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Dont mind me, just being the best game ever.

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And it spawned what became the most oversaturated subgenre in indie gaming.

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>person talks about their favorite new "roguelike"
>mention that it's not a roguelike
>they get mad
It just pisses me off, you know, I want to play games that are...


I don't want to play a first person shooter that has permadeath.
I don't want to play a space ship strategy game that has some random quests
I don't want to play a sidescrolling platformer where the rooms are in different spots each time.

At least, not when I'm looking for a game that is LIKE. ROGUE.
When I'm looking for a game that is LIKE. ROGUE... I want to play a game that is, you know, similar to the game "Rogue". I'm looking for a game that's like Rogue, and then I get misled into dozens of games that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON with Rogue... and then I point that out and I'm the bad guy!

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Roguelike just means procedurally generated now. Not defending that, just stating how things are.

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Has anyone here ever actually ascended in Rogue?

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Sounds like you want to play Caves of Qud

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The HOMM3 random map generator is my favourite roguelike

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turn-based strategy games are an ascended genre normal rules don't apply

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Do you want it to be terminal based too?

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Roguelike means grid-based, turn-based, procedurally generated, with permadeath. If it's missing any of these then it's not a roguelike.

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90% of roguelikes I have played would be objectively improved with a saving system

what the fuck is it with indie devs and roguelikes

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>90% of roguelikes I have played would be objectively improved with a saving system
Most roguelikes already have a saving system. If you mean one that allows undoing failure, which bypasses the whole point of the genre, you are wrong. Git gut.

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AND Ascii characters only.

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Caves of Furries and retarded wacjy lib devs. Fuck that game.
Play TOME.

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rogue isn't a metroidvania

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Rogue didn't spawn any genre.

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ASCII characters are not required. The original Unix version of Rogue used ASCII, but AFAIK none of the ports did, and the ports were more popular. The DOS version certainly didn't (see OP pic >>5771823 ).

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Oh cool, I love Dwarf Fortress.

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Play cogmind

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I don't feel like studying for a PhD to play a videogame. :3

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That is unironically one of the core elements of a roguelike, IE. a game that is like Rogue. If a game is graphics only then it's a roguelite and that's not an insult.

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why is everyone on my discords always using stuff like :3 or =w= I don't fucking get ut

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The UI sucks but it's a pretty easy game to understand

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False. Some computers don't even have a concept of "text mode", but they can still play roguelikes. (Pic related. You can't get more roguelike than a port of Rogue.) If it's grid-based, turn-based, procedurally generated, with permadeath, then it's a roguelike, regardless of how the grid is displayed.

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what fucking computers don't support drawing characters to the screen?

i legitimately don't know and am curious

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ZX Spectrum has no hardware text mode. It's all bitmaps.

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That sounds like a nightmare for anyone who wants to make quick and easy programs for it.

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There are ROM routines for drawing text, and a BASIC interpreter in ROM, so not really.

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Roguelikes have changed definition, simple as that. Language evolves rapidly, you don't

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The definition has always been >>5772798, and it has not changed. The visual representation of grid squares is irrelevant. If it mattered then you would be able to change the genre by turning the monitor upside down, which is obvious nonsense.

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I am still pretty mad risk of rain is called a rogue likem

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Minesweeper confirmed for roguelike

If you've been playing roguelites, most of them would be improved by being normal platformers or shooters with actual level design

Not my favorite RL but the original still holds it's own against imitators

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>Minesweeper confirmed for roguelike
It also needs:
>a player character

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(those are really implied by "permadeath")

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>If a game is graphics only then it's a roguelite
That seems a bit too strict. Grid- and turn-based, definitely a requirement. Permadeath as well. But I don't think the aesthetic trappings of Rogue are necessary for something to be a roguelike; it'd be like saying a platformer needs 2D sprites and can't use models. A lot of people might prefer the former, but the latter doesn't disqualify a work from being part of a genre.

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>what is a roguelike
Autists already had this debate. Look up the Berlin Interpretation.

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It's changed so much that it doesn't even mean anything anymore and just gets slapped onto games that have only one thing in common with rogue like procedural generation, loot, or perma death. Going by the logic of modern "roguelike" devs super mario is a roguelike.

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>>a player character
The smiley face at the top of the screen is your player character. He reacts to clicks of the mouse, dies when you step on a mine, and celebrates wins by putting on cool shades.
Clicking a mine kills you, planting a flag in a mine subdues it.

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>The smiley face at the top of the screen is your player character
Then the game is disqualified for not being grid-based.

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