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Why were there so many of them during that time?

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Late 80s-early 90s fad when anything with cavemen or dinosaurs was cool.

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Kids liked dinosaurs back then instead of youtubers.

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I need to ask what started this whole tribal trend in the 90s. What started it? Obviously it was a choice made by suits, but why primitive themes?

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Jurassic Park

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JP came out in 1993 and the dino craze started way before. If anything, JP was the peak of the dino craze, not what started it.

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Don't you mean "Billy and the Cloneasaurus"?

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The book was released in 1990 and it was a huge hit.

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#1 Bonk

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Tomba was one of the last remnants of that fad.

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>>5802287 >>5802304
well, there was the land before time in late '88.

but at least a couple games still predate that, so interest might have started with japan then caught on worldwide. speculating.

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Yeah but dinos were already huge in the 80s. Also, while the JP book was a hit, it didn't become big with kids until the 1993 film.
Something funny that someone pointed out on the SMW+Jurassic Park thread the other day is that the JP Book and Super Mario World (and the Super Famicom) came out the same day, september 20 1990, iirc.

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>dinosaur level
>dinosaur music starts playing

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I miss it. The world needs more caveman/dinosaur games.

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This game was retarded as fuck but I love it for some reason. Guess that makes me fucking retarded too.

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Chuck Rock 2 is legit good.

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I really enjoyed this fad. 90s was a magical time to be alive.

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Cavewomen and amazoness women are hot me want snu snu

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Mondo radical

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>no Dino Riki
>no Tar-chan

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Bonk will get his revenge on konami

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I prefer his futuristic descendant, Air Zonk.

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Gon will fuck your shit up

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Primal Rage
Dino Rex

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>not liking dinos

get a load of this guy

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No no, dino's suck, cavemen rules

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This game was unintentionally homoerotic. Possibly the closest thing to /fit/: the game.

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The Gon manga is so fucking good.

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nigga you gay

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>Adventure Island
>not Wonder Boy
This will always triggger me.

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Well, the Wonder Boy series went more medieval-fantasy afterwards, while Adventure Island kept the caveman/jungle setting for the most part.

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Was it really just the 80s/90s or is it just that we think so because we grew up then and witnessed it end at some point in the late 90s?

I mean The Flintstones was already big in the 60s. The caveman thing must've been a pretty popular trope for a long time.

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Wait a minute, is this based on that same anime where that gif some dude like wobbles his head and hips to avoid people shooting him?

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The 2d era wasn't afraid of putting trees in a game.

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Unga bunga caveman SOUL BIG

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Did Wonder Boy / Adventure Island 1 even have any dinosaurs? Neither MC is really a caveman...

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You mean this one?

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The manga was great even when it became a battle manga it was still funny as sin.

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I guess you could say he's an islander.
The aesthetic is on point though, enemies on WB/AI1 are pretty ordinary and not really prehistoric or anything too fantastic outside of the bosses, but Adventure Island 2 has the dino buddies.

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What game is this?

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YES! Finally a chance to mention one of my favourite childhood SNES games - Congo's Caper.

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>mentions adventure island 2
>posts pic from adventure island 3
Nice going gaywad

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>Tomba was one of the last remnants of that fad.
Conker came out in 2001 and had dinosaurs and cavemen level

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Tail of the Sun

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Thanks my dude

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oh well, Adventure Island II also has the dino buddies.

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This wasnt caveman themed, but has dinos. And an amazing soundtrack!

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Cavemen are awesome!

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Used to get that but missed an issue for the scales, JP ruined dinos for me

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That is a rad cover. Love the triceratops' sneakers.

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I had that game as a kid. Hard as fuck.

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Holy shit that art is fucking awesome.

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Unga bunga me like caveman dino jarpig best

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I was born in 1986 and had had dinosaur bedsheets and toys for longer than I can remember. Like, my parents just bought me a bunch of dino stuff from since I was too young to form memories, it was just a trendy thing to do I'm guessing. I loved all the dino shit too, still think dinos are cool to this day.

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Yeah, precisely the gif, thank you.

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Used to see a lot of TV commercials for Bonk way back.

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dinosaurs, and sometimes, giant balls with faces

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based game, this is still one of my favorite /vr/ tracks

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>No mention of Ayla in a caveman thread

For shame /vr/

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Akira Toriyama used a lot of dinosaurs on his mangas throught all the 80s, and part 90s.

Also, Bonk is based on an old japanese manga / anime character called Gyatoruzu.

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I remember getting a demo of this that couldn't run on my old family computer for some reason.

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>no captian caveman game

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How close is Big Nose for the NES?

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Now is your chance to try again.

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wait, what? why does she have a boob out?

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I'm sure she has her reasons.

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Dino Riki

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Best cavewomen make me hard like rock

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I cant get enough segment ball neck dino sprites