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It is by two years not retro (2001), but did end a retro console (GBC) and also prequelled a game made 9 years before so.
I would really appreciate its exception.

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I don't know if this is bait or if you're legitimately retarded, but per the sticky it's primarily the console that determines whether a game is retro. The Oracle games are already talked about a lot anyway. A thread died for this pointless discussion; I really hope it was at least one of the shittier ones.

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Since when is Gameboy Color not retro? Even if it's in the "rules", it doesn't mean it's true.

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You poor, poor, hideous fool.
The rules say that games made for any consoles released before 11:59pm on 31st December 1999 are fair game, with Dreamcast getting a slide because reasons.
This means that if the console came out by that time, any game that comes out for it at any point is fine to discuss. As such, let's talk about Cave Story because it was ported to SMD/Genesis a year or two ago. :^)

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A moment of silence for the fallen threads

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Read the rules you mouthbreathing retard.

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Dreamcast was released in late 1999.

Yes, a 6th gen console is "retro" because it was released before the year 2000, but the 20 year old PS2 is "modern" because it was released in the year 2000.

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Generally any game released on a retro console is fine. No one would getmad if you started a thread about Sonic Adventure 2 here even though it cane out in 2001.

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One day soon I hope the first year of Xbox, Ps2, and Gamecube are allowed. The games released back then are definitely arbitrary to play today.

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Seasons is the second best Zelda after ALTTP
Ages is the second worst Zelda after Majora's Mask

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2000 is cutoff for PC games. Console games are by generation. GBA is not retro, but GBC is. Just like 2000+ PS1 and Dreamcast games are all retro, 2000+ GBC games also are.

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DMC and God of War and Halo are not "retro" and never will be by the standards of people who post here. What's so hard to understand?

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Ask Hiro for that /v2k/ board like people are doing. It would cover 2000 up to before current gen. The end limit would move forward as the gens progress. A bridge board like that would help take the strain off of both /vr/ AND /v/ and would make the jobs of the mods easier in the long run.

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Cave Story has been on the dreamcast for a long time. And it's complete.

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Has it? I had no idea. The MD one is complete, too. And the only one I can beat for the "good" ending because fuck yeah savestates. I'm not as good as I used to be and the last bit under the shack when the island is collapsing is fucking impossible for me w/o savestates.

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The PS2 (and the GameCube and Xbox that lived in its shadow) had much more modern games than the Dreamcast had. Console FPSes with weapon limits, "action games" where you just mash X to awesome, and the occasional "open world" game were staples then and still are to this day. Modern games have more in common with PS2 games than Dreamcast games.

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I thought the genesis version was still a proof of concept. Cool.

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People keep saying this and it isn't a good idea. What's /v/ for then? Just FotM and ecelebs? You can say, yeah, that's what the board is anyway, but the underlying problem there is /v/ needs cleaning up. People SHOULD be free to post about any game there, even /vr/ SHOULDN'T have been necessary. But when you can't even talk about the not-too-distant ancestors of the same kinds of games being put out in the current gen, it's a problem. Fuck /v2k/, fix /v/.

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Make /vb/ - video games random, for memes and shit, and let /v/ settle into what it's supposed to be.

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So it begins.
>Where were you for the unpopular opinion thread?!
I thought the popular consensus was fuck /v/

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/v/ is beyond help. There's no fixing a board that big.

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There is no fixing /v/. You can only hope to help /v/ a little and actually fix the current problems on /vr/. A /v2k/ board would do both.

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>Can an exception be made for my underage posting

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Exactly /v2k is the worst idea and those people belong on reddit with it's million subforums. /vr just needs more traffic

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No there's nothing wrong with /v/ if you don't like this place no one is forcing you to stay.

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>/vr just needs more traffic
No, it doesn't. It needs to die in obscurity. It is nothing but DOOM and arguments as to why Sega is garbage, and why Nintendo is the greatest (or the opposite of that). There is nothing new that is retro, and everything that is retro has been discussed to the point that nothing is original. I don't even think people here play games and they just come here to argue their inane opinions.

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so lets speak ps2, x-box and gamecube too

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>/vr just needs more traffic
Yeah let's fill the board with even more retarded shitposters like >>5819232 that wil surely work out just fine.

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>so lets speak ps2, x-box and gamecube too
Soon.....Letting in the Dreamcast was possibly the worst decision this board's moderation has ever made. There is nothing "retro" about it, and it is fully a 6th generation game console. Using an arbitrary date to define what is retro is always wrong. Either the Dreamcast is retro AS IS the PS2/XBOX/GC or it is not. There is not any middle ground. Eventually these systems will have to be accepted into /vr/ as they are on just about every other "retro" forum out there.
>In b4 muh football 2014
I don't care. There are still 3rd party famicom games still being released.

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>I don't even think people here play games and they just come here to argue their inane opinions.

So it's /v/.

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No one has anything interesting or intelligent to say about 5th gen either, no big loss. Plus it will clear out losers who are angry that new things came out after whatever video game system they played when they were 10.

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>A thread died for this
Oh no a dead thread on the slowest board after /m/ is gone!

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>So it's /v/.
Yes, just specific to arguing about dumb shit pre-Y2k.

>No one has anything interesting or intelligent to say about 5th gen either
No. Most conversations involving 5th gen are asking why sega sucked, why nintendo had a shit library, and why sony's textures looked like shit when they jiggled. It is just the meta, though at one point it was serious...now it is just a joke within a joke with stale pasta. Nintendo and Sony made a fantastic product. Sony made what I see as the true successor to the SNES, meanwhile Nintendo went and did something different, and it worked well. Sega saturn was and will continue to be campy garbage that has its biggest following in Japan.

The best use of /vr/ in my world is troubleshooting and seeing other anons make repair suggestions. I have many of the systems that are points of discussion here, and some are getting past their lifespan. Knowing about specific capacitors and power supplies has certainly helped me. I learned to solder electronics just because I wanted to mod some things. The first electronics mod I ever did was a PSIO. It was easier than most people say it should be, and worked correctly the first time.

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/v2k/ was being suggested as a potential board by /vr/ posters literally right after /vr/ was created in 2013. It was a good idea then, and it's still a good idea. Judging by the sharp spike in shitposting on /vr/ over the last year, this board does not need more traffic. The new board would adjust the pressure valve down a lot for /vr/ and some for /v/ as well.

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There's still new things to discuss, too many times have I seen threads get derailed by someone uninterested in the discussion. Far too many bait threads too, as if no one can argue anything without it turning into a fight.
There's a big difference between arguments and fights, and beside that is just calmly stating your opinions and seeing how everyone thinks differently and accepting that.
The dreamcast is 20 years old, no one in their right mind hooks it up expecting anything other than a novel experience based on the past. That Is Retro, just because it doesn't fit the bill for being an even older gaming console doesn't mean jack diddly squat.
There's a stark contrast between hooking up an xbox 360 and a dreamcast. One is a contemporary console and the other is pretty spanking old.

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I'm posting a GBA game and you can't stop meee

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Because eventually there will need to be a /vr2/ and Hiro said no more /v/ boards.

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That's still the dumbest and most arbitrary thing ever. Gaming one of the most popular hobbies worldwide, if we need another /v/ board then we need another one.

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>/vr/ in 2013
take me back...

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There will never ever be a need for it. If you think there is, you don't belong here in the first place.

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Were you even around for the meta threads a couple years back? /v2k/ was the consensus solution.

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Unless he's one of the voices in you head, which is the only place that happened, no.

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Im going to start ngage threads and gp32 threads and gizmondo threads and zodiac threads. We can talk about mobile games. You guys remember gameloft cellphone games, ohh its going to be great.

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Lets see it biotch

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We also have US vs Europe flame wars disguised as Amiga threads.

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Give us ten minutes of content with the ngage.

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There were several huge meta threads allowed by Hiro on a bunch of boards a couple years ago, including this one, then some follow-ups on /qa/. Maybe you would know that if you didn't just arrive or were here regularly.

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None of which made your original claim true. But thanks for playing kiddo.

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Are you confusing the word consensus with unanimous or something? It certainly wasn't unanimous, but it was the solution with the most supporters.

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>/v2k/ was the consensus solution
No it wasn't.

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Do you think /vr/ needs more traffic and 6th gen? Because those ideas were certainly not popular.

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While inside the virtual reality/subjects play isometric pixelated game worlds

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>While inside the virtual reality/subjects play isometric pixelated game worlds

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>Do you think /vr/ needs more traffic and
It's not a very fast board to begin with.

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It's also far from the slowest. Adding 6th gen here would speed things up too much and make it much harder to discuss many older games at a pace with which the board has become accustomed, then there would be nowhere on the site to discuss them comfortably without the threads being pushed off a board within a few hours at most.

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I don't think this is true.

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Its a realistic concern and could easily happen. /V2k/ is the best option. Email gookmoot

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Nah, I think this board could accommodate 6th gen easily. This board is about discussing retro games and having more options would only benefit. There's double posts for the same game and lots of pointless console war threads. If there were actual discussions then those could be drowned out.

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Maybe if there were more topics to discuss since you can only discuss 20th century games so many times.

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Keeping 6th gen games out is less about the board speed or the kind of games being discussed and more about making this board as unlike /v/ as possible.

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I just get the feeling that not having newer consoles specifically already creates a unique culture here in retro gaming and >>5824446
having a few more things that we can discuss wouldn't hurt us. There's no real way to know for sure though of course. I understand that retro means 5th and backwards to the majority of posters but I just gather the sense that allowing dreamcast in but not ps2, xbox, and gamecube is a bit of favoritism. The first few years of those three are fairly out of place in todays gaming landscape and doesn't feel at home in the other video game boards. Halo and Blinx, God of War and Jak&Daxter, Metroid Prime and Mario Sunshine, they don't feel modern to a certain degree and discussing them anywhere right now just seems off. With them being disallowed here and no official word on /v2k/'s creation it feels like there's no real place for those of us that'd like to discuss it with one another. Personally it feels like I'm going to exhaust topics here and leave 4chan completely because I don't belong after I'm done discussing Snes, Genesis, and Ps1.

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>I understand that retro means 5th and backwards to the majority of posters
It does?

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>Halo and Blinx, God of War and Jak&Daxter, Metroid Prime and Mario Sunshine, they don't feel modern to a certain degree and discussing them anywhere right now just seems off. With them being disallowed here and no official word on /v2k/'s creation it feels like there's no real place for those of us that'd like to discuss it with one another.
They're much more like modern games than anything that's discussed on /vr/. Until /v2k/ is created, the place to discuss them is on /v/ or in a 6th Gen General on /vg/. If neither of those seems suitable to you, then join the lobbying for /v2k/ yourself.

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>They're much more like modern games than anything that's discussed on /vr/
No they're not. They're more like the 5th gen than anything from the last 6-7 years.

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I agree, it was right before they all rushed to have high visual fidelity and pushed online models. I can see where they're coming from though and I think we deserve our own board for our own culture.

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Hiro said he has no plans to add more vidya boards though.

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Are you confusing consensus with whatever the fuck you think it means?

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Do you think your opinion on /vr/ traffic and 6th gen dictates what a word means?

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It's like that time someone argued that; oh no that thing isn't rare, but it is uncommon. Bruh. Bruuuh.

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>/vr just needs more traffic
I'd prefer it greatly if you could agree with me without tacking on a silly idea like this at the end, thanks. The whole point is /vr/ is fine at the pace it goes now. It's actually the best thing about it. If you want to crack out on a board, go to /b/, or /v/, or /vg/, or /tv/, or any one of a multitude of others.

Also, this whole debate was rendered moot (r.i.p.) a day or two ago when a brilliant crossposter put up a very good thread about "why can't you guys have a thread about the PS2 when /v/ can have one just fine, see >>>/v/474483973 ." So, there you go.

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>also prequelled a game made 9 years before so
Not anymore, the current official timeline sets the Oracles after Link's Awakening.

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At this point I'm less worried about the games themselves and more worried about false flaggers deliberately shitting the board up to make the pro-6th gen people look bad, and the chance that it permanently changes the culture of /vr/ if it goes on for long enough.

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>It's like that one time when millennials were litterally as ridiculous as a satirical character from a Lewis Carroll book
>It's like that zero times anyone thinks this happened only one time

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not OP but lmao at the hostility from you autists, you pussies need to sit on a phallus for like a week but that wouldn't work with your zuckerberg-like social skills, keep going off on an anonymous forum for trivial issues and dying from a cortisol overdose at 45

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No, it's a slippery slope. Make one exception, make multiple, eventually the rule doesn't matter.

>> No.5825093 [DELETED] 

>you pussies need to sit on a phallus
What is it with fags and shoving thing in their ass? It's a weird fixation

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Incidentally, /m/ is the only board that's better than /vr/

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They couldn't put him back together again, shame..

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