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what retro game has the biggest world to wander around that isn't just randomly generated?

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nobody knows???

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I have no idea, maybe some of the older MMORPG?

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The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

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Might & Magic series.

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I remember the last thread with the exact same image and you'll probably get the same answers.

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asheron's call

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RC Pro-Am

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Uncharted Waters has the whole Earth, so there's that.

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Content > size

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Zelda 2. The entire first Zelda game is just a fraction of the overworld.

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I think DQ3 did that, but kept the same scale.

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Isn't Arcanum's world just utterly stupidly huge?

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yes but also it's.



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Ultima 7 is fairly big

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Spectrum games had surprisingly big maps

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Abandoned places
Day of the viper
Mercenary 2
Star control 2
Frontier elite(this has the largest map and while it may have been randomly generated, the planets dont change from game to game.)

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The largest part of daggerfall is randomly generated and each dungeon is randomly generated. It changes each playthrough. While the cities are large, most of them get randomly generated unless its important.

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To add onto this, arena has a larger world map than daggerfall. Arenas map is actually larger than elite frontiers map, which is insanity. The procedurally generated wilderness in arena doesnt stop. You can keep going into the wild for ever or until the game crashes. Trying to get to one city from another in arena is like trying to get to 1 from 0 using decimals, its infinite.

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Hold on what?!

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Link's Awakening

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Its not like you get an actual infinite procedural generation, it repeats over and over. After 13 minutes or so the landscape starts to repeat itself like some hellish stretch into fractal hell. I actually want to see if it can be changed to keep generating. It only has that limit due to dos having shit memory. If you had to much of land generated it fucked with the memory, so it makes sense for them to create a loop that would stop the game from crashing due to using too much memory. These days that wouldnt matter nearly as much and you could have it generate more than a planet before you run out of memory

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Have sex.

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I think the Elite games had seeds that always caused the worlds to be generated the same, which is how it got away with having a massive world spanning thousands of systems.
So it isn't randomly generated, just generated so it doesn't have to be stored in memory.

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>fucking 2001
>not retro

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The only problem is how realistic it is travelling through the whole map. In frontier you will die, unless you use the original uk dos version that has a warphole glitch. There are less and less colonies as you travel through the expanse and eventually you get to a point where your warp drive will die before you reach any place to get it repaired. Using the warmhole glitch you can travel to sparse colonies hundreds of light years away. People have mapped out large sections of the galaxy using this glitch.

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People forget how fucking huge damocles mercenary 2 is. Its bare bones but huge. Hitting on another /vr/ theme, there was a planned pc release that had way better graphics never got released.


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Wrong link

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What's the game with the smallest 'world' to walk around in but with the most detail packed into it?

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Harvest moon

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Starflight 1 and 2, Starcontrol 2, MOO 1 /2/3.

A galaxy or 2 is not good enough for you?

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Is uncharted waters bigger than sid meiers pirates?

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>Masters of orion
I totally forgot about that game.

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DQ2 did it and they did have to remove a lot of the original Alefgarde.

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>>5821053 >>5820927

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Putt putt has more content than lttp

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2011 is just poorcore. Shit you'd find in the bargain bin. Retro games are games that have appreciated in value due to the fact that the market views them as retro and hence collectible.

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There's more quality content in LA, there's a reason it's being remade.

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>there's a graveyard in the middle of nowhere that's almost twice the size of every populated area
>the larger graveyard is 30x the size of every populated area combined
This is some next level shit. I never thought I'd see a game that would portray the Wadi-us-Salaam necessary to intern the bodies of everyone I'd kill while playing.

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Because LTTP was already remade a few years ago and Nintendo isn't that jewish?

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I was obviously joking, but come on. There is not that much content in la, pokemon has more content than la.

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Such a great world, it's a shame so many zones weren't useful

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Elite: frontier 2 has millions of planets.

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It's magnificent isn't it?
Don't underestimate Nintendo in either selfish nor selflessness. Believe me.
I mean.. commme onnnn, comeee onn, I like me some LA, had two carts growing up. It has a trading sequence as a main quest in that one. It has Bow-Wow the Chain Chomp, and it has Yoshi.. the.. dinosaur. It probably has Mario or Luigi somewhere, it introduced combining items together to find stuff, it's the first to allow you to jump, the final boss switches forms between several main villains, and it had a playable instrument with multiple songs. It was remade with color and had an extra dungeon chucked inside.
Pokemon was grindy, it was very grindy, it was split between two games on purpose, and you had to trade to quote catch 'em all. I would secede to Pokemon Crystal but I want to die on this here hill, pretty please. It's got a lovely ascetic, and the remake looks amazing too.

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when are you available?

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final fantasy x came out before arcanum does that mean we can talk about it on /vr/

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LTTP was never remade, only ported to GBA.

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I own 3 la carts 2 normal and one dx and i have ages and seasons on my 3ds, i rarely play non gb zeldas, but they really just dont have that much content. Theres nice easter eggs and a fair amount of stuff for gb (especially ages and seasons) but they just dont have as much content as pokemon. They dont even have as many items.

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Thing with the Everquest zones is that they all felt like they could be useful or have somthing interesting going on.

Run up to a random house in the middle of no where in a zone and a merchant might have a quest for you, or at least have somthing to say. Or it could be empty you’d never know until you went in

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Fate: Gates of Dawn
Every pixel on the map is a tile, (640x400 tiles)
while stuff like Might and Magic 3-5 has worlds of 96х70 each (4 and 5 can be combined into World of Xeen with 2 portions 96x70 each respectively)
All in all, Fate has biggest non-random world of all dungeon crawler, and that if you dont include numerous dungeons. It takes a LONG while just to get from one end of the map to another.
The game itself is a dungeon crawler, with ability to talk sentient enemies out of attacking you, and with right skills (different classes of enemies like or hate you more depending on your skills) even recruit them into your party.

Biggest properly detailed non-tile based world would probably be Might and Magic 6.

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I disagree, it has plenty of content and can run you the same amount of playtime if you do what I did when I was younger and just take Charizard to level 80.

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Yeah, before understanding the meta and how to level efficiently it was an amazing world to explore with cool stuff around every corner. My first trip from the dwarf city to Freeport blew my mind

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>Isn't randomly generated

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>Frontier elite(this has the largest map and while it may have been randomly generated, the planets dont change from game to game.)
That's procedural generation, not random.

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Shenmue or Deus Ex
Harvester maybe

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imma play might and magic 6 then

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This is incorrect. The game is not randomly generated. It is the same every single time you play it, on any computer, on any operating system. Daggerfall today is the exact same landmass it was 20 years ago.

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Now that's what I thought

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Hyrule Warriors is canon and that's where the people of Hyrule buried their dead after you rampaged for four those levels as Ganondorf.

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It can't be canon it's a dynasty warrior spinoff

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It is the fourth best Zelda game ever, after Link's Awakening, Link to the Past, and Ocarina of Time.

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Unless the dungeon is a part of the main quest, it is random. Same with cities. Im not saying the names of places change or the whole map is random, just the layouts.

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Catform clone world virtual reality simulation to the power^ of trillions


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mmmm I'll allow it

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>Nintendo isn't that jewish?

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