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So /vr/ what modded retro gear do you have?

>ruining original hardware

Sometimes the hardware is just in bad condition and deserves a fresh go at life as a donor system.

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Looks like shit.

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It just needs a few adjustments. Put in black buttons and a screen that fits the bezel and it'll look great.

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Would be easier to make a better bezel. Anyhow it's meant to play good not look good.

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Disgusting faggot.

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>he fell for the colored aftermarket button meme

Enjoy your links awakening glitches friendo

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There are people who swear on the gameboy version because it has more glitches.

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I just wanted to invert the colors of my OG one...

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I think it's great dude, I absolutely love the gameboy color and it looks like you've put a lot of love into yours. What backlight kit did you use? I'm thinking of picking up a bennvenn drop in kit when he retocks.

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>So /vr/ what modded retro gear do you have?
FM Synth modded Sega System
A/V modded 7800
Chipped PS1

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>failed meme sega system

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RGB modded Atari VCS and Master System II

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My Game Gear has new capacitors and a Nintendo DS backlight.
Screen still looks like shit.

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Jesus Christ rotate the PS symbol on your PS2 to the right position.

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teh tism

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>not spoilering a gore thread

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RGB N64, chipped PS1, backlit GBA, composite Famicom.

That's about it, thankfully most stuff can just be softmodded these days.

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I used one from midwest embedded because of it's slimmer form and thanks anon.

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