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What Famicom games are classics over Japan but unreleased or not popular in the west for the NES?

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A lot of adventure games. Portopia Serial Murder Case is the most famous, but there's several others.

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Captain Tsubasa 2

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That one is also a classic is South America thanks to famiclones.

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Famicom Wars and Fire Emblem

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>What Famicom games are classics over Japan but unreleased
Too many to count.

>or not popular in the west for the NES?
A lot of RPGs, mainly. Final Fantasy, DQ1-4, even Hydlide or Deadly Towers were popular for the Famicom, but not so much for the NES. Granted, FF and the DQ games were "sorta popular" for the NES, but they weren't hot sellers like the rest of its games.

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What ESL mean?

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The opposite of EOP.

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Mommy 1

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Milon's Secret Castle. I think the Japanese version had a bunch of tips and hints in the manual that the NES version didn't. The game was too obtuse so no one liked it without those hints.

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>being this ESL

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It's a classic in south america because the anime was extremely popular.

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How many do you know?

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ESLs? Hundreds, thousands. I never counted.

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We both know that's not what I meant lol.

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>thanks to famiclones
Speaking of them, Battle City was the most famous Famicom/NES game in Soviet Russia, on par with original Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. I don't know if it was popular in Japan.
Not sure about Tsubasa though, there was one soccer game everyone was playing, but I totally forgot what it looked like.

Also Jajamaru-kun, Karateka, Mappy, Goonies, Antarctic Adventure, TwinBee, tons of untranslated Nekketsu games, and motherfucking Ninja Cats.

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Getsu Fuma Den seems pretty famous. I mean the main character even appeared as a Konami easter egg "recently".

In the west, we got TMNT which seems to be heavily based on Getsu Fuma Den. If you play both games you'll see the similarities are HUGE.

The Lone Ranger, unreleased on famicom, also seems to borrow a lot from Getsu Fuma Den; except using the faux 3D environments for Lightgun shooting and while the sidescrolling action being closer to Castlevania.

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I have no idea what you meant ESL

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I'd honestly prefer it if you'd be quiet about the eop vs esl nonsense and keep posting famicom classics.
Who cares if you learned more than one language.

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I can smell your rank ass basement from here, anon. Have sex.

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Battle City is a game that I've never seen in its original form even though the gameplay is based and simple, software and hardware wise. Not releasing it in the US was a fucking mistake IMO, I could see the game becoming at least a cult classic if not an outright million seller through a budget release.

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I remember every one of those "10000 in 1" carts having this game. It's a very simple yet challenging and addicting game.

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>i can project like the virgin cringelord i an from here
Truly pathetic

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not him but holy shit you are brainlet

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This was my favorite Famicom game but I didn't have it myself on my famiclone. I think my cousins did, but yes, it's really gorgeous and neat.

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>you are brainlet
the ironing
Stay mad ESL samefagglet

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