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Summers at an end and im looking to play a bunch of themed games this holiday season. Post autumn/holloween theme games(yes horror is fine).

I plan on finally beating this game to kick it all off.

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Indeed. I recall seeing the PS1 version advertised in gaming mags as a budget title, but I see there's also a PC version.

Also dumping some horror game webms.

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Thanks for contributing. You got any horror games you play during the holloween season. Ive been thinking there are not a lot of actual holloween themed games, more so horror games. Anyways, heres one that i plan on playing too.

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Wow I heard about black women and herpes...

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what game is this again?

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Or d2

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What does webm anon (clearly a survival horror aficionado) think of Alone In The Dark The New Nightmare (PS1)

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Summer doesn't end for over a month.

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Heres a nice list of a bunch of horror/holloween related games that you guys can skim through to get a head start on what games would be gun to play this holloween season

Clock tower
Silent hill
Martian gothic
Prisoner of ice
Veil of darkness
Demons crest
Dylan dog games
Zombies ate my neighbors
Alone in the dark
Splatter house
Friday the 13th
Hugos house of horrors
Elviras games
Gauntlent (any of them)
Horror zombie from the crypt
Dark castle
Lost files of sherlock holmes
Maniac mansion
Dark seed
Nightmare on elm street
Last half of darkness
7th hour/11th guest
Decap attack
The ooze
Ghoul patrol
Legacy of cain blood omen and SR
Forbidden forest
Escape from hell
Endless horror
Ghouls n ghosts/ghosts n goblins
Wheres my bones
Rocky horror picture show
Personal nightmare

Feel free to add yours if i missed it

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