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I'm a programmer and I want to program for arcade hardware, or at least make romhacks and stuff more than simple graphics and text changes
Ive done programming and romhacking for nes and genesis before and it wasn't too bad due to there being such an abundance of information and tools, but arcade hardware is a whole other beast and yet i see people who are experts at this stuff but no information or tutorials anywhere

Where do I even begin to learn what any of this shit means, pic related is my attempt at identifying parts of a pcb. In archives I see somebody reccomending MIT 6.004 but where do I go from there, MIT 6.111 seems more relevant as it mentions PALs and flip flops (which i think those little things on the pcb might be) but I can't find the course material anywhere online

I also found this book that seems somewhat relevant but it's from the 1970s and meant for fucking discrete logic games
why would they still be using this stuff in arcade hardware (but not console hardware) in the 90s when processors exist (again i'm a brainlet so sorry if i'm asking to be spoonfed and the answers to all these questions are obvious)

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You clearly don't even know what you're doing and you appear more to be like the image of a monkey using its own feces to wipe it self down with, so I'm not gonna bother. Do some more research and stop pretending like doing romhacks on a windows machine is the same thing as messing with arcade hardware. jesus. good thing summers over in a month or two.

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>summer vacation ends in september/october
you're the brainlet here

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Draw the schematic for a synchronous up counter using JK flipflops. If you can do this, then you can shit down my throat.

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Don't be an autismo that wants to specialize in archaic hardware. There couldnt be a bigger waste of your time.

Leave that to the retards and literal old men that already know it.

You can hook up an arcade joystick to any modern game you make.


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Yeah it was judging by your butthurt image & response.

Gottem boiz

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>stop pretending like doing romhacks on a windows machine is the same thing as messing with arcade hardware
it literally is though
all you say in this post is insult insult blah blah do more research but i already said i don't know where to start and you don't even tell me what to research so i'm going to assume you know nothing about this stuff either

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You might wanna visit a mental ward :-)

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>not having the academic calendar memorized for a level of school you haven't attended in over 10 years means you're a brainlet
More like you're the underage here for being so acutely aware of when summer starts and ends for you and your underage peers.

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Ok so >>5803837 you're clearly the only person here who knows what you're talking about so can you guide me to where I can start to acquire your knowledge

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Just look up the mame source code for the hardware you want to work with and learn the assembly language necessary to program for it

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1. take out data chips
2. reflash the content or get a brand new chip with new data
3. put it back on the board
4. congratulations you triggered some antipiracy protection or CRC check and now your board is ruined next time try to get more homebrew friendly hardware

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To add on to this there is an abundance of information on some of the more famous games like Pac-Man. Use this to your advantage. Start small with this info and use what you've learned later when working on more complex games.


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My knowledge includes hardware knowledge and software knowledge. That said, I know nothing about using it to make arcade machines. I would recommend learning about basic logic gates and Boolean algebra before moving onto flipflops and stuff like memory circuits and counters. I tried posting some links but I got the "our system thinks your post is spam" error.

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I'll help you a bit.

The SN74LS240N is an octal buffer/line driver with 3-state outputs.

Or in other words, all those chips and capacitors are there to drive the important chips on the board.

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Your mario tile editor skills aren't going to help you here. From the looks of it you basically know nothing and need to work your way from there to the knowledge and skills of an early 90's game developer. For someone at that time it would have taken years. For a zoomer it may not even be possible. The best you can do is start at the beginning and see how far you get. 6.111 isn't what you're looking for. You can't even identify basic parts, let alone understand how to make them and combine them into complex systems. 6.004 might be what you're looking for but it's not where you should start. You don't even know the fundamentals and you're going to keep being retarded until you do. Start with 6.002. And then give up when you realize you aren't going to become a leet arcade hardware haxor overnight, or ever.

Do Toaplan boards do that?

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>For someone at that time it would have taken years. For a zoomer it may not even be possible.

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The components in the top left corner is for power to the board, use RV1 to adjust voltage.
In the top right corner, X1/2 are crystal clock oscillators used for timing.
U22-27 and U46-51 are 256k sram chips.
The Winbond chips are static ram.

Nice Batsugun board, yours/does it work?

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Perfect for attaching your guide line to before swimming in

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Don't do it man

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What possible point is there to do this?

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seething tech illiterate zoomer detected

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what was it? some furious boomer?

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were consoles and arcade games all written in assembly? Were there compilers for snes or genesis?

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nvmind. Looks like there was a C complier.

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Just OP being cringe posting le so random pasta

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>never mind i found an snes c compiler that looks like itll work for the 68k and V25 on your board

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oh. Someone is spamming the board

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>what is RAM? What is ROM?
>what is glue logic? What are 74 series ICs?
You have to look up the datasheets to know how those things work. Or you'd have to be really good, which you're not.

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If by really good you mean a hobbyist or jr tech then yes. Aside from the custom chips I can tell you what every single component on that board is and what it does without a datasheet. This is really basic shit.

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