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What is it about Konami warner games that make them so good?
Like, it's a japanese company making licensed titles, they could have half-assed it if they wanted but they went the extra mile and did great games. What's up with that?

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Extracted from legit Yamato blood and sticky love essence.

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*takes a huge shit in your mouth*

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I seriously, seriously doubt the games are actually any good for an adult.

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Good visual and aural artists worked there.

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Eh they're alright with high production values, way better if you speedrun. Tiny Toons NES has this fun mechanic where if you dash then slide you get to preserve your speed while jumping, kinda like slide jumps in Crash Bandicoot, you can go fast as Sanic but the game is hard as fuck with the enemy placement.
Animaniacs is legit brilliant, there's nothing else like it.

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huh? you never played those? how old are you?
anyway, nah, they're fun action platfomers.

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Gotta be honest I'm looking up footage on youtube and am feeling extremely underwhelmed.

I'm 30 and the only one I ever played was the GB one back in the day which was shit.

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Look for the speedruns you dummy, it's sliding hell like Quackshot

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A lot of it has to do with the fact that back then, games based on childrens' properties weren't treated as low-priority crap that would just be played by kids too dumb to know quality.

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If this isn't fast enough for you, it's time to lay off the speed.

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Yeah alright, this clearly isn't for me.

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Really interested in knowing your favorite NES games. You must have really high standards.

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It wasn't shit though, it's a pretty good platformer game.

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Because you played them when you were five.

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The only Spielberg Toons game I thought felt patronizing was the Babs one on Game Boy. It's way too easy and simplistic, you just collect gems.
I find interesting how all of the Tiny Toons games had their own different take on the dash mechanic, I could write pages on the intricacies on how theyy work but it's pretty intuitive anyway.

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And also Adventures 2 on NES which is just a weak collection of minigames.

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at least OP was alive back in /vr/ times, unlike you.
anyway, those are good games regardless of age or nostalgia.

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Konami made great games instead of half-assing licensed games because OP was 5? Did Konami devs know OP personally?

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Tiny Toons 2 on the NES? Only the bumper car level is a minigame, the rest are platforming levels with gimmicks.

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Tiny Toons Adventures for NES is very good. Tiny Toons Adventures Buster's Hidden Treasure wasn't as fun as I remember I think you could only pick buster. On TTA you could pick different TT that have different abilities.

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>old tiny toon videogames
>made for adults
pick one, oldfag, the fact it doesnt entertain you KNOW does not mean its not a good game.

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He's probably 15.

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Even back then 40 year old manchildren were arguing about cartoons on the internet between sessions of jerking off to Babs Bunny's feet. Both Tiny Toons and Animaniacs acknowledged this audience.

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I rewatched Animaniacs a few years back and was surprised at the amount of fanservice by Dot.

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None of those games in that pic are any good desu. The stuff that was similar but actually good was Capcom and Sega's 16bit Disney titles.

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The opposite of Peter Pan Syndrome is Burnout Syndrome where you repress play too much because you're desperately trying to prove anonymous strangers on 4chan that you've finally became all-grown-up.

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They are on the same tier as the Capcom and Sega games.
They are part of weird period where top video game developers made really good licensed games. That just doesn't happen anymore.

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am I the only one that knows you can move ridiculously fast in the air if you press both direction buttons

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I was 10

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Yesterday I saw a gif of Dot shaking her rear on /co/.
Didn't save it though, sorry.

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Yeah they call simultaneous contradictory or some shit. It's how you can get cheated charges with Guile in SFIV if you use a keyboard or hitbox.

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Treasure was still working there.

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