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Sprite thread

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Ever since I first played this game I always imagined alucard going "choo choo!" given his running animation.

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Don't post sluts on /vr/.

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better than Alucard walkcycle tbdesu.

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Why didn't cvs2 update the sprites for Morrigan? She looks so out of place compared to the rest of the cast.

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>The Chad Alucard Flow vs The Virgin Samus Laggy Clunk

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>needing to compare a 4th gen game to a 5th gen game

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Pacman struts on bitches

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Super Metroid is much better and it's not even close

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Shake Shake!

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I'm sad smug pacman never caught on.

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>Shite thread

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>getting triggered by sprites on /vr/

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>getting triggered and projecting when someone makes fun of your gay shit

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sure buddy

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can't find animation gif for The Lost Vikings but that video should suffice. They're so fun to watch.

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no matter how bad Tri-Ace continues to get, we'll always have Star Ocean 1 and Valkyrie Profile

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*much worse

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Sonic has shit taste, why am I not surprised?

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Laziness. They didn't even update her for CvS1.

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Valkyrie Profile

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Shaking that right fist like he needs to pound poon or determined to do...something.

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Everyone ITT needs to pound poon. But never will.

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I've played bongos...on the titties.

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I fucking loved VP so much. Never played 2 tho...

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where u from, guacho?

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Thanks for proving my point I guess.

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Id spank my monkey on her monkey butt cheeks

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fucking argie, gtfo

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i loved the Fairy sprite from SOTN. i always tried to fall to look at her panties.

god she's hot. i hope she's a bimbo

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bro her 'panties' be less then 2 pixels considering the size of her legs in full view right now. shes a cutie tho forreal, i love the animation on the wings, it truly feels like shes flapping these tiny wings and can almost feel the 'insect' like buzzing and nature of it all. beautiful. based sotn.

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In Japan, she sings.

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Clits anon, where its at.

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truly wonderful

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This is cheating, its just a 3d model flattened to the 2nd dimension

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>Clits anon, another thing I've never touched

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Looks too round to be 5th gen polygons. Unless you can find the original 3d model you're claiming, I think it's a traditional 2D sprite.
An example of polygons on a 5th gen 2D game is the coffins on the save rooms from SOTN.

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Your a man, you don't know where to look.

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He means it's pre-rendered like DKC sprites and such, I assume. Which, I mean, it certainly seems to be. That should still count.

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Is this cheating too? Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG, and Mortal Kombat all started as computer generated models and real life actors, but they're still sprites because the final versions are limited to grid-based pixel configurations on a 2d plane.

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What video game is that babe from?

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Looks like a background NPC running away from the action in a side-scrolling beat-em up.

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the punisher

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in the ps4 version of sotn i believe she sings too

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Holy shit, this is delicious. Source on the game? Filename gets me nothing.

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Wow. Is the game any good?

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I dunno, DKC looks more obviously a 3D render, Marina looks more traditional 2D spritework to me. Maybe it's a 3D render but if so, it's done in a really weird way, I'd like to see the original render if it exists.

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Her name is Barbara, but she only shows up as a prisoner that you have to free in Stage 2 by punching down a few doors. There's a couple of unused sprites of her and a couple of other NPCs bound and gag too that are unfortunately unfinished.

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>we'll always have Star Ocean 1 and Star Ocean 2

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looks like vector 3d art like the one in ecstatica

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PSP version too

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You bet.

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One of the Dodonpachi games I think

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Here's her head-swapped sister.

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He looks like he walks on butter

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2 is beautiful but I like the story of 1 more

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Nah, the older ones are better.

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DKC is extremely obvious because it has that SGI style. But given that most 5th gen Japanese sprite based games used pre-renders, and Marina certainly looks very geometrical, I would be surprised if she was traditionally drawn.

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Is there any source on how they did these cutscenes? Are they stored videos or animated background layers?

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Animated BMP's, I suppose. Some retro games can be disassambled and their video sequences tend to be like that.

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What're you doing, chabón? Disfrutanding de /vr/?

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Anyone knows of any good cyberpunk hentai vn?

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Putos sudacas.

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look at that smuk little shit.

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they're just separate sprites being manipulated to give the illusion of animation. pretty low-effort and gay tbqh.

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I don't remember this palette. What game did Venom have this alt for?

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I've been trying to get into making sprites but I cannot for the life of me make anything that looks too appealing. Can anyone point me to some resources? The few guides I have found assume a certain level of competency in art that I don't have. Does anyone know of a course or series that starts with art fundamentals that would pertain to sprite work and then move from there? I've tried looking for books but everything I can find now just pertains to 3D gaming art.

Sorry this is off topic. Here's a walk sprite sheet I made.

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I love Treasure but I never felt their artists were particularly talented. Nintendo too, I’ve always found their spritework to be just “competent”. With Treasure I’m sure it’s a case of artwork done by people with computer science degrees and Nintendo is a very old company, they probably hire whoever with whatever degree as long as they graduated from a top 5 university and their ancestors didn’t work in the leather trade.

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jojofag reporting in. These sprites are cool

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Learn animation, particularly cartoons. A lot of the lessons of cartoons apply to sprites because the level of detail in both require additional exaggeration to get emotions across. Keyframes, squash and squish, that sort of thing, you need to know how to get movement and emotion across via sequential images with necessarily limited detail.

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the sprite is from Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes but yeah I'm pretty sure the palette is edited. I like black Venom more than blue Venom though. Could be a Mugen edit.

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no you fucken cumbrain go back to /h/, christ.

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Whats the deal with all the "cumbrain" stuff? Is it the proudboys spamming all the boards? Is it trannies with noballs and therefore no sex drive being butthurt at their predicament?

>> No.5804079

no its just everyone getting sick of a bunch of guys that do nothing but set a goal to jerk off as much as possible on a daily basis. they go around doing nothing on boards but trying to find 18+ material on any given subject, and provide no other beneficial or progressive nature or action to the world and its inhabitants. their brain is just that. their just cumbrains with nutting on their mind. its sad and annoying at the same time, like a drug addict.

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So its the proudboys then

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Nutting, nutting
The whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps nutting on my mind (nutting on my mind)

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Vayan a laburar manga de vagos

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go hugh gyo

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I love This Earthbound/Mother 2 sprite it makes me feel warm and gives me a big smile.

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Thanks for painfully reminding me on how we need another good jojo game like hftf

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Not him but, Tempo on the 32X or Super Tempo on the Saturn. Dunno which one.

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>that mesh cloud moving across the moon
I recently started getting into using shaders on emulators (up until about a month and a half ago, I thought they were just a meme.) Getting proper transparencies without having to resort to shitting up the image quality by using a composite filter (or an actual composite signal on a real CRT) is a revelation.

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A thing of beauty.

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The fuck is wrong with you guys?
No Earthworm Jim?

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Same screenshot with a CRT shader in addition to the dither blending shader.

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The 2D 3D effects in this game are (still) a sight to behold.

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What's the best version to get of Earthworm Jim?
>inb4 Sega CD

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>Including Special Edition:
Sega CD
>Only original versions:
Sega Genesis

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This sort of thing looks decent in screenshots, but ends up looking too dark and the illusion breaks down immediately when the LCD panel starts moving because it can't move as smoothly.

Certainly looks better in a still image.

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i want to live in an alternate reality where darkstalkers overshadowed street fighter

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I know that feeling

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File: 23 KB, 256x224, Treasure Hunter G (Japan) [En by Metalhawk+Obsolete v1.0PostBeta2]-20180728-013504.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Aspect ratio is wrong, they're too wide. Pic related is how it's supposed to look.

>> No.5809434

>aspect ratio
>gif uploaded
yours looks fucking horrible. theres fuzzy blitter edges all along the sprites and you posted it from one of the worst games for the CPS-3 system. get a life.

>> No.5810993

whats this from? its beautiful unlike anything ive ever seen before

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>> No.5811449

It looks way too smooth to be from an actual retro game. Not even CPS and Neo-Geo games had animation like that.

>> No.5811496

I'm not even sure it is from an actual game at all. Probabily just some pixel art animation.

>> No.5811498

>theres fuzzy blitter edges all along the sprites
yes, but at least it's the correct aspect ratio. I agree that it looks shitty though
>you posted it from one of the worst games for the CPS-3 system.
fucking what now, son?

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I thought it was a Fire Emblem game, but either way, you guys are right that it probably isn't old enough to be retro. My apologies.

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porn and masturbation is incredibly overrated. the dumbest reactions ive ever gotten on these boards is when i make fun of porn addicts lmao

>> No.5814873

Porn addiction is the little death
My mind is so much clearer since I stopped constantly giving myself porn-based dopamine hits and fapping multiple times a day

>> No.5814989

Why don't you wait a few days before you jack off? You're like one of the alcoholics that can't moderate so they swear off the substance completely. Everything in life requires moderation, and too much of anything is bad.
Sex is overrated, you hear a lot about things being addictive because everyone lacks discipline these days.

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I do still fap, just my thinking isn't consumed by sex anymore. Anyway, have a sprite

>> No.5815186

>the illusion of animation
This makes no sense. Animation it self is an illusion. That's no more or less illusory than if it was a single sprite. Someone still has to decide on the position and timing of the movement of each sprite element.

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Ever wonder if the reason you thought about sex so much was your bodies way of saying it's time to have a son or daughter?

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Maybe not "cyberpunk". "Science fiction" might be better tagged.

>> No.5816112

VP >>>> SO2

>> No.5817808

Do you have a source for that map on the top left?

>> No.5817817

Nevermind, found it; https://twitter.com/oleivarrudi/status/845361336800436225

>> No.5817886

Shame his game was fucking terrible

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>> No.5817964

Please don't ruin this thread with fucking segatrash, thank you