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I just found a 32X complete in box for like 8 bucks at a Goodwill
Are there any games worth picking up for it?

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Shadow Squadron (aka Stellar Assault), Blackthorne and Virtua Racing Deluxe

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There's only like 30 games for the thing, you could just play them all yourself and decide which ones you like instead of having fags tell you what to do.

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I guess I could emulate them but that would defeat the entire purpose of having it physically

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ding ding ding

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Buy a game, see if it works then sell it to some collector fag for lots of money. You cant lose.

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Get a flashcart. You can put normal Genesis games on it anyway so it's still worth it.

To answer your question, it has a good port of Afterburner, and a good port of Space Harrier. Hell, the port of Doom, in spite of the fart music, and missing lots of maps, plays quite well for what it is, runs smoothly and controls decently.
The 32X has a couple of decent games on it actually, but generally not enough of them that people consider these worthwhile, particularly not when they pay collector prices for the things.
You got yours for 8 bucks though.

Make sure all the necessary cables come with it by the way.

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I bought a 32X just to make childhood me happy and desu there's not much one can do with it even with a flashcart.

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Knuckles Chaotix, Shadow Squadron, After Burner Complete, Virtua Racing Deluxe, Space Harrier, Kolibri and Tempo

there's also Virtua Fighter, but that's more a novelty than anything.

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>Are there any games worth picking up for it?
Honestly not really. Kolibri is ok, and there are some decent ports (like nba jam) that can be played on mame.

I don't think it's worth collecting for, but it's kind of nice to mess around with on an everdrive just to see the games.

There are a few fun games but with such a small library, you're not going to find many. I say sell it on ebay to collectorcucks before someone makes a flashcart that eliminates the need for it.

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>Knuckles Chaotix
Terrible tech demo tier game. CTRL C CTRL V level design.

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No one needs a 32x, it's shit

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You'll likely never seen one for $8 again my dude.

Buy it while its available.

If you can't find any games you like, then resell on eBay for some easy profit.

This post was brought to you by the letter "G", the number "7", and reddit spacing

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36 Great Holes is unironically a great golf game - the only let down is the repetitive voice samples

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The Mortal Kombat 2 port on it was pretty good.
Graphics close to the arcade but kept the funkier Genesis music.

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Star wars arcade
Star trek: Starship Bridge Simulator
Virtua Racing

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Is metal head good? Looks interesting

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T-MEK is underrated.

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