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Is there a greater feeling than witnessing the utter demise of your enemies and have them resurrect as your own troops?

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Is there a game where you can do this? Whats the ultimate D&D vidya experience?

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>Is there a game where you can do this?
Literally pic related. Heroes of Might & Magic 3. Also, multiple /vr/ games let you do that, such as Diablo 2.
>Whats the ultimate D&D vidya experience?
Depending on whom you ask the answer could be anything ranging from
>Temple of Elemental Evil (for autistically following the crunch to the highest detail)
>Icewind Dale (for being the most likely kind of campaign someone could actually run at their table; Planescape: Torment is too wall-of-texty to be faithful to tabletop RPGs and Baldur's Gate is arguably too focused on one protagonist)
>Neverwinter Nights (for playing online with people on RP servers)

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Then I have a game just for you my friend!
At your local piracy site, you can grab yourself a FREE copy of the critically acclaimed Heroes Of Might And Magic III and revel in the pleasure of playing the city of [Necropolis]

Your one-stop shop to all things bullshit, [necropolis] heroes allow you to resurrect a minimum of 10% of your slain foes as skeletals, live out your dream of constructing your perfect communistic utopia as you shove every unit not fit in your image into the Skeleton Transformer, making even the gayest elves into proud necropolis citizens. Did we mention your necromancy can be enhanced through various effects? assemble yourself a Cloak Of The Bullshit King and watch as your enemies turn into Liches and your Necro skill gets enhanced by an extra 30% free of charge! choose your main man Isra and boost his expert necro skill through leveling and attain another 30 percent, of course don't forget to buy the Necromancy Amplifier while your at it!

Watch your enemies cry and brandish irl weapons in your direction as your fun train refuses to stop and you decimate everything in your direction, the game is yours and your alone if you join you local necropolis castle today

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Does it come in remade & current?

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I am assuming you mean if there's any patched version, because this is a very confusing post.
Anyway, there's a HoMM3 HD made by Ubisoft, which you SHOULD NOT GET as it has none of the expansion packs and is just a shitty graphical facelift. AVOID. That's the one that's on Steam.
Get a GoG installer (pirate or buy it) and slap the unofficial HoMM3 HD+ (note the plus sign) on it and you're good to go.

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I hate when companies do this, why not include all the content and the updated visuals baka

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Is there any point in raising power liches when you get, what, 40% more regular liches from the same number of dead troops?

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Laziness, incompetence and greed.

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does this also come with the lamentation of their women?

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Numbers trumps all. That's why skeletons are so good

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This is now a skeleton thread.

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This sounds amazing

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Which campaign should I start playing RIGHT NOW?

I always wanted to get into HOMM3 but they're like 200 campaigns.

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Play them in release order, they're also the easiest that way. AB and SoD have a lot of gimmicky campaigns that reward having at least some expertise in the game. Restoration of Erathia -> Armageddon's Blade -> Shadow of Death.

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I did the Shadow of Death campaign first cause it was at the top and got my was kicked

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You can't be blamed, anon, they're weirdly sorted from top to bottom on the campaign screen.

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Necropolis is the biggest scrub bait ever

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Me and a friend started the atempt to finaly finish a game from our long lost past: Dungeon Master.

We finished the third level yesterday and while doing so we found a magic wand and we dont remember what it does. It has 3 actions: Shield, calm and heal. But neither seems to do anything. Google-Fu couldnt break this mistery.

Anyone know?

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