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Legend of Mana is the best Mana game and it’s truly not even close.

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I could never finish it, something about the structure of the game makes it feel disjointed and arbitrary. Like, what is the story? What is my motivation? It just feels like I'm doing abstract side-quests in a world that makes no sense.

Had 3 or 4 false starts.
I always stop playing after 6 or 7 hours.

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>can't run from battles
>every enemy in the game, including bosses, can be stunlocked
>method of unlocking special attacks is retarded

It's not possible to make a worse combat system.

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I spent 300+ hours in that game.
It's just too comfy.

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I played the game for a while and didn't see any combat and quit.

I skimmed through some longplays and saw almost no combat. I couldn't see the appeal.

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combat is crap

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Secret sucks. The boss fights are so shitty it brings down a decent game

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Try watching the correct game because that game you've watched is not Legend of Mana.

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i take it english isn't your first language, mongol? and you couldn't be more wrong. secret of mana 1 and seiken densetsu rape legend anyday sadly. i dont know how they made this game so fucking bad.

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Ohh Legend of Mana! Such amazing art, music abd storytelling. A wonderfully deep and complex crafting system and designed with lots of replay in mind. Then they make the combat clunky and horrible and put in extra difficulty modes without actually testing if they work right so that whole crafting system and replay is mostly pointless.

It's Squeenix in a perfect nutshell.

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There's a hard mode patch that removes stunlocking.

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>giving enix credit for legend of mana

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I wish the translation wasn't so shit.

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I think you mean blame, but you're right I thought both were closer together. I guess it was that era of ambitious games that didn't follow through on potentail that did them in and caused the merger. Well, that and Spirits Within.

Either way, what a sad disappointment Legend was. What could have been!

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>Like, what is the story?
What they did was have like 4 or 5 different story arcs which you experience bit by bit. I remember one of them is helping a couple big shot lieutenants of what's basically Hell. Another involves these people called the Jumi whose life essence is tied to these gems they're born with. Anyway, each of them has an absolutely epic finale.

Disjointed storytelling? Absolutely, but that's the price to pay for the non-linear nature of the game.

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The storytelling is my favorite thing about the game. It's like a collection of short stories that interweave with each other and you can play though in what order you like. I wish more games tried for something like that.

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There's the SaGa games for that, Legend of Mana's the way it is because it was produced and co-directed by Kawazu.
it's a Mana meets SaGa game, many of the special techs are taken straight from SaGa games too and the game has cross bonus content if you import SaGa Frontier 2's data into it, likewise, SaGa Frontier 2 has bonus items only accessible if you import LoM's data, both games were made by mostly the same team too, which is also why they share similar visuals.
Even the No Future mode is a reference to the first Frontier game.

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Yup, it's right at the tip of the shit pile and still not worth playing.

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It's the only one I ever liked. A large part was the graphics, I admit. They were beautiful and the foresty areas looked so lush. It really created a nice atmosphere that made it pleasant to look at and explore.

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The soundtrack is Shinomura's best work to this day.


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Hey I'm playing Secret of Mana right now and at it's best it's ok. The balance feels really uneven with damage output and the collision detection is really wonky. Also I basically have to cheese every boss to win. Outside of the multiplayer and the music, why is this game so revered again?

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There isn't a single good mana game, and the one you posted is especially shitty outside of the beautiful visuals

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can i get redpilled on saga games

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But they are so close to being good that all it takes is a bit of nostalgia.

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It was an Autismo Kawazu game, it was bound to turn off a large population of nonautists
>that did them in and caused the merger. Well, that and Spirits Within
Spirits Within delayed the merger you retard. It was Enix who was originally crawling to Square, then held off after Spirits tanked.

Christ, for a board about retro games a lot of you know fuck all about anything.

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Nostalgia does not make something objectively good. It's like the most subjective thing next to a sense of humor.

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There's a SaGa thread up right now so it's better for you to ask there as it's more relevant.
But if you played LoM, you already know what to expect more or less, nonlinear progression, a large cast of interesting and quirky characters, focus on worldbuilding rather than the main quest, lots of depth and options in terms of combat and building your characters, amazing music and lots of interesting short stories.
How you learn new techs in LoM is also mostly similar to SaGa games, except SaGa's sparking system works a bit differently and is more frequent and freeform, which is a lot more satisfying and hype.

They're great games if you like how LoM is designed, although they're much, much more challenging than LoM, mostly because it was a rushed project on a tight budget divided between two games being made at the same time, also be warned that SaGa games tend to be a lot more autistic than LoM in terms of mechanics on average.

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No offense but your opinion is trash and that game is mediocre at best.

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>cludgy combat
>mixed artstyles

It's like a soulless corporate version of Mana trying cash in on the previous ones.

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>can't appreciate a non linear action RPG

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i haven't played it in a decade plus but i never got how come a game that felt so complete never got discussed much anywhere while the snes counterparts were at the forefront of recommendations. so much soul in the music, lore, visuals, gameplay. such a huge production. i never finished it, but that's a game you could get lost in whole afternoons. plus as an adult i can imagine the lack of a story, or closeness to the oral tradition style of narrative, can only make it shine within a genre were everything seems to be written by high schoolers.

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Lisa is the best girl

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Legend of mana is a flawed MASTERPIECE.
It's such a fucking magical comfy world I love being in it. The only downside is combat is kind of easy.

Anyone that does not like LOM can suck my FAT NIGGER COCK

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Always liked the game, despite it's flaws.

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Secret of Evermore is better

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>english is the best esl and mine is truly not even close

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Been going through the Mana games steadily. Finished Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3/Trials of Mana recently. I have to say so far, Seiken Densetsu 3 is best one I've play so far but even that one is flawed because it had a lot of same flaws that Secret of Mana had. Secret of Mana is by far the WORST one and it's so incredibly frustrating at times, by the time I got to the pure land I was almost ready to give up but I learned that spamming spells was the only way to get through from that point on. Now I'm playing Legend of Mana and while I think the visuals are astounding the first thing I have to say is... What the hell is going on? Just random people have specific personal quest that show up and you gotta help them? Is this what the whole game is about? It feel so detached from the rest of the series, the combat so far only seems kinda better than Seiken Densetsu 3, it feels sorta clunky but bit more skill seems to be involved this time. I guess I like it so far but I'm just confused by what's going on so far.

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>contrarian thread

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>Secret of Mana is by far the WORST one
Hoo boy, lad. Just wait until you get to Dawn of Mana.

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>What the hell is going on? Just random people have specific personal quest that show up and you gotta help them?
Kind of, there's actually a big "plot twist" and the game is already showing you various hints about something bigger going on behind the scenes but unless you've been paying a lot of attention you probably aren't aware of it.

But yes, unlike the previous games LoM uses a nonlinear and fragmented narrative structure focused on various narrative threads about different people living in the world and their stories, the big main quest is relegated into the background until you reach the end of the game, like it has been said before this is typical of Kawazu's games as they're a lot more focused on wordbuilding than the usual all encompassing hero's quest that has everything else orbiting around it.

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The best is children of mana

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>spamming spells was the only way to get through [the pure land]
You missed Neko chilling on the southern border of that castle you cleared right beforehand, didn't you. I did too at first. He sells new gear that was integral to my getting through the next part.

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the narrative of Legend of Mana is that the world has actually been "destroyed" (rather just cut off from mana and fucked up by endless legendary wars) and you're essentially the goddess' jesus, recreating the mana goddess' connection to the world by arranging it as a landscape of dream-memories, rampaging over the skeleton of the world's history crushing it's monsters (aspects of your own inner chaos and nihilism?) and reawakening the memory of what it means to be alive in it's inhabitants

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you're supposed to cast a spell to stop the enemy's movement then unleash your charge attack while they're stunned by the animation to deal big damage

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Beautifully said, and the main reason why I love playing this game.

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fuckin pedophiles, man..

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