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hoping someone on /vr/ knows more than I do
I know no one actually owned this when they were younger but maybe someone here just knows things

Have the opportunity to buy a laseractive with sega pack in it. It also comes with the games Ghost Rush and Don Quiote. The seller (in my college) doesn't want to do ebay or craigslist because he doesn't trust craigslist and doesn't want to deal with ebay hassles so he's offering it me for below what I consider market value

Are these actual games
Is it actually worth owning
I have no interest in reselling it. I keep all consoles I own

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I know Don Quiote is one of the rarer titles for the laser active. If you enjoy odd hardware and love collecting, this is an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss. If you want something you would actually get enjoyment out of, I don't think this is for you. Unless you really like animated point-n-click games, I don't think you'll get five minutes out of this.

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A quick search tells me the s-video output for the Genesis games is somehow actually lower quality than the composite cables. I wouldn't bother.

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There are a lot of FMV games on it that are exclusive and unemulated - like Ghost Rush for example so if that alone appeals to you, the exclusivity. On the flip side Don Quixote is a solid B tier arcade FMV game in essentially its native format. Yes it's available on DAPHNE but it's not all cliche like Space Ace or you-know-who's Lair.

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Only do it if you want to replace 200 surface mount capacitors.

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It has no rgb output and installing a mod to get rgb is a huge pain in the ass. As a unique piece of gaming history it's interesting though. I'd buy one if I ever found one cheap.

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First of all what's below market value to you

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He wants 700 for everything

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That's not below market value dude, that's about what it's worth.

Hard pass, let the guy sell it on Ebay. There's no guarantee the thing will continue to work after you buy it and you have no recourse with him.

Chances are he's skipping Ebay because shipping could cause problems or buyers are just assholes, but in reality, it could also be because it could fuck up in a month and buyers can return if bought on Ebay.

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I’d be wary of this claim if it’s being made by someone who is a laserdisc fan. Laserdisc collectors are a curious bunch of most of them eschew a player’s built in s-video and prefer using composite with an external comb filter. Personally, my Pioneer LD player’s composure is so ass that I don’t know how an external filter would help anything but the s-video is fine.

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Not to mention he'd have to give ebay a cut.

Only get it if you're serious about ld games. Frankly, there's better consoles, and better laserdisc players out there, but arguably nothing better for ld games.

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Composite, not composure

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whats an id game

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This depends on the manufacture date of the player really. LD video is recorded in composite. Players with svideo output have a comb filter built in. A newer tv will likely have a better comb filter like a 3d digital comb filter, thus you get a better picture using composite instead of svideo.

Ld game. LaserDisc. The sega and pc engine games on laserdisc.

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If you can afford it and like to hoard shit and you have a clue about market value it's definitely worth it. If any of those aren't true then no.

K. So you don't have a clue about market value. Do you know whether you can afford it? Do you like to hoard shit? Also, do you have the ability to hoard shit? Do you have space for a giant "laser" disc player? Why do I have the feeling this thread is going to end with "No, you should not spend your life savings on an old to you're never going to use for anything except a place to store your bong when not in use"?

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