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Are the No-Intro romsets entirely complete? I would like to get the complete libreries of the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Turbografx 16, Gameboy & Gameboy Color and i wanted to be sure that there is nothing missing before i download them off archive org

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> complete
mostly, yes. every so often it's updated but not often to archive.org. sets there are usually old. check nointro's website for more information on release has what in it.

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No, not even close.

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What do you consider complete?
If you just want all licensed releases then they are complete.
If you want various revisions etc then the Archived version may be out of date.
If you want bad dumps and other weird stuff then go for Good sets instead of No-Intro.

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For the most part - especially when it comes to Nintendo, NEC, or Sega machines. I think the same can be said for the majority of the early 8-bit consoles, too. Computers, on the other hand...

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Goodset is way more exhaustive but do you even really understand what you're asking for when you say "complete"?

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They're missing some licensed releases for sure

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games-only-I-played-tier games, probably

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Such as?

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I'm not going through it right now but when I lurched it last year there were things that jumped right out at me like no Breath of Fire 2 or something pretty noticeable like that.

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Smokemonster sets seem to be complete. They also contain protos, betas, unlicenced games, homebrew stuff, as well as tool/test cartridges, demos, translations, and hacks.

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Yu-Gi-Oh the sacred cards for GBA.

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Not retro

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You must have made a mistake, because of the hundreds of JRPGs I looked for in the No-Intro sets, all of them I found. Including Breath of Fire II.

Usually the hardest thing to find are Japanese releases, since they use different names. So for instance one may search for 7th Saga, The (Japan) but the game is actually called Elnard (Japan).

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Let's not tell lies on the internet, okay? Especially not ones that can be disproved in seconds.

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Yes. No-intro is complete. The only shit they're missing is the endless romhacks like "sonic wonderboy in mario land 64" and the 1400 sequels that some brazilian made in his bedroom. No self respecting group includes garbage like that.

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No intro don't have bootleg crap? Great, downloading now.

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It'll be funny when archive.org eventually gets shut down completely because they obviously don't fucking moderate the stuff people upload whatsoever. Hiding behind the "non-profit" veil isn't going to hold up in court.

I like the idea of the site but they need to moderate or else it's going to disappear. Mark my words, zoomer.

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They have a DMCA exemption. Anyone could challenge that I suppose, but I think they'd have to make some copywrite claims first, and prove that archive.org isn't doing it's job responsibly.

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The no-intro sets on archive.org are complete for commercial releases and for the systems /vr/ cares about like Sega and Nintendo. They even have some unlicensed releases like Bible Adventures but I'm not sure on what the criteria is for what makes the cut and what doesn't when it comes to unlicensed.

2600 and C64 are much more loosey-goosey when it comes to what was "commercially released", so expect to have someone come out of the woodwork foaming at the mouth because it doesn't have their brother's cousin's friend's secret C64 port of ZZT.

no-intro intentionally does not have "alternative" dumps and romhacks and shit, for good reason. If you want that garbage then dig around in the sewer for goodsets. That said, they do have some non-game files where appropriate like BIOS files or ROM dumps of SNES expansion chips.

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This will never happen. If I knew you, which I really don't want to, I would bet you 25K USD by 2035 it never happens. Then another 50K USD by 2060 it never happens. No more after then because I will be too old to care.

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>If you want bad dumps
I can make those myself

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it will definitely happen, by a game journalist's pen no less

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Actually, Archive.org is totally safe. When a company shows up and says "Hey, you are redistributing our content," Archive takes it down. That's what they are required to do. In a huge ass set of roms like NoIntro, even if Nintendo showed up and said "Stop that!" They only have legal standing to get their own content removed. A No Intro set of NES roms without the first party titles would suck, but it'd also still have 1400 games.

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No. Most "complete" romsets aren't complete. Many of them a laughably incomplete.

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>No intro don't have bootleg crap?
they have some (unl) stuff, but nowhere near GoodTools-level of crud.

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>Downloaded Goodxxx sets so I could get everything
>Spent time selectively deleting all hacks and redundant roms
Are you kidding me with this shit? They both have the same stuff in them?
I thought NoIntro was just the 'essentials' package while all other romsets were just everything but the kitchen sink!

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Nice one, anon

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You are thinking of the everdrive sets, probably.
Answering OP: I got the 2018 no-intro on a torrent from that web, it's great. All regions are included, and some neat stuff like roms of games that were released on the virtual console, and also prototypes in some cases.

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I don't really mind having all the extra stuff, we're not talking GBs of data.

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The emuparadise forums should have the most recent No-Intro. Uploaders to archive.org are lazy asses. It's not hard to upload it, then update the same page by deleting the old ones and putting in the new ones.

GoodSet/NonGood is currently dead. You won't get an update to that unless someone decides to replace the shitty GoodTools with a new .dat system, hopefully just keeping the hacks in the original patch format separately while focusing on adding the homebrew, demoscene & various pirate carts.

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Complete with every official release
If you want everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, all the shitty romhacks made by teenagers in the late 90s, all the outdated fan translations, all the nazi penis cartel freedom fighters, all the 2.3 gigabytes of NES roms that have ever seen the internet, you want a goodset.

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