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If any of the Chrono games need a remake, it's Chrono Cross. Not for the sake of audio or visual which in my opinion are still beautiful, but for the sake of completing the game that was released incomplete.

A remake need more story for the side characters, as well as fixing the plot ties to Chrono Trigger, which originally were supposed to be more elaborate (Magus story continuation), but were left out for the sake of simplicity and because the game was already enormous at the time.

Square wrap up the FFVII and give us Chrono next! >:(

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Just curious but what are your favourite novels?
People who are big into rpgs for their story telling typically don't read much quality stuff.

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It helps not to hold game stories to the standards of novels since they're completely different mediums. Obviously if you compare across mediums, comparing one that needs multiple parts fleshed out like graphics, music, story and most importantly gameplay, to one that only needs to focus on story is a meaningless endeavor.

We don't discuss books here.

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It was mostly a rhetorical question. Stories in games are like stories in porno movies. They don't really belong but they're there anyway.

>We don't discuss books here.
We shouldn't discuss stories either. Games are about gameplay, mechanics, aesthetics, programming etc.

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>Stories in games are like stories in porno movies
Perhaps back in the early generations where all you are looking at is a pixel chasing another pixel. The medium evolved to allow for great art and storytelling and I for one am grateful for it. When I was a child I would absolutely lose myself in these digital worlds and it was truly peak childhood magic. I thank God everyday for allowing me to experience the magic of such stories/universes as Final Fantasy, Zelda and CC. Truly a blessed time to be alive.

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I will pray your tastes improve.

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Go back to whatever containment board your crawled out of.

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Fuck off with this autistic John Carmack shit. Go write some numbers in a spreadsheet.

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Games can be many things. There aren't many limits. But generally I agree, I hope most games put gameplay on top of the priority list but there's room for all kinds and I'm glad for that.

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This all day, everyday. If it was up to that Carmack faggot we'd all be playing shit-ridden, fps garbage, forever.

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Many modern games are suffering because they lost sight of putting gameplay first and foremost, instead they put cinematics, story, character customization, and loot/progression systems up top. When those things should be very secondary things or non-existant.

/vr/ is my containment board, maybe you'd feel safer on /v/ ?
retro games are known for putting gameplay and action above other, more passive elements. People say it was due to hardware limitations, but luckily limitations provide hyper focus, whereas today excessive freedoms make for sloppy and bloated games.

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YOu fucking FAGGOT, aesthetics are too close to art for you to not be a faggot. GAMES are SUPPOSED to be just guns in dull grey levels, and any kind of aesthetics should be discouraged. FUcking aeshetics........next thing you know devs will add visuals as "art" and once that happens Pandora's shitbox has been open and there is no going back.

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>fps garbage, forever.
Nah, games have two directions, the active and the passive.

FPS are action games, and action gaming is gaming at its purist, it includes fighting games, RTS, racing games, beat em ups, shmups, run n guns, arcade games of all sorts, platformers, and even puzzle games (tetris), etc. These games usually come with a high difficulty curve, require the player to actually get good in order to be successful.

On the other hand you have more passive games, where skill is not much of a factor, anyone can beat these games almost mindlessly, the focus is not player skill but instead it's focused on farming loot, grinding character progression, and wading through dialogue boxes while managing many menus and inventories. The only difficulty might be in pathfinding and triggering events by talking to the right NPCs and navigating a map.

Two very different kinds of experiences. The former is actually gaming, the latter is something quite different, more like a skinner box.

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aesthetics is all the auditory and visual representation involved in a game. A game like Ninja Spirits has a very different aesthetic than Sexy Parodious or Final Fight and it's not a trivial difference that can be ignored.
Games have themes and their aesthetics need to express those themes well, even if they have no text/dialogue or character development.
Also aesthetics impacts gameplay. Guwange would lose a lot of appeal and impact if it's characters were just simple polygonal shapes in monochrome colour, and it's soundtrack was just beeps and boops.

You need to think about games and aesthetics more, you really can't separate form from content in such an engaging medium.

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Sometimes videogames have nice lore and world-building.
But yeah, stories are usually on par with teenage books as far as complexity or depth goes. There are exceptions like Pathologic though.

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>FPS are action games, and action gaming is gaming at its purist
That notion itself is retarded, one of first GAMES were STORY oriented text-based games.
Claiming FPS is the purest form of gaming is being delusional in its purest form.

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I didn't say FPS is the purest form, I said action games.

> one of first GAMES were STORY oriented text-based games.
Yet the majority of early and retro games were action oriented, arcade style games, from pong to tank.

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Lore is fine when kept to a minimum and in the background of the action.
I'm against exposition dumps, hefty dialogues, farming/grinding, walking around aimlessly in search of event triggers, and most of the bloat that makes story-driven games unplayable sleeping pills.

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>100+ characters
>3 character slots in party
>1 is always the main character
>most chars are just shit anyway

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Story in games in the traditional literary sense of "plot" is usually worthless. Writing, twists, character development, none of that matters for a game because it will have to compromised by adapting to the actual game being played. Imagine if someone was telling you a story and you started suggesting what the character should do instead of just listening. That's what video game stories amount to. If you want a good story, read or watch one instead of trying to bend a different kind of entertainment to your desire.

What "story" should be in games is just a narrative to back everything up, and more importantly lots of visual detail to let your imagination fill in the rest. Why would you want to sit through dialogue about the fall of an ancient civilization when you could instead explore detailed ruins that tell the story in a more interesting way without breaking up the gameplay?

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Everything you said was correct until you said that passive gaming isn't actually gaming. If you are playing a video game, no matter how active it is, you are gaming.

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>I thank God everyday for allowing me to experience the magic of such stories/universes as Final Fantasy, Zelda and CC. Truly a blessed time to be alive.
is this satire because you sound like an absolute soi chugging faggot

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There's nothing wrong with being effeminate or gay.

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>nothing wrong with being a cumbrain slave
>nothing wrong with going to hell
>noting wrong with putting your peepee inside poopoo
Enlightened humanism.

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opinion discarded

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I ate my boyfriends ass this morning. u mad ..?

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basically there is a whole generation that fell for to the coin munching trap ! their brain got rewired in such a defenitive manner they still can't play anything that isnt made in a coin per time manner! but that's not the worse ! the worse is people who are so autistic they can't comprehend other people being different ! and that's sad ! because it impacts their whole life/relationships/emotions !

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>I ate shit this morning, you mad?
Ya you really got me.

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Games with no competitive value shouldn't be considered games. Read a book you boring fuck.

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They would make it a casualized ots action shooter

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Alright dude, what? So story-heavy video games aren't beholden to a literary or narrative standard even though the writing is always at the forefront and you're exposed to it by reading? Are books also not comparable to plays, film, or TV, because the latter set has "multiple parts" like cinematography, sound score, lighting... I'm sorry, but what you said is completely stupid. It sounds like you're making excuses for why a game you love mostly for having such a "good story" is, in reality, tripe, when you hold it under the lens of any real metric as most people would.

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let's not

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I really like James A Michener and Haruki Murakami, I guess. Why you can't enjoy different things for different reasons? They evoke different feelings, fag.

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why are you even here?

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Any thoughts on the side-quest game they released on the Satellaview? It was supposed to tie up loose ends.


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No I just know video games aren't home to exceptional writing, I don't need them to be and I can enjoy something that's not a masterpiece of storytelling especially if its interesting to me in comparison to the rest of the medium.

You may be mistaking me for someone else, I never said any video game was well written especially in comparison with many novels or film.

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I will pray for your testes to grow.

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>It was supposed to tie up loose ends.
I don't think that's what Radical Dreamers is, I don't think it's even canon. RD is more like a "prototype" of CC's plot, not a prequel.

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Nigger, I appreciate good works. RPGs are literally the only form of vidya with decent storytelling outside of the exceptionally rare offshoots of other genres (i.e. Killer7, Metal Gear).

Take your baseless opinion and shove it straight up your poop chute.

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do you also watch sitcoms for their worldbuilding, or porn for its acting?

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The only way to do a proper remake is to include all cut content and the original as an unlockable.

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There was a time when film actors refused to do TV as it was perceived to be beneath them and not a good look if they wanted the respect of their peers. That changed over time and now landing a leading role in an HBO drama (or FX, Netflix, etc.) is seen as the best career choice by many A-listers. Same can be said for video games. Some great authors have contributed to recent video games and I can only see that becoming more of a mainstream and accepted concept. Looking at it from a /vr/ lens leads to the conclusion that writing in games is shit and shouldn't be a major focal point. Dig deeper and you'd find some games with fantastic stories, they just might not be old enough for your tastes.

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A proper Chrono Cross remake would be the exact same game 1:1 except they remove the random battle music.

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>Looking at it from a /vr/ lens leads to the conclusion that writing in games is shit and shouldn't be a major focal point
those are two different separate issues
>how story-focused should games be
not too much to leave room for the actual strengths of the medium
>are video game stories well-written
no, the ones that are praised for their story are comparable with teenage novels

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funny how the text adventure prototype sounds better

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You're comparing a medium in its infancy with one thousands of years old. Humans have honed the art of storytelling through text, but it's another beast to tell a story that meshes well with gameplay, incorporates environmental storytelling, interactivity, branching arcs, etc. not to mention the technical and logistical hurdles (multiple writers, localization, pre-defined character designs, game length i.e. amount of text required, time constraints, and cost). Given enough time we will see games that are on par with some of the best novels and films out there, but the craft has not been perfected and it won't be for a long time. I think there are games out there with better stories than you're giving games credit for, but again, not retro.

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>The best way to re-release an unfinished game is to release it even more unfinished

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>I think there are games out there with better stories than you're giving games credit for, but again, not retro.
can you name any?

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>no, the ones that are praised for their story are comparable with teenage novels
I bet you're the one person here reading all those teenage novels. You're insisting on it so much it's almost like you have some kind of fetish.

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Why novels?

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There's a ton of games that had really interesting parts of their story. As for ones that held all the way through.. in recent years...

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that was my first post itt but ok

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Yes, yes of course it was.

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That was also my first post in this thread.
This is also my first post in this thread.

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I have no way to convince you so whatever. If you read my post and his first post itt you'll notice the difference in opinions

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Sure. Dear Esther and Sunless Sea off the top of my head, sprinkle in some adventure games (which, again, rely more on environmental storytelling than actual text in many cases). Even though I enjoy RPGs I think in many cases their writing is not the best due to the creative limitations I mentioned previously. I'd also say Deus Ex and MGS if they weren't so purposefully campy. Deus Ex should get a nod just for letting you go off the rails a bit and when you think you've broken the game the story adapts to your decisions.

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>I contracted AIDS and Hepatitis this morning, my liver is about to fail, and my blood is now more toxic than the rivers outside Chernobyl, you mad Christcuck??

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>when a liberal queer thinks he DUNKS on someone

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>im at the ghostship
>apparently already missed like half a dozen party members

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>Square wrap up the FFVII and give us Chrono next!
>actually wants square to do MORE remakes after seeing previews for FFVII
Is this a parody post?

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It's almost like a monster collecting game but with characters instead of monsters

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I'm about to play this game blind. I wonder if this game has a lot of replay value because of that.

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Im pretty much playing blind too, just looked what i missed since the game apparently has 45 party members and i only have 4 members 7 hours in and i was barely surviving boss fights

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Me on the far right.

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8/10 prime bait I really hope you are pretending to be retarded.

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Honestly Chrono Cross is the only reason I own a Vita.

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Is chrono cross good? about to buy it brand new from amazon canada

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Lmao maybe you'll read a book one day

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CC is a shitty sequel to CT. imagine Ct was like a Van Gogh painting while CC is like the retarded kid fapping onto a canvas and calling it art

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It's excellent as a standalone title, you may however have mixed feeling if you perceive it as a sequel to Chrono Trigger. That's basically what OP meant talking about unfinished stuff and cut content.

For same reason replay value is somewhat limited because they put some effort in some party members' backstories and quests while going completely "eh I'm done with this" way for many other characters.

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Everyone is pretty hyped for FF7..

>> No.5795378

I agree Chrono Cross needs to get remastered or remade.

By the way, I was obsessed briefly when I was a preteen of wanting to squirt my hot grey poupon into Kid.

When I read, I usually read informational and analysis books. When I play games or watch shows, I do it for pure entertainment. I rarely read fictional books and fictional writing I do read is usually in the form of manga or folklore. I describe folklore more as allegoric writing instead of the catch-all "fictional."

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Apparently not that one /vr/ autist who thinks anyone gives a fuck about his "alternative" opinion

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I don't quite know why. The only thing that misifired in the original was the translation and maybe the character models.

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go away already you dumb samefag. You flood every single thread and try to make it a discussion about wathever garbage you found on r/cringeanarchy and knowyourmeme. You repeat the same muh soi crap and not once have actually contributed to any topic relevant to the board or the thread`s topic

This is a place to discuss retro games, go whine on reddit or you containment board for underage larpers, there`s plenty of places that will acommodate a zooming retard like you just fine.

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My seconf favorite on the psx after FFIX. If you like jrpgs from that era its pretty good.

>> No.5795421

>character models.
Well, the 3D graphics in FF7 WERE shit even by PSone standards...

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The entire gameplay cycle has been reinvented. Now when the developers remake the Wheel and give you a flying car, you're not the least bit excited?
Preach it, it can't quite time capsule the charm of snes sprites can it

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