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When I was a kid, I remember playing an arcade game that I can't find anymore. It was a space shooter, but also an FPS. The graphics were polygonal based, or maybe vector? It was a long time ago. I don't remember the name, but it started with a "P", I think.

I only played the game about once or twice, and I was like 7 years old, so the name is just kinda lost on me. The cabinet was blue, the start screen had a weird, trance-like tune that played, and the gameplay was fast paced.

You start in a tunnel, then get launched out as the ridges of the tunnel strobe and glow. Your enemies are shapes, I think, and they also strobe when you shoot them. I can't remember too much beyond that, and I can't find this damn game anywhere.

If anyone knows anything about the game I described, then please let me know. I want to get a MAME file of it, or at least a video of the game so my brother doesn't think I'm remembering incorrectly.

Long story, but him and I have been arguing over the existence of this game, and he's been telling me that he never saw a game like that at the arcade we went to. Although, he's older than me, and he remembers where we used to live. We lived in Tacoma, Washington. So if anyone lives or used to live there and has seen this game, let me know. Also, the arcade is probably closed, but I don't know. Can't even remember if it was a real arcade or a mall, and neither does my brother.

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Nope. The vibe is kinda like the game, and the tunnel was more rounded with octagonal or hexagonal ridges. It was more fast paced, and the enemies were more like shapes than spaceships.

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you could play torus trooper and pretend it was that game

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>I don't remember the name, but it started with a "P", I think.

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I swear to god if this is a Polybius shitpost...

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>not a polybius shitpost
Good luck with that sport

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Back to see if the thread is still alive. I've only heard of Polybius a few times, but I doubt that even exists. Just trying to figure out what the game is.

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Tempest 2000

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Could be Tunnel Hunt.

I don't think it was a true vector game, as the list of them is fairly small and none of them match your description.

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I remember that game
It's called "op is a faggot"

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This wasn't one with a flightstick and a throttle, was it?

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Just a joystick with a button on it and another separate button on the dashboard, I think.

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That looks similar to it, but It's not the game.

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>Look mommy, I posted it again!


The game you are thinking of also was one of the first to have a moving cabinet back in '83-'84

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S.T.U.N. Runner?

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Not OP, but STUN Runner is third person and also >>5731469

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>I only played the game about once or twice, and I was like 7 years old

It would help if we knew approximately what year this was.

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>look mommy. I reddited on the fourth channel again!

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The description doesn't match perfectly, but maybe it was Solar Assault?

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Stay mad zoomer.

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>seething zoomer redditard projects

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Blaster maybe?

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How do you even post on Reddit?

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Sounds like Cube Quest to me. it was a trippy laserdisc game. It used a trackball, but otherwise matches your description.
I have it on my mame cab, it is a CHD game.

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Here's a video about Cube Quest:

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Atari's Space Lords?

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ITT this is a troll thread and everyone is being trolled by OP making you think its not tempest when it really is

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