shadow Warrior Classic Complete and Shadow Warrior Classic Redux?

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Nothing, it's manufactured controversy as a marketing gimmick that the internet swallowed line-and-sinker. Most of the dramaposters were astroturfers following a script. The actual audience for a new Build game really doesn't give a shit.

>> No.5837046

Classic Complete is the complete game (base + expansions) running via DOSBox

Classic Redux is an enhanced port of the single player game + expansions, that comes with the DOS version as a bonus.

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>Source Engine
For what game exactly? I'm a bit of a comfyfag for making gmod cinema maps. I threw a blake stone secret in one of my maps.

>> No.5837070

I cant play it without my fov slider so I go redux

>> No.5837141

Psst. You can go into 3rd person mode to peek around corners on the unsuspecting enemies in order to know when to round the corner with guns already blazing or to throw some dynamite.

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Have the Alien World Order levels been ported to eduke32? I wanna play Golden Carnage and Mirage Barrage in eduke, I fucking hate that world tour version of the game, feels like shit to play.

>> No.5837651

That's what replaced the soap poster? Looks a little wittier, at least.

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You can also play a game with less retarded design.
I completely respect that Blood is a lot of people's favourite game because they had it as a kid, and powered through with the tenacity that kids have, but janky workarounds like you guys are discussing aren't fun pacing... in fact it's pretty much the opposite of what makes most of these classics fun.
If it were System Shock or something where the oppressive environment and survival element are part of why you signed up it, but Blood feels like it's meant to be run-and-gun only someone put bullshit values in the difficulty multipliers at the last minute.

No that was always in the game. It's actually full of crass shit like that. Dick jokes, masturbation jokes, gags about the protagonist being a whore; nothing egregious but it feels like it could have come out in 1999.

The soap thing is a pair of textures for soap bottles found in bathrooms, which you probably wouldn't have noticed or registered as a joke without it being pointed out. That and some debug text you'll never see are all they changed, apparently.

The soap being so innocuous while the game contains actual schoolyard humour that's a lot more visible should be a major clue that they made the whole thing up for free press.

>> No.5837725

I thought the joke they changed was a poster for "OGAY" soap.

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>>Favorite Levels
Dark Side, Freeway, Derelict, Golden Carnage

>>Favorite Episode
LA Meltdown

>>Favorite Pistol
Duke's pistol

>>Favorite Shotgun
Duke's shotgun

>>Favorite Submachine Gun
Penetrator in Ion Fury

>>Favorite Explosive Weapon
Bowling bomb in Ion Fury, especially when it can be used infinitely

>>Favorite Gimmick Weapon
Duke's shrinker

>>Favorite Protagonist
Lo Wang (Duke is the better game, but Lo is funnier)

>>Favorite Game
Duke Nukem 3D

>> No.5837880

Last Reaction and Water Bases (especially episode 2: Water Bases)

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>> No.5838091

>Favorite Levels
First level of Duke

>Favorite Episode
Shrapnel City or LA Holocaust.

>Favorite Shotgun
Shadow Warrior's riot gun.

>Favorite Protagonist

>> No.5838206

>First level of Duke
>Shrapnel City

The most plebeian responses ever. At least you didn't say Hotel Hell. That shit is so overrated it's not even funny.

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>>Favorite Levels
Dark Carnival, Overlooked Hotel, Sick Ward
Sorry to Duke, but Blood just had the greatest levels. I think they were a lot bigger and more labyrinthine than Duke's (on average).
>>Favorite Episode
Blood E2
>>Favorite Pistol
Duke's pistol is really the only choice here. It is pretty good though, better than Doom's at least.
>>Favorite Shotgun
Blood's double-barrel, easily
>>Favorite Submachine Gun
Ion Fury's Penetrator - it fucking lights dudes on fire
>>Favorite Explosive Weapon
Blood's dynamite, because it has so many uses
>>Favorite Gimmick Weapon
The shrinker. Mini-battlelords can suck it down.
>>Favorite Protagonist
Caleb and Duke are both great in different ways. Lo Wang is too one-dimensional, Shelly doesn't have enough, personality, and Leonard is okay I guess.
>>Favorite Game

>> No.5838282

>Duke's pistol is really the only choice here.
I take it you haven't played Ion Fury

>> No.5838320

Ohhh, right. Its gonna take awhile to get used to there being a new game in the holy... quadrinity. The loverboy is definitely the best then.

>> No.5838356

iirc source filters everything by default

>> No.5838440

I wish nBlood wasn't so lacking in features. Both Fresh Supply and BloodGDX have the custom difficulty setting.
There also is no way of messing around with the hud, you can't change the scaling of anything.

>> No.5838482


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>lot of the devs were revealed to be blatant bigots

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Will this ever be surpassed as the best maps ever made on the build engine?

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>> No.5838628

It kind of feels weak. Makes no sense that it takes four shells to take down a cultist. Shotgun in Duke Nukem takes down common enemies with one hit.

>> No.5838676

Is that new Blood Source Port any good?

>> No.5838849

>Favorite Levels
close tie between Death Row and Phantom Express
>Favorite Episode
L.A. fuckin Meltdown forever and ever
>Favorite Pistol
Duke's I guess
>Favorite Shotgun
Caleb's double barrel, no questions asked
>Favorite Submachine Gun
Caleb's tommy
>Favorite Explosive Weapon
Shelly's bowling bombs really grew on me over time but in the end nothing beats gibbing a giant horde of zombies with one bundle of Caleb's tnt
>Favorite Gimmick Weapon
Guardian's Head
>Favorite Protagonist
>Favorite Game

>> No.5838856


>> No.5838896

Blood's shotgun is easily the best shotgun in any classic FPS

>> No.5838926

which actually says more than it sounds like, because the blood shotgun oftentimes doesn't even kill enemies with a single alt-fire shot, in any other game this would have been disastrous for a sawed-off. But Blood's is so viscerally satisfying that it doesn't even matter that you have to wait for knocked down enemies to get back up so you can fucking pump lead into them again.

>> No.5838934

how hard is it to have a little empathy for people suffering? That video is so tragically tasteless that I wouldn't even know how to react to it if I were trans. Are they laughing at their miserable lives? Like reading those screen captures of reddit posts isn't funny, it's very sad and I don't see where people get the entertainment from.

>> No.5839093

It's the best mod ever made for any game ever. I've never played fan-made content that was that professional grade in quality before or since. That modder's other Blood mods are also incredible, but that particular mod is on another level from anything else made for any game in any genre. One of the best gaming releases of the decade, mod or otherwise.

>> No.5839096

Which new one?

>> No.5839097

Doom's is easily better. And the Super variation is even better than THAT.

But Blood's is obviously still incredible.

>> No.5839930

Not a poster. The soap bottles themselves. Idk what they changed them to, but their original design was such that they probably wouldn't even register as anything but a minor prop. I mean I've heard of Olay I guess but I doubt I would have made that connection so it's barely a gag.

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>dk what they changed them to,

Nothing's being changed, apparently

>> No.5839941

Does anyone have the latest build of the game? Can you confirm if it's censored or not?

>> No.5839945

I have the game on Steam and it's still v1.00, nothing changed. Another post was hinting at a future patch but it's still not up.

>> No.5839948

Ion Maiden's shotgun is weird. It *feels* punchy and the slow rate of fire would be great if it actually was powerful, but it shouldn't take two shotgun blasts to kill a spider 50% of the time, and it won't kill a basic mook without a headshot.
Yet my favourite retard gimmick youtuber praised it?!

Oh okay. I'd say good for them but I don't buy this shit and I only wonder how much longer they can stretch out this fake controversy.

>> No.5839957

>it won't kill a basic mook without a headshot
just gonna say it, I hate location-specific damage in games with sprite-based enemies
my instinct is to zoom around and weave between dudes, I ain't got time for this Y-axis shit

>> No.5839960

> but it shouldn't take two shotgun blasts to kill a spider 50% of the time

it doesn't if you can aim

>it won't kill a basic mook without a headshot.

it does if you can aim

>fake controversy.

so you think they'd plot a marketing gimmick that depicts them as horrible people, horrible companies, that leads to 60% positive reviews and which risks scaring of all the press and influencers from ever talking about them again?!

Man it all makes sense now! Thank your for the enlightment!

>> No.5839961

So is Ion Fury still on version 1.0? The original version and they hadn't gotten around to censoring it yet? They were only PLANNING to, but now changed their minds? Is that correct?

>> No.5839962

Apparently they were planning on changing one sprite, the Ogay soap bottle; but not even that anymore

>> No.5839963

You're just gullible. Think of who the audience is for a throwback Build Engine game. Imagine how triggered "journalists" would get if Duke3D came out today. Think about how disappointed people would be if a new Duke came out that DIDN'T have some silly controversy.
Review-bombing (especially when everyone knows it's review-bombing) doesn't count for shit compared to reaching as much of the built-in audience as possible.

>> No.5839968

>it does if you can aim
No it doesn't. There might be some damage spread but even a close-range shot needs a headshot to kill reliably.

Regarding small swarming hopping enemies, can you think of a reason a player might want to use a weapon with spread damage to take care of them?

>> No.5839972

>No it doesn't. There might be some damage spread but even a close-range shot needs a headshot to kill reliably.

Dude what, I just launched the game on UV, used a cheat to get the shotgun, and one-shot all the cultists in the bar with it while aiming at their feet, and I wasn't even that close to them.

Your aim is just bad man. Maybe you're just used to play Doom and having the shotgun do all the job for you without ever having to aim at anything

>> No.5839973

The last three levels I would say are some of the best, but overall the episode is very uneven and mixed.

>> No.5839974

Do you always just bitch and moan?

>> No.5839979

Thinking about this for a minute, I think the problem might be the skullspiders having too much HP as opposed to the shotgun having suck damage.
It seems like a lot of the game is balanced around Loverboy's alt-fire. It's already pretty strong, and it's natural that you'd want to use it on shit like spider swarms but it would feel shitty to waste the second shot on each one. That's probably the reason there's only one enemy in the game that takes an uneven number of Loverboy shots.

But that still leaves the impression that it's weak. And for something called the "Disperser" the spread kinda sucks, which combined with mediocre damage and that long-ass cycle time makes it kind of lame for most of the things you'd usually use a shotgun for in a game like this.

>> No.5840002

Yeah, you're the only one who sees the truth past the marketing gimmick, everyone else is just a gullible idiot.

>> No.5840005


Did we revise the "90% of people are retarded" rule? Pretty sure marketers are still relying on it.

>> No.5840051

Yeah I just did this experiment myself (on multiple difficulties and later episodes too, just in case). Seems like I misremembered.
It works fine for mook cultists but I'd still attest that it's slightly underpowered on everything else.

I think Loverboy is definitely the culprit; he makes *everything* else feel weak. And in addition to being a better sniper weapon than the actual sniper weapon, I think he's subtly a 3-pellet shotgun too for even more thunder-stealing.

Like those red flying missile dudes who can p much 1-hit you? Two right-clicks with LB, or all week with the shotgun.

>> No.5840058



>sales are a mess

You're still going to say this article is part of the marketing ploy, I guess

>> No.5840061

...that's a blogpost that says literally nothing about sales in its massive editorial besides:

> As a source would tell me, sales of the game are a mess A frustrating turn of events as almost nobody got paid up front to work on the game, and for the devs to reap the most benefits, they need to sell more copies. As per their contract, the cut their publisher receives goes down the more sales there are.

That's non-data not even worth discussing.

>> No.5840067

If a dev says the sales are a mess, they probably are a mess.

>> No.5840070

Unless it's a manufactured marketing gimmick, which is the premise here.

That's not even the dev talking, it's a vague "I promise I have sources but I won't reveal who they are or what they said." They didn't even need to lie and you're convinced.

>> No.5840072

>which is the premise here.
No, it isn't.

>> No.5840081

It's literally the premise of the discussion. You're disputing it. But you can't say "I can prove the dev isn't lying because look at this thing the dev said". Not sure why that's hard to grasp.

Not that you're actually pointing at anything the dev said, as we've already covered. What you have is a blog post with no numbers and no verifiable sources.
>They didn't even need to lie and you're convinced.

>> No.5840082

>It's literally the premise of the discussion
It might your premise, but not mine. In which case, there is no point in continuing this discussion since you're basing everything on false assumptions.

>> No.5840085
File: 79 KB, 762x1024, pyu17k5o3n821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright, you're not really at the reading level necessary for this discussion. Nevermind.

But maybe just consider how easy you would be to manipulate if a dev followed exactly these steps.

>> No.5840086


Jesus christ you're deaf. If you want numbers you can go on steamspy or steamdb to check the numbers of total daily players during your imaginery marketing ploy, and compare with the same period of time after release for Dusk and Amid Evil. All three games are of the same genre, target the same audiance,and went through EA before release.

in b4 you shift from
>it's a marketing ploy everyone fell into!
>it's a bad marketing ploy

>> No.5840087

No. Too slow, too weak.

>> No.5840103

I'm talking to someone latched onto baby's first circular logic even after it was pointed out, and I'm the deaf one? And you're acting like I'm demanding numbers when I just pointed out the flaw in a blog that anon chose to post? Reliable numbers could be useful, but it's not the issue here.

I'm happy to have a relatively civil conversation about this, dude. So let's not put words in one another's mouths and drag it down into a spergfest. I think the subject of marketers adapting to take advantage of something that has been a problem in the industry is an interesting one, and obviously the whole goal of a trick like this would be to deceive people so there's no shame in falling for it.
But if it makes money then it's going to become a more common tactic (assuming it isn't already and I bet someone can probably remember other examples of SJW-baiting), so in a few years we're gonna look back and think it was silly that we ever fell for it.

>> No.5840114

>Like those red flying missile dudes who can p much 1-hit you? Two right-clicks with LB, or all week with the shotgun.
I use the SMG on them. They go down real fast to it, even faster if dual-wielding.

Every weapon has its specific enemies/situations that it's best against. Except the Clusterpuck, as that's just a shittier Bowling Bomb.

>> No.5840137

Yeah same, SMG instantly murders nearly everything though.
I also use the Ion Bow on those guys sometimes, because the projectile can make their missiles explode midair which takes them out with 1 shot if you time it right.

(which is also about the only time I used the bow besides BFG-spamming bosses, since that's another thing the pistol outclasses especially with its fucking autoaim jank you can't turn off)

Clusterpuck's standard mode is useless but the alt-fire is great in limited circumstances to be fair, usually revenge after dying to an ambush or really obvious shit like the zombie hallway.
Still I had 12 of them when I reached the final boss... and guess what, they don't do shit when you throw them inside the dome.

I'm real borderline on bitching about weapons in this game. On one hand the only memorable gun is the starting pistol and there's no dick-hardening superweapons, on the other hand it's fine to have a more reserved and down-to-earth weapon list considering they're all conceptually solid and well-designed.
I kinda wish you got Loverboy later in the game, maybe after the Disperser? That might have helped with setting expectations.

>> No.5840165
File: 63 KB, 320x320, 1538843252984.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I kinda wish you got Loverboy later in the game, maybe after the Disperser?
starting with the stun baton in the bar, thwacking your way out past guys with their backs turned including a shotgunner to grab his disperser, then making your way to shelly's condom-strewn apartment to grab loverboy woulda been a good and very duke/wang-ish intro

devs i know you're lurking to gaslight us on ogay, u can have this idea for free

>> No.5840176
File: 68 KB, 700x700, caco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I wouldn't even know how to react to it if I were trans
How about like any normal person: getting angry at the morally reprehensible people who advocate transgenderism, i.e. the chemical sterilization and physical castration of impressionable children and psychologically vulnerable adults.

>> No.5840205
File: 2.38 MB, 1920x1080, smug mikan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Shelly's condom-strewn apartment
That'd be a fun piece of characterization, real honest.

>> No.5840223
File: 312 KB, 672x777, 1563010099841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's also the secret out of bounds message for a friend of one of the devs, thanking them and calling them a "fagbag".

Nobody is quite sure what that is, but it has the word 'fag' in it so it must mean the devs are encouraging violence against gay men.

>> No.5840227

The really ridiculous thing is that the people I know who veer into that sort of stuff, are actually in agreement with the dev's comments, which ultimately boil down to: "Parents shouldn't have any say in their kids gender identity."

>> No.5840231

>A developer residing in a foreign country put it in the game. As to not out their identity I will be keeping certain things vague, but as has been told to me, they were tired of seeing the name “Grabbag.” That is a song title from the Duke Nukem series, and as a joke amongst themself, they wrote “fagbag.” The string of words it appeared in also contains shorthand names of other songs.


>> No.5840239

>They played us like a damn fiddle.

>> No.5840248

I just put Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition on my Vita, can I participate?

>> No.5840251

Somebody posted a screenshot of a Discord conversation to Resetera. It supposedly shows a dev saying "Parents who force their kids to be trans are shitty and unfit parents".

The same dev later said "Some sjws are fucking crazy" and the Ion Fury twitter friended a Twitter account which was basically "shit crazy sjws say".

The devs responded by freaking out, purging their steam forums, apologizing for any offense, forcing all employees to undergo mandatory sensitivity training, and donating $10,000 to an LTBQA+++ charity.

Resetera members then starting no-clipping through levels hoping to find more "problematic" content. They found a soap bottle called "Ogay" and an inaccessible message thanking a friend of the dev team which had the word "fagbag" in it.

Some Resetera members have also complained that one of the devs said the word "retarded". If you ever hear someone complain about Ion Fury being "ableist" then they're probably referring to that (or, just as likely, they're just parroting something they saw on Twitter without checking what it is).

I suspect the whole thing was done deliberately by a banned member of the official Discord. I've got no proof besides an old Ion Fury review that a dev responded to, calling the reviewer out for acting like a twat in Discord and being banned. But the timing and the way it happened just makes me think it was a Discord insider with an axe to grind against the dev team.

>> No.5840372

nu-3DRealms and their moderators are the ones that kept deleting shit on the forums, and the sensitivity training was allegedly just PR talk. The devs got thrown under the bus during this pointless shitstorm and aren't very happy about it. So that turboautist angry at the devs got exactly what he wanted I guess, and retardera is none the wiser.

>> No.5840383

That makes me pretty upset actually.
You wonder how guys like Joe Siegler would have handled it instead, or other people who actually gave a shit.

>> No.5840394

Well at least they went back on the censorship thing so who knows how things are gonna play out from here. Retardera evidently isn't happy, but they weren't going to buy or even play it anyway. If the innocuous shampoo bottle and an out of bounds developer injoke was enough to give them a conniption, then I can't imagine how they'd react to all the other crass shit that's in the game.

>> No.5840485

Same way they dealt with all the fundies are their "think of the children" crap. Fundie outrage vs far-lefty outrage is really similar.

"I'm not the person this game was intended for, and I never had any intention of buying it, but I'll definitely never buy it now!"

>> No.5840487

The thing that bothers me most about this whole thing is that Voidpoint had a PR firm on hand to guide them with all their community stuff.

Not only did that firm fuck up royally, but it feels so... corporate

>> No.5840496
File: 52 KB, 500x656, 31c81109f829599b4eea0ba85fdf28ab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which PR firm?

>> No.5840514

No idea. 3D Realms emailed back some guy who complained about the censorship, and they said that they never told Voidpoint to do anything they were just "following the advice of a trusted PR company and trying to do the right thing"

>> No.5840517
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, lol (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"following the advice of a trusted PR company and trying to do the right thing"

>> No.5840581

is NBlood abandonware?

>> No.5840634

The shotgun can kill spiders in one shot, the issue is the spiders are so fast the pellets often fail to all make contact. Same thing with the drones, it probably could one-shot them if they just stood fucking still for a fraction of a second.
The dev is apparently working on a port of Blood's map editor now.

>> No.5840659

they lied

>> No.5840727


>> No.5840758

I can't believe how much of an unnecessary shitshow this has turned into. They've now made it worse for themselves again.
That was also a pretty awful article, I mean talk about being intellectually dishonest when you can't even acknowledge that maybe it's absurd that somebody wouldn't know that "Fag" wasn't an offensive term.

I doubt anybody actually cared about the ogay thing, but this new rhetoric of "muh censorship" is just a bad look. 3 days ago nobody but extremist resetera retards were upset, but with this childish nonsense they've reached the normies that now look at this shitshow and think the devs are idiotic bigots because of the behavior and rhetoric.

Do yourself a favor, if you ever make it into the mainstream, don't pander to 4chan at any kind of capacity, it's a bad look.

>> No.5840859

What are you even talking about you dumb faggot. There was no "pandering to 4chan".
>That was also a pretty awful article, I mean talk about being intellectually dishonest when you can't even acknowledge that maybe it's absurd that somebody wouldn't know that "Fag" wasn't an offensive term.
Its true, you retards literally cannot comprehend that countries outside of America have different cultures. In England they literally call cigarettes "fags" and dont think twice about it. And they have a dish called "pork faggots". Clearly the entire country is full of "bigots"

>> No.5840860
File: 108 KB, 1024x768, tror5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many of you even know how to use Mapster?

>> No.5840871

The article was bad, and you're being dishonest at best if you refuse to acknowledge it.
Do you see britbongs going around calling others fags? why are you pretending that other cultures are fucking stupid? these developers are fucking nerds that grew up on the internet, they're as globalized as anybody, pretending that somebody wouldn't know that "fag" was a no no word is dumb.

Dumb and dishonest, you know if you just said "what's the big fucking deal with the word fag?" I'd respect you more. I genuinely believe that you can use vile and distasteful language with friends, no matter how horrible it is, I don't think it is a mark on your character to be intentionally tasteless by making crass jokes, but to play dumb about it? stupid, man.

>> No.5840981

>The shotgun can kill spiders in one shot, the issue is the spiders are so fast the pellets often fail to all make contact.
Yeah that was exactly my point. They're the kind of enemy that in most games a shotgun's spread would be ideal for, but here you need to be about as accurate as you would with any other gun to get enough pellets to land on them.
I can't think of any time I used it because it felt like the best option and not simply because I was conserving ammo for more versatile weapons (grenade mode notwithstanding, which was possibly my favourite).

I mean, the Loverboy lockon balance/feel theory makes sense to explain this, so I can see why they might do it that way and I'm not someone who thinks every game should follow the same conventions or that it sucks because I disagree with a decision... but comparing shotguns is a meme and this stuff is why I find Ion's one weird-feeling.

>> No.5840987

The spiders are best dealt with using the baton. Crouch for best results.

>> No.5841014

That article is actually pretty even-handed. I misjudged it at first because fuck everybody who writes about this kind of inflated nothing-drama, but stuff like giving the dev's side of the story (and backing it up decently in the case of the fagbag thing) is a valuable service.
Like, background dev details like that are always cool, regardless of drama.

However that article also has multiple Metal Gear references so now I'm suspicious as fuck.

Literally the only time I used the baton, until I decided it wasn't even worth switching guns for them. I never even found out what the alt fire does exactly because it was never necessary.
Lacking a manual, this game was pretty bad with that kind of educational stuff in general... I didn't figure out that the bowling bombs have a seeker mode, or all the things the Clusterpucks can do, until wayyy too late in the game. >>5840165 woulf help with that at least for the baton.

>> No.5841045

Lol are we still discussing ion fury? It's crap. Boring boring boring crap. Give me blood anyday. Fuk ion fury. The Devs are stupid for including all that abuse. It's 2019. "Oh but you aren't supposed to be able to noclip through the wall!"


>> No.5841051

I can't prove this so take it with a grain of salt because you should never believe people who say shit like this, but I spent many years in a cozy IRC room with the guy who runs Stride and like 3 other people. And I 100% believe that this particular dude probably wouldn't even take a job that DIDN'T involve some kind of ridiculous conspiracy shit.

>> No.5841054

The alt-fire is a short damage-every-tic attack, it doesn't kill most enemies, but it stuns them easily enough to get more hits in on them.

>> No.5841069

>That article is actually pretty even-handed
how is it even handed to unequivocally take the side of the developers on every point and assume they had the absolute best interest in mind every time despite lack of evidence?

Also to me this isn't even about whether or not they're bigots, but this was handled in such a poor way now that they look bad no matter how you view it. They shouldn't have pulled this latest move. I mean are they fucking stupid? "Fagbag" is found in their game, and their discord is full of insensitive language about trans people, with this context is it REALLY all that strange that people are maybe slightly unsure of how to feel about them? so what move do you make after that? MUH ANTI-CENSORSHIP.

ogay wasn't worth being upset about, but if you take the rest of it into context, I can at least see why people would scoff at it, but to me it was nothing but a juvenile and dumb joke. But after all this, they legitimately come across as idiots.

>> No.5841084


>> No.5841085

Here, since early 1996.

>> No.5841086

>how is it even handed to unequivocally take the side of the developers on every point and assume they had the absolute best interest in mind every time despite lack of evidence?
Well, it doesn't really do that, but to the extent it does: because assumption of good faith is instrumental to both productive debate and good journalism.

>if you take the rest of it into context
What rest of it? It's fucking nothing.
The discord stuff is something you'd have to be severely brainwashed to disagree with, and besides the fact that devs should be "allowed" to put whatever dumb injokes they want in code/debug junk, fagbag is about as offensive as foobar or ogay unless you're looking (or pretending) to be upset.

(btw posting with a trip temporarily just in case I do think of a way to prove this)

>> No.5841113

>assumption of good faith is instrumental to both productive debate and good journalism
questioning/interviewing somebody without that assumption actually has a name in journalism: "monstering"

>> No.5841124

>Favorite Levels
Seppuku Station, Warp Factor, Tiberius Station, Fahrenheit, Dark Carnival (whoop whoop), The Sick Ward
>Favorite Episode
Lunar Apocalypse (haters fuck off drones are ezpz)
>Favorite Pistol
Duke's Obviously
>Favorite Shotgun
Riotgun, dukes is great and feels really powerful and calebs can feel kind of weak sometimes but the riotgun just lays waste
>Favorite Submachine Gun
Toss up Ripper is cool as fuck, UZIs are probably the best as far as DPS, and the thompson is a classic and iconic
>Favorite Explosive Weapon
Lo wangs RPG, Devastator or The Napalm Launcher all 3 are awesome
>Favorite Gimmick Weapon
the nuke
>Favorite Protagonist
Always bet on Duke
>Favorite Game
Duke 3d of course it has the most solid level design.

>> No.5841126

weird fucking taste.

>> No.5841152

cause lunar apocalypse? I dunno I just love those spacey levels, I replayed doom again recently and my favorite episode is 2 on there by far as well. I know those are all petersen levels too but I enjoyed them a lot and never had issues with getting lost. It had been so long since I played doom that all the levels were fresh which was nice, well for episode 2 and 3, episode 1 i will never forget.

>> No.5841179
File: 1.93 MB, 196x350, connections.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5841186

Yes, it is weird that Lunar Apocalypse is your absolute favorite episode of a build engine game. What's even weirder is that it's your favorite episode, but neither Dark Side or Lunar Reactor are part of your favorite levels.

>> No.5841294

Not that anon, and I played duke for the first time like a few months ago and I also loved it. It's very comfy set of levels especially with the opengl lighting engine. Cool secrets, nice architecture, and the nice obelisk cameo.

For people playing the game back in the day it must have been amazing. Although the levels on earth are a bit better.

>> No.5841309

I can accept somebody liking it for the space shit if they really like that and weren't around for the 90s when the novel idea of high concept levels as a strip club was exciting as hell.

But what I can't accept is having Episode 2 as your fav, but not Dark Side or Lunar Reactor (obviously the best levels in that episode) as favorites.

>> No.5841349

can confirm you disable it completely if using a PowerVR card control panel, amazed Nvidia doesn't have any options to.

Not sure about ATI cards, probably cant either.

>> No.5841374

yo allen, is there a chance they could re-release the game as Ion Maiden still?

I just realised the name change announcement doesn't mention settling or pussing out of the trademark case or anything, and i'd be surprised if this saga doesn't continue desu

>> No.5841378


>> No.5841402

haha nice try

i miss when 4chan did have stupid (animated) emotes

>> No.5841416

Yeah, I like Lunar Apocalypse, and those are clearly the strongest levels.

>> No.5841520

Fresh Supply

>> No.5841548

Not really.
It wasn't made with the source code, so the team had to basically approximate everything, and Atari pulled out the rug from beneath them so it won't be developed any further to fix bugs or to try to perfect behavior.

It's playable, but it's off in a lot of ways, and it'll never be updated again. Get BloodGDX instead.

>> No.5841565

I recently started playing Duke 3D for the first time since I was a kid and I’m just blown away with how great the level design was.

I also absolutely suck at the game, so any general tips for the hitscanning enemies (ripper guys mostly)? I feel like I take damage way take easily from them.

>> No.5841587

Hitscanners in Duke3D can sorta be dodged some with high speed strafing, and a pretty valuable tactic is to dive in and out of cover, popping off a shot or two before falling back, then repeating.
Pig cops are generally shit shots at range, while your own shotgun actually has pretty decent range.

>> No.5841712
File: 141 KB, 695x900, JESUS APPROVES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sometimes the good guys win.

>> No.5841762


>> No.5841763
File: 165 KB, 493x380, 1559265292369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I'm reading this right, the parties were assigned to a court-directed mediation programme which seems to be a standard step for IP cases in this district, but there have been no further filings.
Which I think tells us exactly zero. Anything could still happen.

PS I have a marketing class report due tomorrow which I haven't started yet, partly due to playing Ion Fury, so I'm thinking I might write it on Ion/Iron Maiden, derp.
So if anyone has any insight or good articles (especially on the branding side of this) plz post.

It's kinda interesting how the Iron Maiden reference (which was a much better title for multiple obvious reasons) worked to drive downloads of the demo, and it doesn't matter that much that the name changed after that. Even if they never thought they could keep the title it would still have been a great strategy.
And if you guys like conspiracy theories... I just learned that Iron Maiden only applied for their videogames trademark a couple months before Ion Maiden was revealed... which was THREE YEARS after the mobile game it applies to was actually released.

>> No.5841778


>> No.5841783
File: 35 KB, 490x371, bob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5841795
File: 11 KB, 645x773, 1553735964966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>play through the dnf duke3d mod
>its boring and just a bunch of corridor levels with extremely basic enemy encounters

>> No.5841871

>I just learned that Iron Maiden only applied for their videogames trademark a couple months before Ion Maiden was revealed
Wait, nevermind, sleepy brain fart. I got my years mixed up. It was well after Ion Maiden was announced.
But that makes all the anons who were pointing to the mobile game trademark as a clincher here... totally wrong. Iron Maiden Ltd just kinda went with the shotgun approach and claimed everything they could think of as a factor in their filing, including a bunch of pretty weak shit, and a mark you got granted almost a year after the other guy started heavily marketing isn't super convincing. Not that they shouldn't have applied for it, but it ain't the trump card people here were acting like it was, at all.

After skimming things I'm inclined to think they would have won. (Might still? It wouldn't be the first time a game has changed title after release, just for the exact opposite reason it usually happens.)

How can anybody believe in this shit with this calibre of falseflaggotry, c'mon

>> No.5842130

But it's the DNF we've all been waiting for!!!!!

>> No.5842136

Its very linear and setpiece focused. But that makes sense, since thats what DNF was (AFAIK) always going to be. But the setpieces are pretty cool. I think to get the full enjoyment you have to be someone that was super excited for DNF at the time and would recognize every setpiece from the old trailers.

>> No.5842164
File: 279 KB, 480x480, bet.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck it, I'm in too deep to find a real subject for this essay.

Here's a fun quote from 2010 I just found while looking for references:
>Most fans who understood the Duke Nukem mythos weren't offended and the gamers who really got offended were never the intended audience. These kind of tactics work, and they work well. They grab attention and galvanize the "Can't you take a joke?" crowd.

>While this marketing may be in bad taste and juvenile, it's appropriate for the game. If the marketing has to convey the experience of the game, it has to communicate to the gamer an honest expectation. So, while the steroid-swag was over the top and puerile, it kind of kicked ass because it's marketing Duke Nukem true to form.


>> No.5842203

Also, some anon was talking about numbers earlier.
Thing is, you can never compare sales figures to themselves in a "what if they had done something different" unless you have both a time machine and can split the universe into an A and B side and travel between them, and I'm too tired for that right now.

However I did look up the Google Trends chart for Ion Maiden vs Ion Fury. Observations:
- Search interest is currently at its highest point, and still rising.
- The next highest point in the whole history of the game since the reveal, and considerably bigger than search interest following the reveal itself, was when the lawsuit happened.
- The biggest spike between the lawsuit and release was the name change announcement.
- That Fury naming spike is equal in size to the demo releases.


>> No.5842214

Alien ARmageddon

>> No.5842571

id like to tell greenskeleton that ion fury was top seller yesterday again. sorry buddy.

>> No.5842628

I hope he gets double testicular torsion.

>> No.5842634
File: 72 KB, 698x658, 1564314764202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being you and having your opinion

>> No.5842698

I am sure I sure that fagbag on some level as graffiti and not hidden. Maybe Im wrong.

About time fags get called what they are. Bags.
yes Iam a big meanie bigot.

>> No.5842747

No, dude still works on it but you have to compile it yourself.

>> No.5842753

So it's effectively dead for all the normies

>> No.5842810
File: 429 KB, 1280x1440, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

which one was better?

>> No.5842817

Golden Carnage

>> No.5842821
File: 2.32 MB, 1280x720, gargoyles.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doom maps
>hundreds of maps and even megawads that surpass the stock maps
>build maps
>deathwish and um.....
how do we deal with this buildbros? Is mapster really that hard to use?

>> No.5842881

What's the best SW source port?

>> No.5842893

BuildGDX. Well, in the future, not right now.

>> No.5842907

I think building levels in Build is just not as fast, easy, and straightforward as with Doom, though it can obviously do way more than stock Doom.

>> No.5842961
File: 144 KB, 707x600, OH THE HUMANITY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Death Wish is better than most megawads put together tho

>> No.5842964
File: 2.82 MB, 776x584, the festival of blood countinues .webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5842978

Does he actually plan on doing it? Maybe there's hope for that game then, I wanna play it but I refuse redux.

>> No.5842979

If you run BuildGDX, there are buttons for SW, Powerslave and even Legend of the Seven Paladins 3D. He also confirmed that he'll fix mines.

>> No.5843005

kind of sad that such a huge project is cucked into requiring java..

>> No.5843007

I hope he'll release the source code one day.

>> No.5843009

God bless that fucking slav.
It's not Build, but I wonder if he could be convinced to add support for Rise Of The Triad some day? Or at least write up a port for it, the source code is available, and WinRott is pretty lacking.

>> No.5843010
File: 198 KB, 519x366, cosby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Seven Paladins 3D
Now that is a BUILD game violently screaming for a source port

>> No.5843016

I mean, it's a fucking novelty if anything, and he might as well make the thing feature complete.
He's done support for TekWar, and that's not exactly a jewel of a game.

>> No.5843058

The theme and facade of Mirage is great but the level design is just okay. Golden Carnage is more fun to play.

>> No.5843075

I kind of feel the opposite a little. I feel like in terms of visuals and theme that Golden Carnage is a totally classic Duke level, but in actual level design leaves something to be desired. Golden Carnage however felt more fun, I enjoyed the little puzzle segments.

>> No.5843078
File: 85 KB, 1200x918, mario.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what >>5842907 said

Mapster and any variation of it is just super autistic to really bother trying to work with for any length of time.

It needs serious mouse support and wayyyyyy less keybinds to memorize to be decent honestly.

>> No.5843136

I'm getting a little worn out on the gameplay loop for these games, Doom included
>Shoot dinky weapon repeatedly at basic enemy until it dies
>Get better weapon so you don't have to shoot the basic enemies as many times to kill them
>Encounter tougher enemy that basically turns the better weapon that oneshots basic enemies into the dinky weapon you started with
>Shoot "better" weapon repeatedly at tougher enemy until it dies
>Get even better weapon so you don't have to shoot the tougher enemies as many times to kill them
>Encounter even tougher enemy that basically turns the even better weapon that oneshots tougher enemies into the "better" weapon that you got earlier that isn't as effective
Maybe I just need a break.

>> No.5843153
File: 61 KB, 640x480, 1526311703247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No it's not.

lol Doomlets

>> No.5843169

Why do I see you posting the exact same shitty "argument" against Mapster in every single FPS thread?
Are you too mentally handicapped to use the editor?

>> No.5843184

Mapster32 has mouse support, plus the ability to use both the 3d & 2d views at the same time and various other time-savers.
Mapedit on the other hand...

>> No.5843185

I mean how many maps have you done in mapster?
Not just as rhetorical question, but I'd also be genuinely interested in something to play.

>> No.5843193

>there are a hundred times more doom wads than build maps, released a hundred times more frequently
>d-doom babbies are just too stupid to comprehend our editor!
the proof is in the pudding dingus

>> No.5843219

Enough. You can still find some on these godawful shovel ware CDs.

Anon is right, you are mentally not capable of operating Mapster, what even I managed at age 13.

>> No.5843224
File: 23 KB, 348x348, 9ba01619706e68759594fb0cfb4c5e94.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck me...the anons whining about old mapping tools...how do you retards even manage to post here?

>> No.5843360

What's the best way to play powerslave?

>> No.5843370

On a record player.

>> No.5843373


DOSBox for the PC version
PowerslaveEx for something that resembles the console ports

>> No.5843409

I don't know about Build, because I've never mapped for it, but mapping for Doom in the 90s could be an occasional shitshow, because of lots of eccentricities and how the tools were just developed by amateurs.

>iD never released an official map editor or .wad editor
>options that existed were dubious freeware, and demo versions of decent editors, where you could only use so many linedefs, things, etc on a map without buying the full version (a limitation that occasionally did breed some creative, if plain looking maps)
>nodebuilders were notoriously finicky and slow, modern software is far more lenient because you don't have to worry if two nodes are too close and if they'll make the BSP tree shit itself, Doombuilder and its descendants are very safe, but back in the day it wasn't rare for hours of work to be lost because of janky software
>Doom's original .exe didn't support just partial sprite replacements in pwads like you can do with sourceports, if you wanted to change just a torch or something, or just one frame out of an animation, you would need to have a replacement for every other sprite in the game, otherwise it wouldn't work properly, leading to needing a program which would let you patch the content of a pwad onto your iwad (and later restore it) so you didn't have to (illegally) include most of the commercial iwad with whatever you were doing

Was Build much more straightforward and reliable in this sense, or was it also a wild west kind of deal?

>> No.5843418

I think it's straightforward, but of course that's worth nothing. At least it's the official editor used for creating all the maps in build games(Bloods mapedit is a slightly altered version). It's very well documented, pretty stable in its DOS and modern versions and you have to try really, really hard to fuck up your map.

>> No.5843431

>It's very well documented, pretty stable in its DOS and modern versions and you have to try really, really hard to fuck up your map.
Really m8? Youre talking about the editor where drawing a sector around another sector will result in guaranteed glitches/corruption?

>> No.5843453

That doesn't fuck up your map, just looks goofy. Just split or reconnect your sectors correctly.

>> No.5843820
File: 79 KB, 621x960, 1566933863604[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ladies and gentlemen, the japanese have done it again

>> No.5843869
File: 129 KB, 1200x800, get_in_there.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can anyone give me a good source I can reference on the "Build Trinity" being a thing for my paper?
Doesn't have to be an academic source, just a decent article that lays it out. I'm quoting the shit out of Masters of Doom but it doesn't even mention Ken Silverman by name, just Carmack's nerd anger about his shitty code haha

>> No.5843881

didn't even realize these threads existed since i don't visit here that much
is shadow warrior worth playing since i've seen reactions to it completely split down the middle
what's the best way of playing it since redux's mouse is fucked up
same problem

>> No.5843887

I like Lo Wang a lot.
If you like the mascot part of duek you might dig it just for that. Despite its cringetastic idea of "babes".

It's hard but a lot more fun/straightforward and less masochistic than Blood.

I'd say it's definitely worth playing, and would further assert that anybody who disagrees is fundamentally flawed as a human being.

>> No.5843898

bloatoid's other Blood maps are actually fucking excellent

>> No.5843904

What the fuck is that pic supposed to be?

>> No.5844016
File: 135 KB, 740x1124, 1559257767980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haha in the Japanese version of DNF they actually pronounce his name "deuk": https://youtu.be/Lie2dlKSGxY?t=308

His scalpel follows the lines of the body; his steps follow the lines of his kin's fortune. They named him... the Doom Slayer.

>> No.5844170

>"Build" engine games that I was heavily involved with
Because Blood was officially published by 3D Realms before switching to GT Interactive, and Ken worked for 3D Realms. So in a sense, we can say the "trinity" is the Build games 3D Realms worked on that had active input from Ken Silverman, its curator (as dorky as the Blood collab might have been).

Also, I always love reading this, if it ever serves you something:

>> No.5844206

Fucking beautiful, thanks man. That's going straight in.

It's funny how that second interview has aged. I've been designing games for around 20 years and for at least the last 10 of them I've been complaining about how it's so much better to be the second guy now. Minecraft was an Infiniminer clone, Angry Birds jacked a Flash game, etc. John Romero once announced a concept after repeatedly flaking out of a playtest session with something similar I made that ultimately ate shit and it breaks your fucking heart.
It's not like back then when you'd imitate Doom and the whole genre would be branded "just Doom Clones". There's so much more to steal now, you get your pick of the crop from people who are working under low expectations.

>> No.5844216

is there a map warp command in buildgdx?

>> No.5844376

In case you haven't seen it yet here's the infamous GEORGE.TXT from the leaked Blood alpha:


Lots of interesting inside info re: Ken Silverman.

>> No.5844418


calgon [EpisodeNum] [MapNum]

>> No.5844456

>Lots of interesting inside info re: Ken Silverman.

i'm generous and interpret this as more a case of apogee/realms shoehorning the wrong people together, considering how things turned out

it can suck to be the brain in a jar

>> No.5844496

Seems like Ken was the typical anti-social genius kid. I still have massive respect for his achievements.

>> No.5844501

>35% on sales of ruins
Is this Powerslave being meant? If that is the case, whatever the fuck Q team had to do with anything relating to it, moreover to advance such demands?

Also, Peter Freese's (I take it that's him?) diatribe regarding Ken in GEORGE.txt was indeed hilarious.

>> No.5844504

yeah or his personality didn't mesh with the author, or he was just under conflicting pressure in his work and wasn't in a position to prioritise anything the blood team asked for (wasn't shadow warrior in dev at the same time?), or he'd just fucked the wives of everyone at q studios, or any number of other possibilities

don't stereotype nerds, that's how you get Mortimer McMire situations

>> No.5844681

Out of Carmack, Silverman, and Pitchford, Ken always seemed like the most well adjusted. Carmack has to legitimately be on the spectrum with how he talks about and envisions programming, and Pitchford is a sociopath, so it's not as if it's a hard bar to clear.

>> No.5844776

What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.5844816

https://www.mobygames.com/game-group/25d-engine-build + Fate and Corridor 8

>> No.5844836

Carmack is the Alpha Chad of aspergers.
Don't know why you're comparing Bitchford to these guys, he's not that much of a programmer.

>> No.5844850

I may have been completely high and gotten Bitchford and Sweeney mixed up. Fuck Sweeney too, though.

>> No.5844895

That's nowhere near comprehensive, it doesn't even have many of the EDuke32 based indie games.

>> No.5845249
File: 1.74 MB, 1280x720, Ion Fury - Piano Puzzle Solved.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5845540

To you maybe, but that's one of the most common complaints whether you like it or not. Also don't map for doom, besides 1 map to see if I liked it. I only use trenchbroom and DromED

Post these posts I supposedly keep making, I rarely post on /vr/ as it is. Don't try saying everyone is the same person, it's a bad boogeyman logic. If everywhere you go someone says your shoes look retarded, perhaps it's time to think about your shoes.

Anyway, I can understand the editor just fine, but it's pretty time consuming and annoying compared to GZDoombuilder and such, and I was just answering his question.

I haven't actually tried Mapster32 at all since I don't like Duke3D one bit, so most of my experience comes from Mapedit and the shadow warrior builder using the SWP shit. Perhaps they made it a lot better, should have noted that originally though.

>> No.5845553

Would you kindly fuck off then?

>> No.5845564

>p-please stop saying mean things about my autistic editor

stay mad, faggot

>> No.5845569

You contribute nothing of value to this thread. Good day.

>> No.5845594

I answered an anon's burning question with an answer you seem to not like, I also posted a bit before that about my favorite levels, and discussed some Blood and it's shotgun.

I probably love some of the build games just as much if not more than you or any of the other posters I triggered by saying the editor was poor. Just cause I think the editor isn't as good as some others doesn't mean I can't post about the good games that came from it. This isn't some safespace for mapster(or any deviations of it) only, its a BUILD ENGINE GAME THREAD, stop being a crybaby bitch.

>> No.5845595

I only see one crybaby here.

>> No.5845598

This puzzle, the mothership boss and the secret level is the only noteworthy thing this game offered.

>> No.5845647

its this kind of posting that ruins threads, can you two go be retarded somewhere else?

>> No.5845809

Doom is a popular videogame created by id Software

>> No.5845832

desu people like Carmack are part of the reason I'm skeptical of "the spectrum". If you had a weird alien kid like that back when he was born, you'd probably just hope they were a savant and have at least a cautious optimism towards their eccentricities. Today parents are strongly encouraged to treat slightly weird kids like they ~probably~ have a crippling disability, which is just a great way to st up a self-fulfilling prophecy. Like how many sperg kids could get his criminal record now and escape the syringes?

I don't know what the fuck is so great about ordinary humans that you'd be worried if your kid isn't one.

>> No.5845845
File: 133 KB, 800x942, 69781-killing-time-windows-front-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what motor build use KIling Time?

>> No.5845868

>desu people like Carmack
desu as in pertaining to Carmack, or desu people in particular are fond of Carmack?

>> No.5845878

desu his contributions to the species desu

>> No.5845902

Carmack is exceptional as a sperg, most spergs aren't even close to his talent, many are worthless, either due to being vegetables, or just being stupid dickheads.

>> No.5845945
File: 608 KB, 1200x672, 1546640259363.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah but he didn't fall out of the womb with his skills.
Maybe he turned out the way he did because his entire life wasn't constrained by downward pressure from a uniformly negative paradigm of expectations that basically only ranges from "you upset other people" to "you're a literal fucking nightmare".

I feel pretty lucky that when I was a kid, being what we now call a sperg just meant you got IQ tests and maybe skipped a grade. I doubt I would have been given the opportunity to start programming (as early as I did at least) without an optimism that I'm not sure exists now. Today it seems more like... body horror.

>> No.5845956

Well, what do you propose for those people who do feel better after the operation? Just keep em on lithium and electroshock em until they loose any agency, so your feelings wouldn't get hurt?

>> No.5845961

According to developer Michael Lutynski, the engine was a custom development for KT with the intent to use it for other games, but that never happened. It even had support for something similar to Build's room-over-room.

Rebecca Heineman (of 3DO Doom porting fame) ported a "lighter" version of the engine to the 3DO.

>> No.5845963

Why can't we burn fags at the stake

>> No.5845971

>Yeah but he didn't fall out of the womb with his skills
No, but he did fall out of the womb with his brain, he's clearly a very intelligent person.
Aspergers doesn't make you automatically smart, in fact a lot of spergs are stupid fucking idiots, as seen all over the internet.

>> No.5845979
File: 13 KB, 435x229, Human_Brain_Development_Timeline (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cortical white matter increases from childhood (~9 years) to adolescence (~14 years), most notably in the frontal and parietal cortices.[8] Cortical grey matter development peaks at ~12 years of age in the frontal and parietal cortices, and 17 years in the temporal lobes (with the superior temporal cortex being last to mature) for women and they have reached full maturity at age 16-17. For men, they become fully mature at age 18. In terms of grey matter loss, the sensory and motor regions mature first, followed by other cortical regions.[8] Human brain maturation continues to around 20[9] to 25[10] years of age.


>> No.5845983

What's your fucking point?

>> No.5846007

>he's clearly a very intelligent person
That's the point.
Would his potential have been wasted if he were born today?

Being intelligent doesn't help much if you never get the learning opportunities you need, which is conceivable in a society that is increasingly treating people who don't conform to expectations like they are diseased.
I say I'm skeptical of the paradigm because "the spectrum" seems like a huge invitation (almost an obligation) to over-categorise kids and trend towards pessimism.

>> No.5846008

speak about going OT

>> No.5846149 [DELETED] 

its just some literal autist who first drove the thread off getting mad and some guy not like mapster and now he feels the need to argue about intelligence. I just wanna talk some fucking vidya, anyone play any good maps lately? Any recommendations?

>> No.5846153

its just some literal autist who first drove the thread off getting mad at some guy not liking mapster and now he feels the need to argue about the intelligence. I just wanna talk some fucking vidya, anyone play any good maps lately? Any recommendations?

>> No.5846164


>> No.5846471

Finished "The Cult" episode for Blood today. Great mapset. Some classic Blood challenge but not too unreasonable.

>> No.5846484

I'm the one talking about the "spectrum" re: being counterproductive to put Carmack in the same category as furniture-chewing autismoid mutants, and had a conversation because anon wanted to talk about it, but I had nothing to do with the mapster debate. I've never used mapster.
Unless you mean the other guy, but this is an anonymous imageboard so that samefag shit is pointless white-noise unless you have a good reason.

I agree this tangent has gone on too long though.

The last thing I played was Ion Maiden which simultaneously makes me want to make something, and also premptively exhausted about levels.
I wanna say it has some super memorable shit but the seamless level gimmick makes it hard to remember where a map begins and ends.

I appreciate that I didn't have to use the automap once which might be a first for a Build game.

>> No.5846607
File: 786 KB, 1280x800, Level 1 Secret 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It still runs at 400+ fps in places nBlood struggles to maintain 120
So I guess there's some merit in going Java.

Has been released for a while https://gitlab.com/m210/BuildEngine

Why the hell is she so pale

Does anyone want a good old-fashioned image-based secret guide?
I myself hate youtube guides, too slow if you only want to quickly look up stuff you missed.

>> No.5846612

check steam, they have threads with all secrets and super secrets

>> No.5846619

And that's you.

>> No.5846623

The only guides there are video guides.
I'm talking about image guide.

>> No.5846668

I did it.

>> No.5846717

Light skin was and is a desirable trait in Japan

>> No.5846727

Light skin is one thing.
Corpse-white is another,

>> No.5846731

>what are geishas

>> No.5846735

>Why the hell is she so pale
I mean, she's not just pale; she's green.
I'm gonna put it down to being a Ghost in the Shell thing, but this is not a great image so maybe don't think too hard about it.

>> No.5846753

Can you two stop please?

>> No.5846963
File: 291 KB, 1050x1500, ionfurydata.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5846973

Any press is good press

>> No.5847072


>> No.5847715
File: 565 KB, 2264x1264, controversy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was too lazy to post a graphic but I mentioned referencing google trends earlier.
At least from that it looks like the tranny rage shit didn't actually have much of an impact. The biggest spikes in search interest were the launch (still continuing), followed by the Iron Maiden lawsuit articles, and thirdly the original announcement.
Everything else is pretty much a blip.

Buuuut none of that resetera drama makes total sense when you dig into it so I still think it was *all* a wag the dog marketing scheme, including the iron maiden stuff. Mark my words and penis: they'll "settle" and change the name back to Ion Maiden within a month or three.

ja maybe you guys remember this guy "duke nukum"

>> No.5847832

i was originally just gonna skip shadow warrior cause the shit mouse control but i found a fix, at least if you bought it on steam
go to properties then turn on beta sdl1, if you do that the x and y axis's shouldn't be completely fucked like before.
i'm playing it and enjoying it right now but i don't know what the exact differences are compared to the original since i never played it

>> No.5847845

you also need to fuck around more with the options, i don't know why but i have no idea why frames were limited to like 30 on my end, i never fucked around with the options, sound and music options are also a bit weird
man it has a lot of problems

>> No.5848290


>> No.5850143

How often do you see stakes nowadays? We can't burn everything at them. We just don't have the stakes to burn.

>> No.5852218

Did anyone find even half the secrets in Ion Fury?

>> No.5852354

proud 34%er

>> No.5852853
File: 368 KB, 1920x1080, 20190824171826_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5852857

I found half in the first level.

>> No.5852865
File: 336 KB, 1600x900, capt0000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's cute

>> No.5852901

100% is easy. 2nd run.

>> No.5853067
File: 1.13 MB, 231x210, double-take.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5853459

What's the version of Blood that I can just play out of the box? I've played all the other Build Engine games and want to finish up on this one.

>> No.5853478


>> No.5853480

As long as you turn off texture filtering.

>> No.5853487

If you're extremely lazy, just download Blood Fresh Supply (a recent re-release). Otherwise, pirate the original Blood and then download the sourceport BloodGDX.

>> No.5853490


True. I never really liked the look of bilinear filtering and stuff, particularly when it's on a game where assets aren't actually a very high resolution so it just turns smudgy and ugly.

>> No.5854473

>who do feel better after the operation?
It's short lived, because it requires everyone else to support their delusion. You can't set up a web of lies and expect everyone else to just play along.

>> No.5855325

since 2008

>> No.5855332

post them

>> No.5855413

Give me the CDs and I'll point you to a few of them

>> No.5855481
File: 105 KB, 720x480, Shelly showering (Ion Fury).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5855482
File: 1.23 MB, 720x480, Shelly squating in the shower (Ion Fury).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5855484

One Unit Whole Blood from GOG. You can then either run this in DOSBox (which it comes with) or download BuildGDX to run it full screen. I would also highly recommend the mod / level pack Death Wish.

>> No.5855489



As anon said, get the GOG release and play it with the GDX port. Fresh Supply port still has problems and it's unlikely that Night Scam Studios™ will ever fix them.

>> No.5857265

Ion Fury will be the last ever build game.

>> No.5857281

Torrent blood, use nBlood port, recommended add on pack - Death Wish 1.5

>> No.5857305
File: 38 KB, 750x750, 1550963540649.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How fucked is it that levels in old games settle in your mind almost as if they're places you went irl? Like the house you grew up in.

>> No.5857307

some games are memorable

>> No.5857379

I think I need help. I can't get into Duke3D and that's been a thing since forever. I really like Blood and recently Ion Fury/Maiden/Whatever, but I get bored with Duke after level 3. I've yet to beat a full episode. I can't get into the tone and I think the gunplay is not doing it for me - I guess I am missing something.