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plot hole alert. they always teleport to the exact time relevent shit is abut to go down

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Teleporting to a time period where they have to fart around for days/weeks/months for something to happen would be shitty writing.

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That's not a plot hole, it's at most a contrivance

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Trigger has the most boring time travel ever, it's literally Harry Potter the video game. In fact it's so shitty and inconsequential that it doesn't really count as time travel; you're basically just flying to different continents.

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i hope they do a remake in the style of dragon quest xi

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I remember Robo hypothesizing some entity wanting everyone to see these exact moments and be there. This entity guided the group, and not Lavos.

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Robo is a Christian.

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That isn't what a plot hole is.

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thanks for not showing your hand

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I don't remember if it was Robo or Lucca saying it but it's mentioned specifically that lavos is very close to awakening in each and every one of the eras they get transported to
So despite not being directly issued one can assume Gates happen because Lavos is awakened which is also why shit always goes down

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How would you spice up the time travel within the game?

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Several Megamen and Sanics would travel to the same moment and fight the final boss. The flash has to out race himself going back in time to stop a bomb to actually detonate it.

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Legacy of Kain did time travel right. The protagonists go back and forth in time to set things right, only to find out at every turn that they've just been manipulated into fucking themselves in the ass and dooming the entire world.

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Okay, but it was 1995. For the SNES RPGs at the time it was still pretty revolutionary.

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The way they always had to create time paradoxes to change history was a great mechanic:

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He was truly the last crusader. And based. I want to play a game as Robo where you take back the holy land (modern day) and the blood runs up to your knees.

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Why doesn't Megaman JUST teleport to the Robot Masters' rooms

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plot hole alert. they always larp as 18+ but shitpost underage shit

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I really liked Radiant Historia's

But Chrono Trigger works pretty well, how time travel works is not the key part of the story, but actually the different eras

It's like saying LoGH is a shitty series because the fleet battles are not realistic

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The entity is the planet in the bad end and the portals are a result of its life flashing before its eyes right before it dies out completely.
When the entity is at rest at the end it's because it no longer exists since the future has in fact, not refused to change.

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That's not a plot hole, you retard.

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Time travel is dumb after it's cool.
This is the only way to do time travel. The only way to tie it up in a neat bow is with a boot strap paradox.
>If you flip a coin enough times it lands on its edge eventually.

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Not sure what OP means by this.

Crono and Marle at the start go back right when Leene went missing. I guess sure it could've happened after she was found or before even, but then there is no story to tell. Easy to write it off as coincidence.

When they went to the future for the first time nothing was happening at all.

Going to Zeal makes sense because Magus was pulled to that time on accident because he was summoning Lavos (who also had historic links to that time) so of course there is some overlap as far as gate destinations is concerned, they're not man-made, so it makes sense two lead to the time when some huge shit with Lavos is going down.

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Missed opportunity, honestly.
All of those time travels that barely did any impact to the future, despite how much Crono interacted with the past, could have deeper implications.
It could be a build-up for some big twist, like how the stream of time corrects itself, and even if you try to alter it, time will eventually return to its original flow.
But by the end, it turns out your actions not affecting the future for 90% of the game was just shameless coincidence.

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I'd like to submit that OP is probably of African American descent and has problems understanding simple concepts.

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Ditch it.

>Lavos causes different moments in time to converge
>they are separated by being on different waves of existence
>they do not affect each other but you can get stuff from them to achieve your goal
>travel between them by changing your frequency
>you are the... Sono Trigger

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The player is an entity guiding the group and is the one who wants to see these things
Robo is a deep thinker

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>plot hole alert. they always teleport to the exact time relevent shit is abut to go down
It is literally explained that the planet created the fucking time warps to remember the good ol' times.

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Whenever you time travel you leave behind a universe you can't get back to. The final boss is cleaning up your mess and if you defeat it, the game crashes and deletes your save.
If you're defeated you revert to your last save. Save frequently but not too frequently because it affects how powerful the final boss is, how much fixing he has to do to your game and save file. Don't fucking play, don't fucking lose, scrub.
Robo is a christian.
How quickly things are forgotten.

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It was not considered revolutionary at the time. It was a streamlined and polished take on Final Fantasy. The time-travel bit was a twist but as mentioned here was little more than just a way to portray a variety of dramatically different settings (future, prehistoric, etc.) in the same game.

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I would plot that girls hole, if you catch my drift.

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she can teleport right onto my dick

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Cause the Entity specifically needs them at certain moments you retard

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Entity is not real, I hate that fucking this. People have been asking about the Entity online I was on AOL in 1996 and I'm fucking tired of hearing about. It was a throw-away line Robo or whoever the fuck threw out as a guess that was never followed up on nor confirmed. Fuck the Entity, it is not real.

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"Throwaway" lines don't really exist, unless translators threw it in. There's nothing stopping Chrono Break or whatever being made and giving a backstory to a guiding entity.

At best, it's a soft-4th wall breaking to acknowledge that there's no particular reason why the time warps

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I thought the pendant in the beginning in conjunction with the teleport machine threw them back and opened up warp points?

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>There's nothing stopping Chrono Break or whatever being made and giving a backstory to a guiding entity.

It won't be canon though. Unless the original writers come back to do it then it's just someone's paid fanfiction. Half the writers working at SE now probably weren't even born yet when Chrono Trigger came out.

It did. Pendant is made of dreamstone and amplified the energy just like how the mammon machine (also made of dreamstone) helped wreck Zeal.

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It's not a plot hole, is a plot convinience

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>Fuck the Entity, it is not real.
*tips fedora*

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It was kind of annoying that half of the map was only for secondary missions. I was expecting the whole game to go there

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i hope you fucking die

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learn what a plot hole is

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Interesting might need to pick up this series.

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I'd fly my time machine into Marle's plot hole if you catch my drift.

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Certain parts of time are really important and allow the timeline to be altered, these times are called convergence. Go play Steins;Gate.

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I don't like Legacy of Kain's time travel because I have a hard time putting together its time travel mechanics with my idea of what time travel should be like (either a closed loop, or paradoxes that happen whenever you change something, ANYTHING). By comparison in Legacy of Kain you could kill as many people as you wanted and nothing would change, but the moment you put two Reavers together oh God the time travel goes bananas.

I don't like it.

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I had this women the other night I got down there by her pussy, she was so old it looked like a possum between her legs
I still beat it up, fuck it.

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Literally this.

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Is it anything like this: >>5808363

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That sounds suspiciously like Undertale

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It doesn't sound anything like undertale noob

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Yeah these games had the absolutely best dialogue I've ever heard in a video game:

To me as an atheist, LoK's time travel makes no sense at all.
But when you pre-suppose the existence of souls and an entity or life-force that cares about human history, it makes perfect sense. Almost any person that is killed can be replaced by someone else, and will have its soul recycled by the wheel of fate. Souls are eternal, and thus infinitely more important than any mortal shell.
Thus an entity that can devour souls is likely connected to the very core of what makes the world go round, so to say. So it makes sense that the Reaver devouring itself is the easiest way to throw "destiny" off balance.

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Dude, seriously fuck off with your attention-whoring pics that add nothing to any thread you post in.

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he's showing his collection, you can't say the same

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How could you ever travel to the moment you left if you traverse time? To onlookers you vanish from existence if you go even a second forward or backward. Every time traversal transports the traveler to another universe entirely, suppose a time machine is better deemed a dimension machine.
If you presume that all of time exists somewhere in the grand scheme of existence then time travelers have always existed and always will, hopping dimensions for all eternity. It's possible that the brain is actually a conduit for a mind which is in fact a time machine, and that time machines are all sentient, that that's in fact what a soul is; is a time traveler.
It's possible that the only one traveling time is Lord God Creator of the universe who not only interacts with you personally from time to time, but intends on meeting up with you at the point of your death, death only being the moment of time traversal for conscious entities.

If you couldn't tell I'm really into time things. When I was little I came up with a few theories that actually ended up aligning with Stephen Hawking's own ideas. Neat stuff.

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The psychedelics thread is here: >>5808179

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>Yeah these games had the absolutely best dialogue I've ever heard in a video game

With voice actors to match. As far as the story goes it felt like a stage adaptation of a deeply philosophical piece of literature, and that's almost entirely on the writers and voice acting.

Also, RIP Tony Jay.

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It's almost like the portals are based around Lavos' influence, and Robo even says the entity is guiding them.
>plot hole alert
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