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They say that a daredevil from Russia undertook to translate Kimi ga nozomu Eien.


What do you think when he merges? https://vndb.org/v94

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So what is it? Lolicon dating sim?

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It's MuvLuv without the mechas and military shit
Also it's not retro or really relevant to an english imageboard.

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Fag here. What's a muvluv?

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Japanese dating simulator that turns into a military drama where you're waifus all die except the good ones.

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That's cool to hear. Hopefully it'll get translated in English one day too.
It's on Dreamcast so it is retro.

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That girl looks like sakura kinomoto which I like but visual novels are totally gay.

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You can just watch the anime

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You can just fap to hentai.

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There isn't much good hentai for my fetishes though

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Now you just have to post them.
tags: f:tomboy f:tennis_shoes f:abs f:sports_bra misc:non-h

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she's a complete whore, you're not missing anything

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