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What are yours? I'll start.
In about 1996 my friend and I tried LSD for the first time in his basement. We took more than we should have but had a blast playing Banjo Kazooie (didn't get very far) and Mario Kart. Now every once in a while we'll still get together, drop acid and play Mario Party or whatever. I also loved playing Final Fantasy on mushrooms. I recommend that. You guys got any recommendations for game and drug pairings?

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get high and play Twinbee
its dope

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When I"m on psychedelics I'm usually too busy exploring consciousness and/or fucking like a wild animal to want to play video games.

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I made a thread like this about 4 years ago and mods deleted it. Anyway 33 year old heroin fag here I like to play zelda until I pass out. A link to the past or any gbc one.

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Beat Panzer Dragoon Saga in 98 with a head full of acid

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Anyway, I played the final battle of Mother 2, on Game Boy Micro, while mildly tripping on acid. Sprites looked like they popped out of the screen.

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Yeah, it forgets my name sometimes in incognito mode

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Never had a good time on psychedelics.
Only the day after has been any good, generally the feeling of being alive and not permanently fucked up by them.
They convinced me to drop all non-legal drugs though, which was nice.

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You've been doing heroine for over 4 years and aren't dead? Is your face sunken? How do you afford the lifestyle?

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I unironically wouldn't want to, psychedelics are something special that should be treated properly and used in the right setting.

LMAOWEED on the other hand is great for retro gaming.

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oh my god me as well. the first time i did acid i had half a tab which was so awesome. The next 2 times i did it ranged from bad and boring to fucking nightmare. Every time i do a drug i have a horrible come up with all this anxiety.

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I didn't know we could speak about drugs in here

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Played some Rez on acid last week for the first time, with rumble pack of course. It was pretty great.

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My first was mediocre and the following nightmares, particularly shrooms was a scare.
Death panic, mania, wrecking shit, almost made me out my drugged up state to society & to my parents and made me feel the most intense shame i've felt since I was about 7.
Never doing any of that shit again i'm glad to say.

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Best thread on /vr/ in over a year
You guys seem delicate, why wouldn't you carefully measure your dosage and just do the absolute minimum amount to try it out? Everything in moderation. It's kind of your own fault for not being careful, so now you've ruined your chance of having a great life changing experience and now come off as an uptight weirdo who can't responsibly be aware of what they're putting in their bodies and handle what they ingest.

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Glover made me play games differently. Now I almost treat them as 3D paintings, where I will walk around and adjust the camera every now and then, but usually I have a game just idling in the background now. They're 3D spaces to me

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i cant find acid or shrooms anywhere, fucking bullshit.

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Metroid prime was nice to fire the charged super missile beam combos, looked very nice, also great ambience when gay pirates arent fucking with you

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>You guys seem delicate
The cry of every faggot as he reels in shock that his favorite shit isn't for everyone. Sounds exactly like every weed-addicted high school faggot who spends most of his week under a fog.
>why wouldn't you carefully measure your dosage and just do the absolute minimum amount to try it out?
What makes you think I didn't?
Ramped up doses. Sub-175ug was mediocre like being drunk without the euphoria and some mere hallucinations, over 200ug was nightmarish. Shrooms was either tiresome bodyload or horrific as described.
>It's kind of your own fault for not being careful
Keep on projecting based on nothing like a complete retard. Careful lest people think it's because you fried your brain and not that you're just naturally retarded.
>so now you've ruined your chance of having a great life changing experience
Oh you're one of those nutters who thinks killing your ego is a life-changing experience, something that's only true for people with a shitty sense of self to begin with. A strong ego is a positive.
>and now come off as an uptight weirdo
t. humongous faggot who thinks his hobby is a necessity and must be evangelized.
If I wanted God i'd go to Church rather than the listen to the cobbled old musty theology of burnt out hippies like McKenna.

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The music and isolating atmosphere of that game is amazing. The sequel doesn't get much love but I liked it over the original. It like Goldeneye on N64 has a neato tacked on multiplayer I used to get down on.

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uh haha okay man. yeah, you need to stay away from any drugs or even controversial video games lol

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Yeah I don't disagree with anything you said. I was 18 I think when I did it. It was really hard to come by acid and when we did get it, it was soaked into a jelly bean. I couldn't measure it but I probably should have at least only ate half. Oh well, I'll probably ease my way back into it.

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I unironically look very young and not in a manlet way im 5'11 200lbs just have a really young looking face. I calmed down a bit in the past 2 years. I do a mix of affording my own and receiving a finders fee from getting for people.

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And I know it's not a psychedelic but sometimes when I do it and nod off I see trippy shit like fireworks and cartoon faces. None of the other people I know who use experience this. Don't know whats wrong with me.

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i only tried (allegedly) real LSD once when i was a shithead 18 year old, was saving a couple tabs i got from s*lkr*ad for a 'special occasion' but then me and my gf at the time broke up and i lost it a bit and ended up taking both tabs alone in my room out of desperation to feel something profound. bad idea, obviously
all i got was
>intense anxiety on the come up, culminating in being convinced i was going to die
>anxiety lasted most of the trip, thoughts naturally gravitated towards fundamental existential questions
>in asking why/how i came to exist, i reached the conclusion that either i was God and everything in existence was a product of my mind, or i was in the matrix/in a coma somewhere living out a false reality (i hear a lot of people reach these conclusions)
>the next day after no sleep i frantically raided my room for old stuff like childhood toys and drug paraphernalia and threw it all in the trash outside
>told my parents what i'd done and that i felt my life was going nowhere and didn't know what to do
>basically was fucking insane for a few weeks after, was convinced i needed to die to be at peace but that suicide would send me straight to hell so planned to just will myself to die by lying still for a really long time
>every tv show was predictable, like i knew what was going to happen next, and when i tried to hang out with friends i felt i knew what they were going to say before they said it

yeah it was pretty fucked up, far from the romanticised vision i had of tripping on acid

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...but more on topic, i used to get high af on jamaican brick weed and play pic related for hours and hours
the soundtrack honestly sounded amazing

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I played FFX on acid. I just wandered around Calm Lands. In battles I could clearly see characters and enemies being in their own individual spaces loaded up on the screen. They didn't seem to exist on the battle field, they were more of a holograms portayed from the game's memory instead. I still remember how it looked like but when I came back to the game next day, it look normal.

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Wake up day after a party
Drive home hungover with pal, through a freak storm
Plug in Dreamcast with ikaruga, take mushrooms
Feel like I made a mistake, try to puke
Doesn't work
Stare at symmetry of game
Start thinking about serial killers
Think of Jeffery Dhamers goofy face, start laughing
Realize that killing people is an absolutely ridiculous and laughable goal, in and of itself
Giggle for 20 minutes straight trying to explain how silly serial killers are
Eat pizza bagels, totally astounded by how quickly freind eats food
Worry about his health and depression
Sober up after 6 hours
Good day

Two years later watch a video of high ikaruga scores, realized the game I've been playing for 15 years is only like 22 minutes long if you don't die...

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I played SoR2 on acid. Felt like I was fighting through a carnival of nightmares.

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anxiety sucks, imagine that some people go through what you did on drugs everyday of their sober life.

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I watched the end of Silent Hill 3 for the first time on Shrooms. H-O-L-Y SHIT.

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You gotta know who to ask. Look out for NARCs.

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Your bubble is your world. What ever helps your brain filter out reality is what you experience day to day.

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My first experience wasn't with vidya, but with Piglet's Big Movie.

It was kind of a neat baby sitter for someone trying something like that for the first time all on their own.

The music and the animation had this auditory sticky mouth sensation that was just odd enough to be interesting but still actually calming.

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Didn't realize LSD could be so "dangerous" for angsty teens. I used to enjoy LSD, but every time I try it now; it's stronger for me the next time. Last time I had to rewatch the beginning of Home Alone about Seven or Eight Times. I would watch until the Burglers would start to get hurt and then I'd have to restart the movie. So since that isn't much fun or productive I'll just stick to shrooms every once in a while.

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He did practically everything wrong is possible to do with LSD though
>first trip completely alone, isolated even
>pre-existing psychological distress
>no recouperation
Psilocybin really is a better beginner and casual experience. Milder, shorter and with fewer physical side effects

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Oh and depending on exactly when he bought it, it's possible that it was a piperazene rather than actual LSD since there were shit tons of that stuff circulating ~10 years ago when the designer dug scene was straight up crazy.

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>3 year olds dropping acid
Yeah, I doubt that.

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>>every tv show was predictable, like i knew what was going to happen next, and when i tried to hang out with friends i felt i knew what they were going to say before they said it
I have some fun insight into what was likely happening to you here:
Your conscious brain acts on a delay from your unconscious brain. There's a part of your brain that filters and interprets the raw sensory data that's coming in, then microseconds later the results are sent to your conscious brain and you become aware of what you just experienced. Everything you see right now is actually outdated information constantly being updated, and since it's always been that way we just learn how to live with the delay and never realize it's there. The interesting part is that if this process is slowed down, sped up, or short-circuited in some way you can get some really wonky effects, like feelings of deja vu. So what was happening to your brain is that it was being fed all this information and probably not parsing it fast enough, or at least not becoming consciously aware of it soon enough. Basically, your brain processed what happened on TV or what your friends were saying, then your conscious brain processed it and forgot, then it processed it again and you had the eerie feeling that you knew what they were about to say. But you actually didn't know what they were going to say before they said it, you just heard them and then "heard" them consciously a split second later without realizing that you were actually just a split second behind what was going on in reality.

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Tried Mario Party on Acid once, did not enjoy it, idk the game felt very restrictive. I like playing fighting games and platformers on psychs

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Heroin fag here im currently 3 hours in on a lsd trip. I have a modded ps1 classic with the entire game boy/color and snes library ive been tripping on chocobo racing. I can add any game on here as its running retroboot ( retroarch) any suggestions? And AMA about heroin and LSD i guess.

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I smoke high strains of THC topped off with hash oil and I tend to play Cave shmups and text adventures

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I remember taking mushrooms with my pals and wanting to play SNES. However, once we were trippin we were not able to coordinate even the simplest of things. Like jumping gaps in Mario World. 1/10, would not recommend.
Playing MarioKart or Donkey Konga drunk was always fun, even though once you are too pissed it becomes impossible. 10/10
Playing after smoking a few joints is quite fun, too. However, I get way too slow, avoid anything with quick reactions like e.g. fighting games. Co-ops like Secret of Mana are great when stoned. Strongly recommended 4/20

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Holy shit. No wonder you can't handle psychedelics.

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Absolutely based my good man.

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You should start a Twitch Stream.

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Aww... don't shit on McKenna. He's not all bad.

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I'm a grown man with a kid so I don't do drugs, but back in the day I took ecstasy and played Robotron 2084, Rez and bullet hell shmups a lot.

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ive always done that

im also an autistic retard, so theres that

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The insanely fast movement speed in Bio Force Ape made me laugh so hard I had to stop playing to hold my sides

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i spent my early twenties doing ketamine and dxm while playing n64 emulators

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Nothing beats a blast of crack and a little Soldier Blade on the pc engine

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I tend to mostly play Doom WADs while stoned. Retro FPS games in general are really good to play while high, especially ones with Doom or Quake-like movement. The music also tends to add to the experience.

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I'd imagine you're pretty cool

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By /vr/ standards I'm alright

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