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I've seen some Playstation games developed in NetYaroze, but how about the Game Basic Saturn homebrews?

ITT post homebrew, for any retro platform.

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This makes me feel sad for some reason.

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iirc it was the winner of the last saturn homebrew competition led by rockin-b, who was a rather talented dane

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Mario looks like he's got to move those color TVs.

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Someone should make a low-poly Sokoban game where you play as these guys, with a bunch of different Dire Straits tracks for the BGM.

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I prefer this one:

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Gamebasic is incredibly powerful and very easy to use. But like nearly every other consumer oriented "dev" tool the difficulties in sharing software made it all but useless for anything other than fucking around.

That's a really clever idea and anyone with basic programming skills should be able to shit that out in a day or two depending on how polished they make it. If there were more than a handful of people with the knowledge, tools, patience, and desire to play it I'd do it.