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Captive audience with no competition. Possibly anticipating an N64 classic launch.

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To cover Amazon's cut for hosting a storefront. The increased exposure with cloud services means a ramped up production. It is hard to go from concept to finalized manufactured release with insured quality. Worth every penny, if you want to support American ingenuity, you can buy the same devices from Stone Age Gamer for even more and it would still be worth it.

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To clear out stock before N64 everdrive x5 comes out

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Just buy from stone age if you don't want to deal with krikzz's slow ass

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Buy from stone age or other distributators if you have the original SD2SNES you can trade it in and het the new one for 100 dollars and soon do that with the MegaSD with Sega Everdrives

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Seems like the kind of thing that would attract a hefty lawsuit from Nintendo.

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On what basis? Flash carts aren't illegal.

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Sure it is, it's modifying Nintendo hardware to circumvent copyright protections. And if a huge retailer like Amazon is selling it they're sure to get hit with a lawsuit. After all, we know a based company like Nintendo doesn't want anybody enjoying their old games unless it's through official channels.

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It's not modifying Nintendo hardware in any way whatsoever, you're wholly incorrect. You can get chink knockoff handhelds loaded with ROMs on Amazon and Nintendo isn't doing anything about those.

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As someone with an amazon storefront, we have to price things substantially higher because amazon takes a large cut of the profit.

Also, a lot of people don't seem to be aware that amazon has individual sellers so they shill out more money for something they could get cheaper on ebay because they trust a big corporation more than an individual seller who might "scam" them.

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You've frankensteined a Nintendo cart into bypassing the console's security. How is that not modifying Nintendo hardware?

According to Nintendo even making back-ups of your own games is illegal.

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>Two day shipping vs. a month from the Ukraine
Take my extra $20

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You're retarded

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Great counter-argument

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You just implement your own cart to behave in a certain way, which just so happens to be the same as an authentic cart. You do not just Nintendo's software or their patents at all. Long story short, >>5788289 this

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Your own cart which just happens to be exactly the same as a Nintendo cart that you totally didn't swipe from a cheap Nintendo game? Yeah, retarded indeed.

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100% of the time you're buying games from a reseller and Nintendo gets 0% of your money spent. Who honestly gives a shit?

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>Who honestly gives a shit?
Based Nintendo

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It is both entirely feasible and entirely legal to figure out how something works and replicate it, provided you use closed-room design.

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>being this retarded

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Im going to pirate a nintendo game just to piss off Nintendo. In fact, im hacking my Switch. Fuck them.

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I feel their reply was just. You're a fucking moron.

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Great counter-argument

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Krikkz carts don't contain any original Nintendo PCBs, they're cutom designed boards with FPGAs chips.

Likewise, neither do they come loaded with Nintendo ROMs.

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>Likewise, neither do they come loaded with Nintendo ROMs.
The 'we only link to other sites' argument didn't work too well for most rom sites.

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Stop taking the bait guys. He's obviously trolling.

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>Sure it is, it's modifying Nintendo hardware to circumvent copyright protections.
No. It is a development cartridge.

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Patent is expired. The nearest thing they could claim is bypassing the internal "DRM" software by supplying it the correct data but that isn't modifying anything in the console itself.

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What if I told you it's the same shitposter samefagging for the sake of attention? Even worse: what if I tell you that's the case for 90% of all threads on this board?

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I'd say welcome to 4chan kid

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Testing to see if anyone is dumb enough to buy.

Also dungeon market.

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why did he switch to amazon? he used to sell them on his site. Does this mean no more black friday sales?

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Circumventing DRM isn't illegal nor grounds for copyright infringement.

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>if you want to support American ingenuity
Igor is Ukrainian.

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It is when your the person you're arguing with is retarded.

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The stickers and case from SAG is the American innovation with the higher price.

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Because he can and you will still buy it.

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Those are the normal prices. Wait for Black Friday.

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One of the reasons I play old games is for physical copies since most new games don't get physical releases anymore.

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>waiting an entire year to save $10

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More than okay, we're the best.

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>20% of $100+ is $10

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>N64 classic launch
literally never

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>waiting an entire year
>black friday
It's three months away.

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neither did your mamas titties in ya mouth bitch

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>Yeah, that'll show em!!

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cause he is a russian jew

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It's not Nintendo hardware it's a custom pcb used for softmodding a console. Do your research first.

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Fuck nintendo

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That's what I was worried about too. I emailed them and they said they would still have a Black Friday sale but it would be through amazon.

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