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And so... I tried making webms again with DOSBox. Sorry for QUALITY.

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Not DOSgamu, of course...

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I wish Master of Magic wasn't so hard to get into.

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You'll get used to it, especially if you ever played Civ games. It's frankly a lot easier than MOO 1, at least.

In MOO, if you start too close to the enemies, you will probably lose even on simple difficulty. In MOM, it's pretty much the opposite.

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Yeah MoM is actually not as intimidating to start out as you might think. Start on easy or intro difficulty and either normal magic or low magic (low magic weakens the power of nodes, but also makes them guarded by easier monsters). Create a wizard with 9-11 spellbooks. Don't really agonize over this part and just pick what seems cool to you because every school of magic is good in its own way.

Most of the basic elements of gameplay are pretty intuitive and documented in-game. It starts out very simple and it's hard to really screw up. Basically just build up your town a bit, create some units, summon a monster or two to help, and go exploring with your army.

The only real gotcha is that the strength of encounter zones (lairs/temples/etc) is random. It's possible to get a lair full of Earth Elementals right next to your starting town, that you won't be able to clear until you are much stronger. And you need to know that Earth Eles are pretty strong. But usually neutral town difficulty is easy to estimate as they will have unit types similar to your own.

Once you get a feel for it, then you can start digging into the subtler aspects of the mechanics and doing some real strategy with spells and abilities.

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