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Lets talk Duke Nukem / Blood / Shadow Warrior / Redneck Rampage / Ion Fury (?)

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Has nBlood been abandoned or is it still being worked on?

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Powerslave and Witchaven are Build engine games too.

Dark Forces is related it seems, i once read the jedi engine was based on a very early Build engine. Would explain the ability to look up and down, which other games like doom did not have at the time.

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This more or less belongs in this thread, I think.

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Heretic had looking up and down. So did Rise of the Triad.

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Love that classic Build Engine test map. Ken Silverman knows how to make a comfy level.
Did anyone else shoot "Al" and he turns into an ever growing hoard of zombies so you have to find places in the level to hide as the zombies multiply?

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So, turns out Ion Maiden will have 28 levels. A lot less than Duke and Blood but I have a feeling they'll be pretty big levels going by the preview campaign.

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What'd you guys think of it?

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Ion Furry: The Shadowrun Action Game.

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Haven't kept up with Fresh Supply at all, but is that now a contender against BloodGDX/NBlood?

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Blood > Duke Nukem 3D > Powerslave > Shadow Warrior > Redneck Rampage > WW2 GI > Witchaven > Nam > Witchaven 2 > Tekwar > Extreme Paintbrawl

Ion Fury doesn't get rated, for now

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Blood has meh levels, shit-colored palette and extremely repetitive gameplay, with the twist that you have to go through the same 2.5 motions QUICKLY LIKE CHIPMUNK ON CRACK which sure takes a shitload of skill and maybe quite a bit less brainpower.

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which version of Powerslave is it that people like? The original actual build engine game or the console ports?

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Has anyone actually figured out Lot7P?

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Let's see, it's uses a very early version of Build, it's an illegal release, and is Chinese only. Does any of that screams "playable" to you?

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Honestly can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. It's still a BUILD game and I'd love to know more about. Maybe I'm just as weird as Ross is in wanting to uncover these awful pieces of shit to check out and reveal the ending for

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fuck off nigger, we unlike the doom kids actually play the games and do more than just jerk off to the aesthetics of our game engine like they do. We can also beat the games without requiring overpowered and unbalanced gameplay mods. doom general is the cancer ward

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Serious question now. Shouldn't be be allowed to discuss Ion Fury when it comes out since it is running on retro tech?

It's not like discussion of modern doom mods aren't allowed here.

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dude what

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Did this happen to anyone else playing the preview campaign to Ion Maiden?

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thought that nigger was pointing our thread to the cancer ward, not saying cancer ward posts belonged here

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this, i am really getting fucking sick of spook nukem hipsters trying to tout it as the best build game.

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who the fuck is ross?

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Regardless of who Ross is(Accursed Farm's Ross btw), I just wanna know more about this piece of shit. Especially considering it's got planned BuildGDX support.

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Accursed Farms? stop talking like people should know what that is, literally who

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I said regardless I just wanna know more. Forget my Ross reference dude lol.

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Goldsource thread when?

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I don't think so, then again I don't think I've played around all the light switches.

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/vr/ hates Blood now? whelp, I'm oficially done with this place.

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It's called contrarianism. It's like a religion "good games bad" "bad games good".

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ah fuck you crybabby faggot, I dont hate the game im just getting sick of /vr/ hipster zoomers and basedboy millenials trying to tout it as the best build game when duke3d is just so far and above the rest, i understand the appeal after playing the shit out of duke3d that was ported to everything for years and desiring something new but also being basedboy afraid of lo wang cause youre a sensitive bitch that threatens to leave when you see an opinion you dont like

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contrarianism is touting blood as the best build game ya retarded nigger

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Duke3D is not better than Blood.

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Blood has the most satisfying and fun mechanics of all the build games. The dynamite and shotgun alone is more fun than any combination of weapons or any single weapons in Douk/Gook/Redneck

That's why it makes me happy that Ion Maiden have the bowling bombs, the developers must have realized how much fun it was to play around with the dynamite in Blood. I don't think they're quite as satisfying as the dynamite is, but they're still great.

The alt fire for them is good but needs some work. Clicking and holding leaves you with a 3 second window to throw before they blow up, but just clicking and throwing the alt fire is a 5 second delay until it explodes, this inconsistency just makes it confusing to use.

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Sure, sure, m8. Now enlighten us on how Blood 2 is amazing and totally a much better game than the first game.

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There's no clear winner between Duke and Blood, imo. Blood has more fun weapons, and by virtue of that is more fun to play, but Duke has much better level design.

Very few levels in Blood have a sense of real progression, it just feels like being thrown into a map, running around in circles until you've collected all the keys and can leave. Duke (especially Episode 1) has a real sense of progressing through the levels, feels like more of an experience, there's story in just the levels themselves.

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NBlood > Fresh Supply > GDX

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Does NBlood have support for the extra voxels that GDX has yet?

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Dynamite is the same shit as pipebombs ya fucking faggot and its not really different enough to warrant being SUPER NEW AND COOL its like you didnt even play duke faggot, and the shotgun is pathetic you can blast things with both barrels and they still wont go down its only satisfying if you get the perfect hit and thats not even player dependant its the fucking coding cause 2 of the exact same shots can have a different result one can send a cultist flying and the other he just kinda takes it and keeps shooting at you. this is why I hate you blood faggots

blood 2 is dogshit faggot, it has 100 of the same train level, contrarian is saying blood is the best build game

Yes it is,

better weapons
better enemies
better levels

get fucked retard

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Time to visit tech noir again

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Anyone that spams "retard" is a retard himself, with 100% accuracy.

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I don't know what people are smoking when they compare these atrocious things to the dynamite. This is some pure autismthink, where they're the same in concept so that must mean they're the same in practice.

The two are literally worlds apart, playing blood with just sticks of dynamite is not only possible, but incredibly fun. Using the pipebombs is nothing but a frustrating exercise, it's not satisfying, it's not fun, it feels clunky and awkward.

I fucking played Duke 20 years before I even touched Blood.

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Have the mods even implied its not? Ive been warned for posting about Dusk/Amid Evil but never Ion Maiden.
First off, calm the fuck down niggy. Secondly, dynamite is significantly different from pipe bombs due to the fact that you can adjust how far you throw them.

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good thing nobody spammed it

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how are you so bad at pipebombs i think throwing one down by an enforcers feet and blowing him to bits is just as fun as throwing dynamite at a cultist so what you can throw the dynamite further, yes it is better than the pipebombs but really it isnt some new amazing experience like you make it out to be. Do you take your estrogen pills before you start playing or something and get that emotional over that shit? "Omg the dynamite is the most amazing shit ever" *wipes tear from eye*

This is why I fucking hate you faggots, you over hype the shit out of everything, the dynamite is very cool use but you have to go full used car salesmen on us and make it out to be better than it really is

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I get the impression that Withchaven was the best thing Capstone ever did, and is actually presentable and playable.
If this is true, that was a good step up from making outright shit games.

Rise Of The Triad was built on Wolfenstein 3D even.

lol, projecting fag

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porjecting what? I actually beat duke on damn im good

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Contrarianism has gripped /vr/ badly in recent years.

Oh, so you just make up reasons to be mad instead.

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>a lot less than Duke and Blood
Blood had 30 levels. The original Duke Nukem release had 28 levels.

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no the cancer ward is a shit thread that just jerks of to hentai mods of doom instead of coming into zandro to get their asses whopped

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The dynamite is different from the pipebomb though, the normal dynamite is timed, while the remote is a separate pickup and not how you're intended to be using it the majority of the time.
It has far better throwing range, and the game gives you far more dynamite than Duke gives you pipebombs, the explosion behavior is even different.

It's like saying Duke's pistol is the same as Doom's pistol because they're both pistols.

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>hentai mods
Buh? I think people barely talk about H-Doom anymore, the novelty wore off and the author hasn't updated in years, it's an old joke as far as most are concerned.

I thought only furfags and brutalkiddes used that. I mean I guess that's why you're so angry.

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>having better weapons than Blood
I think Blood is an incredibly flawed game but its weapons are fucking incredible. You are 100% wrong my friend. Also why are you acting like this is /v/? Calm the fuck down.

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It's because he has worms in his brain.

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doom and dukes pistols are the same tho, dukes might be a lot faster and more effective but they are still both last ditch starting weapons that do have occasional utility too. You can also adjust how far you throw pipebombs by throwing it while running or standing still yes the dynamite is different too but again its not different enough to revolutionary.

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its where all the good players are/were yes it has a massive amount of faggots too cause of megaman and other autistic furry mods but who the fuck wants to play ugly ass full bright zdaemon shit is ugly as fuck.

Duke has the devastator nuff said

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Can the game run on 1999 hardware? No it cannot, it's locked to 64bit architectures, and even if it did it would require way too much RAM and run at single digit framerates. Therefore, it has no place on /vr/, being a standalone new game.

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>ken silverman was a fucking teenager when he made the build engiine

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Okay, so I got the extra voxels working in NBlood, but there seem to be some inconsistencies. Like I remember this fence being voxelized in BloodGDX, yet here it isn't.

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question about where you are standing, who jumps through the window to grab the akimbo? Im assuming were all real niggas here and jump from the grave stone before going in to fuck up some cultists

>> No.5739490

I'm definitely a real motherfucker that jumps from the grave. But seriously, why isn't the fence voxels?

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This is how the fence should look.

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The saturn port, it was more of a metroidvania and it started their slave driver engine that allowed some other good fpss on the system.

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Powerslave is a better designd game and more polished than all of those.

>> No.5739649

which version of powerslave? the build one?

>> No.5739675

Looks like hoes mad.

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>bloodfags still argue which source code fanfiction is closest to the original DOS game

just play the fucking game and stop getting triggered at smallest inconsistencies

>> No.5739720

Absolutely not, who says otherwise doesn't know Blood at all. One is a reverse engineer (GDX nailing a whopping 99% gameplay accuracy) while FS is a nice although ultimately laughable attempt to recreate the game with empirical data.

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>Dos version was just a Doom clone
>PS1 version was a neutered version of the Saturn one
>Saturn is the og but the performance is terrible
>Theres a modern sourceport but its the fucking neutered PS1 version

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On it's own, it's ok, you could play it and it would still be entertaining, but it's not on its own, you have two free sourceports to compare it to, and it doesn't stack up that great to them.

Like, if you never played the original game, even ZBlood looks pretty cool, I thought it did back in the day, but then I played the real deal on DosBox and concluded that it was so much better that it wasn't even funny.
Obviously, Fresh Supply isn't as bad as ZBlood.

>> No.5740485

The game director, and one of the actual mappers of all three versions flat out claimed that PS1 has better layouts.

What Saturn version has is all the movement glitches of Saturn Slavedriver, legitimized through team dolls, added at the last possible moment. It seems, that PS1 version ended up being better coded (and thus allowing for less amounts of sequence-breaking '"fun'") as well.

PS1 and Saturn Slavedriver engines, from what I gather, were written entirely separately by two different persons. That Saturn Slavedriver was later used for Quake and DN3D ports might make it a more historically interesting engine, but not necessarily the better one of the two.

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Going by the previews, Ion Fury can be confidently put above Redneck Rampage. It'll probably be right up there with Duke and Blood

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OG RR is quite actually interesting layouting-wise, a far cry from community virtue-signalling from somewhere else.

>> No.5740605

And Blood is just mediocre level-wise, spritework or not.

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>They actually complied to buttrock band's lawsuit threats

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I'm pretty sure the lucasarts guys just looked at doom and tried to figure out how to do something similar, possibly including reverse engineering it a bit (although they used portals like build and unlike doom)


>> No.5740803

I think taking the whole thing to court would have delayed the game at the very least, with a chance that it wouldn't get released at all. Which is frustrating because, yeah, I wanted to see Iron Maiden get laughed out of court, too.

>> No.5740834

Yeah I don't deny that they spared a bunch of legal faggism, I want to see this get released this decade after all.
It's pretty sad on IM's part.

>> No.5740953

It definitely makes me respect them less.

>> No.5741030

Gimme All your Blood OC,build-chads!
pretty please!

>> No.5741280

The game has a software mode, so you're wrong.

>> No.5741283

Redneck Rampage's sequel is the best of the Build Engine game sequels, even Blood 2.

>> No.5741284

Which picture is from Nblood? top or bottom? And what would the other pic be?

>> No.5741285

Surely true for much of the current members of Iron Maiden. What happened to them after the early 1990s that made them so clingy in terms of copyright?

>> No.5742268

>it doesn't matter if they can't eat apples, as long as they eat oranges

>> No.5742967

Why did they choose to rename it Ion Fury instead of going back to "Bombshell"?

>> No.5742991

Didn't they do a game with that name and it got weak as hell reception? Maybe they're trying to rebrand.

>> No.5743243

but it *is* the best build game, faggot.

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File: 2.88 MB, 512x384, blood, boom goes the dynamite.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a golden year for first person shooters.

>> No.5743738 [DELETED] 

Been playing Wolf3D lately and just got to the second episode. Been having fun so far. Should I look forward to Spear of Destiny and Mission 2/3?

>> No.5743874

no its not thats just you fucking faggot hipsters latching on to the most obscure of the big 3 to seem like your opinion is special. The level design isnt as good as duke, the enemies arent as good as dukes, the weapons arent as good as dukes, it's just not as good. Duke nukem maps are WAY better designed than blood in fact. I swear to god the only reason you faggots think blood is better is because of the dynamite youre all that fucking gay for it.

>> No.5743882

People who think blood is the best build engine game don't actually play the games much like the arena shooter fag thats always shitting this place up, they only enjoy the aesthetics of the game and the theme. The automatically think blood is best cause its "safe" where as duke nukem is too full of toxic masculinity which they think makes it a worse game despite being far more solid mechanically and design wise.

>> No.5743905

LA Meltdown is the only episode of Duke 3D with good level design

>> No.5743912

You're mad as fuck son, chill a little.

Worthless opinion, Ep2 and Ep3 has great levels, hell, Ep4 in spite of having a couple of lousy levels, has some totally excellent ones that outshines all of Ep1 just by themselves.

>> No.5743921

are you fucking kidding me, if there's something blood has better than duke is weapons. Maybe because I played too much duke before ever playing blood or SW but duke feels stale without alt fire weapons, little enemy variety and shrinker being just too damn strong.

>> No.5743951

Blood has cool weapons but they also feel underpowered as shit. The guns in duke just feel a lot more powerful.

>> No.5743956

Strawman, nobody thinks like that.
The exception would maybe be some Blue Checkmark somewhere but that assumes those people played videogames. You're completely full of shit and you're a faggot.

I'll go ahead and argue that Duke Nukem 3D and Blood are about equally good as games, I find both incredibly enjoyable.
Duke is a superhero who's power is sheer ego and machismo, at the surface level it seems to be ironic, and to a point it is, but as much as it's presented to be made light of, Duke is also presented as cool and badass, and the machismo is celebrated, he's not just talk, he absolutely will rip off an enemy's head and shit down his neck, and he will battle an armada of evil aliens to save earth's women.
Caleb is another story, not as much a superhero as he's a supervillain protagonist having a violent vendetta with a supervillain antagonist. Caleb was never a hero, he was villain even in life, and that doesn't change, he doesn't care if he'll kill innocents on his quest for vengeance, in fact he enjoys doing it, he's a sadistic sociopath just like he had always been (murdering people just for being mimes, for one), he gladly fights thousands of evil cultists to be able to get his revenge on the evil god who betrayed him, so he can settle in for a comfortable un-life where he can prey on the weak at his own leisure.
Caleb should be unlikeable, but his focus for revenge, and his audacious penchant for casual cruelty and how he just enjoys fighting and killing, you can't help but smile and think "Oh, this fucking guy here..."

Both have ace voice actors, appealing personalities, and feature in fun high-speed shooters with visceral and enjoyable violence, crude humor, fun and satisfying weapons, and with good non-linear levels that are a joy to explore.
I just can't vouch for Shadow Warrior, because I simply haven't gotten around to playing it yet.

>> No.5743962

That back story shit doesn't effect the game play niggerfaggot you can't take two seconds away from blowing Caleb to realize that's not game play. That's exactly what I'm talking about when I say that shit people who didn't play blood till last week coming in here saying it's the best build engine game can fuck off and die you're only upset because you're one of those faggots

>> No.5743969

but thats actually a problem, devastator and shrinker makes the game easy even on hardest settings

>> No.5743970

3D Realms is insistent that the original Bombshell will always remain canon to Ion Maiden/Fury.

That said, I had pitched "Bombshell: First Load" to /v/ as an idea for an alternate title and they seemed to like it. Nothing like a double-entendre to get support.

>> No.5743974

The Tommygun feels maybe slightly weaker than the Ripper Chaingun Cannon, but not by much.

The flaregun feels a bit slow in effect with primary fire, but the altfire more than makes up for that. Duke's pistol I think is a perfect tier 1 weapon though.

The shotgun sounds weaker than Duke's, it doesn't have the same authority in it's POW POW noises, but I think it makes up for it with sheer speed.

Dynamite feels more powerful and expedient than the pipebomb.

Napalm launcher and RPG are about even to me, both are annihilators. Added points for the Napalm launcher's preposterous altfire.

Teslagun to me is kinda the plasmarifle from Doom in terms of performance, so that's pretty cool. I guess you'd put it on a similar tier as the Devastator, but it probably isn't as powerful.

I honestly keep forgetting about the vodoo doll.

The aerosol flamer is stupid and I love it, especially the altfire.

The lifeleech could be better.
There's no real equivalent for Duke's Shrink Ray (a weapon I LOVE), nor the Freezer.
Never cared for the feel of the pitchfork.

>> No.5743993

it's a shame blood fresh supply creates saves in such a retarded way making the save times super long

>> No.5744008

You're the faggot who argued:
> The automatically think blood is best cause its "safe" where as duke nukem is too full of toxic masculinity which they think makes it a worse game
Which was what I was addressing, you illiterate fucking dipshit, I barely address gameplay in that post.
I hope you get raped.

>> No.5744023

If there isn't a 32bit binary for it, it will not run on a 90's OS. He's not wrong at all.

>> No.5744367

Build engine=/=idtech 1 or idtech 2, so why also mostly screaming and asspain when Build games get major sound + graphics overhaul mods?

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>Unzip Eduke32 into my D drive
>copy DUKE3D file into the folder Eduke32 is in
>make a shortcut for it on my desktop
>load Duke 3D
>Great sounds and mouselook
>suddenly while opening a door in the movie theater, everything goes black, even the HUD.

>> No.5744537

What the fuck are you talking about? Speak English.

>> No.5744660


>> No.5744721

I've only played Blake Stone, Duke and rise of the triad.
I'm going to try out blood. What else should I grab?

>> No.5744750

Rephrase your question so that people who speak English can actually parse it.

Two of those aren't Build Engine, so I'm assuming you're just looking for shooters in general. Try out Quake.

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File: 1.27 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (76).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related happened to me while trying to play Duke Nukem 3D on BuildGDX Version 1.0.3: UGH! Meanwhile, Redneck Rampage had no problems of the sort.

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File: 19 KB, 291x350, Blood_logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you ever thought that the cultists in blood are the result of a balancing oversight or a glitch in the damage calculation?
There's no way the most basic enemy in an FPS should be able to kill you in less than 2 seconds while in full health

>> No.5744786

What difficulty did you play the game on?

>> No.5744790

Well done on bloodGDX

>> No.5744794

I can't believe there's no rocket launcher.
How could they omit one of the most essential 90s FPS weapons?
And no, the grenade launcher isn't the same

>> No.5744795

>Well Done
That could be the main reason why.

>> No.5744802

Well done should be equivalent to come get some in Duke. It should be challenging not outright unfair

>> No.5744809

In the base game, there is a bug in the damage calculation, if you load a saved game it will inverse for the duration of the level, and you will get easy damage on hard difficulties, and hard damage on easy difficulties. No change on medium.

Well Done is the highest difficulty intended for singleplayer, for a game popularly considered fairly difficult, and Caleb is fairly fragile and unsuited for tanking damage to begin with, so yeah, try to avoid getting shot at if you can, put your mobility to use and use crouching to confuse cultist's aim.

Since you're on BloodGDX, you can set up a custom difficulty level I'm pretty sure, so you could just lower the damage scaling some.
Haven't tried the sourceports yet, mind.

>> No.5744810

Besides, the rest of the enemies have balanced damage outputs. It's only the cultists that can deplete your health in less than a second from the other side of the map, hence, why I think they might be a balancing oversight or a glitch

>> No.5744814

Blood has a generally meaner streak in difficulty than Duke though.
Extra Crispy is not intended for singleplayer, and balanced around you playing it in co-op multiplayer, so Well Done is effectively the highest difficulty level for what it matters.

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File: 1.11 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (80).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why change from Ion Maiden to Ion Fury instead of Ion Marvel?Oh, and M210 put a discord link into the latest versions of BuildGDX.

>> No.5744836

Prob because that name is garbage

>> No.5744867

I wasn't referring to the comic book character Captain Marvel at all. Take your capefights to >>>/co/, >>>/tv/ and >>>/aco/

>> No.5744910

Has nothing to do with the comic or movies. Its just a flat out dumb name.

>> No.5744924

Sounds kinda stupid actually.

>> No.5745773

Why not Ion Man? Let's get some SERIOUS lawsuit going haha.

>> No.5746397

It's Ion MA'AM!

>> No.5746464

Anyone here got ideas as to why
>>5744410 and >>5744774 happened to me with Eduk32 and BuildGDX with Duke Nukem 3D?

>> No.5746493

No clue. Are you using a new version, did this happen with old versions?

>> No.5746507

>I'on Ma'am

>> No.5746557

>check out /vr/ since I was getting into old school fps
>see thread
>it's just /v/ in a retirement home and some Aspergers arguing
I think I'm gonna go...

>> No.5747005

>And no, the grenade launcher isn't the same
Not the same, but better.

>> No.5747360

Have you tried the classic renderer? Did you check your GRP integrity? Can you try getting a checksum for that?

GDX seems to point to GAME.CON failing for some reason. Try deleting the CON files in the directory and let EDuke32 onyl use the GRP file (as you only need that, not the whole dir).

>> No.5747470

Correction, just by looking at >>5744774 you can see the letter L of the in-game font is corrupted, which very likely means the whole GRP is corrupted and that's why GAME.CON inside of it is creating problems. Sorry but corrupt game files will always crap out one way or the other. Grab another one off the net if you still have your original CD, who cares.

>> No.5747603

At least I sent a crash report.

>> No.5748041

How fucking mega autistic are you; I'm qualified high end on the spectrum but to me you have to be two whole fucking spectrums ahead in the autistic department.

>> No.5748947

Most new doom mods can't run on 1999 hardware or without a modern source port at all.

>> No.5749353

Don't worry, I deleted the Duke 3D folder and Replaced it with Duke 3D Atomic edition. I tested it on DOSBOX so far.

>> No.5749814

I like it so far. Haven't had much time to play it. Still trying to beat the mech boss, he's already killed me twice.

>> No.5749984

how is blood better?

>> No.5750192

It's thicker than water.

>> No.5750768

Your pipe bomb argument vs Dynamite is enough wasted human resources

>> No.5750776

This game looks awesome. The only thing thats kinda lame is the female lead, but I can get over that.

>> No.5750789

You're just mad because the female lead doesn't have big ass and titties and skimpy clothing like her concept art from decades ago

>> No.5750791

Ok... or maybe its just lame.

>> No.5750794

Same thing

>> No.5751565

I would have fine with big titties in clothing that isn't that revealing.

>> No.5751639

>tfw no more casual nudity in games because they've become too mainstream

>> No.5751658

There is something to be said for that, actually.

>> No.5752102
File: 13 KB, 454x520, 1560196501429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>T.NPC fool who eats up gender studies, feminist studies and social justice studies bullshit from mostly Hebe Yid ratfink professors.

>> No.5752105

Casual nudity still exists in some indie games as well as a few mainstream PC and Macintosh games, especially in the East.

>> No.5753496

I'm a filthy casul interested in playing Blood, but can't be arsed to figure out emulator. Is One Unit Whole Blood and Fresh Supply for me? If yes, which one?

>> No.5753587

Fresh Supply if you wanna be really lazy and it just werks kinda(tm)
OG Blood if you just wanna use BloodGDX(tho you can do the same with fresh supply files too)

>> No.5753961

is Eduke 32 still the best way to play Duke?

>> No.5753968


>> No.5754470
File: 17 KB, 270x345, 136468465461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yet ANOTHER containment thread for boomer FPS

>> No.5754473
File: 45 KB, 899x654, 1440212000600.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5755168

I guess you could compare the tesla gun to the plasma cannon from duke64. Even if it may be a stretch.

>> No.5755647

I can't get JFbuild to work on DOSBOX.

>> No.5755862

You could've just said it's a standalone release and you would've been fine but instead you decided to go with the stupidest argument you could've made. See >>5748947

>> No.5756995

That is a perfectly justified reason to be mad.
Also does this place have any pastebins or helpful images like the Doom thread does? I'm interested in getting started with Duke 3D again, and a guide to getting everything set up would be helpful.

another thing that would be helpful is if anyone can tell me how to get my hands on the world tour episode/maps for the atomic version of Duke3D I bought off of GOG years ago.

>> No.5757007

Ok then so no Doom mods should be allowed to be discussed here then? Cool.

>> No.5757485

Should I emulate the cycles for a Pentium era processor with Blood with DOSBox, or keep it at auto? I'd think the former would be fine, but the game runs like ass sometimes, and I doubt computers at the time had a hard time running it.

>> No.5757745

Does BuildGDX do PowerSlave PC yet? Does it support the original hyper strafe glitch? If no to the first question does he plan to support the glitch or fix it when he does get around to PowerSlave PC on BuildGDX?

>> No.5757873

Why does Shadow Warrior's soundtrack sound like? The one I have is devoid of music.

>> No.5757874


>> No.5757952

Like this, grasshopper:

>> No.5759786

>tfw we can never get games again like this for being too "racist" and full of sexy ninja girls that die and you can up their pantsu
>also all the anime girl secrets

>> No.5759847

It look like the first level of Duke Nukem Alien Armageddon

>> No.5760138

There's still Indie games.

>> No.5760275

those are from special Voxel mod. GDX does not come with any extra mods, only stock voxel models. You have to download and apply the mod yourself.

>> No.5760961
File: 13 KB, 225x225, g45h53hh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just 28 levels

>> No.5760964

Yeah but Witchaven is dogshit

>> No.5761084

More than SW and as much as original Duke 3D.

>> No.5761987
File: 60 KB, 640x480, shot_460_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>play bloody pulp fiction mod for the first time
>first level is snowing
>enter the bar
>elvis' blue christmas is playing on the jukebox

pretty kino use of licensed music

>> No.5762498

But that's wrong though, we just need to get the word out to game developers that plenty of people don't give a fuck what sites like reetard era think.

>> No.5763423

I've been running into a particular bug when running Duke3D with DukePlus and the HRP mod. Namely, the Devastator is invisible, and I looked around a bit over on the Duke4 forums and did a quick search for information about this bug and apparently is is fixed by some bugfix mod call "Nixx Fix". The problem is though, that when I search for this mod I get all of jack and shit, no download link, no mention on the Duke4 forums on where to find the download link, etc.

Does anyone know where I might find this particular bugfix mod? I prefer the 3D models over the sprites so this bug is quite a pain in the ass.

>> No.5764395

Someone should make a Ken's Labyrinth follow-up showing what Build can properly do instead of being a Wolfy clone.

>> No.5765331
File: 6 KB, 168x300, 1563462069912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I prefer the 3D models

>> No.5767614


>> No.5767648


>> No.5768086

Close but no cigar I guess?


>> No.5768126

Blood has the worst case of Shareware episode syndrome i have ever seen. The maps go from amazing and detailed to boring and repetitive real fast.

>> No.5768146

People keep telling me that about Duke, Doom, and Quake, and I think they're just as wrong there.

>> No.5768151

well it makes sense, most games back in the day pushed all the good shit in the first episode, since it directly influenced if people were gonna buy the game or not, but in most games it's not noticeable enough to become a big issue. Blood's level design goes from god tier to really mediocre with a few exceptions.

>> No.5768173

Nah. Episode 2 is the best. Episode 1 has great settings and interactivity, but there's too many cultists, and they're too often just placed on either corner in front of you. Episode 2 has more varied encounters.

>> No.5768350


>> No.5768353

prove it

>> No.5768363

If anything Blood is the only classic shooter that doesn't suffer from shareware syndrome. I'd easily take E2 over E1, and I don't see E3 as an inferior to E1 either.

>> No.5768369

>liking literal copy-paste generic factory and sewer levels

>> No.5768389

Reminder that Bloodfags are the second most annoying zergs on 4chan right behind the Nintenfags.

>> No.5768391

I'd argue it's not alone in that, Duke gets more interesting and exciting as the game goes, as does Doom and Quake for that matter.

>> No.5768392

These are not the words of some aspie with an axe to grind, not at all.

>> No.5768398

Doom is a complete shit beyond the first episode (including Doom 2), only Plutonia saved it from ending in just the dated oldschool shooter stockpile.

Duke's episode 1 is the most consistent, polished work, while the other episodes all suffer some kind of problems, but there are one-off levels in all episodes that are actually miles better than anything in episode 1, ie. Dark Side, LA Rumble, Duke Burger, Derelict etc.

Blood started incredibly strong in the first 4 levels, but after that it became generic temple stuff. Episode 2 is actually better with Shipyard, Overlooked Hotel, Haunting etc. are all masterpieces. Episode 3 onwards it became very generic again, with a few ok stuff here and there.

Quake is a vomit inducing game with no saving grace. It aged absolutely terribly. But other than that, Romero's episode 2 is slightly better than the others.

>> No.5768431
File: 37 KB, 471x350, put it in the fucking garbage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this post

>> No.5770967


>> No.5771001

I try to play usermaps on eDuke32 on switch but it just ends up making a mirror texture and smears across the screen like those old not responding windows would clone when you drag them.

It's a shame I wanna play lots of user maps. Maybe make my own.

>> No.5771442

>He doesn't sequence break E6M1 Welcome to Your Life by dynamite jumping to the roof from the start area


>> No.5771592

Why every single Duke Nukem 3D usermap is an utter shit?

>> No.5773215

Blood is fffaaaarrrrr too poorly balanced(as in, the difficulty on even the "standard" difficulty level is fucking murderous)to be the best build engine game. Don't get me wrong, it is a good game, but the fanboys for it on here are fucking delusional if they think it's better then Duke Nukem 3D.

>> No.5773217

Probably because your taste is incredibly poor?

>> No.5773537

Guncaster but its been redone for the Build games Witchraven, Duke3D, Blood, and Shadow Warrior

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