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What fucking thread do I even go to for sprite animation?

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Super mario bros z, now that takes me back. What a neat little series. Oh well.

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it's actually sad considering that the creator didn't have much success in life than this. It could've been a way for him to make a living on patron. nintendo stopped it however. I wonder if he could've avoided it by not mentioning the actual nintendo license on his patreon.

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If it's sprite animation intended for game dev, you might want to try amateur game dev in >>>/vg/

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Everyone is usually better off creating their own series and characters.

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This is what Nintendo kids were watching online in 2006

This is what Nintendo kids watch online now

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Delete this.

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The new Mark Haynes has been reincarnated in to this small time channel

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It's just not the same.

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You're right, it's better. This guy not only streams his progress but he also doesn't need 1000$ a month to continue.

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>Smash Bros.-lite
>unironically using the GT nametag
no thanks
SMBZ had its charm by keeping it mostly Sonic and Mario universe with a Dragon Ball Z twist and a limited protagonist cast.

Kirby shit isn't going to make it more interesting and its going to get downhill to AsylusGoji91-tier cringe from here.

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>who else clapped when they saw Smash and Kirby?! yaaaaas!

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But there is no Kirby? It's just Mario and Sonic . You obviously didn't watch it at all, not even the first minute.

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>Kirby past the 9 minute minute mark
>the entire Brawl Petey fight
>shitty Kirby and Smash references in the entire arena
>spotlighting Geno
yikes! didn't even watch past the intro of the video he link
pathetic advertiser, go shill your wannabe series else where!

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>disgusting Game Boy Advance-era sprites clashing with chad Genesis and N64 sprite work
not retro
fuck off to /co/ and /v/

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