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Should I play MML2 and Misadventures of Tron Bonne?

I liked 1 for what it was when I played it like 20 years ago. Felt the dungeons kinda dragged and looked too similar. I can live with the lock-on stuff since that's just the limitations of the controls from back then.

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>I can live with the lock on stuff since that was the limitations
What are you even talking about? There was nothing wrong with it to have to "love with"

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live with*

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OP is a zoomer who needs every game to play the same and it pains him not to have dual analog

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Dude, I played MML on my PS2 in like 2003 or something.

Thing is, lock-ons are antiquate and were due to limitations of not having two analog sticks. The PS1 introduced it late into its lifespan thus they couldn't design games around it without alienating like 75% of people who had a PS1. That's fine.

Lock-ons are pretty janky and result in the camera wildly swinging around, and giving the player less feeling of control over the game.

But we don't need lock ons anymore. I even never use them when I play Dark Souls games.

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MML2 is MML1 on steroids, everything is kicked up to 11 the dungeons, the towns, the weapons, the storyline. The story even reaches Evangelion levels of wat near the end. Highly recommended if you liked MML. Tron Bonne is also fun but it's not an adventure game like Legends it's more mission based.

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Now this is a zoomer post. Clear lack of knowledge of even the PS1 era, claiming that games improved (lmao), can't handle camera-work, and unrelated Dark Souls (so extreme!) name drop while letting us know he doesn't lock on, which is fucking bullshit as you need lockon to make the character strafe or back up in a straight line which if you don't do means you plummet from platforms to your death. Back to /v/ with you.

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If you want more of the same, sure.

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>the towns
Eeeehh. There's more of them, but they never reach the dizzying heights that Cattleox on a whole provided. Even then I was kind of disappointed we traded out the way Cattleox was interconnected all over and felt like whole unit for what were effectively "stages".

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idk why you had to swing all the way around to the stance 'all lock ons are bad', that's a downright retarded thing to say. Sure video games didn't start out with perfect lock ons and they've gotten a lot better, allowing the camera to account for the level geometry and not let things get in the way. But Mega Man Legends was not an attempt to make the lock on you're familiar with and failing, they came up with the gameplay and designed levels around it. the gameplay is good, there's nothing wrong with it but like the other anon said you're probably just used to being able to apply the same reflexes to every game you play.

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It's simply not worth it sadly, the controls are better, but MML2 is unbelievably poorly paced, a thing happens at the start, and a thing happens at the end, and it's complete pointless bullshit filler in the meantime (special mention to the water dungeon, which is the worst one I've ever experienced in a video game).

Also misadventures of tron bonne is a shit minigame collection, but it gets you more time with the bonnes, so it might be worth playing.

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MML2 had a more "desolate" feel to it. I remember having both and preferring MML to 2 because Cattlelox was brighter and comfier.

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Anyone played Tron Bonne emulated?

I couldn't get it to work on either ePSXe or pSX.

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iirc the issue was you couldn't beat the first mission, some glitch related to audio

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use mednafen

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did you actually play it and get past the first mission with mednafen with no issues?

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I liked exploring and equipping Mega Man so there's that.

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Played 1 and 2 for the first time a year ago. Both have certain strengths but 2 was a bit better for me. Only thing you need to do is make sure you get the jetskates before you leave the mine with the hurt guy. You can go back for them, but they are missable and that would fucking suck.

People always complain about the water dungeon but it was my favorite in the game. Maybe it’s cause I had the underwater jetboots? I imagine those change the pace a ton.

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>I couldn't get it to work on either ePSXe or pSX.


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>>5772524 called it >>5772550

Didn't even take two posts before the zoomer from /v/ spilled his spaghetti

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That water dungeon is a fucking abomination, if you like it more power to you, but I don't even need to go into the reasons why it's sickeningly unpleasant to play through, it's pretty self explanatory.

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Did you play the PSP version? It fixes the framerate issues in the water dungeons.

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I actually played through MML1 again recently (have only played the 64 version when I was young) with the intention of playing MML2 again which I havent played since it released as a PSclassic.
I decided to try Misadventures for the first time in between. I enjoyed the little bit I played but had no desire to get back to it. The only part of the game that really stuck out to me was the free roam dungeon because that was the only mission type that plays like ruins digging im MML, easily the best part.
The other mission types include a bank robbing mission where you go around town shooting servebots into houses to rob them while police try to stop you from reaching the bank. It plays a lot like a Mission in MML would. There is also one that is just block puzzles. I dont even remember the 4th mission type. They also have you managing 40 servebots basically and even though that is probably brainless I didnt even want to think about it.
Basically from what Ive seen its probably a good game but its not that much like MML which is what I was in the mood for. I can rec MML2 though I thought that one was cool. Liked 1 the best though.

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The great thing about the water dungeon is that it really feels like an adventure. When you eventually come out of it, you can really feel the atmosphere of the outside world coming back at you.

But I admit it is very sluggish to navigate; even more so if you go for 100% completion and get all the secrets etc

The worst part is probably the final boss, right next to the exit, and how much you have to replay if you die against him.

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