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I have never played a might and magic game before.
What can I expect?

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Many hours of enjoyment

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Addiction similar to heroin

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5500 power liches resurrected by you practicing the dark arts of Necromancy

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Getting your shit pushed in by the computer if you don't play in very specific ways. Ignore magic? You die. Got your main force too far away from your main base? Computer rushes in and steals your town, you die. Didn't expand around the map grabbing everything in sight at the beginning of the game? You die slowly from being ground down by superior numbers. Multiply by 1000 if playing the single player campaigns.

Nothing more aggravating than a strategy game that actually punishes you for using anything other than 1 specific strategy. It's beatable, it's playable, but it just isn't fun doing the same thing on every fucking map.

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The most exploitable game

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That's like complaining about losing at chess because you can't play like a scrub and do retarded things, anon. Just accept that the AI is maphacking and enjoy the game. Playing optimally being the way to go does not equal lack of variation.

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>employ a bad strategy
You're not very smart eh

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Only cheaper. And non-damaging to teeth

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>Being this fucking dense
>Blaming a game for it

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>Ignore magic? You die
Multiple campaigns or even missions on the CD (Yog's campaign, that one mission called Heroes of Might Not Magic) are based off of banning or restricting magic and on some rushdown maps (Barbarian Breakout?) you might not even buy a mage guild depending on faction
>Got your main force too far away from your main base?
Learn to chain or scout the two-way portal close-by ahead of time
>Didn't expand around the map grabbing everything in sight at the beginning of the game?
People who graduate into Multiplayer are often "Archangel"-tier single players who still swear by rushing Capitol and passively sitting on their ass.

There's a YouTube channel where a guy does 1v7 AI on 200% while doing self-imposed challenges or playing in a stupid way (why deliberately ignore magic in a game called Heroes of Might and Magic unless the map calls for it?).

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>rushing Capitol and passively sitting on their ass
You can tell that's exactly the type of player he is.
>b-but if I don't have any idea what I'm doing and just do stupid shit instead that's actually a "strategy" that should be working! what a shit game!
Brainlets, I swear. Just load up a walking simulator or something because that's what you really wanted to play.

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>You can tell that's exactly the type of player he is.
I mean, Capitol-sitting is effective enough in Single Player - maybe with some low-tier early building (Marksmen for Castle etc.) - it will at least get you through a 200% game more often than not, so this kinda kills his argument about expansion as well.

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I just imagine one of those small map scenarios where they punish passive play specifically so you're caught with your pants down against rocs and behemoths before capitol even yields any income. Honestly having an argument like
>Computer rushes in and steals your town, you die
is beyond retarded. Like what were you doing that you couldn't capture a castle? Ending turn while playing something else on 2nd monitor?

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Do you have the name for that YouTube channel?

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TheKnownWorld, also known as MeKick:

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>Addiction similar to cumbrains

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>Got your main force too far away from your main base? Computer rushes in and steals your town, you die.

>computer constantly has 5-6 heores always trying to sneak into the least guarded town when everyone's too far away from it
>have tome of Earth magic and just teleport my strongest army into said town when they're near
>come out of it and tear them a new one
>they can't do anything because it's not their turn

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Play as inferno anon. Most powerful castle by far.

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Unrelated question.
Am I retarded or is life drain for Vampire Lords in HoMM II not working properly? My vampire Lords don't seem to heal or restore their numbers while attacking. Or is the life drain in HoMM so miniscule, I'm not noticing it? In b4 - yes, I know live drain does not work on elementals, undead or constructs - I was fighing dwarves at the time.

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You'll really love strong ranged units.

As a noob, they were my staple.

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It's very enjoyable, the fifth one is quite decent too (for ubisoft standards), although Pic related is considered the best

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Download hota. Then play as necro.

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I've never played any HOMM either. Is it worth it if I suck at strategies? Should I just stick with 3rd?

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*teleports behind you*
Heh, nothing personal kid

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Sure, give it a try. It's pretty fun even for a newcomer. Also, I would recommend HoMM II and V. Maybe HoMM I - although for me it's a bit too simplistic.

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