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is this good as they say? its so blocky and awkward though, switch remake when

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Nope, one of the most overrated games of all time. I'd say the hype for it is purely a scam by collectors to drive prices up, but even when it first came out reviewers praised it a lot, so, idk. It's seriously not very good.

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>’so blocky’
>npcs are voiced
>no grinding
>4cd streamlined epic
>incredible lore detail, developers made their own language featured in the opining and ending
Fuck everything

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>virtually no story besides 'stop the bad guy from getting the super weapon'
>'no grinding' actually means 'game is easy as fuck', maybe died once in the whole thing
>battles have extremely slow unskippable animations that you will see over and over
>who cares that it takes up 4 cd's when it only takes you about 12 hours to beat anyway
Just to counterbalance things a bit.

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You forgot
>forgotten because Sega couldn't be bothered to even manufacture the game.

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Despite being an interesting and worthwhile experience, PDS was not a very good game, to put it mildly. It's cult classic material through and through.

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>sega games

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Then good thing you guys weren't lazy enough to form your own opinion on the game by playing it. Unlike the lazy ass OP.

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It's great. One of the best the system has to offer.
>switch remake when
never, no plans from Segas side and they lost all data/code

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how is that even possible

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It happens a lot in the industry, both to western and Japanese developers. In the 80s and 90s far more often than now.

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The Sega Dreamcast is a sixth generation console and an over-reliance on arcade experiences caused a failure in a shifting market.

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Sega's Team Andromeda was dissolved right after. Very easy environment to just lose shit in when everyone's just getting shuttled to different departments or leaving the company.

>an over-reliance on arcade experiences caused a failure in a shifting market.
This simply wasn't true. The DC's most fondly remembered games are arcade-style ones, but the DC was full of more standard fare (and a bunch of multiplats where at the time, the DC version was simply the best option, if only because the other options were N64 and PS1). The success of the NAOMI platform meant that the DC got a lot of high-quality arcade releases with little-to-no cutbacks, but the DC's library as a whole was pretty balanced.
The DC failed almost entirely because of Sega's shitty financial state with how badly the Saturn went leading them to be unable to support the costs of launching and supporting a new system.

It wasn't beating the PS2 in any world, but the DC could have survived with its high-profile lineup of games (something the Saturn never really managed in the west) and reasonably large install base in the short time span the machine was around. It could have reasonably hit OG Xbox sales figures.

also, if we're talking about Sega in the arcade, Sega was one of the few companies (like Namco) to really handle the shrinking arcade market with major success (again, the NAOMI did stupid well and had a bunch of third parties releasing for it)

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It's pretty good. I like the battle system (it involves being positioning yourself in real time with a four-point orientation to an enemy that will either be at the center of the four points or fighting you in in the same way).

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700 bucks

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>I can't play this aesthetic masterpiece unless a team of talentless port nerds butcher it.

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It's like nothing else PLUS it's a good game AND it's rare and valuable

Emulate it or burn a copy and use Pseudo. If you're feeling it you should really play it. I just know that the vast emptiness is going to resonate with you, Anon.

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SEGA's a great developer but that doesn't mean nothing they make is overrated, especially with the frothing-at-the-mouth fanboys they have that can match the worst Nintendo fanboys in everything but numbers. Sonic CD is a prime example.
If they had just gotten an earlier US launch instead of trying to give the Saturn a slightly longer lifespan there and didn't cock block so many Japanese titles the DC for sure would have been able to survive long enough to get SEGA into an early 7th gen start... but of course certain suits still wanted out of the console race regardless, so chances are their exit was bound to happen one way or another.

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>they lost all data/code
It's been found


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>is this good as they say?

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I loved it. Incredible world design, music, monster designs, great voice acting.

Dont listen to the retards thats say its bad. /vr/ has been declining recently.

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When the remakes sells well... so never.

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Emulate it and decide for yourself. My opinion is that it was a bad game and got bored after a few hours.

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It's classic Sega - ingenious, inventive, pushes mediocre hardware to the limit, has flashes of greatness but also too short and too unpolished. A fascinating failure.

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>Thought that was a girl
>It's fucking Alex Kidd

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>>too short

That was a plus

30+ hour jrpgs are fucking gay

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>>switch remake when
Honestly, I bet you the Panzer Dragoon and Zwei remakes are the devs attempting to 'test the waters' to go into doing a remake of Saga as well. It's hard to think of someone picking those two games specifically while ignoring the third game and finale to the series (well, Orta notwithstanding).

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Your puny attention span just can't keep with it is all

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The game isn't easy, it forces you to learn how to beat every enemy in the most optimal ways.

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Retarded excuse given that disassemblers exist

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I've beaten the game. It's very easy. I maybe died once or twice.

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No, it's overrated trash. Try Albert Odyssey if you want a good Saturn jarpig.

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